10 Anymode Q&A

10 Anymode Q&A
1. Anymode is a leading provider of mobile accessories and IT devices in Asia.
What is your strategy for Europe?
Anymode was founded in Seoul, Korea in 2007 and in just three years has reached the top of the
“mobile accessories” market in Asia. In terms of units sold, the company is one of the fastest
growing providers in this sector worldwide. The manufacturer of that “certain something” is
considered the top brand that responds to the demand for sophisticated mobile style, fashion and
high-end technical appliances.
Anymode supports this claim with a harmonious combination of consistently elegant design,
sustainable product development, top quality materials and inventive add-ons that are cleverly
incorporated into the products.
2. What makes Anymode products so successful?
Anymode products are not merely traditional screen protectors or chargers; they reflect a highly
individual lifestyle choice that is unique to the user. They are perfectly and specifically tailored to
mobile end devices. The key to Anymode’s success is a combination of classic and lifestyle
product design, top quality and technical excellence.
Apart from an exquisite look, the company focuses on numerous innovations and patents, such as
the unique kickstand for holding mobiles and tablets upright or the “look cool” case, with a pattern
of holes in the plastic shell that serve not only to cool the phone, but also to produce striking
nuanced effects. Or the diary case, with a chic and discreet business card holder.
3. How does Anymode identify the trends in the mobile accessories market?
At the “Anymode Design Center” expert designers in the “mobile accessories” industry work
meticulously to create the perfect contemporary look for our products. The trend scouts also
research today what’s “in” tomorrow. All the signs in the mobile accessories sector point to
personalization: only by adding a personal touch to portable end devices will a company survive in
a market that demands mobile fashion.
ANYMODE Partner APSOLUT - Dr. Anthony Park
Frankfurter Str. 13 a, 61476 Kronberg, Germany • Tax Nr.: 003 855 02629 • VAT ID: DE248330587
[email protected] • www.anymode.eu
4. For which devices are Anymode products suitable?
Anymode offers a versatile and comprehensive product portfolio for mobile accessories that
respond to the demand for style and fashion. Our product range also includes the latest highperformance appliances that make life more practical and enjoyable for users of mobile end
devices. We manufacture and sell mobile accessories specifically for the Samsung Galaxy range,
iPhone and iPad, including partially handmade leather cases or covers designed for the Samsung
Galaxy Tab and the Apple iPad that sparkle with real Swarovski details.
5. Are there specific accessories for my device? Where are the products listed?
You can find full details of our extensive portfolio of products on the Anymode website
(www.anymode.eu), which clearly presents our high-end fashion accessories and innovative
devices in the different product sectors. We are constantly adding new products and offer a vast
range of appliances from wireless chargers to mobile TV receivers, music and audio devices,
headsets, Bluetooth products and trendy cases and covers.
Please follow us on Facebook fb.com/anymode for a direct exchange of product info and updates.
6. Where can I buy Anymode products?
Anymode collaborates with prestigious mobile manufacturers and fashion brands worldwide to
design its products, including the L’Donovan fashion label and renowned distributors in this sector.
The number of partners in Europe is also increasing. You can also buy premium products from the
Anymode webshop www.luxmodo.com.
7. Is it possible to exchange Anymode products?
Customer satisfaction is one of Anymode’s basic principles. Our customer service team will be
happy to respond to your queries at: [email protected], or you can contact us by telephone on:
+49 69 17554068 or fax: +49 7000 2684669.
ANYMODE Partner APSOLUT - Dr. Anthony Park
Frankfurter Str. 13 a, 61476 Kronberg, Germany • Tax Nr.: 003 855 02629 • VAT ID: DE248330587
[email protected] • www.anymode.eu
8. What are the conditions of the Anymode warranty?
Anymode insists on the highest quality in product development, and uses top-grade, sustainable
materials. The company guarantees that products will be in perfect condition when delivered and,
should any defects arise for which the manufacturer is responsible, customers can rest assured
that Anymode will guarantee all technical products for two years.
9. Mobile TV: how can users watch TV when they are away from home?
Simply connect this powerful DVB-T module to the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab or Note 10.1 and
use the integrated antenna to receive TV output via DVB-T. For example in the Frankfurt area
where the Anymode European head office is based, users can access and record around 25 TV
programs or receive the electronic program guide. The tab screen size turns it into a genuine TV
viewing experience.
10. The DJ pad is the latest music innovation from Anymode. Does it work like a real music
The portable DJ pad is one of the smallest in the world, providing CD-quality sound that users can
carry anywhere. This mini sound machine will get people groovin’ in the biggest dance halls! The
DJ pad is a high-end, standalone device with a digital record player and a mini mixing desk. Users
can mix songs and lay specific filters over sounds, while DJs can even use the digital technology to
reproduce scratches!
ANYMODE Partner APSOLUT - Dr. Anthony Park
Frankfurter Str. 13 a, 61476 Kronberg, Germany • Tax Nr.: 003 855 02629 • VAT ID: DE248330587
[email protected] • www.anymode.eu