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2014 Scholarship
Recipients and Honorees
DHS Friends funded five scholarships totaling $5,000
for 2014. The Rebecca Munn Stanfield Memorial
Endowment gave eight through DHS Friends totaling
$5,000, and the Alice Butler Baggett family gave one
$1,500 scholarship through DHS Friends. Each DHS
Friends scholarship was given in memory or honor of:
DHS Classes of 1928 & 1983; Ross Langston; Stacey
Johnson; and Polly Purdie.
Dunn High School Friends Scholarships ($1,000 each)
Student Aid to Local Schools
To help students with financial needs DHS Friends
contributes $500 annually to each of the four Dunn-area
schools (Triton High, Dunn Middle, Wayne Avenue,
and Harnett Primary). These funds help students in need
purchase coats, shoes, notebooks, pens and pencils, etc.
These contributions assist students in their educational
The Mission of DHS Friends
The mission of DHS Friends is to perpetuate the memory
Triton High School
and legacy of Dunn High School, its students, faculty, and
Barbara Godwin
Blaise Hudson
staff; to provide financial assistance to local schools; and
to fund scholarships to deserving students with family ties
Jordan Jackson
to Dunn High School.
Gentry Turnage
Ann West
Rebecca Munn Stanfield Scholarships ($5,000 Total)
DHS Friends, Inc. Board of Directors
Nicholas Scott Parker
Vice Chairperson:
Past Chairperson:
Donald Hobson – 1965
Betty Jean Dixon – 1969
Ginger Finch Barbour – 1965
Billy Smith – 1962
Butch Raynor - 1968
Gentry Turnage
Carmen Barefoot – 1961
William Elmore – 1975
Mike Ennis – 1970
Chris Goff – 1981
David Hobson – 1962
Mark Johnson – 1968
Connie Wear Lockamy – 1969
Thomas Neville – 1984
Herb Ruark – 1962
Sue Ivey Tew – 1964
Ann Lewis Thomas – 1965
Triton High School
Justin Blackmon
Blaise Hudson
Midway High School
Christian Jackson
Taylor Williams
Apex High School
Hannah Jane Ferguson
UNC-Chapel Hill
Maggie Katherine Hobson
Alice Butler Baggett Scholarship ($1,500)
Triton High School
Nicholas Scott Parker
Total Scholarships Awarded for 2014 $11,500
The Rebecca Munn Stanfield Memorial Endowment
was originally funded by members of the Rebecca
Stanfield family.
The Alice Butler Baggett Endowment Scholarship was
originally funded by members of the Butler Baggett
Please visit DHS Friends, Inc. on the web
at www.dhsfriends.org
For additional information contact:
[email protected] or
[email protected]
Membership Eligibility: To be a member you must be a
former student, staff or faculty of Dunn High School or the
direct descendant of a student or staff or faculty member.
Membership dues directly fund DHSF scholarships.
Name - First
Spouse -First
DHS Class of
Membership Dues $
($25.00 Per Member)
Zip Code
New Member
Your contribution to DHS Friends for one or more of the
following causes will be greatly appreciated.
Scholarship Contribution $
(mark one below)
DHS Friends
Butler Baggett
Student Aid Contribution $
Tyler Park Renovation Project $
General Fund Contribution
You must be a 2015 DHSF member to attend the 2015
DHSF reunion. Each member is allowed to bring one
guest. The annual reunion is funded entirely through
reunion admission fees and reunion contributions.
No money will be taken from membership dues,
scholarship contributions, student aid contributions,
or general fund contributions to fund the reunion.
Reunion Fee $
($25.00 Per Member & $25.00 Per Guest)
Reunion Expense Contribution $
Check Amount $
Check Number
DHS Friends is a tax-exempt/non-profit corporation.
Detach/mail this page with check to: DHS Friends, Inc.
P.O. Box 4
Dunn, NC 28335
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2015 Membership Application
To communicate with our members about events of
DHS Friends we are upgrading our website at:
Check it out and send us your email address!
How far has the organization come?
DHS Friends is completing its fourteenth year.
During this period the organization has grown into a
group of Dunn High School alumni, faculty, and staff,
which, through financial contributions, is making a
difference in the lives of students who have family ties
to Dunn High School. In fourteen years, DHS Friends
has given $35,520 in student aid and $127,000 in
scholarships. To insure scholarships will be given in
memory of Dunn High School for many years to
come, we also created three endowed scholarships
with the NC Community Foundation. These
endowments have a current value of $196,383. With
your help as a member, DHS Friends will become
even stronger, and the memory and legacy of Dunn
High School will live on forever.
Why should you join DHS Friends?
DHS Friends needs your membership and support
in order to continue its mission
For the love of Dunn High School
To perpetuate the memory and legacy of Dunn
High School
To fund scholarships and honor teachers, faculty,
and staff of Dunn High School
To fund financial student aid to local schools
To keep in touch with classmates and renew old
To attend the annual reunion
2015 DHS Friends Reunion
Honoring the Classes of
1935, 1945, 1955, 1965, 1975, and 1985
The 2015 DHS Friends Reunion will be
April 25, 2015, at Chicora Country Club, 495
Chicora Club Drive, Dunn. DJ Joey Warren
(www.djjoeywarren.com) will play a variety of
music that appeals to all Classes beginning at 9:00
PM. Chicora will provide indoor, as well as
outdoor, covered seating, offering everyone the
opportunity to enjoy music and dancing, or to
have a quiet conversation with old friends.
The doors will open at 6:30 PM for renewing
old friendships, socializing, and dancing, with
heavy hors d’oeuvres being served. The evening
will conclude at midnight. Chicora has all ABC
permits and is a smoke-free environment.
You must be a 2015 member of DHS Friends
to attend the reunion. Each member is allowed to
bring one guest. The cost for the reunion is $25.00
for each member and $25.00 for each guest.
The DHS Friends Board challenges each DHS
Class to increase DHSF membership and reunion
attendance. The Class that has the most DHSF
members at the time of the 2015 reunion, and the
Class with the most members attending the 2015
reunion, will receive special recognition.
We look forward to seeing all
Dunn High Alumni and friends at
the 2015 reunion. Come early and
stay late!
2015 Honor Classes
DHS Friends will honor the Dunn High School
Classes of 1935, 1945, 1955, 1965, 1975, and
1985 in a special recognition program during our
2015 reunion. We hope all DHS Friends
members will plan to attend the 2015 reunion,
but we especially invite the members of these
honor classes to attend this year’s reunion and
be recognized.