A Message from Joyce LBD

A Message from Joyce
June 2014 Newsle er Joyce Hancock
CLASSIC CLOTHING & Custom Design The Li le Black Dress designed to fit & fla er you! The con‐
cept of The Li le Black Dress was first introduced by Coco Chanel in 1926 when she introduced classic sheath dress in black crepe de chine with close fi ng sleeves, boat neck and hemline just below the knee. The bodice was loose in the front and cut bolero style in the back and the skirt clung loosely to the hips. “Simple Lines” ran the headline in French Vogue while the American Vogue wrote “a frock that all the world will wear”. It became kind of a uniform for women and would be made in many fabrics and many styles. It was designed to be the Thinking of summer and you cornerstone of every woman’s wardrobe. Dressed up or down with automa cally visualize the clas‐ other pieces such as jackets & sweaters as well as jewellery to fit the sic sheath dress, sleeveless and occasion. I have many different styles and fabrics to choose from for boat neck. Here are two varia ons of a great piece, the teal your LBD. The new Scuba fabrics, plain & embossed shown here fea‐
in taffeta and the copper in metallic knit. I have numerous ture a new design with an hourglass centre front panel. wonderful fabrics to choose from for your sheath dress. Designing the dress with your figure and style in mind, we can select the T –Shirt Dressing
sleeve style and length as well as The simple lines of my t‐shirt neckline that dress with neckline, sleeve length best suits your and style designed to best suit face. your figure. The dress is o en It brings me great pleasure to bring to you this exci ng inaugural issue of my newsle er filled with great pic‐
tures of our wonderful clients and colleagues here at the John Weiss Building. A very special Thank You to John, Lisa & Ron Weiss who have given me great support to build my new clothing design & altera on business here at their Building. This past year has simply flown by at jet speed. LBD
Classic Sheath
darted in the front and a seam in the back allows for crea ng the hourglass curve. Choose from plain or print knits . The sheer comfort and style dictate that this will become a favourite in your wardrobe. 198 King St East, Oshawa, ON L1H 1C4 Tel: 905‐442‐8961 www.joycehancock.ca Located in the lower level of the John Weiss Building