August 2014 Vol. XVI, No 7
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Saturday 2 August
Morning tea and social time
Talk Early days Spinners & Weavers - members recollections.
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Saturday 16 August
Morning tea and social time
Announcements and Showcase
Shop and Library are open
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Kylie Wheatley
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Saturday 6th September 2014
Thank you to the wonderful folding team
who have been coming to the folding days.
Please come along and help - many hands
make light work. There is no meeting fee
and we supply the morning tea!
Email: [email protected]
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August copy due: 19th August 2014
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Friday 29th August 2014
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Kitchen Roster
The August kitchen roster will rely on
everyone to wash and dry their own cups
and spoons and put them away in the cupboard.
If you are a city member and your surname
falls between P and T please help with the
set up and clean up of the kitchen, including empty coffee grounds, put the rubbish
in the outside bin and replace bin bag. If
you notice that supplies of any item in the
kitchen are running low, please leave a
message for our office administrator.
Thank you.
When paying membership by Direct Debit,
could members please put paper receipt
with membership form so it is known how
much is paid. It makes it easier to process your membership.
From the President’s residence
“Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful”
and it was delightful to sit in front of the fire at Brookfield camp
last week, while the temperature plummeted. We had a small
group this year and from all accounts a good time was had by all.
Thanks go to the many demonstrators who gave their time and
shared their knowledge with us. I learned a few new techniques
on the weekend; a new way to pick up stitches, a flat seam stitch
and steeking. I’m now feeling confident enough to cut up a garment to redesign it. Next year’s camp convenor will be Jen Homewood so if you have feedback or ideas about camp, please let her know.
As a group we are about to embark on our busy period, with Library displays at the Brisbane
Square library until September, Jumpers and Jazz in July at Warwick, Ekka competitions and
demonstrations in August which raise money for the Royal Flying Doctors and a plethora of
workshops and shows all around the country. A few of our members have headed to Bendigo this year, no doubt they will bring back tales of adventures and new experiences.
We are also gearing up for our AGM. This year we are asking for every group to nominate
someone to become a Board member. Each Board member can only be claimed by ONE
group; we value the participation of all our groups on the Board, desire your group’s ideas
to be heard and your group to hear what is happening from your representative. Communication between groups is vital for all of us to participate fully. We are a community group;
we share a community of interests in fibre and the arts; good communities share ideas and
the work of running the resources and events of the group. Being a board member is a terrific way to give back to the group and my time on the board has been worthwhile, making
new friends and contributing to the decisions made to benefit all. If a group has a couple of
members who want to join, that’s fine too.
Now for a couple of calls for help;
need someone to coordinate the October Stitches and Craft show
would like a member to attend BVAC meetings as the QSWFA representative.
are looking for a new Treasurer
are looking for a new Workshop convenor
Please contact myself, Jen in the office or a Board member if you are willing to take on any
of these worthwhile roles.
Until next month, happy crafting and keep warm
We had a very interesting morning discussing many different ways to enhance paper with
Several members showed examples of stitched photos, thread stitching to embellish paintings and stitched collage. Then Carmel displayed her many gorgeous examples of machine
stitching, including gift tags of stitched wallpaper, book pages with spirals of stitching, and
lovely layered and laminated papers.
Wendy D explained the intricacies of hand stitching, and showed the lovely book she has
made which features many different stitches and techniques. She discussed the most suitable types of thread and needles and how to incorporate different embroidery stitches. She
also shared her handy hints on how to make stitching holes, and how to start and finish.
She showed suitable papers and how to strengthen finer paper for stitching. It was a very
informative morning.
Marilena showed a paper mache Christmas tree which is filled with paper mache balls of
various shapes. She also brought an intricate laser cut pop-up Vietnamese greeting card.
Lyn B has made a lovely pull out book using the technique Kym showed us at our May
meeting. It is entitled “Autumn” and is embellished with paint, pens, cut out chocolate papers and drawings.
Karin showed us an example of using designer fabrics as end papers in a book.
Nat has continued working on her “Winter Soldier’s Guide to Australia”, an altered book
which documents her recent trip to central Queensland.
Di purchased a paper brooch on Latvian holiday, and also a book cover made from pictures
and old Latvian money embedded in the paper.
Sandra showed a selection of papers bought on Etsy (Spanish tickets, dockets, letters and
text pages). She has also made a book of her monoprints using the Secret Belgian Binding
Joan told us about the book she has just published on Amazon. “Tall Green and WellConnected” is about trees in the ecosystem.
Maria showed the foil papers available in Chinatown, and also the lovely photobooks she
has made of her trip to Turkey. She also showed her England Visual Diary and told its incredible lost-and-found story.
Tricia showed her entry in the Graceful Envelope contest, and photos of the winners. She
also displayed the mini-book she made for the “Year of the Horse” international swap, as
well as the paper hats from a recent Papermakers of Qld exchange.
Come along and play with a number of different techniques for producing beautiful end papers for your books. We will play with stencils, stamps, wax rubbings, etc. Karin will lead the
activity for the day and she will bring some lovely nature stamps, but we hope everyone will
contribute ideas, so please bring any examples you have of beautiful and/or interesting end
papers to inspire us.
Bring papers to play on, some paints to do colour washes, textured objects (like keys,
leaves, seeds for wax rubbing, and any stencils or stamps you would like to share.
Tricia Smout
Above Left: Wendy & stitched book
Above Right: Stitched paper
As my personal life fills up and life travels at lightening speed I need to step
down from editing Clippings as of end of September.
Are you looking for part time work (approx 10-15hrs month)?
To earn a little extra for your next holiday or to take the pressure off xmas?
Do you like to work with words?
Please contact me for more information.
Email: [email protected]
Or phone Kylie on mobile 0418660507
Each month I am asked for the deadline for submissions and reports for Clippings.
The deadline date for the next months edition of Clippings can always be found on
the inside (or page 2) of each edition for the following month.
I have included the dates for the next 3 months for your information.
August 19th 2014
September 16th 2014
October 14th 2014
Please note these dates are firm and anything received after this date will not be
Library News
Just a short report from the library this month.
Thank you to Amanda Gardner for donating “Paper Jewelry” to the library. It is a lovely
book which covers 35 projects and is already out on loan! With the start of the new financial year the library budget renews so now is the time to put in your requests before the
librarian spends it all on her favourite titles! Suggestions can be made to:
[email protected] or written in the book on the library noticeboard.
Our display at the Brisbane Square
Council Libary
Events & Exhibition News
If you are in the Carindale or Brisbane Square Council Libraries make sure you check out our
exhibitions, both look fantastic. Thank you to all the talented members who submitted work
and a huge thank you to Tricia Smout and Jill Brose for their help setting up.
On the Sunday the 6th Mary Elizabeth Barron delivered the last of our artist talks at the Brisbane Square Library. Mary is a member of the Basketcases Group and has had a lifelong
interest in reusing and recycling. She creates the most stunning works from the likes of old
clothing, bread bags and junk mail. I highly recommend checking out the ABC Open Documentary on her artwork.
[email protected]
Mary Elizabeth Barron
speaking about her
work and
demonstrating coiling.
Nat Billing “Local Volunteer” Award
In May, Saxon Rice (State Member for the ‘Mt Coot tha’ electorate) presented our Nat Billing
with a “Local Volunteer” Award in recognition of the valuable contribution Nat has made to
QSWFA since joining in 2010.
With a background in Visual and Installation Art, Event coordination and Marketing, Nat has
brought a “Twenty First Century presentation style” to the public image of QSWFA - important as we fundraise and increase membership through exhibitions and ‘Open Day’ sales
Nat’s bright, happy and willing attitude has seen her serve on the Board (2012-2013), been
our Librarian since 2012 and with other members Nat has developed and volunteered in the
running of “school holiday” craft activities through our facilities at Fibrecraft House and assisted on writing “Grant Applications” for funding and exhibition opportunities.
Nat has led and coordinated the QSWFA participation in many public events such as Fibrefest (2013) Stitches and Craft Show (2013 and 2014), Regional Art Exhibitions at Bribie Island and Brisbane City Council Library Network for Craft Exhibitions and Artist Talks and as
this little article was being prepared Nat and her Mum were doing a ‘crack of dawn’ delivery
to Warwick to dress the QSWFA ‘tree’ for “Jumpers and Jazz in July” 2014.
The criteria for this year’s Award were to “ live and volunteer locally” in this Mt Coot-tha
electorate (a perfect ‘fit’ for Nat) but there is talk of expanding the criteria in future to volunteer locally but reside anywhere else in SE Qld. This would give us the opportunity in future to honour the many other QSWFA members who contribute so much to our organisation as volunteers on site and at our many exhibitions and fundraising events.
Sue Billing (Nat’s mum), Floss Wainwright and I (Yvonne) attended the presentation with
Nat and we were inspired by the stories of other community groups and their volunteers
and also shared ideas and plans with other groups about QSWFA and it being a long-time
local entity.
Yvonne Ritson
Left to right:
Yvonne Ritson,
Sue Billing & Nat
Experimental Dyers Group
Dyeanna, our “International Woman of Mystery” joined us again after an absence of several months travelling saying only that “What happens on tour stays on Tour”. And what a
day to return – degumming silk under the leadership of Heather.
Susan, Robyn and Dora were not the only virgins wanting to remove their serican to expose their fibrion. We Experimental Dyers have only dabbled in the degumming process a
few times over the years.
Heather gave us plenty of inspiration with her fabric examples and history of the silk industry as the soda brew heated up. Productivity and team work were key to our success - the
silk organdie scarves were distributed and we each pressed and “concertina folded” our
scarves before clamping them with sticks and templates.
Sandra and Susan kept an eye on the critical timing of silk in the soda solution – too long
and there would be no silk left to dye! Myrna and Vicki mixed up the dye solutions while
Felicity and Lynne supervised Yvonne’s piece work as she overlocked the hems of the
scarves with silk yarn. But amongst the buzz of activity the value of friendships is always
*Yvonne could not have completed her fabric dyeing without everyone having a go
at unravelling her shibori stitching
*Lena visited with us to promo our group participating in the November BVAC Fair
and to get a bit of dyeing advice while sharing her ideas on volunteering and “sharing the
*Helen, Tricia and Lili swapped goss and stories tall and true from their time at University together as the scarves were drying.
As Susan and Dyeanna talked to the group about the research paper they were presenting
at a medical conference in Prague in early August, we were reminded that some of our regular crew have been missing due to health issues impacting on themselves or family members. Best wishes and know that you are being remembered by us all.
As we had to take our wet scarves home, we look forward to seeing the results in August
when Kym and Marion will lead us through the intricacies of mono printing.
Until next month have fun and keep being creative,
Yvonne Ritson
Above left: Sandra & Susan—timing is everything
Above centre: Action stations and dyers central
Above right: Lynne, Helen, Tricia and Lili - University Dorm stories
Felters Interest Group
Check out an article in the current Felt Magazine about the QSWFA Felters Group written by
one of our members. Good publicity for all QSWFA members as it draws attention to all that
we do.
Lots of show and tell this month, many pieces from workshops that members had attended. (1) Lili had felt brooches made at Jolanta’s workshop and a lime and teal necklace
started last month (2) Sandy had a pink beret with a wide head band made at a Raewyn
class, red brooches and a red vest made at two different Jolanta workshops (3) Geraldine’s finished Kangaroo Paw shawl (4) Robin’s blue-purple vest made at Jacquie Damon’s
workshop and (5) Sheryl showed us a novel felt pin-cushion she had purchased which was
made from two halves of a sphere joined together - a very nifty design.
Sandy’s success with her pink beret spurred her on to making another using the same template. This one is a vibrant red to match her red vest and brooches (perhaps). Sheryl
joined us because it was school holidays and used one of her brown toned eco dyed scarves
from a recent workshop at Wrapt in Rocky as a base to lay out green leaf shapes and some
wool yarn. She was uncertain whether the wool yarn would adhere successfully or
not. Pam C, after a bit of general discussion with other members, embarked on making a
spiral fuchsia scarf. This piece started as a circle and at the prefelt stage she cut it into a
spiral and worked the edges. Dora joined two scarves, a grey and blue one, with bands of
blue wool, making a big looped scarf suitable for wrapping several times around her
neck. She didn’t think it was necessary to add a Mobius twist as it would have been lost in
the wrapping. Geraldine made three test pieces in advance of a Moy Mackay workshop on
the weekend. The pieces were: (a) red-pink-purple flowers on a white wool base (b) a
landscape of blues and browns on a white felbi base and (c) a yellow speckled NZ wool
piece on a white background. These samples gave Geraldine an indication of the nuances
of “painting with wool”. Lili finished needle felting her necklace and then added some
stitching to some felt brooches. Robin showed some interested members how she does
finger knitting and explained some of the details of making her vest. She then spent some
time in the Emporium with Allyene.
Geraldines’ flowers
Lili & Sandy’s Brooches
Sandy’s red shawl
Basket Cases
A busy day was spent working on baskets for our exhibition at the Richard Randall Studio,
Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mount Coot-tha 24 – 26 October 2014. (not to be missed).
Jenni worked on a hat using Lomandra and Pandanus leaves. This weave was taught to her
by an indigenous group at the Silverton National Basketry Gathering and modified to use in
hat making. Jenni also worked on a basket of found rope from the beach in her area, this
was stitched with broken cowrie shell also sourced on the beach. She then experimented
with a random weave basket of a recycled Styrofoam cord-like material. Angela started a
construction using the top of a cocos palm inflorescence for spokes and Iris leaves as weavers going round and round. The spokes were increased by new lengths as they became too
short. It was a sort of open weave construction which could end up as a fish trap,
lampshade, or a hanging thingamajig!! Tricia began to crochet jute twine into small baskets. No doubt some of them will have words entwined through them. Sue visited us for
the first time. She had collected gum twigs from the Sandgate foreshore and used raffia to
make a simple cross-shaped piece of tree jewellery. Jill was working very large for a
change, and wove a crazy weave basket measuring 70cm in diameter and 90cm high. She
was using 2metre long inflorescence strands from the Caryota or Fish tail palm. She plans to
balance it on the rusty metal rim of an old wooden barrel. George finished a large shallow
melon basket which has a grape vine frame and Monstera God’s eyes at either end to hold
the frame and handle in position. She used iris leaves for the weavers. Nat after she returned from Mary’s fabulous talk at the library, worked on another chrysalis. These brightly
coloured little baskets are currently on show at the Brisbane Square Library along with other
QSWFA members creative works. Robyn worked on small wrap and coil baskets using fabric cut from men’s silk ties
Jenni’s Styrofoam
Tricia’s crocheted
George with melon basket
Angela’s basket
Jill with big basket
Robyn’s tie basket
Jenni with found
rope basket
Jenni wearing
the hat!
Important happenings around here
Key Audit for Fibrecraft House
Hi to all of our members. With a newly painted spiffy building to look after we are going to
have a “Key Audit” to track what keys to “Fibrecraft House” are currently out circulating
among our members. By Monday September 1st, please drop an email to Jen
Homewood at our general ‘office’ email address:
or leave a note at the office next time you are at Fibrecraft House. Please
detail the number of keys you have and which doors those keys open.
We appreciate that some of our members still have keys they no longer use and others have
an incomplete set of keys for their needs. We want to ensure that the best and correct access is available to all members and guests attending and using our facilities.
Thanks for your help with this,
Yvonne Ritson (from the Board)
Twilight Markets Anyone?
I would like to hear from any members who would be interested in selling their product at a
Friday evening twilight market in the Spinners & Weavers Hall in September.
Would you like to have an opportunity to sell your handmade products out of a suitcase with
no commission costs?
Please contact Jonna MacFadyen for further information either by email [email protected]
or call on 0414 722 262
It’s EKKA time!
If you have spare time over the EKKA 8-17 August please
contact the office to put your name down to help.
I would like to send positive healing thoughts to those in our community who
are unwell in any way.
Weavers Interest Group
Apologies were received from Leslie, Judy, Philip and Ronda. A discussion was held about
the opportunity to participate in the BVAC pop up shop at the Auditorium at Mt Coot-tha
Botanical Gardens on Saturday and Sunday 22nd and 23rd November. This would be a selling
opportunity for any members of QWS&FA and also be good promotion for new members.
QSW&FA have asked for 6 tables and 3 screens, I think. A few members decided they would
ask for a table to be held for weavers and others who wanted to show their wares. This table would cost $60, payable to QSW&FA, to be shared by those who wanted to participate.
Ideally we should hire a screen as well for another $60, but this will have to be decided by
those who want to contribute to the cost. Commission of 20% is payable to BVAC, who have
all the costs. See more information in the July Clippings. Reply to the Office is August 1.
A reminder was given about Fibre Fest next year.
Don was visiting from Tasmania and outlined the weaving scene in Tasmania and his adventures in SAORI weaving which celebrates mistakes. He is having a wonderful time.
The subject for the day was Tapestry weaving and Marion invited those who had brought
their tapestries along to show them. Based on these Marion talked on techniques used in
weaving the shapes and illustrated using books from the library and photos of tapestries
from France, Egypt & USA including the Navaho rugs. She also referred to the Group hanging of the logo designed by Jill Brose and woven by many members for an exhibition in St
John’s Cathedral at the Commonwealth Games in 1982.
Show and Tell
Karlene showed a lovely scarf of handspun in multiple blues, spun from rovings plied with
handspun fine merino, with a sett of 8 epi.
Marijke decided to attack a large cone of cotton to make a set of 8 tea towels, woven in 10
shaft 2 block damask at 40 epi, using the back beam to get the 8 different colours while
warping. Dana McCown is going to talk to us on August 6th.
Marion Standfast
Who’s Chatting to us this month?
On the first Saturday meeting of each month, we try to arrange someone, either from the
group or from outside, to come and talk to us about something interesting. Generally to do
with textiles, but not always.
SAVE THE DATE Saturday 2nd August
This month we are pleased to welcome
“Early days Spinners & Weavers - members’ recollections”
Thankyou Jonna for organizing this every month!
Hand Knitters
Our August meeting will be on Wed. 20th - 10a.m. till lunchtime as usual. Susan will lead
us in learning braided cast-on, as used in Latvian mittens; it's also good in other places
Where you want a decorative edge or a narrow internal stripe. This technique uses two or
more colours, so please come equipped with wool in several colours and appropriate needles. If you have knitting bobbins, the sort used in techniques like intarsia, they would be
handy to hold your extra yarns and avoid tangles. (Bread-tags work well!)
In June we looked at knitting scallop-shaped motifs, for putting together into shawls, jumpers and more. This style of "patchwork knitting" was popularised by Horst Schultz some
years ago; we have his book "Patchwork Knitting" in the QSWFA library, though it's now
hard to find elsewhere. This kind of motif is also found in the older book "Motifs, Borders
and Trims in Classic Knitted Cotton" by Hewitt & Daley, also in the Group's library. I found
various ways of shaping such motifs; Hewitt & Daley make triangle shapes which, when put
together, form shell-shaped scallops, while Schultz makes his shapings right across the row,
every few rows. I found his method of graphing a bit hard to follow, so made my own chart
to use instead; it worked reasonably well, and produced the pie-shaped wedge you see at
the top of the photo. The semi-circular motif in the photo came from a Ravelry shawl pattern, and to my mind decreases too fast, so that if you put it together with lots of others
your fabric would not lie flat. The several-pieces-put-together swatch is one I knitted without pre-planning, and it's not quite right because the upper motif didn't have the same number of stitches as the lower one. This was an interesting exercise, and everybody enjoyed
the challenge.
We're all enjoying winter knitting; I'm knitting a scarf with handspun cat-fur (blended with
wool) and enjoy having its warmth on my lap as I knit!
Hope to see a good turn-out in August!
Joan Apthorp.
Knitted scallops
Two meetings to report on this time - Sat. 21.6 and Sat. 5.7. On both these occasions we
saw significant numbers of crocheted beanies made by Lindel Kielly for the Royal Flying
Doctor fundraiser and for next year's Alice Springs Beanie Festival. Lindel used a small
amount of handspun and plenty of "recycled" yarn garnered from knitwear found in opshops. The beanies are striped and plain, and some are decorated with flowers or tassels fun to make and wear.
I also showed a beanie, this one made on commission for a friend, using the handspun catfur/merino blend I displayed in early June. It has already gone to my friend, who is very
glad of it on chilly mornings; the matching scarf is now nearly finished. At the mid-month
meeting I showed some more spun cat-fur - different cat (Birman), different friend and
slightly different colour (light grey-beige). For this I used a 50/50 blend of cat and sheep. I
hope to get a hat and mitts from this yarn. The spun Birman is photographed in a basket
alongside Allison H's red handspun (see below).
Pam Healy displayed a really lovely wrap/stole, knitted very loosely on 6mm needles using
slub cotton yarn from Teresa Dairing. Pam followed the pattern to the letter - and it had her
knit the whole thing in purl garter-stitch! She found this painful (it was over 96 stitches and
is very long), though the resulting scarf is really lovely. I'm sure it would have looked exactly
the same done in all knit... Well done, Pam; it will be much admired wherever you wear it!
We saw the same baby-bootee pattern used by two knitters at the two meetings, using garter-st for the back of the bootee and rib for the toes, knitted flat and seamed. Helen Walters made hers from handspun alpaca, dyed with food-colouring and Landscapes dyes; she
says the pattern is one she used to make for her own children. Paula Cockle also used
handspun, wool in her case - some Polwarth, some Merino. Paula used 5.5mm needles for
hers. This pattern could also be used for adult slippers.
Helen Walters also showed a fairly short knitted scarf, done in faggotting and garter-st on
8mm needles. This used up oddments of handspun wool (pinks and reds), and stopped
when Helen ran out of wool; it will do very nicely as a neck-warmer under a coat.
Another knitted scarf was made by Nat Billing - a garter-st Moebius, doubled (so it's knitted twice as wide as it looks) and eco-dyed using Eucalyptus leaves. Nat is not a regular
knitter, so this was an especially satisfying project for her. The yarn used was commerciallyspun Merino wool, knitted on 6mm needles.
Karlene Lewis used some unidentified fleece, probably a fine cross-bred, to spin and
weave her tabby-woven scarf in shades of blue. She used thicker wool for the warp, sett at
8e.p.i., with thinner weft, so the effect is of warp stripes, which works very well. The scarf is
about 162cm long, with 5cm fringes at the ends, hemstitched.
Allison Hays showed an absolutely delicious skein of red handspun wool, "Magic Merino"
from Glenora Crafts. It's spun to about 8-ply thickness, and Allison found it really lovely to
spin. I'm sure she'll enjoy knitting it, too!
Showcase (cont).
We hadn't seen Bonnie Anderson for quite a while; she made up for lost time by bringing
in a swag of beautiful knits - three charming handknitted blouses and one handknitted skirt,
plus a machine-knitted skirt. The blue machine-knitted skirt was done on her Passap machine , worked from the top down in full-needle rib, with shaping achieved by loosening the
tension as she went. The folded-over waist has elastic threaded through it; the yarn was a
synthetic. The handknitted skirt is called "Miss Terwilliger's Skirt" and the pattern came
fromPiecework magazine. It is also knitted from the top down, on 3mm and 3.5mm needles,
using silk/wool/bamboo yarn from Lincraft. Bonnie didn't like the look of the double decreases in the original pattern, so she changed these. It certainly looks good now!
Bonnie's "Fairy Net Blouse" (design by Robin Melanson) was knitted in aqua silk using
4.5mm needles. This has an asymmetrical wrap-over front with lacing, and small cap
sleeves. She found that the pattern didn't have the holes for the lacing in the correct position - this sort of thing can happen with any pattern, so we need to be on the lookout! Her
"Emerald Seas" shell, in a stronger shade of turquoise, is a sleeveless top with a lace panel
placed off-centre. The blouse has a long ribbed basque, with the lace panel starting at the
bottom of the basque and carried on up the stocking-stitch from - most effective.
Finally Bonnie knitted a lemon-yellow lacy tunic, "Coraline Tunic" by Joan McGowan-Michael,
of a cotton/rayon/acrylic blend, on 4mm needles. This is a high-waisted number, with stocking-st top and vertical leaf-ribbed pattern in the skirt. There's a matching ribbon threaded
below the bust. Bonnie wasn't happy with the raw edging of the original pattern, so she did
a beaded crochet edge on the neckline and round the bottom (including the bottoms of the
cap sleeves).
Our members certainly make wonderful articles in a great variety of techniques and materials; I'd like to encourage members from all our many sub-groups to bring your work along
to display at Saturday meetings, so that the rest of us can see the sort of thing we may not
do ourselves. Please make sure I've had time to examine and, if possible, photograph your
things before you take them away - and don't forget to fill out the Showcase forms for me
so that I have the details when I come to write my report.
Happy crafting!
Joan Apthorp.
Cat/wool blend by Joan A
Red merino spun by Allison
Crocheted beanies by
Lindel K
Miss Terwilliger's
Skirt by Bonnie A
Members, please remember that our Annual General Meeting is held on the first Saturday in September - This year that date will be the 6th of September 2014.
There is no meeting fee charged on this date and morning tea will be provided.
All financial members are expected to attend or give an apology. If you are unable to
make it to the AGM but would like your vote counted, please nominate another member to vote on your behalf (a proxy vote) - the forms for this process are found on
page 17 of this month’s Clippings. Remember that we need a large number of members attending the AGM, so that we have a quorum.
The AGM is also the time that we nominate and swear in the new and returning
Board Members. It is ideal that a member from each interest group is a member
of the Board, as this way all the groups can be represented and the information gathered at the board meetings can be passed on to the interest groups. Please discuss
within your group who would be willing to be a board member and nominate them.
Nomination forms are also available on page 17 of this edition of Clippings or from
the Office.
You must be a current financial member of the group to vote at the AGM. If you
have not yet paid your membership fees for the 2014/2015 membership year, please
do so ASAP as memberships were due on 1st July 2014.
Change of Auditor for next year
The Board has decided to change our auditor for next year.
We will be using Hall Browns Accountants on Water St.,
Fortitude Valley.
This serves as 1 month's notice of our intention before we vote on
this at the AGM.
The Annual General Meeting
of the
Queensland Spinners, Weavers and Fibre Artists Ltd
is to be held at Fibrecraft House, 12 Payne st, Torwood,
On Saturday 6 September 2014 at 10.00am
Nominations are called for membership of the Board of Directors of Queensland Spinners, Wavers and Fibre Artists
for the year 2014-2015.
Nominations, on the form, below should reach the Secretary
no later than 30 August 2014 Acceptance of nomination
I ………………………………………………………wish to nominate
(name)…………………………..,membership number …………….
of (address)………………………………………………………………….
Signed (nominee)…………………………………………………………..
…………………………….. of …………………………………………………….
being a member of the Queensland Spinners Weavers & Fibre Artists Ltd hereby appoint
…………………………….. of …………………………………………………….
as my proxy to vote for me on my behalf at the Annual General Meeting of the Company, to be held on the 6th day of September, 2014 and at any adjournment thereof.
My proxy is hereby authorised to vote “in favour of/against” any resolutions determined at the AGM and at any adjournment thereof.
Signed ………………………………………..this day of …………………………….
Toowoomba Spinners, Weavers & Dyers Group St Ursulas’ Camp, will be held over the
period 2 – 5 October 2014.
Forms can be downloaded from our website at
or phone Sanneke on 4630 5192 to have one mailed.
Registrations close 23 Sep 2014.
Toowoomba Spinners, Weavers & Dyers Group Inc
PO Box 2138
Toowoomba Qld 4350
Dates To Remember 2014
8th - 17th August 2014
“EKKA” ( RNA Show Brisbane.)
6th September 2014
2nd-5th October 2014
Toowoomba Spinners, Weavers & Dyers Group St Ursula’s
24th-26th October 2014
Richard Randal Studio, Brisbane Botanical Garden’s Mount
22nd - 24th Nov 2014
BVAC Markets, Mt Coot-tha Auditorium
Clippings advertising rates
Full page $75
Half page $40
Quarter page $25
Small display ad $3 per column cm
Small non-display ad $0.25 per word
Whole year ad 11 ads for the price of 10
Goings on @ Gallery 159
At TAFTA’s Gallery 159 from AUGUST 3-24 The Doily Collecting Cowboy - Indonesian Textiles from
Lampung, South Sumatra, made available from the Pankhurst collection. Opening at 3 for 3:30pm
on Sunday August 3rd. Greg Pankhurst, sometimes known as ‘The Doily Collecting Cowboy’ has an
extensive collection of South Sumatran textiles, in particular from Lampung where he has long maintained a home and business. Selected works will be exhibited at Gallery 159 during August.
In conjunction with the ‘Sumatran Show’, at 2pm on SATURDAY, August 2nd, Dr Chris Reid and
his Sumatran wife Evi (Safrina Thristiawati) will give a talk at the Watermall Auditorium at QAGOMA
on ‘A Contemporary Traditional Wedding in Sumatra’ - From Scotland to Lampung. Chris Reid has
a passion for Sumatran textiles and many wonderful stories to tell about them. This FREE lecture is
supported by ACAPA/QAGOMA.
SEPTEMBER 14-29 at Gallery 159: A two-person show from Noosa based artists Kim Schoenberger and Anne Harris: Expressions of Love II - Lovingly Interrupted. The official opening by Janet
De Boer will be at 3:30pm on September 14th, all welcome.
OCTOBER 26-NOV 2nd: Jude Skeers is curating an exhibition of works by members of the Art &
Craft Society of NSW. The official opening of "Craft NSW at Gallery 159" - An exhibition of Craft
work, by selected member of The Society of Arts and Crafts of NSW will be 3:30 for 4pm on Sunday, 26th October.
DECEMBER: Two shows will feature from Dec 6-14. The First is A Drawer of Worms with work by
Liz Evans, Maris Herr and Liz Powell. As well, an exhibition of Fascinators & Thongs will be held featuring small works by Charlotte Drake-Brockman and Fran Wechtel.
GALLERY 159: * TAFTA’s dedicated gallery space is at the back of the property at 159 Payne Road
(The Gap, Brisbane) and is not readily visible from the street, but a Large Arrow will guide you. Gallery 159 is open weekdays when an exhibition is in place, 11am-4pm, Sat/Sun. It is open weekdays
by appointment ring (07) 3300.6491 or email [email protected] to confirm your plans.
The Royal Queensland
Exhibition (EKKA) is on again this month
Come along and support
QSW&FA by volunteering your time or purchasing something unique, handmade & beautiful
Dates 8-17 August at the Showgrounds at Bowen Hills.
If undelivered return to QSWFA Ltd
PO Box 924
Newsletter “Clippings”
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