Can you patent clothing? The Knitted Shoe Battle: Nike vs. Adidas Welcome

Can you patent clothing?
Dr. Julia Blind
Slide 1 •February 15, 2013
The Knitted Shoe Battle: Nike
vs. Adidas
Julia Blind
Patents in Fashion
„ Patents on fashion products? They exist.
„ Fashion is more than design, création, haute-couture
„ Fashion products contains also technical aspects,
Elias Howe received a patent in 1851 for an 'Automatic, Continuous
Clothing Closure.'
Forty-four years later, Mr. Whitcomb Judson marketed a 'Clasp Locker'
a device similar to the 1851 Howe patent.
Gideon Sundback increased the number of fastening elements from four
per inch to ten or eleven, had two facing-rows of teeth that pulled into a
single piece by the slider, and increased the opening for the teeth
guided by the slider. The patent for the 'Separable Fastener' was issued
in 1917.
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f. e. zippers
Patents in Fashion
„ Patents are increasingly being sought in the textile manufacturing industry.
„ A number of new textile and fibre technologies developed
have been patented.
§ W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
§ Sympatex Technologies GmbH
„ Patents have also been used to protect some functional
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sports garments.
§ Nike International Ltd.
§ Adidas International Marketing B.V.
§ Speedo International Ltd.
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Nike vs. Adidas
„ The two main players fight for their patent rights …
District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. The complaint
identifies several top adidas products using adidas’a3
cushioning system that allegedly infringe upon Nike’
patented SHOX cushioning technology.
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Slide 4 •February 15, 2013
„ Feb. 2006: Nike filed a legal complaint against in the U.S.
The battle „Nike vs. Adidas“ continued 2012
„ Nike filed on 23.08.2012 for a preliminary injunction against
Adidas for alleged patent infringement of EP 1 571 938 B1 in
„ This European patent is in Germany in force
„ It concerns a shoe, the upper part of which contains fibres of
a meltable polymer material arranged in a certain order.
→ reduction of amount of material used to make the shoe +
reduction of costs of manufacturing
Slide 5 •February 15, 2013
„ Nike realized this patent with its flyknit-shoe.
This shoe debuted in February 2012.
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Patent-in-suit EP 1 571 938 B1
„ Claim 1 reads:
An article of footwear having a sole structure and an upper
secured to said sole structure, said upper comprising:
§ a fused area of a textile, said fused area being at least
§ an unfused area of said textile, said first strands being
unfused to said second strands in said unfused areas.
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Slide 6 •February 15, 2013
partially formed from a plurality of first strands being
formed of a first thermoplastic polymer material, and said
first strands being fused to said second strands in said
fused area; and
Patent-in-suit EP 1 571 938 B1
„ Claim 19 reads:
A method of manufacturing an upper for an article of footwear,
said method comprising the steps of:
§ providing a plurality of strands, at least a first portion of the
strands including at least a first thermoplastic polymer
of the upper; and forming a fused area of the textile by
fusing at least the first portion of the strands to a second
portion of the strands at only selected locations of the
upper, while not fusing the first and second portions at
other non-selected locations of the upper.
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Slide 7 •February 15, 2013
§ incorporating the strands into a textile that forms a portion
Subject-matter: adizero primeknit
„ subject-matter of that proceeding was the adizero primeknit-
„ This shoe was presented at the Olympic Games in London
with few samples, but Adidas also announced the worldwide
launching for autumn 2012.
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Slide 8 •February 15, 2013
shoe of Adidas
The proceeding in Nuremberg, Germany
„ 28.08.2012: Court in Nuremberg issued an ex parte
preliminary injunction (an ex parte injunction in patent law
is in Germany very exceptional)
„ 24.09.2012: injunction was served to Adidas
„ Adidas filed an appeal against the injunction and applied for a
stop of execution
„ The court stopped the execution of the injunction with effect of
„ 17.10.2012: Adidas filed proceedings for nullity of the patentin-suit with the German Federal Patent Court, Munich
„ 24.10.2012: oral hearing in Nuremberg
„ 07.11.2012: injunction was lifted
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Slide 9 •February 15, 2013
10.10.2012 (such a stop is in Germany very exceptional)
Judgment of 07.11.2012
„ Court was based on the means of evidence allowed in a
injunction proceeding not convinced of a patent infringement
§ Claims 1 e) and f) are not fulfilled
§ Claim 19 d) iii) is not fulfilled
§ Doubts on the validity of the patent-in-suit due to lack of
•In general: infringement court is bound to an issued
•But: the infringement court is entitled to take into
consideration its assessment of the outcome of the
nullity proceeding
„ No appeal was filed; no main action proceedings are pending
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Patent protection is an important aspect in the fashion
„ Patents are issued for technical inventions of goods or
„ The main requirement for patent protection is the novelty,
anywhere in the world, before the date of filing.
protected by (registered) utility models. The substantive
requirements for a utility model are the same as for patents,
however the utility model is granted without examination of
the requirements (novelty, inventive step and industrial
applicability) by the German PTO.
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„ Particularity In Germany: new technologies can also be
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