Sustainable Living Festival and Exhibition Report 2014

Sustainable Living Festival
and Exhibition Report
Table of Contents
Words of Support
Sustainable Living Festival
2014 Highlights
Social Presence
Participation in the Exhibition
Reflection, Evaluation and Feedback
Finance and Payable Fees
List of Exhibitors
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Page 1
Message from
eThekwini Mayor
Councillor James Nxumalo
during the Festival and
2014 is a significant year for South Africans as
we mark our celebration of 20 years of freedom.
With new administration led by His Excellence,
President JG Zuma government is ready to
turn a new tide on how we move South Africa
forward. This is confirmed by his inauguration
speech whereby he said, “We have entered
the second phase of transition to our national
democratic society. This would be a radical phase
of socio- economic transformation, now it’s for
us to improve implementation and ensure that
we achieve the impact”. National Government
working together with other spheres of government
interested and affected parties developed a
National Development Plan (NDP) that focuses on
developing the capabilities of individuals and the
country whilst ensuring opportunities for South
Africa as a whole. Bringing forward the vision of
the National Development Plan, the province of
KwaZulu-Natal adopted the Provincial Growth
and Development Strategy (PGDS) with its vision
of maximising human and natural resources for
the creation of a safe, healthy and sustainable
environment. EThekwini Municipality being the
local sphere of government influences and responds
to the Provincial Growth and Developmental
Strategy by creating sustainable livelihoods
through its eThekwini Long Term Development
Plan. The Municipality encourages a safer and
more accessible city where its citizens can earn a
decent living without compromising the needs of
future generations and this vision is implemented
through Municipality’s Integrated Development
Plan (IDP). This year marks five years of the Sustainable
Living Exhibition which is hosted annually.
EThekwini Municipality has championed great
work around sustainability and climate change;
and now we are busy looking at our resilience as
part of 100 resilient cities programme. As part of
our journey towards sustainability, our voyage
is full of accolades that we have achieved in the
human race of saving mother earth and adopting
sustainable living lifestyles. It has contributed
significantly to our efforts to ensure that we share
our lessons with other municipalities, with an aim
to encourage regional growth and partnership
with all stakeholders who made it possible for the
betterment of all living in our city and the province
of KwaZulu-Natal.
As a Municipality we are inspired by the many
projects that are taking place to green our City such
as the Clean My City Programme. This is in line
with our vision of being “Africa’s most caring and
a liveable city by 2030”. We believe that through
environmental education we will continue to tell
a good story. It is our duty as civilians to ensure
that the environment is protected and utilised in a
sustainable manner.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single
step; a series of strides have already been taken by
all eThekwini residents and other municipalities
from the KwaZulu-Natal province, to changing
their behaviour to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.
We would like to acknowledge individuals, civil
society, businesses, state owned enterprises,
NGOs and schools that are also contributing to
a more socio-economic and environmentally
sustainable city. The exhibition has provided a
platform to showcase the various innovative ways
taken towards promoting sustainable living. In
true testimony it all begins with one person taking
an initiative and the rest will follow, collectively
we can achieve the overall vision. By sharing
ideas, learning, inspiring and working together a
sustainable city is within our reach.
I encourage you all to look after the city, and this
starts at home and to other parts of life such as
school and workplaces.
her buil ing Liveable,
ri n g
an d
S ust
a in a b l e c o m m un
Page 2
Message of support
from the KwaZuluNatal MEC for
Governance and
Traditional Affairs
Ms Nomusa Dube-Ncube
The Sustainable Living Exhibition, which now
enters into its fifth year of existence, has become a
permanent fixture in the calendar of the eThekwini
Metropolitan Municipal which hosts it on its home
turf and the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Cooperative Governance (COGTA) which, as a cohost, enthusiastically throws its support behind
it. Since 2009, the Exhibition has grown both in
volume and scope but its original design remains
the same: it aims to showcase ways in which our
people can live more sustainable lifestyles.
By making a case for the latest advances in
renewable energy and energy efficiency, waste
minimisation, up-cycling and recycling, water
harvesting and conservation and food security and
greening, the Exhibition provides a much needed
platform for businesses, municipalities, schools
and the community to display and share innovations
and ideas on sustainable living. In addition,
broader philosophical aspects of sustainable living
which include environmental advocacy, public
health and well-being and social justice enable
various activists from different sectors of civil
society to complement the Exhibition’s message
to the public.
Exhibition transcends the conventional urban-rural
divide by focusing on solutions that are applicable
to every community regardless of its geographical
location or socio-economic conditions.
As used to the comforts that are provided by
modern technology as we have become, we often
forget what it means to live more sustainably. It
is often about simple things and simple ways of
doing things, such as starting one’s own vegetable
garden and sustaining one’s family with healthy,
organic food at little cost and with little impact
on the environment. It is precisely these kinds of
solutions that the Sustainable Living Exhibition
reminds us of and, by sharing new information,
educates us about.
It is these virtues that have, over time, made the
Sustainable Living Exhibition so popular that it
has inspired similar ventures in other provinces
and enabled us as South Africans from the province
of KwaZulu-Natal to share our unique solutions to
a variety of pertinent global challenges with our
fellow citizens. As we launch this Exhibition for
the fifth time, my confidence in its merits and that
it fills an important vacuum has come to reflect
the determination of my Department – COGTA
– to channel our contribution towards a common
goal which, at the end of the day, is a set of caring
communities who deserve to live, work and play in
liveable cities, provinces and country.
If we are serious about building a caring and liveable
society by 2030 as the National Development Plan
urges us to do, the idea of sustainability needs to
become entrenched in the lives of our citizens,
business partners and all those who live and work
in or visit our province and its largest urban area eThekwini. But the scope of the Sustainable Living
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Page 3
Words of Support
Kumi Naidoo
Botanical Society of South Africa
One of the highlights was a visit from Green
Peace CEO Kumi Naidoo. He commended our
Municipality and all the exhibitors’ efforts. Naidoo
said, “It is vitally important for us to intensify our
efforts to be more sustainable as the survival of
humanity is at risk if we do not look after our
environment. The planet will still be here, but it
will be barren as no life would be able to sustain
itself on earth. We have to get people to understand
that sustainability is not a choice; it is something
that we have to do. It is not about saving the planet
because the planet does not need to be saved but
about saving the human being.”
The change of venue was of concern to BotSoc
as they feared they would lose their regular
supporters. However, the improved marketing
strategy implemented by Imagine Durban together
with BotSoc made it possible for both Plant Fair and
Sustainable Living Exhibition supporters to come
together in large numbers therefore eradicating
their fear of a loss in previous supporters.
“A big thank you to the committee, the volunteers,
the DUT students, the speakers and everyone who
worked so hard to make it all work. Thank you to
the Sustainable Living team for inviting us, and
ironing out problems quickly” Janet Longman BotSoc
(CEO Green Peace International)
r building Liveabl
e, C
g an
d S
u st a in
able c o m mu
Page 4
Purpose of the report
The purpose of this report is to highlight what
transpired during the 2014 Sustainable Living
Festival and Exhibition held from 17 – 24 August
2014 and make necessary recommendations on
areas of improvement for future exhibitions.
EThekwini Municipality through its Imagine
Durban Project in partnership with KwaZulu-Natal
Provincial Department of Cooperative Governance
and Traditional Affairs (KZN COGTA) has been
hosting the Sustainable Living Exhibition since
2010. The Exhibition, apart from being a living
legacy of COP17, also embraces the City’s LongTerm Development Plan.
The Long Term Development Plan was adopted by
the City after a vigorous multi-approach with public
engagement. The Plan represents a collective vision
to develop a sustainable city that government, civil
society organizations, faith based groups, tertiary
institutions, business and ordinary people would
like to see in the future. Imagine Durban Project
has implemented demonstration projects that aim
to test innovative ideas. It was therefore decided
that to advance sustainable development within
the municipality a suitable platform for sharing
experiences should be created hence a Sustainable
Living Exhibition.
The main aim of the exhibition is to create a
platform for all sectors of society to showcase
their sustainability initiatives whilst also raising
awareness on various topics aligned to sustainable
living. Sustainable lifestyles can contribute
towards easing of vulnerability brought about by
climate change and ensure sustainable, resilient
and liveable Municipal places for generations to
This exhibition has created the perfect platform
for engaging the public on sustainability issues
whilst also allowing a diverse group of exhibitors
to network and learn from one another across
different sectors.
Once again the exhibition
placed great emphasis on education hence it is
evident through the attendance and participation
of schools.
We cannot reflect enough the importance of the
involvement and the role played by our partners
and stakeholders that enable us to realise our
vision and the possibilities for us to host once
again another auspicious Sustainable Living
Exhibition. Our partnership with KZN COGTA
in the KwaZulu Natal Province has supported
the expansion of the SLE and has enhanced the
capacity of the city to provide such awareness and
education to eThekwini, including the provincial
communities that participate in and visit the event.
The Expo has seen a trend of increasing numbers
of exhibitors in these different classifications
with 300 this year alone. As a way to expand our
partnerships, this year’s Exhibition included a
plant fair organized and run by the Botanic Society
of KZN. We were pleased to bring them on board
and their partnership added a biodiversity element
to the event which aligns perfectly with the focus
of the Exhibition. Their displays added colour and
life to the Expo and brought new visitors to the
Since its inauguration, the Exhibition has created
a suitable space to:
n Recognize efforts that advance sustainable living
within the Municipality & KwaZulu Natal;
n Grow ideas into suitable solutions;
n Share ideas;
n Network amongst different people;
n Learn and enforce different concepts;
n Form and strengthen partnerships; and
r building Liveabl
n Inspire action by all sectors of society.
e, C
g an
d S
u st a in
able c o m mu
Page 5
The Exhibition provides a suitable platform for schools, government, state owned enterprises, communities,
business and non-profit organizations to share what they do and equally demonstrate how small initiatives
contribute to sustainable development and resilience. The Exhibition allows exhibitors to share their work
around the following broad categories:
r building Liveabl
e, C
g an
d S
u st a in
able c o m mu
Page 6
Sustainable Living
As part of celebrating twenty (20) years of
democracy and five (5) years of successful hosting
of Sustainable Living Exhibition, it was proper
to host a week long Sustainable Living Festival.
Hosting of Sustainable Living Exhibition is
premised on the fact that there are many initiatives
being implemented by various organizations
and individuals which contribute towards
sustainable development and livelihoods within
the Municipality and the province of KwaZuluNatal; however they are not well profiled so as to
inspire action by masses within the Municipality.
Sustainable Living Exhibition is aimed at
showcasing such sustainability efforts, provide
an opportune learning and sharing experience to
the broad section of public and inspire action at
individual or community level.
A number of activities including the following
were planned by different organisations working
together with eThekwini Municipality through its
Imagine Durban Project:
er building Liveable
g a
nd S
us tai n
able c o m m u
Page 7
2014 Highlights
Sustainable Living Festival
Since the inauguration of the Exhibition, relevant
effort and energy has been invested to ensure that
no year is similar to each other. This takes different
forms either through the offering or some added
new features which have never been included
in the Exhibition before. There is no doubt that
Sustainable Living Festival was amongst the
most important new addition to 2014; however
there are number of other initiatives that deserve
Sustainable Living Festival was formally launched
on the 17th August in Green Hub, Blue Lagoon,
Durban. Green Hub is one of the Municipal
initiatives which demonstrate possibilities
around sustainable living. The Festival was
launched through hosting five (5) kilometre walk
highlighting the scourge of ‘twenty-first slavery’
(human trafficking). The walk was co-hosted with
Umgeni Community Forum. The Festival included
interesting initiatives from different organisations
and individuals such as mini exhibitions, braille
story reading, walks, cycling, eco tours, workshops
and performances
Messages against human trafficking were relayed during the 5 km walk and children having a great time using sand art
Sustainable Living Exhibition
As indicated, Sustainable Living Exhibition 2014
was the main (anchor) event of the Sustainable
Living Festival with free admission to the public.
The Exhibition was formally open by political
leadership and partners during 22 August 2014 in
a spectacular way.
Since the official launch on 22 August, many
interesting initiatives and sustainable products
were showcased over three days (22, 23 and 24
August). The following are amongst interesting,
inspiring and educating initiatives that took place
during the Exhibition. It’s worth declaring that
the fun, networking opportunities, informative
session that happened could not be all included;
but only the highlight of what stood above the rest.
To supplement the report, short video (13 minutes)
and long version (1 hour) were produced and are
attached to this report.
Learners attending the event listening to opening messages by EThekwini official and HOD of KZN Cogta.
er building Liveable,
an d
S us
t a in a b l e c o m m un
Page 8
Leading from the Front
As part of promoting eco-mobility, eThekwini
Transport Authority (ETA) showcased the plans
which will revolutionise transportation of goods
and people within the Municipality. As part of
ensuring environmental quality and protection,
ETA understands transportation impact on natural
environment and that is a reason while Exhibition
participants were asked to write and hang messages
explaining why they love their Municipality on
the tree made from recycled materials. For every
message collected, ETA working with partners
under guidance of relevant Municipal departments
will plant trees to offset carbon emissions
associated with the implementation of Go Durban.
Tree made from recycled material on display. Visitors were encouraged to write messages on why they love their City and hang
up on the tree. EThekwini Municipal Speaker, Cllr Logie Naidoo hanging up his message.
Botanical Society’s Indigenous
Plant Fair
The Botanical Society KZN Coastal Branch held its
first Indigenous Plant Fair in 1998, in keeping with
the Society’s vision to Know, Grow and Protect
South Africa’s Indigenous flora. This popular
indigenous plant extravaganza now showcases the
widest variety of indigenous plants available in
KwaZulu-Natal. For many years Indigenous Plant
Fair has been hosted during the same time with
Sustainable Living Exhibition in different venues.
This has caused pain to public members since they
had to be in two different places for events that
complement each other. This was well expressed
and even the organisers of both events felt that
there was strong synergist relationship between
the two events.
For the first time this year (2014), Indigenous Plant
Fair and Sustainable Living Exhibition were held in
one place during the same time. The Municipality
and Botanical Society of South Africa have joined
forces for the good course of promoting sustainable
livelihood. This marriage was long over overdue
and is set to grow good generative relationship
which will benefit the partners and of course the
public members.
With many of the country’s best known plant
and wildlife experts on duty at the exhibition, it
was a wonderful opportunity for both beginner
and experienced gardeners to learn more about
indigenous plants and the wildlife they support in
the garden.
On Friday some of the school-children who visited
the plant fair with their teachers, were rewarded
with free seeds and advice for school gardens.
Gardeners were given lots of advice and help on
how to maintain their plants on the PA system by
their experienced gardeners.
This plant fair attracted a diverse group of people
interested, not only, in plants but also to learn
about the benefits of indigenous plants.
er building Liveable
g a
nd S
able c o m m u
Page 9
BotSoc Indigenous Plant Fair display, organising team and volunteers interacting with visitors
Schools Experience
Schools nurture future leaders hence the importance
of involving and exposing them to critical issues
that affect us as people and our environment. In
order for them to make relevant decisions in future,
it is important for them to be well aware of issues
Stanger Training School showcasing great work produced
by learners of the school
that matter today. Future leaders need not to wait
their turn, and in fact they are already influencing
their peers and parents’ behaviour when it comes to
sustainability. Beside 40 schools which sent their
learners to visit the Exhibition, 15 schools ranging
from pre-primary, primary, secondary and training
centres participated as exhibitors.
Birches Pre-Primary School educator engaging with visitors
er building Liveab
le, C
ari n
g an
d S
ustain a
ble c o m m u
Page 10
Enforce what is taught in the Classroom
Colin Hex from Hex Worm farms with learners
educating them on soil properties and the importance
of micro-organisms
Mini PortoLabs engaging with learners on science
and technology
Career Exposure
Exposing learners to different career opportunities within green and creative industry whilst others see this as areas for SMME
Readers Corner
The Readers Corner was a resounding success
as learners, all age, and parents alike took time
out of their visit to the Exhibition to read and
watch educational films. This was the first year
for the Readers Corner and the booth was filled
to capacity for most of the 3 day event. The
booth was designed to highlight literacy and the
importance of reading.
Reading amongst young, old and people with different abilities was encourage during the launch of the festival and a dedicated stand promoting reading and some tips for both parents and learners was available during Exhibition. On the first picture
the lady is reading a brail book to future leaders.
er building Liveable,
an d
S us
t a in a b l e c o m m u
Page 11
Mobile Natural Science Museum
This museum will provide you with a clear idea
about Africa’s wild life. Children had the chance to
closely analyse taxidermies like a lion, wild dogs,
a leopard, birds and insects. This mobile display
made science learning a hands-on experience for
students. Each display was designed to encourage
touching, exploring, and questions.
The 27-foot converted mobile home carries over 40 exhibits that invite hands-on inquiry from both children and adults in
physics, chemistry, geology, biology, zoology, and marine biology. The Mobile Science Museum continues to serve the greater
Municipal community by continuing to develop a wide ranging array of hands-on science displays.
Creativity beyond measure
The fashion show was a huge hit by all that were
present at the exhibition especially the learners.
The Durban Institute of Technology (DUT),
Arts Extended Programme students were tasked
to design fashion pieces made from discarded
material. Inspired by nature they once again were
able to transform trash into glamorous fashion
The results, ballroom gowns made from shopping
bags, accessorised by fashion hats made from
discarded plastic bottles, wire mesh and sea shells.
Fashionable vests were also made from pieces of
old bark creating further attention to detail.
Students from DUT, Arts Extended Program, showcasing their garments made from recycled/upcycled material
er building Liveable,
an d
S us
t a in a b l e c o m m u
Page 12
Afripak was also there to demonstrate what could be made from recycled materials. These
include furniture and of course some ‘designer’ wear. The rhino above was created from the
recycled material collected in the refuse bins within Durban Exhibition Centre.
Social Advocacy
A number of organisations such as the Open Door Crisis Centre and Human Trafficking who work towards creating public
awareness against human trafficking and CROW the Centre foe rehabilitation of wildlife.
er building Liveable,
an d
S us
t a in a b l e c o m m u
Page 13
The Story as indicated by
proposition. The improvements on the offering as
well as marketing contributed to greater increase.
The numbers tell the story:
Compering 2014 Exhibition to outer years, it is
clear that the Exhibition is growing in terms of
the exhibitor interest, visitors as well as the value
Since inaugural launch in 2010 Exhibition has generated interest from exhibitors as well as visitors
er building Liveable,
an d
S us
t a in a b l e c o m m u
Page 14
Interesting Engagement for all
The exhibition attracted people from different
walks of life ranging from politicians, execu-
tive managers, youth, elderly, ordinary public,
members and celebrities. All different sectors of
the society were engaged by the interesting work
being showcased as well as during contact session
such as demonstrations.
KZN Cogta MEC and eThekwini Deputy Mayor engaging with exhibitors, learners being kept occupied by being creative
Show Talent
The exhibition does not only allow networking, but it provides space for showing talent and developing skills which may become competitive abilities
The idea is starting to resonate
with Local Government
Partnering with KZN COGTA is advantageous in
the sense that COGTA is able to mobilise other
municipalities to participate at the exhibition.
During 2014 Exhibition many municipalities
including Nongoma, uMnambithi, iLembe,
Mandeni and uPhongolo participated and shared
some of interesting initiatives going on within
their own spaces. This is very important since local
government is the sphere of government closest to
the people. Sharing of ideas, learning from each
other and starting engaging on fostering synergistic
partnership will allow local government to develop
in a sustainable way.
er buil g Liveable
ar i n
g a
nd S
a ble c o m m u
Page 15
In keeping with the Municipality’s vision of
a caring and liveable city, participants in the
Exhibition were asked to make donations of toys,
books, shoes and clothes.
This was done after identifying beneficiaries
which need such and those were Humana People to
People, St Monica’s Children’s Home and Angels
of Mercy.
These three organisations work with vulnerable
groups and disadvantaged members of community
such as children-headed households and
unemployed The perform their work through
existing government structures and programmes
such as Sukuma Sakhe and Community
Development Workers. Donations which were
collected during the Exhibition were handed to the
identified organisations.
Generous donations received from visitors and the three beneficiaries that were the recipient of the donations over the three
days i.e. Humana People to People, St Monica’s Children’s Home and Angels of Mercy.
Value added by
Being a volunteer can be a life-changing experience
in a number of different ways; however at most
it allows for sharing of ideas. The volunteer’s
contribution of their time during this event has
been a huge asset to the success of the exhibition.
The success of the exhibition is a reflection of the
enthusiasm these future young leaders displayed on
a continual basis during the exhibition. Their life
experiences, skills, abilities, compassion, intellect
and humour made it easy as they escorted visitors
around the exhibition, gave directions to educators
and assisted with provision of information to
visitors, learners and the exhibitors. The volunteers
gave their time generously without any expectation
of reward and this year the exhibition welcomed
over 40 volunteers of whom most of them were
tertiary students with a vision and mission of a life
of sustainability. Young people have an enormous
stake in the present and future state of Our
Environment. They have been able to participate
positively towards an event created to change and
inspire the mind-sets of many towards sustainable
ways of living and thinking. Our appreciation for
their contribution can never be thanked enough.
er building Liveable,
an d
S us
t a in a b l e c o m m u
Page 16
Live Outside Broadcasting
Change is Possible
Many people made it to exhibition centre to see
what was happening but millions within KwaZuluNatal and South Africa for that matter could not
make it; however Ukhozi FM was able to virtually
take them through what was happening in the
Exhibition. Ukhozi FM was broadcasting live
from Exhibition Centre on Saturday 23 August
2014. This is important to allow people to make
relevant arrangements to visit 2015 Exhibition
since that was also discussed on air.
One of the greatest touching highlight was the story
of Makotikoti who was found guilty for killing of
turtleS. He then became an environmental educator
and activist. He is now going around educating
fellow citizens, young and old, to protect fauna
and flora. He promotes co-existence for mutual
benefits that comes with it.
Social Presence
The media uptake of Sustainable Living Exhibition
has grown over time, thus allowing the Exhibition
a reasonable social presence which has a direct
impact on the participation of public members.
Local and national media houses started long after
2013 exhibition to put proposal for partnership.
This indicates the interest and understanding that
is attached to sustainable living within South
Africa. The exhibition was widely advertised
this year, both via print and electronic media. The announcement of this event in all the local
community newspapers, different radio stations,
social networks, etc. contributed to the increase of
the number of visitors this year, which was 15 500
compared to 10 000 the previous year.
Learners and visitors were amazed to learn about the
turtles an display were made from white sand. They were
given advised on environmental issues by Makotikoti, who
was once a poacher
er building Liveable,
an d
S us
t a in a b l e c o m m u
Page 17
Participation in the Exhibition
Being part of Sustainable Living Exhibition can be a life changing experience which could add value
regardless of how you participate. There are more than one options one could use to participate in the
exhibition; namely
n Sponsor or strategic partner
n Exhibitor
n Visitor
As a sponsor or strategic partner
n Build Corporate and/or Brand Image
n Inclusion in all media releases and other media contacts
n Your company logo posted at our website location linked to our homepage.
n Your sponsorship acknowledged on all publicity material
n Print materials provided by your company distributed at our media launches
n Captivate visitors with the work done by your organisation
n You will receive free branding and acknowledgement for your work and association with the event.
n Reduces the financial burden
n Reduces carbon footprint due to the efficiency to have everything under one roof
As an Exhibitor
n Enable interactions with likeminded people
n Offers networking opportunities
n Provides a platform of exhibit for variety of green innovations
n Expose people to the latest technology on the field of sustainability
n Gives knowledge and advice on sustainable products
n Provides an education and awareness on sustainable initiatives; and assist in a changing mind sets
minds through exposure to all sorts of demonstrations especially for young learners.
As a Visitor
n Be part of an event which will bring change to our city
n Exposure to various initiatives done within your city
n Witness ideas come alive through demonstration
n Be inspired to by the work done towards sustainability; learn how you can be part of the next exhibition.
n Extract ideas for school projects
n Broaden the young ones minds through exposure of demonstrations
n Learners could develop confidence through participation in debates and team speak with various
schools deliberating on sustainability.
er building Liveable,
an d
S us
t a in a b l e c o m m u
Page 18
Reflection, Evaluation
and Feedback
In order to assess and evaluate the exhibition,
exhibitors and visitors were asked to rate the
following aspects of the exhibition on a scale of
1 – 5, with 1 being poor and 5 being excellent.
The graph below illustrates the findings from the
feedback received from exhibitors, educators and
visitors. The ratings were categorised into so as to
provide a clear understanding of the areas requiring
n Venue
Our exhibitors and visitors speak to us with a vested
interest and if we are able to base decisions on a
handful of influential exhibitor’s feedback then our
mission is within our reach. After the exhibition
an evaluation meeting was held where exhibitors
vocally expressed their comments regarding the
exhibition, feedback forms were also distributed
to all exhibitors and school teachers which were
later on returned for analysis. The response
from educator’s show that the organizing team
managed to reach its objectives of substantially
increasing the general knowledge learners have on
sustainability. The feedback indicates an increase
in the overall quality of the event, meeting most
of the expectations of the exhibitors, visitors and
schools. The extraordinary support attracted by the
event creates the premises for continuous future
developments and commands greater efficiency in
meeting every stakeholder’s objectives: exhibitors,
visitors, learners and educators.
n Overall Exhibitors: Stands and Attendance
n Communication
n Organising Team
n Documentaries/Other Events
The majority highlighted that they would take back
to their own workplaces a better understanding
of the key areas of sustainability including
contemporary issues surrounding it. A significant
number of participants also mentioned gaining
useful information in which they saw a need
for other colleagues to attend such an insightful
events. Participants particularly appreciated the
informal exchange of ideas and small discussions
with other exhibitors, environmental experts and
provincial government delegates. The exhibition
generated interest in current developments and
possible solutions, including a greater focus on
er building Liveable,
an d
S us
t a in a b l e c o m m u
Page 19
new projects as one of the educators stated that “the
learners brought back many new ideas especially
for Arbour Day”.
Participants remarked on the organization and
overall atmosphere of the event. It is astounding to
receive feedback which shows how the exhibition
was able to include participants of all groups
including those from vulnerable groups as this was
confirmed by R.P Moodley School educator where
she said “A very big thank you to the organisers
of the Sustainable Living Exhibition .It was an
enjoyable and educational morning for our learners
with special needs… Our learners are more than
ever enthusiastic to commence with many of the
ideas they picked up.” Their feelings of being
Finance & Payable Fees
Every year it is our mission to use resources
accordingly to bring the most informative and
lifestyle changing experience through Sustainable
Living Exhibition. The table below details the
use of financial resources to deliver a successful
warmly welcomed showed to be an instant interest
in the next exhibition.
Putting together an event of this magnitude
requires constant input from stakeholders so we can
improve in areas requiring improvement. From the
responses indicating areas requiring improvement
we will look at the identified areas and work on
them to continue to live up to our mission .As part
of our future plans we have started with plans to
organise a steering committee for the preparations
for the 2015 Sustainable Living Exhibition. The
team will contribute towards new ideas and a
vision for a way forward. With these new elements
we hope to deliver a more informative and valuable
exhibition to all its stakeholders.
Exhibition. Beyond the financial resources
different stakeholders including the Municipality’s
political and administrative leadership, strategic
partners and other stakeholders have invested time
and effort to make 2014 Festival and Exhibition a
success it was.
The table below details the monies spent on the exhibition:
Hire of Venue (Security,Technical,Cleaning)
R 900230.53
Exhibition Stands – Build up and Break down of stands R485 782.00
R1 637 624.74
Marketing Publicity;Media;Printing;Advertising) Documentation of Event
R75 320.00
Transport of learners to event
R 90 000.00
Promotional material R149 664.79
R 22 287.00
Ablution hire for festival
R8 629.80
Hire of specialized services (Program director, consultant) R 178 350.00
TOTAL R3 547 888.86R1 040 000.00
Less Grant Funding Received from R1 040 000.00
Cogta and monies received from exhibitors
er building Liveable,
an d
S us
t a in a b l e c o m m u
Page 20
With an aim to encourage participation of
business, non-profit organizations and government
departments while ensuring that potential
exhibitors honour their commitment, it was once
again agreed to charge a nominal fee or guarantee
from exhibitors as indicated in the underlying
improvements and exploration of new grounds..
The interest shown by all stakeholders is amazing
and the Municipality will carry on harnessing
such energy to move forward. A platform for
multi-stakeholder engagement is considered as
one option to ensure constant engagement. If, for
various reasons you have missed the Exhibition
prepare for 2015 and the Municipality is open
to discussions on partnership with individuals,
business, non-profit organisation and institutions
of learning.
The aim of the exhibition was to highlight
possibilities and inspire collective action regardless
of the magnitude.. It conveyed, through different
media, an image of what a sustainable city could
look like and how every action is significant. An
event of this magnitude needs constant engagement
with relevant stakeholders. Moving forward the
Municipality will look at areas that have been
raised and continue to work towards life changing
experience for all through addressing areas of
Business (non-refundable)
Civil Society (non-refundable)
Government & SOE
No costs
er building Liveable,
an d
S us
t a in a b l e c o m m u
Page 21
List of Exihibitors
Name of Exhibitor
Contact Person
Cell No
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
AdSolar EPC
COGTA - Dept. of Co-Operative Governance & Traditional Affairs
DES - Decentralised Environmental Solutions
Eco Taps - Smallest Geyser in the World
eThekwini Municipality Electricity Department
eThekwini Municipality Energy Office
Go Green Heat LED
Green Solutions
Infinity Renewable Energy (Pty) Ltd
Jeffbridge Solar Products
Litesafe SA
Public Section Energy Efficiency Programme (PSEE)
Sanaf Budget Beaters, Energy Saving & Sustainable Products
Simple Solar Solutions
Smiths Manufacturing
St Benedict School
Syntek Global
Syntek Global
Uphongolo Municipality
uShaka Seaworld
Wekare Foundation
Sebastian Brogan
Penny Sibisi
Menzi Mhlongo
George Saunders
Nishi Harrypersadh
Magesh Naidoo
Ryan-Lee Jacobs
Llewellyn Berndt
Pierre Basson
Bridgette Mbonambi
Morgan Naidoo
Thobile Mbatha
Mike Galley
Saffura Khan
Preggie Naicker
Donovan Cavanagh
Kerryn Allbon/Halley
Patrick Gericke
Mrs Urshula Collings
Simone De Bruyn
Nonhlanhla Sikhakhane
Karen Troskie
Thabani Mazibuko
Jone Porter/Varsha Naidu
Mrs Pinky Wallace
083 560 0735
083 380 6999
079 011 4975
072 399 0816
061 773 389
072 210 7964
079 843 1936
076 022 8889
082 453 9059
078 910 4785
082 368 2829
083 632 4542
031 311 4304
079 497 4189
072 417 4427
072 887 8333
082 222 9007
082 448 5343
081 300 2516
084 699 2251
082 898 7599
082 885 1739
078 457 4693
072 078 9763
083 283 9265
084 668 9796
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
nonhla[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Waste Minimization and Recycling
21st Dick King Girl Guides
Aerosol Recycling Initiative
Asibambane Home Based Care
Asiye eTafuleni Projects
Childrens Rights Centre
DUT - Arts Extended Program
eThekwini - Eng Unit (IMS)
eThekwini Municipality DSW - Cleansing & Solid Waste
eThekwini Municipality South Durban Basin ABM
Free Flow Design
Gokul Primary School
Green Home
Hex Worm Farms
Humana People to People
National Development Agency
National Recycling Forum
Phezukomkhono Social Development
Phumlani Mkhize
Point & Inner City ECD Forum
PRASA -Paper Recycling Assoc. of SA /Tetra Pak
Qhubeka Project
SANBI – South African National Biodiversity Institute
Sithengile Secondary School
Gail Sookha
Nick Tselentis
Mark Liptrot
Mona Khumalo
Tasmi Quazi
Julie Anderson
Phumla Mkhabela
Sharen Kistnasamy
Eurakha Singh/Bianca Burn
Colleen Grearson
Mrs R.Rao
Glynn Erasmus
Colin Hex
Motlatso Grace Ramatshe
Keith Walters
Liesel Titus
Lesego Ranchu
Jacques Lightfoot
Taariq Mohamed Dilfar
Vincent Mfeka
Nora Saneka
Ursula Henneberry
Siphlixolo Ngqasa
Nonhlanhla Griffiths
084 205 5739
083 325 9704
082 778 8728
074 248 6715
074 887 7662
083 429 2117
073 763 8788
083 295 3691
078 780 2374
072 220 9734
084 987 0099
084 840 2745
082 811 4003
084 909 3519
082 741 3094
079 487 2870
073 547 2800
078 460 0044
078 142 7753
072 808 0374
071 420 6802
079 289 9857
082 329 7528
081 041 8798
078 509 1314
076 723 0373
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Name of Exhibitor
Contact Person
Cell No
Siyeza Disability Group
South Coast Madressa School
Stanger Training School
The Birches Pre-Primary
Viby Dollz initiatives
Wildlands Conservation Trust
Woodhaven Pre-Primary School
Shezi Mbongiseni
Hajra Shaik
Upasana Singh
Priscilla Edmonds
Simon Winn
Denise Stott
072 926 7010
082 813 5740
082 709 6320
084 356 5306
072 114 7780
082 501 1143
083 399 5103
084 362 1417
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Water Harvesting and Conservation
SSS Tanks (Pty) Ltd
eThekwini Municipality Water and Conservation
The Watershed
Eco-Taps water Saver
Manna Hoogenboezem
Jeeva Govender
Nomusa Buthelezi
Bill Hatcher
George Saunders
Pamela Chetty
082 452 5280
083 777 0811
082 432 0833
082 744 8567
072 399 0816
072 846 0274
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Food Security and Greening
Diakonia Council of Churches
DUT - Department of Operations & Quality Management
Enterprise Ilembe
eThekwini Municipality Community Participation
eThekwini Municipality Parks, Leisure and Cemetaries
Green Fingers
Inanda Landscaping
Jai-Ringa: The Miracle Tree
Baphiwe Nxumalo
Dr Shalini Singh
Gavin Eichler
Zainab Amod
Victor Malusi
Mbali Zulu
Martin Clement
Lulu Pitso
Tony Hinde
Thandokuhle Mgobhozi
Subasen Naidoo
082 394 4994
082 975 7772
083 308 4818
083 414 9107
078 359 8700
072 260 4599
072 204 2801
082 291 1275
083 264 7480
078 329 3871
081 267 6656
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Lemon Tree
Lotus Nursery
Margo’s Biltong
Meat Free Monday
Ngazana Junior Primary
Paw Paw Foundation
Primrose Primary School
Saint Giles
Siyakhula Sonke Project
Sosukwana Primary
Sukyo Mahikari
The South African Red Cross Society
Tzu Chi Foundation
Yona Yethu
Youth Empowerment RMS
Zululand Centre for Sustainable Development
Heather Cook
Margo Hayward
Amy Chu
Miss N.G.Majola
Kim Matthews
SM Msibi
Terry Rennie
Wendi Tiedt
Ngcobo Makhosi
Robin Maharaj
Thabang Ngubane
Amy Chu
T.J. Gebashe
Mr Sphelele Memela
Dylan van den Bosch
082 771 3447
083 777 3312
084 382 2990
083 778 8027
076 205 2957
083 626 9739
082 403 9805
083 264 9774
083 357 6968
084 303 2203
084 778 8910
072 309 0993
083 778 8027
074 943 3117
071 731 8315
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Environmental Advocacy
eThekwini Municipality Natural Resources
Ansari Sustainable Living
Association of Garden Judges
Biowatch South Africa / South Durban Community
Environmental Alliance (SDCEA) /EarthLife Africa /
Timberwatch Coalition
Birdlife Port Natal
Botanical Society of SA
Briardale Primary School - Sustainable Kitchen Gardens
Buffelsdale Secondary School
CROW - Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife
Basheshile Thusi
Naryan Bodhanya
Les Noble
Rose Williams
083 414 2017
073 012 0837
083 309 9252
082 444 2083
[email protected]
[email protected]
Arniavan Vuuren
Janet Longman
Preeth Ramchuran
V. Govindsamy
Paul Hoyte
083 271 2919
082 565 0444
076 324 3823
083 384 0190
071 350 6502
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Name of Exhibitor
Contact Person
Cell No
Durban and Coast Horticultural Society
Durban Floral Art Club
Earth Probiotic Recycling Solutions
EKZN Wildlife Honorary Officers: Durban North
Endangered Wildlife Trust
eThekwini Municipality - Durban natural Science Museum
eThekwini Municipality Working for Ecosystems
eThekwini Municipality Comm. Reforestation Programme
eThekwini Municipality Durban Green Corridor
eThekwini Municipality Go!Durban
eThekwini Municipality Revenue -E-Services
Flora & Fauna Publications Trust
Garden and House Plant Club
GL Events Oasys
Glenridge Pre-Primary School
Habit @ Earth
KZN Conservancies Association
Organic For Africa
Sinawe Environmental Projects
South African Weather Service
The Block Shop
The School of Garden Design
USE-IT - eThekwini Waste Material Recovery Centre
Mandeni Local Municipality
Les Noble
Les Noble
Karen Heron
Jane Dinkelman
Jeanne Tarrant
Busi Gumede
Bheka Nxele
Khulile Mavundla
Chantal Pillay
Melani Roberts
Priah Dass
Marylynn Grant
Les Noble
Seema Ramnath
Rebecca Benwell
Tarrin Nel
Tony Wint
Sugen Govender
Solomon Dlamini
Sanjeev Sewnarain
Ali Perks
Lindsay Gray
Jothie Moodley
Phumzile Hlabangane
083 309 9252
083 309 9252
072 089 8386
079 569 0019
083 254 9563
081 408 7545
082 780 9499
082 717 8702
071 851 0954
082 920 2280
083 746 1944
082 663 8266
083 309 9252
083 555 5045
072 644 2862
082 729 3292
083 326 6716
082 045 5115
081 271 0839
084 508 7266
084 406 7154
082 449 9237
082 825 0069
076 616 0231
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Creative Arts
Makotikoti Art Project
Best Quality Stitching
Chris Wire Works
City Identities - Frameside Industrial Lounge - SanKofa
African Writers’ Museum
Fred Kockott
James Kalinde
Christopher Kennedy
Mikhail Peppas
083 277 8907
073 483 4970
079 771 0915
082 491 5656
[email protected]
Crafty Critters and Bears
Cut out Lazer Cibbing
Cynrona’s Services
Durban School of Fashion Pty Ltd
Holy Family College
Homeless Art and Craft
Ikhono Elihle Lo Mama
Indoni Yamanzi Fashion Arts
Ingubos Trading Enterprise
Khulangolwazi Arts and Deco Project
Khumoxame Enterprises
Maseko Art Work
Ningizimu Special School
Nongoma Municipality
Operation Upgrade of South Africa
Sand Art
Sharmla’s Bags and Crafts
Thulawenze Organisation
uMganu Cultural Village Primary Co-Operative
Welbedacht Enrichment Centre
Pam Coetzee
Kelly van Schaik
Cynthia King
Charles Olanya
Lisa Ramese
Rethuel Ndlovu
Sara Nauman
Lelo Dlamini
Nobelunga Ngcobo
Emmanuel T.Maseko
Smanga Gazu
Stephanie Reuben
Colleen Balkissoon
Priscilla Khwele
Lauren Gifford
Sabelo Inkunzi Khuzwayo
Sweety Bhagwan
072 207 9887
084 315 1782
073 722 3944
078 522 3386
076 380 5417
079 343 8931
083 431 0034
079 343 1075
072 392 1619
084 457 4996
076 560 7275
072 975 2703
078 570 8444
079 936 5163
083 539 6556
071 383 6257
082 378 0693
078 275 5473
083 641 9769
079 147 3287
082 925 3738
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
082 296 8400
083 526 3746
082 885 1739
083 409 8309
082 510 1615
074 162 6834
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
ecologyandcy[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Health and Wellbeing
Angels of Mercy Care Centre
DUT : Homoeopathy Department
Dynapharma International
Essential Herbal Products
Firwood Natural Products
Food For Life - Childrens Projects
Pat Bayley
Dr Jabu Ngobese Ngubane
Bridget Sikhakhane
Christine Andrews
Vani Naidoo
Divesh Maharaj
Name of Exhibitor
Contact Person
Cell No
Forever Living Products
Health and Wealth Lifestyle
Herbalife Independent Distributor
Kombucha Kefir Products
Miracle Touch Products
Moringa 5000
Sahaja Yoga Meditation
South African National Blood Service
UNISA Bright Site Durban
Xango Mangosteen
Youmika Marketing
Khulisiwe Zulu
Niri Dukhi
Rasheeda Khan
Munira E. Khamissa
Julie-Ann Hamar
Usha Hunsraj
Brian Scott
Colin Pillay
Mohamed Goolam
Mrs Barbara McLean
Felicity MacDonald
Ish Ramdin
083 772 6843
082 416 7819
084 870 1206
083 687 0002
082 708 7420
084 555 6456
079 822 8444
083 384 9011
082 655 8743
083 629 7556
084 556 1500
072 137 6872
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Social Justice
Anglican Church Environment Ministry
Childline KZN
DUT - Invotech
eThekwini Municipality - Durban Tourism
eThekwini Municipality - Sizakala
Human Trafficking
Independent Newspapers
KwaZulu Natal Experimental College
Loveway Church
Milpark Education
Mini Portalabs
Nedbank Ltd
SAFCEI - Southern African Faith Communities
Scouts South Africa
St Monica’s Children’s Home
Andrew warmback
Homashni Peters
Nonhlanhla Khanyile
Mogie Reddy
Zukiswa Mlamla
Brenda Nquku
Precious Gumede
Cynthia Majola
Brenda Nquku
Menzi Mhlongo
Dave Leslie
Melanie Maingard
Bryan Ashe
Janet Prest Talbot
Ms A.B.Govender
083 693 6745
084 908 0097
083 443 3612
082 784 7197
078 265 8813
078 144 1334
083 715 0034
083 255 9344
071 891 4372
079 011 4975
084 554 0419
083 628 5367
082 652 1538
074 263 5319
074 173 3070
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
The Bahai faith
The Domino Foundation
The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization
The Open Door Crisis care Centre
Umsizi Ne Themba
Hailey Fudu
Shaun Tait
Yvette Taylor
Thora Mansfield
Rev Sandile Dlamini
083 647 4460
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Readers Corner
Beth Pratt
079 275 4535
082 771 0362
084 409 2679
076 777 4050
Bon Appetit
Caffe Pronto
Capers Restaurant
Faizel’s Flame Grilled
Four Brothers Coffee Company
Herman’s Sandwich Den
Total Catering Concepts
Ash Brunet
Carl Adendorff
Faizal Vanker
William / Keero
Malena Peria
Markus Banziger
071 581 9607
083 277 2802
084 301 4996
082 447 8336
072 678 6176
082 300 8292
076 118 9941
083 799 8776
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
ATM - Nedbank
Amesh Mahanga
081 010 9988
[email protected]
For more information on the exhibition contact:
Dorothy Lutchmiah
Tel: +27 31 311 4277
Cell: +27 73 240 3600
Email: [email protected]