Weekly Container Briefing

Weekly Container Briefing
April 14, 2015
Time Charter
Sale and Purchase
Vessel (TEU/HOM)
700/440TEU (GL) 17.5 k
▲ 0.12
1,043/660TEU (GL) 18 K Eco
▲ 0.03
1,100/715TEU (G) 19 k
▲ 0.13
1,700/1,125TEU (G) 19.5 k
▲ 0.12
1,740/1,300TEU (G) 20.5 k
▲ 0.12
1,714/1,250TEU (G) 19k Bkk Max
► 0.00
2,500/1,900TEU (G) 22 k
▲ 1.08
2,800/2,000TEU (GL) 22 k
▲ 1.75
3,500/2,500TEU (GL) 23 k
▲ 0.57
4,250/2,800TEU (GL) 24 k
► 0.00
5,500/4,200TEU (GL) 25 k
▲ 0.08
8,500/6,600 (GL) 25 k
► 0.00
▲ 4.00
BOXi Total
As with last week, the Easter and Orthodox Easter holidays have brought
about a slow-down in terms of sales activity in the container second hand
sale and purchase market. The 1998 built 1,100TEU vessel the MV 'King
Jacob' has been reported as sold to a liner company for a price in the high
$3Mns. The charter market has continued its run this week with our BOXi
increasing four, especially in the 2,500TEU and 2,800TEU markets.
In newbuildings, it has been widely reported in the press that Evergreen
are lining up a large order for 2,900/3,000TEU feedermax vessels. This
has been reported as up to 20 units, most likely built in Japan. On the
more speculative newbuilding side, with the increasing charter rates for
feeder vessels, we are seeing a renewed interest in newbuilding designs.
Braemar ACM’s Demometer - Container Ship Deliveries
Sales Last 30 days
Total Demolished 2015YTD
Total in Same Period 2014
Total Demolished 2014
Total NBs Delivered 2015YTD
28,500TEU (14 Vessels)
78,000 TEU (39 Vessels)
202,500TEU (69 Vessels)
394,500 (162 Vessels)
408,500TEU (56 Vessels)
Vessel Deliveries Wk15 TEU
Ow ner
CM A CGM Kerguelen
Samsung H.I.
1/3 CMA CGM O3 FAL1 Service
YM Wish
Hyundai H.I
1/15 Yang Ming CHKYE NE7 Service
Dalian Shipbuilding
China International Marine
9/10 CMA CGM O3 BEX Service
NileDutch Rotterdam
Shanghai Shipyrad
Nile Dutch Africa Line BV
4/4 FEWA Service
Total TEU
The US TRADE deficit plunged in February as both imports and exports sank, driven by a since-settled trade dispute and a global economic slowdown that has cut into oil prices and caused the dollar to
rise in value. The Commerce Department said Thursday that the deficit plummeted 16.9 per cent to $35.4Bn in February, down from $42.7
billion in January.
FREIGHT rates on the Asia-north Europe trade have fallen for the 11th
consecutive week to their lowest level since June 2009, yet more worrying
is how carriers' latest attempts to push up prices seems to have fallen flat.
The latest Shanghai Containerised Freight Index shows that rates on the
route slipped by a further $45/TEU, or 8.8 per cent, to $466/TEU, this
week, and are now some 60 per cent lower than the corresponding week
of last year. (LL)
CHINESE shares are on a bull run in spite of a slowing economy. The
market, while bewildering some traders, stands as a natural reflection
of the great expectations for the world's second largest economy,
which is undergoing transformation and restructuring. Boosted by
strong confidence and ample liquidity, the Shanghai Composite Index
continued its winning streak and advanced to fresh seven-year highs
during week 15.
CHINA’s monthly trade data shows exports fell in March from a year
ago by 14.6 per cent in yuan terms, compared to expectations for a
rise of more than 8 per cent. Imports meanwhile fell 12.3 per cent in
yuan terms compared to forecasts for a fall of more than 11 per cent.
The numbers mean the country's monthly trade surplus has shrunk to
its smallest in 13 months.
The UK POUND has fallen to its lowest level against the dollar for
nearly five years on weak UK industrial output figures and uncertainty
over the outcome of the election. Earlier, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said UK industrial output figures rose by just 0.1 per cent in
February from January. The small increase was below analysts' forecasts for a 0.3 per cent gain.
ASIA-EUROPE cargo volumes up 32.33 per cent with healthy growth at a
global level, according to CTS. With the Chinese New Year falling a
month later this year, volumes on the Asia-Europe trades jumped by nearly one-third in February, as exporters rushed to ensure cargo left China
before factories closed for the holiday season. The latest figures published by Container Trades Statistics show that volumes on the key trade
rose 32.33 per cent in February from 881,000TEU to 1.2Mn TEU year on
year. (LL)
IMPORTS at major US ports are anticipated to be up 8 per cent this
month over 2014, as west coast ports continue to show signs of clearing
the backlog of containers that built up before a new tentative labour
agreement was signed. (LL)
S ha ngha i C o nt a ine ris e d F re ight Inde x
F T S E 10 0 Inde x
D o w J o ne s Indus t ria l A v e ra ge Inde x
B re nt C rude O il P ric e $ / bbl
S inga po re B unk e r P ric e 3 8 0 $ / t o nne
792 ▲
7,064 ▲
18,088 ▲
58.44 ▲
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