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OCTOBER 20, 2013
Welcome West!
Letter !om the Editor in Chief
By Charlotte McCauley
October 24, 2013
Thursday Night Dinner (TND)
October 27, 2013
Advanced Academy Preview Day
October 29, 2013
Safe Treat
October 31, 2013
Monster Mash Dance
November 7, 2013
Thursday Night Dinner (TND)
November 25-29
Thanksgiving Break
This is our first edition of our 2013 Gazette! Now
completely digital, The Gazette is available both through
email and on our new website: Be
sure to check out our website to see new volumes of the
Gazette in the future. The year is off to a great start!
After long nights studying for midterms, it’s hard to
imagine that half of the semester is already over. Seniors
are hard at work on college applications, while the
juniors are just glad they aren’t seniors yet. In the past
few weeks we participated in the University of West
Georgia’s homecoming. Involved in events from sidewalk
chalk to the banner contest and parade, Academy
students participated in every event offered for
homecoming. All our hard work painting banners and
preparing chants for the “Yell Like Hell” pep rally paid
off when Gunn Hall won homecoming for residence
Our first dance (The Monster Mash) will be held on
Halloween. The “Monster Mash” will include music,
dancing, and even a costume contest.
In sports news, Gunn Hall registered for intramural
soccer, which will begin in the coming weeks. Game
scores and pictures will be published in the next edition.
The year has gotten off to a great start! I’m excited
to be the Editor in Chief this year, so curl up on the
couch with your first edition of the Gazette.. and enjoy.
OCTOBER 20, 2013
one, than things would be so much easier, wouldn’t it?
Because if personality is great, but looks are sub-par, you
lose a lot of opportunities at relationships. If you look good,
though, it doesn’t matter what your personality is like. Fan
A couple of weeks ago, I remember sitting in my room with girls will eat it up. This can extend to other medium as well.
a few people. Talking about a few menial subjects, we started After all, ladies, Edward is a terrible person. No wonder
to seep into the relationship environment of Gunn Hall
Bella was trying to kill herself.
(because, even if you don’t want to admit it, there is such a
thing). Somebody started talking about another person, and
I’m reminded of “Jack and Diane” by John Mellencamp. The
who this person thought the other was somewhat attractive. I whole song describes how they feel about each other, and the
wondered why that person didn’t make this a fact to other
various obstacles they come across, but it never mentions
people, since this person does not particularly hold back on
why they like each other. We don’t even know who these
opinion. This person said that the reason behind not doing
people are exactly, and it doesn’t matter. So why should it
anything was that the object of the discussion was much too matter to us? If you like a person enough, shouldn’t desirable
awkward personality-wise for any sort of real relationship.
change of personality come over time, without prodding? We
This begs the question: How do you live up to people’s
shouldn’t force puzzles pieces in with a hammer, even if we
standards while keeping your personal changes to a
do sometimes.
So how can you fit into people’s standards while being
Now, I certainly cannot judge anybody on this matter, and I
yourself? Put into perspective what the change is on a large
will gladly be the second person to say that (behind that one scale. If this person is forcing you to burn off your
guy who thinks that just from seeing who is writing this).
fingerprints, create a new legal name, and pretend to be a
This moment did start some gears turning for me. Why can’t neurosurgeon, than this person is probably not right for you,
awkwardness be overcome? Isn’t that better than just being
let alone a vicarious fugitive. Both of the people have to be
an all-out idiot? Is it really that important? Maybe someone
in agreement about flaws and quirks. The big things need to
could change to fit in with someone else’s standards. Souls
come out fast, like working at an abortion clinic, or being in
have been sold to the devil for less, after all.
a cult of some sort. The little things can take time. Start
something as a foundation, then build on it. There is no such
These sort of ideas, insecurities, and questions have been so thing as love at first sight, but there is such a thing as love at
over trivialized in a mountain of wanton and mediocre
first speech. Don’t worry about being awkward or perfect,
romantic comedies, television shows, and so on. Remember because why can’t you split time between both? You never
that about 60% of all that stuff is pretty lame anyway. It is so know. Maybe you can be both, but at the same time. It
clichéd, so forced, and so not funny most of the time, why do certainly won’t happen now. Just remember that people,
we even bother with it? And if the changes and over
believe it or not, shape us and are shaping us. Some of our
contrived happily-ever-after endings can happen so easily
characteristics are changed from people, like it or not. It is
after about 90 minutes, then why should we even think this
going to be that way when you are 17,18,19 and it will be
stuff so hard to begin with.
that will when you are 77. So don’t worry about it yet. If you
are lucky enough to come across somebody that doesn’t care
That leads to the title of this article. Why is this the title?
how awkward you are, and won’t discount anything good
Because it is true. I will be the FIRST person to admit that I about you with something not-so-good now, let me know and
don’t know a thing about this traditional eastern art, but I can I will gladly burn this article.
observe what I see. And, aside from some comic relief and
the obvious “villains”, the result is the same. If we were in
You’re okay, relax, and have fun.
You’d Look Better in an Anime
By Matthew Kopf
OCTOBER 20, 2013
False Fallacy of White By Bailey Fabricius
The leaves are starting to change and it's about
that time again to take out the boots and scarves because
fall is officially here. This year, simplicity is “in.”
Don't get me wrong, animal print and faux fur will
always be in, but let's not over do it.
Whoever said, “no white after Labor Day” has
obviously never owned a pair of black leather Marc
Jacobs boots to compliment a pair of white Free People
cigarette pants. White is year round, however, you must
know how to wear it properly.
Accessorizing is key to any outfit. If you plan to
wear a white ensemble in the fall months, always
accessorize. Long necklaces and earrings will never fail
to give that extra “pop” to your outfit.
At the Lacoste Fashion Show during the 2013 New York
Fall fashion week, Lacoste's French designer Felipe
Oliveira Baptista brought white back to life by
embracing the clean color's ability to stay simply, yet
fashionable. According to Amy Yew, a contributing
writer for New York Fashion Week Live, women choose
white over other colors more often because of the slim
look it tends to give.
White can be worn with pretty much anything,
regardless of the season. However, if it isn't paired with
a scarf, boots, accessories, etc, the fashion gods will
judge you. And always remember, in the wise words of
Coco Chanel, “style fades but fashion is forever.”
Lacoste Fashion Show 2013/Amy Yew
Wolves Watch
We have wolves a# around campus and Carro#ton in
support of the University of West Georgia wolves.
Next time you walk around campus see if you can spot
New campus dinning opened this fall! The East Commons is
located directly across from Gunn Hall, which saves Academy
students the “long” walk to the Z-6 dinning hall.
OCTOBER 20, 2013
The Dance
By Noah Matthews
Silently sleeping with comfort in mind,
You awoke her with your caressing legs
Frightened but not meaning to be unkind
She slaps you off unsuccessfully and begs.
Running, she grabs a shoe to render you,
With skill you look squashed so no harm.
With a satisfied worry she says adieu,
But there you are still standing with your charm.
You climb to the highest crack she cannot reach.
She eventually decides to let you be,
Because your torment is like a wave, everlasting, at
the beach,
And she is not as strong as the sea.
You hurt her because she was too weak.
You hurt her until she would shriek.
cages. I couldn’t just pass by it… It
was about to die! So I grasped the
nearest eucalyptus leaf and stuck my
Her stubby fingers are torn
hand inside the cage like steak on a
everywhere. They look like logs that a fork. And the panda chewed on my
woodchuck chucked for thirty seconds fingers! Can you believe it? That’s
and gave up chucking. A silver ring
why I never trust a panda anymore. I
rests poignantly at her pinky.
try to do it a favor, and it chews on my
These stubby fingers are
fingers. It hurt, a lot. I thought I’d fell
holding a pair of chopsticks now. The in a bamboo trap.”
chopsticks look like bamboo trees in
Her eyes are about to cry. They
Tanzanoowa, China. If there’s
tinkle like Tinkerbelle, tickling my
anything I know about Tanzanoowa,
icky fantasy. I really, really want to
it’s that there are at least three pandas
see her cry.
“That was entirely your fault.”
“Did you steal that ring from a
She shudders. It reminds me of
grizzly panda?”
an old plastic toy I had. It was one of
She looks up with those
those toys that moved with a tape on
brown, pretty, clock-like eyes. They
its back, and every time the tape was
tick, and she smiles. They close
all undone it would stop moving,
lovingly, and she blushes.
shudder once, and stop. My sister and
“I was in a zoo once, and there
I used to play “shudder at the edge”,
was a starving panda in one of the
where we would try to get the toy to
By Jong Min Baek
shudder at the very edge of a table.
One day, it shuddered too far and
never came back.
“Pandas are nice animals.”
Her eyes are enlarging. Pure,
crisp water is being pumped into those
two heavenly ponds. My mouth
waters. I am thirsting for more.
“I like pandas.”
Now the ponds are about to
overflow. Her face looks as if an
especially strong lightning struck it
just a few moments ago. An
overlooked fact about lightening is
that, as powerful it may be, it takes
just a few moments to actually settle
into a human’s body and do the
damage that it does. I move closer to
her face, my dry lips at the edge of her
shivering ear.
I whisper.
“I like pandas better than you.”
OCTOBER 20, 2013
How To Carve a Pumpkin
By Devann Kirkpatrick
1. Pick your pumpkin:
Find the perfect pumpkin for you. If you want to make
something scary, look for an old and weathered pumpkin. If
you want to carve rainbow dash, try a pumpkin that is nice
and fresh. A big pumpkin is not necessarily your friend as it
requires more work, and small pumpkins can be adorable.
2. Plan
I’m going to tell you something controversial about pumpkin
carving: you don’t have to carve. If you’re lazy, you can put a
patterned stocking around it. You can use tacks, props, and
even henna. Paint is always an option! If you prefer carving,
you can use a dry erase marker to put your design down. The
marker comes off pumpkins easily, so you can try many
designs out.
3. Gutting
So you’ve decided to carve instead of taking the lazy way
out, where do you start? You have to decide whether or not
you want a glowing pumpkin first. You can keep the insides
intact and skip this step. First, carve the top off at a 45° angle
so the top can be replaced easily. Using a huge spoon, take
out the insides. You might want to have newspaper down
when you do this. You can be wasteful and throw these
insides out or reuse them for pumpkin pie, roasted pumpkin
seeds, or as a prop for your pumpkin (i.e. a “puking”
4. Carving
You need a nice knife for this part. You can either use your
kitchen knife or a kit from a store. Power tools are best for
this, but I doubt Jo would let that pass. If you only want to
peel one layer away instead of cutting through to the core, try
an exact-o-knife. If you want to be hardcore, you can carve
the inside of the pumpkin by taking the skin off (if you
skipped part 3).
5. Preservation
If you’re like me and you bought your pumpkin too early,
you can soak it in bleach to make it last longer. The fridge
also works wonders but my roommate won’t let me take out
all our perishables from the fridge.
6. What now?
Your wonderful pumpkin can now be put out on display! If
you’re nice, you’ll donate it to RHC for the monster bash for
decorations. After your pumpkin is dead, gather your friends
for a ceremonial bashing.
Places Around Campus. . .
OCTOBER 20, 2013
Lava and It’s Bad
By Ryanne Popken
One of the hawaiian islands first
started to form about five
hundred thousand years ago with
the first eruption of a volcano
above sea level. The island of
Hawaii has been built solely by
the eruptions of volcanoes, the
two most active of which are
Mauna Loa and Kilauea. The
type of volcanoes on the
Hawaiian islands are shield
volcanoes. They are called this
because their shape is similar to
that of a warrior's shield. They
erupt lava which is melted basalt.
This lava moves very slowly and
eventually goes into the ocean
where it cools and continues to
expand the size of the islands.
The Yellowstone volcano on the
other hand is a caldera volcano.
These are much more dangerous
because their eruptions are
explosive and can send debris
and ash for thousands of miles.
The Yellowstone volcano has
shaped the Yellowstone national
park. The different aspects and
features of the park have been
created by the explosions and the
collapse of the ground into empty
magma chambers. Two of the
worlds largest known volcanic
eruptions have been by the
Yellowstone volcano. The
Huckleberry Ridge Tuff erupted
about 2.1 million years ago.
These created both thick volcanic
deposits and a huge caldera. A
caldera is when after a volcanic
eruption the ground collapses in
on an empty magma chamber.
Often times these calderas when
very slowly “refill” and after
millions of years when once
again be a volcano. The Mesa
Falls Tuff erupted about one
point three million years ago.
After this the Yellowstone
Plateau became active. About six
hundred and forty thousand years
ago Lava Creek Tuff erupted and
created another caldera. Since
then there has not been a full
eruption, but Yellowstone does
have many geysers were pressure
from volcanic gases are released.
The Yellowstone volcano and
caderas were created by a cycle
of three volcanic eruptions.
These were extraordinarily large,
Huckleberry Tuff, Lava Creek
Tuff and Mesa Falls Tuff. Its is
because of these three explosions
that Yellowstone is shaped they
way it is, they have both created
rock formations and destroyed
rock formations. They also
created the volcanic rock layers,
these layers consist mainly of
Rhyolite. Yellowstone still
presents a threat even today,
there is a risk for a eruption. But
also there is the risk for hydro-
thermal explosions, volcanic ash
releases and pyroclastic flows.
I think its interesting how what is
viewed as being so dangerouslava-actually isn’t the dangerous
part of a volcanic eruption.
Shield volcanoes and basalt lava
flows can destroy property but
often are easy to avoid and can
have minimum loss of live. The
actual danger comes from
composite/caldera volcanoes and
the deadly ash they produce.
These ash can spread thousands
of miles and people can be
suffocated by it. Not to mention
the initial loss of life at the time
of the eruption. The debris slung
by composite volcanoes can
cause major loss of life and
property damage. The eruption of
Mount Saint Helen caused great
loss of life and a destroyed a
practically ancient forest. While
the shield volcanoes continue to
erupt adding more land area to
Hawaii, composite volcanoes
lurk in the background and could
erupt at any time. There are the
true danger. Yet Yellowstone is
still a famous and active national
state park, with people even
hiking the volcano. One day it
will erupt again, hopefully not in
our lifetime. But until we
develop the technological means
to precisely predict when it will
erupt, it serves a constant threat.
OCTOBER 20, 2013
Cinephiles Anonymous
By Matthew Kopf
The jig is up. After ten and a half months, and with awards season warming up, there aren’t many more opportunities on
the horizon for horrendous movies. Which is why I have decided to become proactive and compile this list for the Worst
Movies Of 2013 So Far. If you saw all of these, then we have something in common. If you are a woman, then we should
get together some time. If you are a man, we can hug it out and cry together. (This list is in order from worst to disaster.)
5. A Good Day To Die Hard
Wanna know what caused the Chernobyl Disaster? So there was this guy that liked eating carrots, and he was paid
by this war criminal (the twist at the end is that the bad guy is, in fact, the bad guy) to act as the bad guy instead of him.
He got into a tift with this other guy, and to get rid of the secret lab that the rival had underneath the plant, the war
criminal plotted the meltdown. Throw in an uninspired script, bad acting, and a movie that is basically a 90 minute
climax, and you get $30 spent in Aspirin. 1.5/4 Stars.
4. Paranoia
Poor Liam Hemsworth is trying to be like his big brother and have a career. This “star vehicle” with Harrison Ford
and Gary Oldman has your necessary bland teenage romance (odd considering Hemsworth is over 20), the most obvious
plot structure, and villain even worse than Die Hard 5. I do not know much of the mechanical and technical aspects of the
movie, but even I could tell a smart movie from a stupid one, and the crew of this movie could be up for some Darwin
Awards. The only enjoyable thing was towards the end, where Hemsworth daintily runs away like The Dukes of Hazard
driving into the hood. That needs to be a GIF. Seriously. 1.5/4 Stars.
3. Kick Ass 2
I do not know if I was just tired, or irritable, but this movie could not have come at a worse time for me. This is
one of the most uninspired, artless, and surprisingly boring movie sequels I have seen in recent memory. The effects,
acting, and storyline are as generic and poor as it gets. The characters are incredibly bland. The one good character in the
last movie, Hit Girl, is reduced to being in an insulting subplot straight out of Full House where she is bullied and
embarrassed by some mean girl. The villain is horrendous and stupid. There is a character that, for no real reason, turns
on his friends only to come back. Why did this movie have to exist? Why am I even typing this out? I could put white out
on this whole thing except for the title and that would have been good enough for me.
0/4 Stars.
2. The Big Wedding (2 and 1 are interchangeable)
You probably don’t know about this movie, and I wish I was you, dear reader.
This was another ensemble comedy, and those rarely work out. Big actors acting out
the lowest form of imagination. Obviously, nobody cared about this movie.
This is just a whole bunch of 1% people involved in problems that nobody in a million
years would be involved in. It is 2013. We are in the midst of a Government Shutdown.
The volatile economy gives people enough of a headache already. This movie is a
waste of existence. We do not need movies like these. This movie is so bad that
I went back to Redbox and asked for a refund. Poor Robert DeNiro. Silver Linings Playbook seems so far away. 0/4 Stars.
* Article Continued on Page 11
OCTOBER 20, 2013
A Gem In A Sea Of Pebbles
By Anon
Very often, I tend to ruminate on the events of the day - what people had to say and the collective outlook of
people towards myself. At this very moment, I am attempting, in vain to foresee the reaction of the poor soul
being requested her perusal. The modern-day solution to most problems - Google. My browser history, a
beacon of absolute infidelity at this point, I assure you, would reveal a wide array of astrology sights, Facebook
profiles, The Big Bang Theory videos, courtesy of YouTube and my tendency of not signing out from gmail.
Obviously, my conception of myself has become subjective to my social environment which in turn is
dependent upon a bigger picture, which is determined by my perception of my environment, which is the best
bet for diverting my mind. I think I also owe you an apology for the bitter taste of condescension that the title
might portray but I think it would not be an injustice to myself to say I'm a pebble. Not a very shiny one, that's
On an evening like any other, characterized by highlights such as an 11 oz. bag of fatty acids and a particularly
repetitive series of youtube videos, I stumbled upon one 46 minute madness that changed the way I view the
world. It was always a radical belief, to employ a cliche, that the world was inhabited by creatures who did not
perceive evolution as I did, and still do. That video changed everything. For once I was not sleeping right and
eating right, because I felt good. It's also a source of amusement for me when I read and review this essay, if
you will, because my urge to employ ostentatious language has never been any weaker.
Pardon me for wasting the time you could spend reading of an intellectual jargon, who I will not be any more
tardy in introducing. His name was Kim Peek. He was a gem. Born with a congenital neurological disorder (FG
syndrome), Kim was identified as a Savant. His early life, which I was able to read about in broken pieces
fascinated me. Again I would like to beg of you to not let my language be a restriction on the level of intellect I
am about to impress upon. The man in question had a recorded IQ of 87. He was born with a damaged
cerebellum and had inherent weaknesses which separated him from his more normal counterparts. He could
recite the alphabet, read rudimentary English and recite numbers by age 3 but struggled with walking until he
was 5. The verdict of a neurologist whom his concerned parents consulted and which incontrovertibly inspires
loathing on my part is that he was a hopeless case, and a special institution was what he needed.
A brain scan in his final years of life revealed that he did not have a well defined corpus callosum thereby
implying that his cerebral hemispheres were not directly connected, which coupled with congenital cerebellum
injury probably justifies his motor maladies. The same scan revealed that the corpus callosum fibres were
traveling to a random array of locations on his cerebrum. The consequent white-matter deficit is what accounts
for his poor logical understanding, though his memory is almost impeccable. As I am given to understand, all it
takes is a smile and a wee bit of patience before he is practicall reciting your postal code and area code. But the
Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, so he was obligated to deal with the baggage that he had to carry in
terms of his deficient physical life and social logic.*
*Article Continued on Page 11
By Sean Brown
The Sun will go through Aries' house of
couples, which it'll lighten and highlight. The
sentimental availability and the desire to be loved
will grow, and will become the top of priorities.
This is what happens every year in October.
Considering the two planetary transits, the
conclusion is clear: October will be a dynamic
month, rich in events. Venus will change position
starting October 7th 2013 promising, for the rest of
the month, spiritual communion with the chosen
one and romantic trips or long-distance love. The
second week is the most promising time in October
2013 and can bring the happiest events.
Collaboration will be the usual of
October. They can bring you satisfactions but they
can also keep you under pressure, being a source of
stress, especially in the first week of the month.
Competition and rivalry are not excluded. The best
strategy would be for you to join forces with other
people in order to reach shared objectives. On
October 15th Mars will enter Aries' house of work,
foreshadowing a period of dynamism and initiative,
in which you can accomplish nice things. The more
so as Mars will form a harmonious trine with Pluto,
located in Aries' house of career, a token of
ambition, determination, perseverance and intense
focus on the aims already set. Nothing can stand in
your way when you want something.
An important period will begin, of
approximately two months, of discussions, analysis
and decisions. This period must be taken as a
whole, because it will be based on common
transits. Mercury, the planet of communication and
reason, entered Taurus' house of couples on
September 29th, where it'll stay until December
5th. Meanwhile, Mercury will form three
conjunctions with Saturn (two in October, one in
November), three conjunctions with the North
Node (one in October, two in November) and will
be retrograde between October 21st and November
10th 2013. You shouldn't be kidding around. The
problems will be approached seriously, and they
will require clear thinking and concrete solutions.
The couple relationship will be looked at through
the lens of objectivity, while the decisions will be
taken by reason, not emotions. The discussions will
be on responsibilities and taking on tasks.
Diplomacy and a lot of patience will be
The tendencies that will manifest at the
level of sentimental relationships could be felt on
OCTOBER 20, 2013
professional relationships as well. Moreover, there
can appear complications related documents or
files. Anyway, the period will demand a lot of
attention when it comes to the relationships with
the others and will require some extra effort to
ensure clear and fluent communication.
Professional decisions will have to be carefully
thought of and it would be wiser if they were
postponed for after November 10th. As for the rest,
October will be an active month and could bring
you satisfactions in your daily activities, especially
in the first two decanates.
Love will look kindly on you in October:
Venus, the planet of love, will be in Gemini's house
of couples. You'll now attract the attention of the
opposite sex; you'll emanate warmth and kindness.
The sentimental opportunities will multiply. There
will be a romantic wind blowing in your life, and
the sentimental behavior will be enthusiastic,
maybe even exalted, with strong and intense
emotions. The New Moon on October 5th 2013
could signal the beginning of a new love or the
rebirth of the thrill in the old relationship, and the
Venus-Moon conjunction could bring you an
accomplishment or a happy event on October
8th-9th. The trine Venus will form with Uranus
promises novelty and nice surprises in the first two
decanates, maybe even a somehow different event
that will break the usual pattern.
There will start a complex period, which
will last for two months. Mercury, Gemini's ruler,
will be in Gemini's house of work, where it will
become retrograde between October 21st and
November 10th 2013 and where it will form several
conjunctions with Saturn and the North Node.
Therefore, it could be about some considerable
intellectual effort or about tight connections
between the profession and communications, mail,
papers, writing, talking, traveling or skill. The
financial interest will stay awake, and the money
will come; however, it has to be carefully managed.
Your sentimental life could have a rather
complicated direction in the following weeks.
Mercury will have a complicated itinerary in
Cancer's house of love (it will be retrograde, meet
Saturn and the North Node, etc.), showing
hesitation or lack of confidence, drawing tension
and difficulties. Or, at the best, showing interest in
some very serious preoccupations, attitude which
will, nevertheless, not create a climate favorable to
love and pleasure. This itinerary of Mercury could
cause even unpleasant discussions or could bring in
the spotlight certain aspects of the relationship that
are more delicate. Or it could cause blocks or
inhibition, especially at the affectionate level.
Communication would have an important say now,
but it could also be difficult, distorted or
If you keep calm and choose to examine and
discuss about the situations constructively, then you
can use this transit of Mercury's to clean the
relationship up and rebuild a stronger, more solid
foundation for it.
October seems to be a more relaxed
month from the professional point of view - as far
as this is possible, in the context of the year 2013,
which demands new projects, changes, energetic
action. However, with Venus in Cancer's house of
work, things will go more smoothly and you'll
benefit from a more peaceful work atmosphere,
from tasks whose carrying out will bring you
pleasure or will help you highlight your talents and
creativity. As regards the ruler of Cancer's house of
career, Mars, the one full of dynamism and
initiative, in the first part of October 201 it'll keep
manifesting its pecuniary interests vigorously. As
well as in the previous month, Mars will be busy
with business, investments, discovering new
sources of income or developing the existing ones.
Sometimes it can prove to be rather wasteful, but
Cancer people don't usually take waste too far. In
the second part of October, Mars will move on to
Cancer's house of communication and movement
A very active period will start, rich in procedures,
trips and meetings. Thinking will be more alert and
vigorous; there will be ideas, solutions.
A month that opens favorable horizons!
Mars will stay in Leo in the first two weeks of
October 2013, passionate, full of enthusiasm and
desires. It will bring your conquering instinct to
life; it will give you the courage to take the first
step or to do wonderful things in the name of love.
October has good news for you, also: on October
7th, Venus, the planet of love, will enter Leo's
house of love, where it'll stay until November 5th.
This position celebrates flirtation and gallant
adventures. It'll make you extremely attractive in
the eyes of the opposite sex and it usually brings
appropriate opportunities for sentimental
The dynamic Mars will stand by your
side in the first half of October. Take advantage of
this in order to start actions that require energy,
boldness, combativeness and a leader's abilities!
You can rely on Mars for initiatives, for opening
new roads or solving crisis situations. Mars will
bring speed and efficiency, but it can also be
impulsive, imprudent or conflicting. Try to
speculate its qualities without borrowing its flaws!
Venus, the ruler of Leo's house of career, will step
into Sagittarius on October 7th, a fire sign as
impetuous and with lofty aspirations as Leo. Thus,
the interval 7th-15th October will become
favorable to large-scale projects. Venus will make
your image and talents stand out and it can place
you in the right place at the right time so that you
can benefit from a professional opportunity. *
*Continued on page 12...
OCTOBER 20, 2013
1st year, Senior
Major: English
1st year, Junior
Major: Engineering
2nd year, Senior
Jong Min
2nd year, Senior
Major: Computer
Science, Psychology,
and Creative Writing
Major: Biology, Premed
2nd year, Senior
Major: Epidemiology
1st year, Junior
Major: Psychology
Sophomore, RA
Major: History Education
2nd year, Senior
Major: Psychology and
Cinephiles Anonymous
By Matthew Kopf
1. Movie 43
You may be thinking two things: Why are you
such a stick in the mud, and don’t you know
it’s supposed to be bad? Look, I take film
seriously, and me, as well as thousands of other
filmmakers are begging for a couple of bucks
to show their unique perspectives and
filmmaking techniques on the world. So
naturally, Studio Producers decided to go for
these kind of movies instead. Don’t you think
that those filmmakers would beg for just one of
these big time actors to be in their small indie
film? Don’t you think that careful, considerate,
funny, romantic, and sincere movies should be
given a spotlight, instead of this? People are
going to say that I don’t get it, but you know
what? Maybe you don’t get it. All of this stuff
OCTOBER 20, 2013
about just seeing a fun, dumb movie is just
driven from those people. Now is it supposed
to be so bad it’s good? I don’t buy that either.
Movies that are so bad they’re good aren’t
made to be intentionally bad. Most of them are
taken seriously up until they become wellknown (ala Tommy Wiseau’s The Room). Why
do these movies exist? Why do I exist so I have
to see these? So I can save the American
Economy, that’s why. A penny saved is a penny
earned. So I may have just saved you $50+.
Multiply that by the people who read this, and I
could make my own indie film. I might even
afford Halle Berry. I could make a better movie
than the ones she has been in lately. All the
cast, crew, producers, and caterers of this
movie should be ashamed of themselves.
I would rather drown in a septic tank than
watch these again in a row.
A Gem In A Sea Of Pebbles
By Anon
There is probably nothing I have enlisted that you would not find on Wikipedia, so I apologize if this was a letdown. Maybe I can attempt to compensate for that by expressing the way I feel about him. I am also well aware
of your deficit of patience which I may be heavily testing but I think it would help me feel better about myself by
not revealing my identity. I think that Kim Peek is like a beacon of light, at least for people such as myself, to
identify with something and establish the idea that probably 'different' is not so bad. To me, he is nothing less than
a ray of hope for a lot of people, mainly because he stands for knowledge personified and when I say this, I
simultaneously picture a grotesque attempt at a bemused smile from Kim (if he could have read this).
It inspires me enough to look beyond the petty people surrounding me and my petty worries. I feel happy now and
I think I can afford the selfishness associated with saying that I haven't felt it in some time now. If your question
about this essay or your evaluation, if it pleases you, leads you to the ultimate question - "What's the big deal?", I
think of this as a failure on my part to convey an expression. If I was able to make you smile, even for a
millisecond, I would be honored for having helped you see the gems that exist, and we forget or ignore, in the
grand scheme of things.
Horoscopes Continued...
The ruler of Virgo's house of couples,
Jupiter, will be very excited, so you should do
very well as concerns love until July 2014. And
you'll probably really be very well. However,
although you won't lack affection or offers, in
some periods the sentimental life will have its
curves and adventures. And October could be
one of these periods. Jupiter will be stimulated
and irritated at the same time by Uranus, Pluto
and the Sun. Everything will go on as if there
were unspoken-of tension related to power,
control and pride, accompanied by unexpected
October will not be the month of lofty
objectives and roaring success. It'll more likely
be a month of hard work and doubts, of trials and
difficulties. Challenges will come through the
domains of the intellect, communication,
information, writing, editing, discourse,
negotiations, and exams. You'll have an
important mission, but things will be marked by
delays or misunderstandings. In order to defeat
fluctuations, you have to be patient and
disciplined and you have to have a method and
The atmosphere in the first part of
October will generally be similar to the one in
the previous month. The sentimental
manifestations will be generous and
demonstrative, and the emotions will be strong
and vibrant.Within the couple, the dominant
notes will be good in mood, conspiracy,
friendship, and fun. There will be a lot of
socialization, and socialization helps
relationships or, in case you don't have a
relationship yet, it can favor the appearance of
one. Friends can have certain influence on your
couple life (catalysts, mediators, advisors, etc.).
From other points of view, October will be good
for conversations or correspondence between
partners. Communication will unfold smoothly
and pleasantly and there will be shared ideas,
impressions, and preferences.
As regards the position and the
chances to be promoted, you'll be very well.
Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, will see that you
perform excellently, especially if you get
involved in large and bold projects, which it
likes very much. Moreover, the Sun will be in
Libra in the first two decanates of October,
highlighting your personality and unveiling your
performances. Venus will offer you satisfactions
by means of intellectual work, information,
communication and movement. It'll help you
with exams and interviews, with meetings and
negotiations. It'll lend you sweeter words, more
OCTOBER 20, 2013
diplomatic manners and some charm that will
enhance your persuasion.
Work will go well: you'll have good work
capacity, and your efforts will be appreciated.
After it accompanied you in the last
two decanates of the previous month, Venus will
still stand by your side in the first week of
October. Enjoy its beneficence fully: harmony
and charm.
If a new affair comes along, it'll rely on shared
intellectual, cultural or spiritual interests. It'll be
a period in which you can discover new horizons
by the side of the dear one or through them.
The traditional ruler of your sign,
Mars, will be in Scorpio's house of career until
October 15th 2013. Mars will be active and
combative, ambitious and determined, and in the
periods when it crosses professional sectors,
you'll usually impose, you'll prove your strength
and value.
Appropriately coordinated, Mars' energy can be
constructive and efficient. After October 15th
2013, Mars will start to encourage collective
initiatives, group activities. Still in the last two
weeks of October a bold project for the future
might have its plans set up. Calculations, papers,
writing, speaking, information, trips and
intellectual interests will be the top priority in
October, as well as the next month.
On the date of October 7th, Venus will
enter Sagittarius, and relationships will become
priorities. You'll feel the need to give and receive
more affection and you'll attract romanticism and
opportunities of meeting love. In this period,
love can have connections with remote places,
with the university or cultural environment, or it
could head towards someone worthy of
admiration or very well socially.
The Sun will light your house of
projects, popularity, collectivity, supporters and
protectors. Mars' dynamism will first manifest in
educative or cultural-scientific preoccupations,
and later, directly in the area of ambition and
The ruler of Sagittarius' house of work, Venus,
will invite you to new collaboration and
Once Venus enters your obscure
twelfth house, your sentimental life will also
start a leisure phase. However, for now, you
seem to need a small break; if you want it or not,
that's a different story. You might want it or,
better said, have some priority interests in this
period. Or not want it, but have it following
some retreat or disappointment. It is equally
possible that in reality it will not be a break, but
some isolation from the people.
The Sun's passing through Capricorn's
house of career foreshadows a period in which
attention will focus on reaching success. You'll
be motivated by the need for recognition, for
You'll have lofty aspirations, but they will not be
easy to accomplish. The ruler of Capricorn's
house of career will not have the necessary
strength to support them. Or maybe you want it
too much for the current context. The second
part of October will bring some mobilization as
concerns studies, trips or relationships with
people from far away.
Mars, the planet of action entered
Aquarius' house of relationships on August 28th,
and stimulated it energetically in September and
will continue to stimulate it until October 15th.
Therefore, the first two weeks will be active and
marked by events. Mars will urge you to take the
first step towards the other one, to take initiative,
dare, conquer. It'll be a factor of enthusiasm and
exteriorization. One way or another,
relationships will be connected to trips,
communication, information or studies.
The configuration of your vocational
houses shows that you'll be in a period of your
professional life in which you can build solidly,
durably; with efforts, indeed, but with
satisfactions as well.
As long as Jupiter is in Pisces' house of
love (June 2013 - July 2014), the sentimental life
will be dominantly fulfilled. There will some
surprises, challenges or tense moments as well,
because Jupiter will also receive some adverse
aspects from the other planets, but there will
always be hope for improvement and sentimental
opportunities. October will respect the general
predispositions in the first half of the month,
without standing out by any spectacular events.
The second half, though, will be more colorful,
more picturesque, and more active. Mars will
enter Pisces' house of relationships, and the
couple life will enhance. There can appear
sudden attractions and love at first sight.
For the long term, a favorable current
will manifest in your professional life due to the
trine formed by Neptune (located in Pisces),
Saturn (in Scorpio) and Jupiter (in Cancer).
Neptune will be responsible for inspiration and
talent, Saturn for thinking and concepts, and
Jupiter for opportunities. For the short term,
October will be rather hectic.