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J. R. Soc. Interface (2012)
Volume 9
no. 66, 7 January 2012
Review articles
Biomaterial strategies for alleviation of myocardial infarction
By J. R. Venugopal, M. P. Prabhakaran, S. Mukherjee, R. Ravichandran,
K. Dan and S. Ramakrishna
Flexibility and binding affinity in protein – ligand, protein – protein and multi-component
protein interactions: limitations of current computational approaches
By P. Tuffery and P. Derreumaux
Research articles
Evolutionary optimization of material properties of a tropical seed
By P. W. Lucas, J. T. Gaskins, T. K. Lowrey, M. E. Harrison, H. C. Morrogh-Bernard,
S. M. Cheyne and M. R. Begley
System among the corticosteroids: specificity and molecular dynamics
By J. C. Brookes, M. D. Galigniana, A. H. Harker, A. M. Stoneham and G. P. Vinson
Malagasy dialects and the peopling of Madagascar
By M. Serva, F. Petroni, D. Volchenkov and S. Wichmann
Epidemiological game-theory dynamics of chickenpox vaccination in the USA and Israel
By J. Liu, B. F. Kochin, Y. I. Tekle and A. P. Galvani
Three-dimensional reconstruction of the fast-start swimming kinematics of densely schooling fish
By S. Butail and D. A. Paley
Agricultural intensification, priming for persistence and the emergence of Nipah virus: a lethal
bat-borne zoonosis
By J. R. C. Pulliam, J. H. Epstein, J. Dushoff, S. A. Rahman, M. Bunning, A. A. Jamaluddin,
A. D. Hyatt, H. E. Field, A. P. Dobson, P. Daszak & The Henipavirus Ecology
Research Group (HERG)
A decentralized control scheme for orchestrating versatile arm movements in ophiuroid
omnidirectional locomotion
By W. Watanabe, T. Kano, S. Suzuki and A. Ishiguro
The mechanics and energetics of human walking and running: a joint level perspective
By D. J. Farris and G. S. Sawicki
Alzheimer’s disease: rapid and slow progression
By C. J. Thalhauser and N. L. Komarova
Plant surfaces with cuticular folds are slippery for beetles
By B. Prüm, R. Seidel, H. F. Bohn and T. Speck
Transmission of Chlamydia trachomatis through sexual partnerships: a comparison between
three individual-based models and empirical data
By C. L. Althaus, K. M. E. Turner, B. V. Schmid, J. C. M. Heijne, M. Kretzschmar and N. Low
Non-thermal dielectric barrier discharge plasma induces angiogenesis through reactive oxygen species
By K. P. Arjunan, G. Friedman, A. Fridman and A. M. Clyne
Searching for the most cost-effective strategy for controlling epidemics spreading on regular and
small-world networks
By A. Kleczkowski, K. Oleś, E. Gudowska-Nowak and C. A. Gilligan
Decoding GnRH neurohormone pulse frequency by convergent signalling modules
By K. Tsaneva-Atanasova, P. Mina, C. J. Caunt, S. P. Armstrong and C. A. McArdle
In situ chemichromic studies of interactions between a lutetium bis-octaalkyl-substituted
phthalocyanine and selected biological cofactors
By C. Pal, A. N. Cammidge, M. J. Cook, J. L. Sosa-Sanchez, A. K. Sharma and A. K. Ray
Intraspecific scaling laws of vascular trees
By Y. Huo and G. S. Kassab
no. 67, 7 February 2012
By L. Dutton
J. R. Soc. Interface (2012)
Review articles
A biomaterials approach to peripheral nerve regeneration: bridging the peripheral nerve
gap and enhancing functional recovery
By W. Daly, L. Yao, D. Zeugolis, A. Windebank and A. Pandit
Research articles
Mechanics of peristaltic locomotion and role of anchoring
By Y. Tanaka, K. Ito, T. Nakagaki and R. Kobayashi
Modelling human balance using switched systems with linear feedback control
By P. Kowalczyk, P. Glendinning, M. Brown, G. Medrano-Cerda, H. Dallali and J. Shapiro
How selection forces dictate the variant surface antigens used by malaria parasites
By M. Severins, D. Klinkenberg and H. Heesterbeek
Enhanced mesenchymal stromal cell recruitment via natural killer cells by incorporation
of inflammatory signals in biomaterials
By C. R. Almeida, D. P. Vasconcelos, R. M. Gonçalves and M. A. Barbosa
Internal versus external determinants of Schistosoma japonicum transmission in irrigated
agricultural villages
By R. C. Spear
Sliding-induced non-uniform pre-tension governs robust and reversible adhesion: a revisit
of adhesion mechanisms of geckos
By Q. H. Cheng, B. Chen, H. J. Gao and Y. W. Zhang
Vortex wake, downwash distribution, aerodynamic performance and wingbeat kinematics in
slow-flying pied flycatchers
By F. T. Muijres, M. S. Bowlin, L. C. Johansson and A. Hedenström
Essential epidemiological mechanisms underpinning the transmission dynamics of
seasonal influenza
By J. Truscott, C. Fraser, S. Cauchemez, A. Meeyai, W. Hinsley, C. A. Donnelly,
A. Ghani and N. Ferguson
Surface wettability of plasma SiOx:H nanocoating-induced endothelial cells’ migration
and the associated FAK-Rho GTPases signalling pathways
By Y. Shen, G. Wang, X. Huang, Q. Zhang, J. Wu, C. Tang, Q. Yu and X. Liu
Complex dynamics of semantic memory access in reading
By G. Baggio and A. Fonseca
Modelling the effects of past and future climate on the risk of bluetongue emergence in Europe
By H. Guis, C. Caminade, C. Calvete, A. P. Morse, A. Tran and M. Baylis
What makes an accurate and reliable subject-specific finite element model? A case study of an
elephant femur
By O. Panagiotopoulou, S. D. Wilshin, E. J. Rayfield, S. J. Shefelbine and J. R. Hutchinson
Thermally reversible colloidal gels for three-dimensional chondrocyte culture
By J. W. Lapworth, P. V. Hatton, R. L. Goodchild and S. Rimmer
Modelling cholera epidemics: the role of waterways, human mobility and sanitation
By L. Mari, E. Bertuzzo, L. Righetto, R. Casagrandi, M. Gatto, I. Rodriguez-Iturbe and A. Rinaldo
Bioinspired bubble design for particle generation
By O. Gunduz, Z. Ahmad, E. Stride, C. Tamerler and M. Edirisinghe
Bone –titanium oxide interface in humans revealed by transmission electron microscopy
and electron tomography
By A. Palmquist, K. Grandfield, B. Norlindh, T. Mattsson, R. Brånemark and P. Thomsen
no. 68, 7 March 2012
Review articles
Metallic ions as therapeutic agents in tissue engineering scaffolds: an overview of their biological
applications and strategies for new developments
By V. Mouriño, J. P. Cattalini and A. R. Boccaccini
Research articles
Challenges of ecological monitoring: estimating population abundance from sparse trap counts
By N. Petrovskaya, S. Petrovskii and A. K. Murchie
Modelling the dynamics of viral suppressors of RNA silencing
By M. A. C. Groenenboom and P. Hogeweg
J. R. Soc. Interface (2012)
The indentation of pressurized elastic shells: from polymeric capsules to yeast cells
By D. Vella, A. Ajdari, A. Vaziri and A. Boudaoud
Methods to infer transmission risk factors in complex outbreak data
By S. Cauchemez and N. M. Ferguson
Abstractions for DNA circuit design
By M. R. Lakin, S. Youssef, L. Cardelli and A. Phillips
Cryoprotection–lyophilization and physical stabilization of rifampicin-loaded flower-like polymeric micelles
By M. A. Moretton, D. A. Chiappetta and A. Sosnik
Estimation of gestational age from fundal height: a solution for resource-poor settings
By L. J. White, S. J. Lee, K. Stepniewska, J. A. Simpson, S. L. M. Dwell, R. Arunjerdja,
P. Singhasivanon, N. J. White, F. Nosten and R. McGready
Resistance and relatedness on an evolutionary graph
By W. Maciejewski
Insights into mucosal innate responses to Escherichia coli O157 : H7 colonization of cattle
by mathematical modelling of excretion dynamics
By M. J. Tildesley, D. L. Gally, T. N. McNeilly, J. C. Low, A. Mahajan and N. J. Savill
Truncated Lévy walks are expected beyond the scale of data collection when correlated random
walks embody observed movement patterns
By A. M. Reynolds
Neuronal growth cones respond to laser-induced axonal damage
By T. Wu, S. Mohanty, V. Gomez-Godinez, L. Z. Shi, L.-H. Liaw, J. Miotke,
R. L. Meyer and M. W. Berns
The effect of neutral helper lipids on the structure of cationic lipid monolayers
By A. P. Dabkowska, D. J. Barlow, A. V. Hughes, R. A. Campbell,
P. J. Quinn and M. J. Lawrence
Incorporating individual health-protective decisions into disease transmission models:
a mathematical framework
By D. P. Durham and E. A. Casman
Emergence of coherent structures and large-scale flows in motile suspensions
By D. Saintillan and M. J. Shelley
Morphogenesis of an extended phenotype: four-dimensional ant nest architecture
By N. J. Minter, N. R. Franks and K. A. Robson Brown
Remote automated multi-generational growth and observation of an animal in low Earth orbit
By E. A. Oczypok, T. Etheridge, J. Freeman, L. Stodieck, R. Johnsen,
D. Baillie and N. J. Szewczyk
A highly distributed Bragg stack with unique geometry provides effective camouflage
for Loliginid squid eyes
By A. L. Holt, A. M. Sweeney, S. Johnsen and D. E. Morse
no. 69, 7 April 2012
Review articles
Modelling the lymphatic system: challenges and opportunities
By K. N. Margaris and R. A. Black
Research articles
An equilibrium for phenotypic variance in fluctuating environments owing to epigenetics
By O. Carja and M. W. Feldman
Computability, Gödel’s incompleteness theorem, and an inherent limit on the
predictability of evolution
By T. Day
Tilted cellulose arrangement as a novel mechanism for hygroscopic coiling in the stork’s bill awn
By Y. Abraham, C. Tamburu, E. Klein, J. W. C. Dunlop, P. Fratzl, U. Raviv and R. Elbaum
The global spread of drug-resistant influenza
By D. L. Chao, J. D. Bloom, B. F. Kochin, R. Antia and I. M. Longini Jr
Direct evidence of phospholipids in gecko footprints and spatula – substrate contact interface
detected using surface-sensitive spectroscopy
By P. Y. Hsu, L. Ge, X. Li, A. Y. Stark, C. Wesdemiotis, P. H. Niewiarowski and A. Dhinojwala
J. R. Soc. Interface (2012)
Biologically inspired crack delocalization in a high strain-rate environment
By C. Knipprath, I. P. Bond and R. S. Trask
Statistical wall shear stress maps of ruptured and unruptured middle cerebral artery aneurysms
By L. Goubergrits, J. Schaller, U. Kertzscher, N. van den Bruck, K. Poethkow,
Ch. Petz, H.-Ch. Hege and A. Spuler
A composite computational model of liver glucose homeostasis. I. Building the composite model
By J. Hetherington, T. Sumner, R. M. Seymour, L. Li, M. Varela Rey, S. Yamaji, P. Saffrey,
O. Margoninski, I. D. L. Bogle, A. Finkelstein and A. Warner
A composite computational model of liver glucose homeostasis. II. Exploring system behaviour
By T. Sumner, J. Hetherington, R. M. Seymour, L. Li, M. Varela Rey, S. Yamaji, P. Saffrey,
O. Margoninski, I. D. L. Bogle, A. Finkelstein and A. Warner
Human-like external function of the foot, and fully upright gait, confirmed in the 3.66 million
year old Laetoli hominin footprints by topographic statistics, experimental footprint-formation
and computer simulation
By R. H. Crompton, T. C. Pataky, R. Savage, K. D’Août, M. R. Bennett, M. H. Day, K. Bates,
S. Morse and W. I. Sellers
Butterfly proboscis: combining a drinking straw with a nanosponge facilitated diversification
of feeding habits
By D. Monaenkova, M. S. Lehnert, T. Andrukh, C. E. Beard, B. Rubin, A. Tokarev, W.-K. Lee,
P. H. Adler and K. G. Kornev
Staining diatoms with rhodamine dyes: control of emission colour in photonic biocomposites
By M. Kucki and T. Fuhrmann-Lieker
Nanostructural self-assembly of iridescent feather barbules through depletion attraction of
melanosomes during keratinization
By R. Maia, R. H. F. Macedo and M. D. Shawkey
Stochastic properties of the plant circadian clock
By M. L. Guerriero, A. Pokhilko, A. P. Fernández, K. J. Halliday, A. J. Millar and J. Hillston
A systems approach to model the relationship between aflatoxin gene cluster expression,
environmental factors, growth and toxin production by Aspergillus flavus
By A. Abdel-Hadi, M. Schmidt-Heydt, R. Parra, R. Geisen and N. Magan
Dynamics of alternative modes of RNA replication for positive-sense RNA viruses
By J. Sardanyés, F. Martı́nez, J.-A. Daròs and S. F. Elena
Mechanically induced structural changes during dynamic compression of engineered cartilaginous
constructs can potentially explain increases in bulk mechanical properties
By T. Nagel and D. J. Kelly
Gait recognition: highly unique dynamic plantar pressure patterns among 104 individuals
By T. C. Pataky, T. Mu, K. Bosch, D. Rosenbaum and J. Y. Goulermas
no. 70, 7 May 2012
Review articles
Two decades of studying non-covalent biomolecular assemblies by means of electrospray ionization
mass spectrometry
By G. R. Hilton and J. L. P. Benesch
Research articles
Predicting the effect of climate change on African trypanosomiasis: integrating epidemiology
with parasite and vector biology
By S. Moore, S. Shrestha, K. W. Tomlinson and H. Vuong
Determining elastic properties of skin by measuring surface waves from an impulse mechanical stimulus
using phase-sensitive optical coherence tomography
By C. Li, G. Guan, R. Reif, Z. Huang and R. K. Wang
Non-random walks in monkeys and humans
By D. Boyer, M. C. Crofoot and P. D. Walsh
Social network architecture and the maintenance of deleterious cultural traits
By S. Yeaman, A. Schick and L. Lehmann
The two-regime method for optimizing stochastic reaction – diffusion simulations
By M. B. Flegg, S. J. Chapman and R. Erban
A search game model of the scatter hoarder’s problem
By S. Alpern, R. Fokkink, T. Lidbetter and N. S. Clayton
J. R. Soc. Interface (2012)
Influence of strontium for calcium substitution in bioactive glasses on degradation, ion release
and apatite formation
By Y. C. Fredholm, N. Karpukhina, D. S. Brauer, J. R. Jones, R. V. Law and R. G. Hill
Edge-based compartmental modelling for infectious disease spread
By J. C. Miller, A. C. Slim and E. M. Volz
Using causal models to distinguish between neurogenesis-dependent and -independent effects
on behaviour
By S. E. Lazic
Modulating protein adsorption onto hydroxyapatite particles using different amino acid treatments
By W.-H. Lee, C.-Y. Loo, K. L. Van, A. V. Zavgorodniy and R. Rohanizadeh
Effect of loading conditions on the dissociation behaviour of catch bond clusters
By L. Sun, Q. H. Cheng, H. J. Gao and Y. W. Zhang
Effectiveness of facemasks to reduce exposure hazards for airborne infections among
general populations
By A. C. K. Lai, C. K. M. Poon and A. C. T. Cheung
Applications of percolation theory to fungal spread with synergy
By J. J. Ludlam, G. J. Gibson, W. Otten and C. A. Gilligan
Finding the dimension of slow dynamics in a rhythmic system
By S. Revzen and J. M. Guckenheimer
Macro-scale phenomena of arterial coupled cells: a massively parallel simulation
By M. A. Shaikh, D. J. N. Wall and T. David
Cell wall structure and formation of maturing fibres of moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens)
increase buckling resistance
By X. Wang, H. Ren, B. Zhang, B. Fei and I. Burgert
Rates of coalescence for common epidemiological models at equilibrium
By K. Koelle and D. A. Rasmussen
An X-ray and neutron reflectometry study of ‘PEG-like’ plasma polymer films
By D. J. Menzies, A. Nelson, H.-H. Shen, K. M. McLean, J. S. Forsythe, T. Gengenbach,
C. Fong and B. W. Muir
Pressurized vascular systems for self-healing materials
By A. R. Hamilton, N. R. Sottos and S. R. White
In-roads to the spread of antibiotic resistance: regional patterns of microbial transmission
in northern coastal Ecuador
By J. N. S. Eisenberg, J. Goldstick, W. Cevallos, G. Trueba, K. Levy, J. Scott, B. Percha,
R. Segovia, K. Ponce, A. Hubbard, C. Marrs, B. Foxman, D. L. Smith and J. Trostle
A formal mathematical framework for physiological observations, experiments and analyses
By T. A. Nielsen, H. Nilsson and T. Matheson
Pattern formation in stromatolites: insights from mathematical modelling
By R. Cuerno, C. Escudero, J. M. Garcı́a-Ruiz and M. A. Herrero
A novel method to quantify gene set functional association based on gene ontology
By S. Lv, Y. Li, Q. Wang, S. Ning, T. Huang, P. Wang, J. Sun, Y. Zheng,
W. Liu, J. Ai and X. Li
Secreted, receptor-associated bone morphogenetic protein regulators reduce stochastic
noise intrinsic to many extracellular morphogen distributions
By M. S. Karim, G. T. Buzzard and D. M. Umulis
Model for self-polarization and motility of keratocyte fragments
By F. Ziebert, S. Swaminathan and I. S. Aranson
Aerial shaking performance of wet Anna’s hummingbirds
By V. M. Ortega-Jimenez and R. Dudley
The furrows of Rhinolophidae revisited
By D. Vanderelst, R. Jonas and P. Herbert
no. 71, 7 June 2012
Review articles
Accounting for indirect land-use change in the life cycle assessment of biofuel supply chains
By S. T. Sanchez, J. Woods, M. Akhurst, M. Brander, M. O’Hare, T. P. Dawson, R. Edwards,
A. J. Liska and R. Malpas
J. R. Soc. Interface (2012)
Research articles
Changes in kinematics and aerodynamics over a range of speeds in Tadarida brasiliensis,
the Brazilian free-tailed bat
By T. Y. Hubel, N. I. Hristov, S. M. Swartz and K. S. Breuer
Air motion sensing hairs of arthropods detect high frequencies at near-maximal mechanical efficiency
By B. Bathellier, T. Steinmann, F. G. Barth and J. Casas
Mechanical responsiveness of the endothelial cell of Schlemm’s canal: scope, variability
and its potential role in controlling aqueous humour outflow
By E. H. Zhou, R. Krishnan, W. D. Stamer, K. M. Perkumas, K. Rajendran, J. F. Nabhan,
Q. Lu, J. J. Fredberg and M. Johnson
Impact of release dynamics of laser-irradiated polymer micropallets on the viability of
selected adherent cells
By H. Ma, W. Mismar, Y. Wang, D. W. Small, M. Ras, N. L. Allbritton,
C. E. Sims and V. Venugopalan
Evolutionary significance of metabolic network properties
By G. Basler, S. Grimbs, O. Ebenhöh, J. Selbig and Z. Nikoloski
Time-varying span efficiency through the wingbeat of desert locusts
By P. Henningsson and R. J. Bomphrey
Impact of main branch stenting on endothelial shear stress: role of side branch diameter,
angle and lesion
By H. Y. Chen, I. D. Moussa, C. Davidson and G. S. Kassab
Operation of the alula as an indicator of gear change in hoverflies
By S. M. Walker, A. L. R. Thomas and G. K. Taylor
Population structure in the Neisseria, and the biological significance of fuzzy species
By J. Corander, T. R. Connor, C. A. O’Dwyer, J. S. Kroll and W. P. Hanage
How to identify water from thickener aqueous solutions by touch
By Y. Nonomura, T. Miura, T. Miyashita, Y. Asao, H. Shirado, Y. Makino and T. Maeno
Enzyme-sharing as a cause of multi-stationarity in signalling systems
By E. Feliu and C. Wiuf
Effect of oxidized low-density lipoprotein concentration polarization on human smooth
muscle cells’ proliferation, cycle, apoptosis and oxidized low-density lipoprotein uptake
By Z. Ding, S. Liu, B. Yang, Y. Fan and X. Deng
Damped and persistent oscillations in a simple model of cell crawling
By P. V. Bayly, L. A. Taber and A. E. Carlsson
Force transformation in spider strain sensors: white light interferometry
By C. F. Schaber, S. N. Gorb and F. G. Barth
Hierarchical flexural strength of enamel: transition from brittle to damage-tolerant behaviour
By S. Bechtle, H. Özcoban, E. T. Lilleodden, N. Huber, A. Schreyer,
M. V. Swain and G. A. Schneider
Determination of the layer-specific distributed collagen fibre orientations in human thoracic and
abdominal aortas and common iliac arteries
By A. J. Schriefl, G. Zeindlinger, D. M. Pierce, P. Regitnig and G. A. Holzapfel
Influence on disease spread dynamics of herd characteristics in a structured livestock industry
By T. Lindström, S. Sternberg Lewerin and U. Wennergren
Directional scattering from the glossy flower of Ranunculus: how the buttercup lights up your chin
By S. Vignolini, M. M. Thomas, M. Kolle, T. Wenzel, A. Rowland, P. J. Rudall, J. J. Baumberg,
B. J. Glover and U. Steiner
Microbial diversity affects self-organization of the soil – microbe system with consequences for function
By J. W. Crawford, L. Deacon, D. Grinev, J. A. Harris, K. Ritz, B. K. Singh and I. Young
Contributions of talin-1 to glioma cell – matrix tensional homeostasis
By S. Sen, W. P. Ng and S. Kumar
Optimized nanoscale composite behaviour in limpet teeth
By D. Lu and A. H. Barber
A validated predictive model of coronary fractional flow reserve
By Y. Huo, M. Svendsen, J. S. Choy, Z.-D. Zhang and G. S. Kassab
Disparity and convergence in bipedal archosaur locomotion
By K. T. Bates and E. R. Schachner
Fitness in time-dependent environments includes a geometric phase contribution
By S. Tan̆ase-Nicola and I. Nemenman
Influence of network dynamics on the spread of sexually transmitted diseases
By S. Risau-Gusman
Adaptive behaviour, tri-trophic food-web stability and damping of chaos
By A. W. Visser, P. Mariani and S. Pigolotti
J. R. Soc. Interface (2012)
Determination and validation of the elastic moduli of small and complex biological samples:
bone and keratin in bird beaks
By J. Soons, A. Herrel, P. Aerts and J. Dirckx
A control engineering approach to understanding the TGF-b paradox in cancer
By S.-W. Chung, C. R. Cooper, M. C. Farach-Carson and B. A. Ogunnaike
Cytoplasmic streaming in plant cells: the role of wall slip
By K. Wolff, D. Marenduzzo and M. E. Cates
no. 72, 7 July 2012
Review articles
Bioinformatics and variability in drug response: a protein structural perspective
By J. L. Lahti, G. W. Tang, E. Capriotti, T. Liu and R. B. Altman
Research articles
Effect of magnetically simulated zero-gravity and enhanced gravity on the walk of the common fruitfly
By R. J. A. Hill, O. J. Larkin, C. E. Dijkstra, A. I. Manzano, E. de Juan, M. R. Davey, P. Anthony,
L. Eaves, F. J. Medina, R. Marco and R. Herranz
Bioactive composite gradient coatings of nano-hydroxyapatite/polyamide66 fabricated on
polyamide66 substrates
By D. Huang, Y. Zuo, J. Li, Q. Zou, L. Zhang, M. Gong, L. Wang, L. Li and Y. Li
Integration of intrinsic muscle properties, feed-forward and feedback signals for generating and
stabilizing hopping
By D. F. B. Haeufle, S. Grimmer, K.-T. Kalveram and A. Seyfarth
Design and analysis of DNA strand displacement devices using probabilistic model checking
By M. R. Lakin, D. Parker, L. Cardelli, M. Kwiatkowska and A. Phillips
Small actions, big costs: the behavioural energetics of a commercially important invertebrate
By A. A. Robson, L. Chauvaud, R. P. Wilson and L. G. Halsey
Computational modelling of the piglet brain to simulate near-infrared spectroscopy and magnetic
resonance spectroscopy data collected during oxygen deprivation
By T. Moroz, M. Banaji, N. J. Robertson, C. E. Cooper and I. Tachtsidis
Characterization of the phosphatic mineral of the barnacle Ibla cumingi at atomic level by
solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance: comparison with other phosphatic biominerals
By D. G. Reid, M. J. Mason, B. K. K. Chan and M. J. Duer
Optimal decision-making in mammals: insights from a robot study of rodent texture discrimination
By N. F. Lepora, C. W. Fox, M. H. Evans, M. E. Diamond, K. Gurney and T. J. Prescott
Predicting oscillatory dynamics in the movement of territorial animals
By L. Giuggioli, J. R. Potts and S. Harris
The effect of changes in condom usage and antiretroviral treatment coverage on human
immunodeficiency virus incidence in South Africa: a model-based analysis
By L. F. Johnson, T. B. Hallett, T. M. Rehle and R. E. Dorrington
Adhesion energy can regulate vesicle fusion and stabilize partially fused states
By R. Long, C.-Y. Hui, A. Jagota and M. Bykhovskaia
Fitness-maximizing foragers can use information about patch quality to decide how to search
for and within patches: optimal Lévy walk searching patterns from optimal foraging theory
By A. M. Reynolds
Computational modelling of cell chain migration reveals mechanisms that sustain
follow-the-leader behaviour
By M. L. Wynn, P. M. Kulesa and S. Schnell
Stochastic steady state gain in a gene expression process with mRNA degradation control
By H. Kuwahara and R. Schwartz
Effects of surface microtopography on the assembly of the osteoclast resorption apparatus
By D. Geblinger, C. Zink, N. D. Spencer, L. Addadi and B. Geiger
Hemispherical Brillouin zone imaging of a diamond-type biological photonic crystal
By B. D. Wilts, K. Michielsen, H. De Raedt and D. G. Stavenga
Bone tissue reactions to biomimetic ion-substituted apatite surfaces on titanium implants
By A. M. Ballo, W. Xia, A. Palmquist, C. Lindahl, L. Emanuelsson, J. Lausmaa,
H. Engqvist and P. Thomsen
Implications of functional similarity for gene regulatory interactions
By K. Glass, E. Ott, W. Losert and M. Girvan
J. R. Soc. Interface (2012)
x Contents
Meta-DNA: synthetic biology via DNA nanostructures and hybridization reactions
By H. Chandran, N. Gopalkrishnan, B. Yurke and J. Reif
Multi-scale modelling of elastic moduli of trabecular bone
By E. Hamed, I. Jasiuk, A. Yoo, Y. Lee and T. Liszka
A passerine spreads its tail to facilitate a rapid recovery of its body posture during hovering
By J.-Y. Su, S.-C. Ting, Y.-H. Chang and J.-T. Yang
The influence of sensory delay on the yaw dynamics of a flapping insect
By M. J. Elzinga, W. B. Dickson and M. H. Dickinson
In vivo assessment of the effect of controlled high- and low-frequency mechanical loading on
peri-implant bone healing
By X. Zhang, K. Vandamme, A. Torcasio, T. Ogawa, G. H. van Lenthe, I. Naert and J. Duyck
Microbial synthesis of core/shell gold/palladium nanoparticles for applications in green chemistry
By K. Deplanche, M. L. Merroun, M. Casadesus, D. T. Tran, I. P. Mikheenko, J. A. Bennett,
J. Zhu, I. P. Jones, G. A. Attard, J. Wood, S. Selenska-Pobell and L. E. Macaskie
no. 73, 7 August 2012
Review articles
Metabolomics: a valuable tool for stem cell monitoring in regenerative medicine
By L. E. McNamara, T. Sjöström, R. M. D. Meek, R. O. C. Oreffo, B. Su,
M. J. Dalby and K. E. V. Burgess
Research articles
Lost at sea: genetic, oceanographic and meteorological evidence for storm-forced dispersal
By C. Monzón-Argüello, F. Dell’Amico, P. Morinière, A. Marco, L. F. López-Jurado,
G. C. Hays, R. Scott, R. Marsh and P. L. M. Lee
High-resolution microrheology in the pericellular matrix of prostate cancer cells
By N. Nijenhuis, D. Mizuno, J. A. E. Spaan and C. F. Schmidt
The well-tuned blues: the role of structural colours as optical signals in the species
recognition of a local butterfly fauna (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae: Polyommatinae)
By Z. Bálint, K. Kertész, G. Piszter, Z. Vértesy and L. P. Biró
Glial progenitor cell recruitment drives aggressive glioma growth: mathematical
and experimental modelling
By S. C. Massey, M. C. Assanah, K. A. Lopez, P. Canoll and K. R. Swanson
The benefits of planar circular mouths on suction feeding performance
By T. Skorczewski, A. Cheer and P. C. Wainwright
The nanometre-scale physiology of bone: steric modelling and scanning transmission
electron microscopy of collagen – mineral structure
By B. Alexander, T. L. Daulton, G. M. Genin, J. Lipner, J. D. Pasteris,
B. Wopenka and S. Thomopoulos
Multi-layered bird beaks: a finite-element approach towards the role of keratin in stress dissipation
By J. Soons, A. Herrel, A. Genbrugge, D. Adriaens, P. Aerts and J. Dirckx
Inferring pandemic growth rates from sequence data
By E. de Silva, N. M. Ferguson and C. Fraser
Experiments and theory of undulatory locomotion in a simple structured medium
By T. Majmudar, E. E. Keaveny, J. Zhang and M. J. Shelley
Dramatic reduction of dimensionality in large biochemical networks owing to strong
pair correlations
By M. Dworkin, S. Mukherjee, C. Jayaprakash and J. Das
Outbreaks of H5N1 in poultry in Thailand: the relative role of poultry production types
in sustaining transmission and the impact of active surveillance in control
By P. Walker, S. Cauchemez, N. Hartemink, T. Tiensin and A. C. Ghani
Virtual experiments, physical validation: dental morphology at the intersection of experiment and theory
By P. S. L. Anderson and E. J. Rayfield
Fish and robots swimming together: attraction towards the robot demands biomimetic locomotion
By S. Marras and M. Porfiri
In vitro and in silico investigations of disc nucleus replacement
By S. Reitmaier, A. Shirazi-Adl, M. Bashkuev, H.-J. Wilke, A. Gloria and H. Schmidt
Spider orb webs rely on radial threads to absorb prey kinetic energy
By A. T. Sensenig, K. A. Lorentz, S. P. Kelly and T. A. Blackledge
J. R. Soc. Interface (2012)
Using digital photography to implement the McFarland method
By L. L. Zamora and M. T. Pérez-Gracia
Resonance in herbaceous plant stems as a factor in vibrational communication of pentatomid
bugs (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae)
By J. Polajnar, D. Svenšek and A. Čokl
Hydrodynamics of the double-wave structure of insect spermatozoa flagella
By O. S. Pak, S. E. Spagnolie and E. Lauga
Squeeze-and-breathe evolutionary Monte Carlo optimization with local search acceleration
and its application to parameter fitting
By M. Beguerisse-Dı́az, B. Wang, R. Desikan and M. Barahona
Broiler chickens can benefit from machine learning: support vector machine analysis of
observational epidemiological data
By P. J. Hepworth, A. V. Nefedov, I. B. Muchnik and K. L. Morgan
Haemocompatibility and ion exchange capability of nanocellulose polypyrrole membranes
intended for blood purification
By N. Ferraz, D. O. Carlsson, J. Hong, R. Larsson, B. Fellström, L. Nyholm,
M. Strømme and A. Mihranyan
Culturomics meets random fractal theory: insights into long-range correlations of social and
natural phenomena over the past two centuries
By J. Gao, J. Hu, X. Mao and M. Perc
Leaf surface structures enable the endemic Namib desert grass Stipagrostis sabulicola to irrigate
itself with fog water
By A. Roth-Nebelsick, M. Ebner, T. Miranda, V. Gottschalk, D. Voigt, S. Gorb,
T. Stegmaier, J. Sarsour, M. Linke and W. Konrad
Leg stiffness of sprinters using running-specific prostheses
By C. P. McGowan, A. M. Grabowski, W. J. McDermott, H. M. Herr and R. Kram
A nonlinear programming approach for estimation of transmission parameters in childhood infectious
disease using a continuous time model
By D. P. Word, D. A. T. Cummings, D. S. Burke, S. Iamsirithaworn and C. D. Laird
Regulation of oscillation dynamics in biochemical systems with dual negative feedback loops
By L. K. Nguyen
Energetically optimal running requires torques about the centre of mass
By J. R. Usherwood and T. Y. Hubel
Corrigendum for the paper ‘Aerial shaking performance of wet Anna’s hummingbirds’
By V. M. Ortega-Jimenez and R. Dudley
no. 74, 7 September 2012
Review articles
Determinants of cell– material crosstalk at the interface: towards engineering of cell
instructive materials
By M. Ventre, F. Causa and P. A. Netti
Research articles
Floquet stability analysis of the longitudinal dynamics of two hovering model insects
By J. H. Wu and M. Sun
Importance of initial aortic properties on the evolving regional anisotropy, stiffness and
wall thickness of human abdominal aortic aneurysms
By J. S. Wilson, S. Baek and J. D. Humphrey
Single and mixed poloxamine micelles as nanocarriers for solubilization and sustained
release of ethoxzolamide for topical glaucoma therapy
By A. Ribeiro, A. Sosnik, D. A. Chiappetta, F. Veiga, A. Concheiro and C. Alvarez-Lorenzo
Identification of intermittent control in man and machine
By I. D. Loram, C. van de Kamp, H. Gollee and P. J. Gawthrop
Prediction of invasion from the early stage of an epidemic
By F. J. Pérez-Reche, F. M. Neri, S. N. Taraskin and C. A. Gilligan
Balancing on tightropes and slacklines
By P. Paoletti and L. Mahadevan
J. R. Soc. Interface (2012)
Acute inflammatory response to cobalt chromium orthopaedic wear debris in a rodent
air-pouch model
By M. Akbar, A. R. Fraser, G. J. Graham, J. M. Brewer and M. H. Grant
Assessing the impact of marine wind farms on birds through movement modelling
By E. A. Masden, R. Reeve, M. Desholm, A. D. Fox, R. W. Furness and D. T. Haydon
Dynamics and processing in finite self-similar networks
By S. DeDeo and D. C. Krakauer
Apatite-forming ability of titanium in terms of pH of the exposed solution
By D. K. Pattanayak, S. Yamaguchi, T. Matsushita, T. Nakamura and T. Kokubo
A methodology for global-sensitivity analysis of time-dependent outputs in systems
biology modelling
By T. Sumner, E. Shephard and I. D. L. Bogle
Multifractal signatures of infectious diseases
By A. M. Holdsworth, N. K.-R. Kevlahan and D. J. D. Earn
Planar covariation of limb elevation angles during bipedal walking in the Japanese macaque
By N. Ogihara, T. Kikuchi, Y. Ishiguro, H. Makishima and M. Nakatsukasa
Modelling deuterium labelling of lymphocytes with temporal and/or kinetic heterogeneity
By R. J. De Boer, A. S. Perelson and R. M. Ribeiro
Osteogenic differentiation and mineralization in fibre-reinforced tubular scaffolds: theoretical
study and experimental evidences
By V. Guarino, F. Urciuolo, M. A. Alvarez-Perez, B. Mele, P. A. Netti and L. Ambrosio
Synchrotron-based dynamic computed tomography of tissue motion for regional lung
function measurement
By S. Dubsky, S. B. Hooper, K. K. W. Siu and A. Fouras
Quantitative three-dimensional microtextural analyses of tooth wear as a tool for dietary
discrimination in fishes
By M. Purnell, O. Seehausen and F. Galis
The influence of altruism on influenza vaccination decisions
By E. Shim, G. B. Chapman, J. P. Townsend and A. P. Galvani
Competition – colonization trade-off promotes coexistence of low-virulence viral strains
By S. Ojosnegros, E. Delgado-Eckert and N. Beerenwinkel
Common structure in the heterogeneity of plant-matter decay
By D. C. Forney and D. H. Rothman
Real time forecasting of near-future evolution
By P. J. Gerrish and P. D. Sniegowski
A photonic heterostructure produces diverse iridescent colours in duck wing patches
By C. M. Eliason and M. D. Shawkey
Spatio-temporal development of the endothelial glycocalyx layer and its mechanical
property in vitro
By K. Bai and W. Wang
Structure and physical properties of silkworm cocoons
By F. Chen, D. Porter and F. Vollrath
Assessing the impact of adherence to anti-retroviral therapy on treatment failure and resistance
evolution in HIV
By D. Cadosch, S. Bonhoeffer and R. Kouyos
Label-free magnetic resonance imaging to locate live cells in three-dimensional porous scaffolds
By A. Abarrategi, M. E. Fernandez-Valle, T. Desmet, D. Castejón, A. Civantos,
C. Moreno-Vicente, V. Ramos, J. V. Sanz-Casado, F. J. Martı́nez-Vázquez, P. Dubruel,
P. Miranda and J. L. López-Lacomba
Brownian motion or Lévy walk? Stepping towards an extended statistical mechanics for
animal locomotion
By A. O. Gautestad
Identifying individual DNA species in a complex mixture by precisely measuring the spacing
between nicking restriction enzymes with atomic force microscope
By J. Reed, C. Hsueh, M.-L. Lam, R. Kjolby, A. Sundstrom, B. Mishra and J. K. Gimzewski
Dynamics of angiogenesis during murine retinal development: a coupled in vivo and in silico study
By M. G. Watson, S. R. McDougall, M. A. J. Chaplain, A. H. Devlin and C. A. Mitchell
Digital clocks: simple Boolean models can quantitatively describe circadian systems
By O. E. Akman, S. Watterson, A. Parton, N. Binns, A. J. Millar and P. Ghazal
J. R. Soc. Interface (2012)
no. 75, 7 October 2012
Review articles
Nano-sized manganese oxides as biomimetic catalysts for water oxidation in artificial
photosynthesis: a review
By M. M. Najafpour, F. Rahimi, E.-M. Aro, C.-H. Lee and S. I. Allakhverdiev
Research articles
The human foot and heel – sole – toe walking strategy: a mechanism enabling an inverted
pendular gait with low isometric muscle force?
By J. R. Usherwood, A. J. Channon, J. P. Myatt, J. W. Rankin and T. Y. Hubel
The benefits of maternal effects in novel and in stable environments
By R. B. Hoyle and T. H. G. Ezard
A mathematical model of adult subventricular neurogenesis
By J. M. A. Ashbourn, J. J. Miller, V. Reumers, V. Baekelandt and L. Geris
Design of gecko-inspired fibrillar surfaces with strong attachment and easy-removal properties:
a numerical analysis of peel-zone
By M. Zhou, N. Pesika, H. Zeng, J. Wan, X. Zhang, Y. Meng, S. Wen and Y. Tian
Release profile and characteristics of electrosprayed particles for oral delivery of a practically
insoluble drug
By A. Bohr, J. Kristensen, M. Dyas, M. Edirisinghe and E. Stride
Hydrophobin Vmh2– glucose complexes self-assemble in nanometric biofilms
By I. Rea, P. Giardina, S. Longobardi, F. Porro, V. Casuscelli, I. Rendina and L. De Stefano
Interfacial recognition of human prostate-specific antigen by immobilized monoclonal antibody:
effects of solution conditions and surface chemistry
By X. Zhao, F. Pan, L. Garcia-Gancedo, A. J. Flewitt, G. M. Ashley, J. Luo and J. R. Lu
Nitric oxide transport in an axisymmetric stenosis
By X. Liu, Y. Fan, X. Y. Xu and X. Deng
Post-secretion processing influences spider silk performance
By S. J. Blamires, C.-L. Wu, T. A. Blackledge and I.-M. Tso
The optimal deployment of synergistic antibiotics: a control-theoretic approach
By R. Peña-Miller, D. Lähnemann, H. Schulenburg, M. Ackermann and R. Beardmore
The sensitivity of human mesenchymal stem cells to vibration and cold storage conditions
representative of cold transportation
By N. I. Nikolaev, Y. Liu, H. Hussein and D. J. Williams
Function suggests nano-structure: electrophysiology supports that granule membranes play dice
By I. Hammel and I. Meilijson
Quantifying limits to detection of early warning for critical transitions
By C. Boettiger and A. Hastings
A long-time limit for world subway networks
By C. Roth, S. M. Kang, M. Batty and M. Barthelemy
New crosslinkers for electrospun chitosan fibre mats. I. Chemical analysis
By M. S. Austero, A. E. Donius, U. G. K. Wegst and C. L. Schauer
Structure and optical function of amorphous photonic nanostructures from avian feather barbs:
a comparative small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) analysis of 230 bird species
By V. Saranathan, J. D. Forster, H. Noh, S.-F. Liew, S. G. J. Mochrie, H. Cao,
E. R. Dufresne and R. O. Prum
Preservation of 5300 year old red blood cells in the Iceman
By M. Janko, R. W. Stark and A. Zink
Airflow elicits a spider’s jump towards airborne prey. I. Airflow around a flying blowfly
By C. Klopsch, H. C. Kuhlmann and F. G. Barth
The impact of host immune status on the within-host and population dynamics of antigenic
immune escape
By S. Luo, M. Reed, J. C. Mattingly and K. Koelle
Mechanical state, material properties and continuous description of an epithelial tissue
By I. Bonnet, P. Marcq, F. Bosveld, L. Fetler, Y. Bellaı̈che and F. Graner
Reconstructing the flight kinematics of swarming and mating in wild mosquitoes
By S. Butail, N. Manoukis, M. Diallo, J. M. Ribeiro, T. Lehmann and D. A. Paley
Transmission dynamics of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in a medical intensive care unit
By I. M. Hall, I. Barrass, S. Leach, D. Pittet and S. Hugonnet
Graph spectral analysis of protein interaction network evolution
By T. Thorne and M. P. H. Stumpf
J. R. Soc. Interface (2012)
Regional variation in the mechanical properties of the vertebral column during lateral
bending in Morone saxatilis
By B. N. Nowroozi and E. L. Brainerd
Hyaluronan hydration generates three-dimensional meso-scale structure in engineered collagen tissues
By N. Anandagoda, D. G. Ezra, U. Cheema, M. Bailly and R. A. Brown
Effect of solid surface charge on the binding behaviour of a metal-binding peptide
By S. Donatan, M. Sarikaya, C. Tamerler and M. Urgen
Dynamics of Salmonella infection of macrophages at the single cell level
By J. R. Gog, A. Murcia, N. Osterman, O. Restif, T. J. McKinley, M. Sheppard, S. Achouri,
B. Wei, P. Mastroeni, J. L. N. Wood, D. J. Maskell, P. Cicuta and C. E. Bryant
Suitability of European climate for the Asian tiger mosquito Aedes albopictus: recent trends
and future scenarios
By C. Caminade, J. M. Medlock, E. Ducheyne, K. M. McIntyre, S. Leach,
M. Baylis and A. P. Morse
A model balancing cooperation and competition can explain our right-handed world and the
dominance of left-handed athletes
By D. M. Abrams and M. J. Panaggio
Optimal homeostasis necessitates bistable control
By G. Wang
Strain amplification in bone mechanobiology: a computational investigation of the in vivo
mechanics of osteocytes
By S. W. Verbruggen, T. J. Vaughan and L. M. McNamara
Elytra boost lift, but reduce aerodynamic efficiency in flying beetles
By L. C. Johansson, S. Engel, E. Baird, M. Dacke, F. T. Muijres and A. Hedenström
no. 76, 7 November 2012
Review articles
The hierarchical structure and mechanics of plant materials
By L. J. Gibson
Recent advances in mapping environmental microbial metabolisms through
C isotopic fingerprints
By J. K.-H. Tang, L. You, R. E. Blankenship and Y. J. Tang
Research articles
Dynamic self-cleaning in gecko setae via digital hyperextension
By S. Hu, S. Lopez, P. H. Niewiarowski and Z. Xia
The value of reputation
By T. Pfeiffer, L. Tran, C. Krumme and D. G. Rand
Vaccine allocation in a declining epidemic
By E. Goldstein, J. Wallinga and M. Lipsitch
Revealing mechanisms underlying variation in malaria virulence: effective propagation
and host control of uninfected red blood cell supply
By C. J. E. Metcalf, G. H. Long, N. Mideo, J. D. Forester, O. N. Bjørnstad and A. L. Graham
Optimizing surveillance for livestock disease spreading through animal movements
By P. Bajardi, A. Barrat, L. Savini and V. Colizza
Social encounter networks: collective properties and disease transmission
By L. Danon, T. A. House, J. M. Read and M. J. Keeling
Haemodynamics in the mouse aortic arch computed from MRI-derived velocities at the aortic root
By M. A. Van Doormaal, A. Kazakidi, M. Wylezinska, A. Hunt, J. L. Tremoleda, A. Protti,
Y. Bohraus, W. Gsell, P. D. Weinberg and C. R. Ethier
Thermal fluctuations of haemoglobin from different species: adaptation to temperature via
conformational dynamics
By A. M. Stadler, C. J. Garvey, A. Bocahut, S. Sacquin-Mora, I. Digel, G. J. Schneider,
F. Natali, G. M. Artmann and G. Zaccai
A stochastic T cell response criterion
By J. Currie, M. Castro, G. Lythe, E. Palmer and C. Molina-Parı́s
J. R. Soc. Interface (2012)
Nanoscale characterization of the biomechanical hardening of bovine zona pellucida
By A. Boccaccio, M. C. Frassanito, L. Lamberti, R. Brunelli, G. Maulucci, M. Monaci, M. Papi,
C. Pappalettere, T. Parasassi, L. Sylla, F. Ursini and M. De Spirito
Towards the rational design of synthetic cells with prescribed population dynamics
By N. Dalchau, M. J. Smith, S. Martin, J. R. Brown, S. Emmott and A. Phillips
Transmission, attenuation and reflection of shear waves in the human brain
By E. H. Clayton, G. M. Genin and P. V. Bayly
Pseudoelastic behaviour of a natural material is achieved via reversible changes in protein
backbone conformation
By M. J. Harrington, S. S. Wasko, A. Masic, F. D. Fischer, H. S. Gupta and P. Fratzl
Ion-implanted polytetrafluoroethylene enhances Saccharomyces cerevisiae biofilm formation
for improved immobilization
By C. T. H. Tran, A. Kondyurin, S. L. Hirsh, D. R. McKenzie and M. M. M. Bilek
Within-host competition and diversification of macro-parasites
By R. Guilhem, A. Šimková, S. Morand and S. Gourbière
A biomechanical model of rock drilling in the piddock Barnea candida (Bivalvia; Mollusca)
By R. Nederlof and M. Muller
Modelling the long-term dynamics of pre-vaccination pertussis
By G. Rozhnova and A. Nunes
Impact of surrounding tissue on conductance measurement of coronary and peripheral lumen area
By H. W. Choi, B. Jansen, Z.-D. Zhang and G. S. Kassab
Models of collective cell behaviour with crowding effects: comparing lattice-based and
lattice-free approaches
By M. J. Plank and M. J. Simpson
Immunofluorescence-guided atomic force microscopy to measure the micromechanical
properties of the pericellular matrix of porcine articular cartilage
By R. E. Wilusz, L. E. DeFrate and F. Guilak
Rapid magnetic cell delivery for large tubular bioengineered constructs
By J. Gonzalez-Molina, J. Riegler, P. Southern, D. Ortega, C. C. Frangos, Y. Angelopoulos,
S. Husain, M. F. Lythgoe, Q. A. Pankhurst and R. M. Day
Towards excimer-laser-based stereolithography: a rapid process to fabricate rigid biodegradable
photopolymer scaffolds
By S. Beke, F. Anjum, H. Tsushima, L. Ceseracciu, E. Chieregatti, A. Diaspro,
A. Athanassiou and F. Brandi
Modelling cell motility and chemotaxis with evolving surface finite elements
By C. M. Elliott, B. Stinner and C. Venkataraman
Modelling the spread of Wolbachia in spatially heterogeneous environments
By P. A. Hancock and H. C. J. Godfray
Inferring social network structure in ecological systems from spatio-temporal data streams
By I. Psorakis, S. J. Roberts, I. Rezek and B. C. Sheldon
Friction enhancement in concertina locomotion of snakes
By H. Marvi and D. L. Hu
Quantitative assessment of collagen fibre orientations from two-dimensional images of
soft biological tissues
By A. J. Schriefl, A. J. Reinisch, S. Sankaran, D. M. Pierce and G. A. Holzapfel
Tracking and characterizing the head motion of unanaesthetized rats in positron emission tomography
By A. Kyme, S. Meikle, C. Baldock and R. Fulton
Specialization of tendon mechanical properties results from interfascicular differences
By C. T. Thorpe, C. P. Udeze, H. L. Birch, P. D. Clegg and H. R. C. Screen
Human islet amyloid polypeptide at the air – aqueous interface: a Langmuir monolayer approach
By S. Li, M. Micic, J. Orbulescu, J. D. Whyte and R. M. Leblanc
A dynamical model for the Utricularia trap
By C. Llorens, M. Argentina, Y. Bouret, P. Marmottant and O. Vincent
Epidermis architecture and material properties of the skin of four snake species
By M.-C. G. Klein and S. N. Gorb
Physical basis for the adaptive flexibility of Bacillus spore coats
By O. Sahin, E. H. Yong, A. Driks and L. Mahadevan
Do ‘passive’ medical titanium surfaces deteriorate in service in the absence of wear?
By O. Addison, A. J. Davenport, R. J. Newport, S. Kalra, M. Monir, J. F. W. Mosselmans,
D. Proops and R. A. Martin
J. R. Soc. Interface (2012)
no. 77, 7 December 2012
Review articles
Quantitative biology of single neurons
By J. Eberwine, D. Lovatt, P. Buckley, H. Dueck, C. Francis, T. K. Kim, J. Lee,
M. Lee, K. Miyashiro, J. Morris, T. Peritz, T. Schochet, J. Spaethling, J.-Y. Sul and J. Kim
Research articles
Minimizing the exposure of airborne pathogens by upper-room ultraviolet germicidal
irradiation: an experimental and numerical study
By Y. Yang, W. Y. Chan, C. L. Wu, R. Y. C. Kong and A. C. K. Lai
Hierarchical virtual screening for the discovery of new molecular scaffolds in antibacterial
hit identification
By P. J. Ballester, M. Mangold, N. I. Howard, R. L. Marchese Robinson, C. Abell,
J. Blumberger and J. B. O. Mitchell
Wet mammals shake at tuned frequencies to dry
By A. K. Dickerson, Z. G. Mills and D. L. Hu
Probabilistic patterns of interaction: the effects of link-strength variability on food web structure
By J. D. Yeakel, P. R. Guimarães Jr, M. Novak, K. Fox-Dobbs and P. L. Koch
Repelled from the wound, or randomly dispersed? Reverse migration behaviour of neutrophils
characterized by dynamic modelling
By G. R. Holmes, S. R. Anderson, G. Dixon, A. L. Robertson, C. C. Reyes-Aldasoro,
S. A. Billings, S. A. Renshaw and V. Kadirkamanathan
The role of capture spiral silk properties in the diversification of orb webs
By A. Tarakanova and M. J. Buehler
New insights into ice growth and melting modifications by antifreeze proteins
By M. Bar-Dolev, Y. Celik, J. S. Wettlaufer, P. L. Davies and I. Braslavsky
Embodied linearity of speed control in Drosophila melanogaster
By V. Medici and S. N. Fry
Collective cell migration: leadership, invasion and segregation
By A. J. Kabla
Healable thermoset polymer composite embedded with stimuli-responsive fibres
By G. Li, H. Meng and J. Hu
Recapitulating tumour microenvironment in chitosan – gelatin three-dimensional scaffolds:
an improved in vitro tumour model
By N. Arya, V. Sardana, M. Saxena, A. Rangarajan and D. S. Katti
Critical transition between cohesive and population-dividing responses to change
By R. Muneepeerakul, M. R. Qubbaj, R. M. Aggarwal, J. M. Anderies and M. A. Janssen
Effects of worker size on the dynamics of fire ant tunnel construction
By N. Gravish, M. Garcia, N. Mazouchova, L. Levy, P. B. Umbanhowar,
M. A. D. Goodisman and D. I. Goldman
Evolution of the most common English words and phrases over the centuries
By M. Perc
Compass magnetoreception in birds arising from photo-induced radical pairs in rotationally
disordered cryptochromes
By J. C. S. Lau, C. T. Rodgers and P. J. Hore
Variation in carotenoid – protein interaction in bird feathers produces novel plumage coloration
By M. M. Mendes-Pinto, A. M. LaFountain, M. C. Stoddard, R. O. Prum,
H. A. Frank and B. Robert
Frigatebird behaviour at the ocean – atmosphere interface: integrating animal behaviour with
multi-satellite data
By S. De Monte, C. Cotté, F. d’Ovidio, M. Lévy, M. Le Corre and H. Weimerskirch
Biomimetic surfaces with controlled direction-dependent adhesion
By L. Afferrante and G. Carbone
Turnover of fibrillar collagen in soft biological tissue with application to the expansion of
abdominal aortic aneurysms
By G. Martufi and T. C. Gasser
Tomographic particle image velocimetry of desert locust wakes: instantaneous volumes
combine to reveal hidden vortex elements and rapid wake deformation
By R. J. Bomphrey, P. Henningsson, D. Michaelis and D. Hollis
Frequency-dependent fitness induces multistability in coevolutionary dynamics
By H. Arnoldt, M. Timme and S. Grosskinsky
J. R. Soc. Interface (2012)
Relevance of the sterilization-induced effects on the properties of different hydroxyapatite
nanoparticles and assessment of the osteoblastic cell response
By C. Santos, P. S. Gomes, J. A. Duarte, R. P. Franke, M. M. Almeida,
M. E. V. Costa and M. H. Fernandes
What do molecules do when we are not looking? State sequence analysis for stochastic
chemical systems
By P. Levin, J. Lefebvre and T. J. Perkins
Artefacts in statistical analyses of network motifs: general framework and application
to metabolic networks
By M. E. Beber, C. Fretter, S. Jain, N. Sonnenschein, M. Müller-Hannemann and M.-T. Hütt
Prediction of welfare outcomes for broiler chickens using Bayesian regression on continuous
optical flow data
By S. J. Roberts, R. Cain and M. S. Dawkins
Characterizing and optimizing poly-L-lactide-co-1-caprolactone membranes for urothelial tissue
By R. Sartoneva, A.-M. Haaparanta, T. Lahdes-Vasama, B. Mannerström, M. Kellomäki,
M. Salomäki, G. Sándor, R. Seppänen, S. Miettinen and S. Haimi
Influences of surface chemistry and swelling of salt-treated polyelectrolyte multilayers on
migration of smooth muscle cells
By L. Han, Z. Mao, J. Wu, Y. Zhang and C. Gao
The effect of remodelling and contractility of the actin cytoskeleton on the shear resistance of
single cells: a computational and experimental investigation
By E. P. Dowling, W. Ronan, G. Ofek, V. S. Deshpande, R. M. McMeeking,
K. A. Athanasiou and J. P. McGarry
Shape optimization in exoskeletons and endoskeletons: a biomechanics analysis
By D. Taylor and J.-H. Dirks
Aggregation by depletion attraction in cultures of bacteria producing exopolysaccharide
By G. Dorken, G. P. Ferguson, C. E. French and W. C. K. Poon
Heat-shock-induced cellular responses to temperature elevations occurring during
orthopaedic cutting
By E. B. Dolan, M. G. Haugh, D. Tallon, C. Casey and L. M. McNamara
Multiwalled carbon nanotubes in alfalfa and wheat: toxicology and uptake
By P. Miralles, E. Johnson, T. L. Church and A. T. Harris
The biological seal of the implant– soft tissue interface evaluated in a tissue-engineered
oral mucosal model
By W. L. Chai, I. M. Brook, A. Palmquist, R. van Noort and K. Moharamzadeh
Quasi-potential landscape in complex multi-stable systems
By J. X. Zhou, M. D. S. Aliyu, E. Aurell and S. Huang
Fluctuating noise drives Brownian transport
By Y. Hasegawa and M. Arita
Identification of potential biophysical and molecular signalling mechanisms underlying
hyaluronic acid enhancement of cartilage formation
By D. J. Responte, R. M. Natoli and K. A. Athanasiou
Costs of a more spacious home after remodelling by hermit crabs
By M. E. Laidre, E. Patten and L. Pruitt
Corrigendum for the paper ‘Digital clocks: simple Boolean models can quantitatively
describe circadian systems’
By O. E. Akman, S. Watterson, A. Parton, N. Binns, A. J. Millar and P. Ghazal
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Cover image: Ice crystal formation in solutions of ice-binding proteins. Some of the shapes were formed during growth while others
during melting. The clear difference in the ice-shaping mechanisms of moderate and hyperactive antifreeze proteins has implications both
for the understanding of antifreeze protein interactions with ice and for their potential use. (See pages 3249–3259; image courtesy of
Maya Bar-Dolev.)