Heskey, Randolph Joseph

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~qllise: No"\7elllbell 2JIId,
Saturday, 'Ayri( sr11, 2014
•963- ~qset: Mattclz 21st, .2014
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Officiatiqg Miqistert
St. §eorges 'Ey_isco}!a(
~ngfican Church
Pather ~ona(d 13ranche
'Davis Punera( '1-fonte
Johnson's §hut 13uria( §round
Tashika Heskey
Brothers In Law
Desmond Desuza
Jackie Pariei
Clayton Colaire
Anthony Daniel
Orson Williams
Lance Deans
Josepb Chaperon
Javeron Heskey (Deceased)
Mitchel Brewley
Adopted Son
Deon Smith (Eater)
Grand Daughter
Tashenique Hesk~
Adopted Mother
Patsy Lake
Irene Callwood-Thomas
Rosita Callwood-B~den
Lillian Callwood-Hedriogroo
Eileen Callwood-Smith
Adopted Parents
Dr. Ilva Lettsome (Deceased)
Cynthia Nicholas Desauza
Michelle George-Pariei
Doreen Callwood
Claudia Callwood
Shawane Caliwood
Nasha Callwood
Carol Callwood
Doreen Callwood-Colaire
Carolie Callwood-Daniel
Shirley Callwood-Williams
Claudina Call wood-Deans
Nashua Call wood-Chaperon
Shevone Callwood
Salvador Callwood
Elms Callwood
Special Niece
Emica Niece
Special Nephew
Ishemal George
Tericia Hogan
Emni Frazer
Uhura Makaba Ueskey
Aniqua Sterling
Halima Frazer
Sharnika Frazer
Lenecia Charles
Denecia Charles-Martin
Teresia Hogan-Williams
Shakirna Daniel
Kadisha Daniel
Jamelia Benjamin
Kira Callwood
Renee Callwood
leysha Callwood
Niyala Chaperon
Sisters In Law
Shirmel Benjamin
Iris Fahie
Doreen P. Fahie
Gloria Fahie
Shirmel Benjamin
Clara Callwood
Mary Callwood
Garfield Heskey
Pajet George
Vincent Callwood
Ricardo Callwood
St. Clair (Johnny) Benjamin
Robert (Leroy) Benjamin
Vincent Callwood
Elvin Callwood
Ricardo Callwood
Eric Charles
Rerneo Callwood
Lenroy Callwood
Malahi Desauza
Ishmael George
Jeron George
Jahcoy Frazer
Step Brothers
St. Clair Benjamin
Robert Benjarnin
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Jeremiah George
Lenroy Callwood
Romeo Callwood
Erick Charles
Richard Stoutt
Kadeem Daniel
Jameal Benjamin
J'Quan Callwood
Dasai Callwood
Elvin Callwood, Jr. (J.R.)
Adrian Callwood
Special Cousins
Elton Callwood
Kimala Sealy
Elton Callwood
Corene Thomas
Vergelle Callwood
Vittington Calwood
Karen Blyden
She' net Call wood
Euton Callwood
Alvira Hedrington-Simon
She' mari Reiko Callwood
Darlene Callwood
Noel Hedrington
Demoi Martin
Marlene Callwood
Raymond Hedrington
Asante Martin
Mr. Ganiville Blyden & Family
Mr. Wiston Maduro (Rasbom)
Mr. Greg Hodge
Sharon Mitchell
Janet William
Connie Howell
Denzil Matthew
The Purcell Possie Gang from under the tree we will miss you
. Kitt Hodge
Mr. Barry Mather & Family
Ben edict Lloyd
George Barrows (Shawala)
Dercelle Carey
Emette & Staff
One Mart Staff & Co.
Carlene Callwood
BVI Fisheries & Co.
Delano Hedrington
Braeden Martin
BVI Horse Owners Association
Arlene Callwood
Bob's Gas Station
Angela Hedrington
Akela Lambert & Family
Cheyenne Martin
Jaime (Hyme) Scatliffe
Benton Callwood
Eillya Martin
Karishia Callwood
Theodore James (Dodan)
Lesmore Smith
Ashley Warner (Feather)
Earley Warner (Blade)
Kelvin Thomas (Gucci)
Clifton Corum (Mackado)
Lily Shirley
Shackema Baptiste
Devin Daley
Honorary PallBearer~
Elton Callwood
Benedict Lloyd
Winston Maduro (Rasbon)
Denzil Matthew
St. Clair Benjamin
CoiUlie Howell
Best Friends
Theodore James (Dodan)
Special Friends
Lucinda Tom (Children's Mother)
Hon. Mark Vanterpool & Mrs. Vanterpool
Hon. Alvra Maduro-Caines & Mr. Caines
Ms Patsy Lake & Family
Mr. James Todman & Family
Mr. !field Hodge & Family
Mrs. Rhymer & Family
Mr. Ross Massac & Family
Dian Malone & Famiy
The Tom Family
Mr. Lesmore Smith & Family
Mr. Alex Lake & Family
Mr. & Mrs. Baltimore
Hazel & Family
- e~ Warner (Feather) & Family
- arley Warner (Blade)
_ 'n Thomas (Gucci)
xum (Makado)
Jacqueline Tom
Shirmel Benjamin
Denecia Martin
Dercella Carey
Latoya Scatliffe
Other close relatives & friends too numerous to mention
Randolph Joseph Heskey, A.K.A "Billy and Jah-wah", was born on November 23, 1963 on Tortola B.V.I. As
our mother recollected, she said, "He was born on a bright Saturday morning which meant he had to work
hard for his living." Randolph was preceded in death by his parents, the late Joshua Callwood and the late
Veronica Heskey.
Randolph grew up in the Long Bush and Huntum's Gut area. He attended the Road Town Primary School
but, very early in his educational life, he decided that school was not going to be his priority. Because he was
fascinated by the horses and the horse track, it did not matter how much spanking our mother had given him,
he was not going back to school.
Over the years, he worked many odd and hard jobs as my mother had predicted. He fathered many children
but, biologically he had three. Our mother decided to relocate to St. Thomas and asked him if he was interested in joining her. He told her he would come and visit, but Tortola is his home.
Today is a really hard day for me because I feel like I have lost my best friend and my protector. My brother
would always stand up for his family and he would particularly scare people off with his mouth keep us safe
no matter what. He wasn't selfish. He looked out for us and we loved him more for it. There wasn't anything
he wouldn't do for someone he cared about and that was one of his many amazing qualities. He was always
willing to offer a helping hand to those who needed it. Many of you here today can attest to that.
In addition to his helpfulness, Randolph always knew how to make us laugh when we were sad. He was always bringing the atmosphere alive with his great sense of humor. We will miss "Jah-wah's" sense of humor
the most. I think that there is something to say about someone who didn't feel like everything needed to be
taken so seriously.
We can't really understand why he was taken away from us, and I thought about this all night because I want
to know why someone so happy is no longer here with us. Then I remembered that God has placed us here on
this earth for a particular time. My brother's time has come. He was very kind, giving, and speciai to everyone
here. I know we all have great memories of times he made us laugh, or helped us. I think these are the best
things to remember about him.
It is those left behind that must deal with the hurt and loss we feel. While they are considerably painful, we can
take comfort in knowing that God is in control, and that one day we will see Randolph again. Even though
this life has thrown us some curved balls, I want us all to remember to laugh and smile, and have fun every
day. We only get one life, and if we have learned anything from my brother, we would have learned to enjoy
our '"'~s all the time because we aren't guaranteed tomorrow.
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