Shri Sanjay Kothari, IAS, Secretary, DoPT should never ever think of

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Shri Sanjay Kothari, IAS, Secretary, DoPT should never ever think of
disgracing any other honest officer in future even in his dreams
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Wed, May 6, 2015 at 11:07 AM
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MN Vijayakumar, 6th May 2015 Who refused to compromise with corruption
even once in his entire career from Sep 1981 to April 2015
in spite of innumerable extreme criminal harassments
and attempts on life by the corrupt IAS mafia
Dear Shri Sanjay Kothari,
It would have taken me at least another three years (in addition to spending money and physical
energy) for me to create some awareness among a small number of citizens across the country
about the all­pervading corrupt IAS mafia. But your most idiotic decision taken for the first time in
the history of IAS has created more awareness among a very large number of citizens across the
country in less than a week’s time. For the last 9 years, most of the time, I have been only
circulating among IAS officers in the country about the emergence and growth of the IAS mafia
(including DoPT). Since your decision was made public by DPAR, I have been getting many
messages and phone calls from honest officers across the country congratulating me for exposing
and confirming the existence of the corrupt IAS mafia. You and only you deserve the full credit
for confirming beyond doubt, in such an extremely short time , the existence of the IAS
mafia in the entire country. You have tremendously reduced my burden. If you had not taken
such a decision with extreme malicious intentions, I would have sincerely thanked you. In spite of
this, I want to half­heartedly thank you for providing me a worldwide platform to pursue what I could
not do while in Service.
In this context, I want to reproduce below my last formal official letter which I sent to some selected
IAS officers at about 9:30 am on 29th April 2015(a day before I was to actually retire):
As you are all aware, maladministration is recognized as the root cause of corruption.
Systematic weakening of institutions and government policies and practices leads to
institutionalization of corruption. Fighting institutionalized corruption run by the all­
pervasive IAS mafia requires at first accepting the existence of the IAS mafia. Since 2006, I
have been extensively documenting the emergence of the IAS mafia and how it has grown
and become today the Mother of all other mafias. It is the intelligence sans conscience of
the IAS mafia which gives an impression that it is the political leadership which has been
leading the bureaucracy in the wrong direction most of the time.
In my fight against corrupt practices indulged by senior IAS officers, I have been able to
develop certain tools to tackle institutionalized corruption. I am retiring from Service
tomorrow. Post retirement, I would like to create awareness among some citizens’ groups
which are already fighting corruption to use the tools developed by me to fight the
institutionalized corruption aided by the IAS mafia.
PS: It is extremely horrible and unfortunate that you even made H.E. the President of India to give
approval to your malicious act of upholding the extremely absurd conclusion arrived at by a hefty
fee paid/bribed Consultant that acting as per the calls given by His Excellency’s predecessors were
extremely serious misconducts deserving major punishment. By punishing me for upholding the
Core Values of the IAS, you are under the illusion that you have denied me something, but I want
to inform you that you cannot even imagine what I have gained after you took that decision to
please the corrupt IAS mafia.
With Best Wishes, Yours Sincerely,
Shri Sanjay Kothari, IAS,
Secretary, DoPT, GOI,
North Block New Delhi 110 001
Copy to Hon’ble Lokayukta, Karnataka for information
All IAS officers of Karnataka (by email CC) ­ with a request to forward this email to all their
respective batch mates across the country