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Facilities Management
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facilities management
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A new approach to Facilities Management
At DTZ, we are transforming the delivery of corporate and institutional
real estate services. Our Global Occupier Services business entails a
full range of Facilities Management and Facility Services, integrated
with expertise in Transaction Management, Strategic Consulting,
Project and Development Services, and Portfolio Administration.
Having all services under one umbrella ensures that every DTZ team
member is focused solely on our occupier clients.
We bring programs and processes other firms cannot match:
Integrated service delivery
Our Facilities Management and Facility Services teams work seamlessly together,
with our Global Occupier Services group and with your in-house team. Our
dedicated Occupier Services platform ensures everyone is focused on achieving
optimal outcomes in line with your business strategy and goals.
National Operations Center
On-site teams facing unfamiliar issues or requiring fast action get response from
experts who staff our 24/7 operations center.
DTZ is an industry leader in environmental sustainability, the first to establish a
comprehensive program of energy and water management and waste stream as well
as follow sustainable landscaping practices.
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Seasoned professionals in Facilities Management and Facility Services build
enduring relationships by making our team an extension of your business,
committed to delivering results that advance your operational competitiveness
and maximize bottom-line performance. Facility Management and Facility
Services are integral to our comprehensive menu of Occupier Services.
Facilities Management
Facility Services
Asset and Life Cycle Management
We help you assess your real occupancy costs and implement
strategies to optimize asset value based on your organization’s time
horizon and long-term goals.
Cleaning Services
Our efficient, high-quality service uses green products and other
industry best practices to consistently deliver the results you expect.
Business Continuity Planning
As natural disasters and power outages continue to increase in
frequency and impact, we will ensure you have a Plan B to cover any
Energy Management
Our experts in energy efficiency can reduce your energy bills
and carbon emissions through a wide spectrum of cost-effective
Financial Planning and Management
Our deep financial acumen enables us to optimize tasks such as
budgeting for capital projects and facilities expense forecasting.
Occupational Health and Safety
We understand and incorporate all applicable environmental
regulations and safety procedures in our processes to ensure your
employees and company are protected.
Strategic Sourcing and Vendor Management
We partner with best-in-class vendors to provide the optimal mix of
self-performed and contracted services to meet your quality and cost
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Critical Environments Services
You can be confident with reliable uptime and strict adherence to
maintenance protocols in data centers, lab spaces and other missioncritical facilities.
Grounds and Landscaping Services
We make sure your outdoor areas are as well-kept as interiors, from
mowing and flower beds to sidewalk and parking lot maintenance.
Maintenance Services
From capital asset and facility maintenance to maintaining MEP and
building fabric, our highly trained maintenance professionals take care
of the day-to-day jobs that keep facilities performing as required.
Moving Services
A well-organized relocation ensures your people maintain 100 percent
productivity throughout the transition.
Office and Mailroom Services
Smooth-running office and mailroom operations are the face of quality
facility services—we work hard to make these tasks seem effortless.
DTZ delivers value
Operational cost savings
Efficiencies in procedures and vendor
management drive down commercial
real estate spend while maintaining
service levels.
Customer satisfaction
Our top priority is providing excellent
service to people working in the
buildings we manage, as measured
by service call response times and
customer surveys on effectiveness and
Risk reduction
Our critical environment expertise
ensures maximum facility availability
and uptime with strict adherence to all
requirements in regulated facilities.
Better decision-making
Data-driven intelligence enables you to
set budget priorities and evaluate the
pros and cons of strategic decisions.
Corporate reputation
Employees and visitors notice the
difference when facilities and grounds
are well maintained.
DTZ delivers value to client facilities across a wide spectrum of property
and portfolio types. Whatever special expertise your organization needs, our
Facilities Management and Facility Services professionals have the experience
and drive to perform at the highest level.
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DTZ leads the way in managing and maintaining
facilities that enable employee productivity and
maximize the value corporate and commercial assets.
The 20 largest Fortune 500 companies on our blueribbon client roster have done business with us for
an average of 20 years—longevity that proves our
dedication to your long-term business goals.
As the leading provider of facilities services to
educational institutions, DTZ works with many of
North America’s top colleges, universities, research
institutions, and schools. We maintain buildings
and landscapes in order to maximize sustainability,
aesthetics and student well-being.
DTZ impacts regional malls, big-box retail chains,
lifestyle and community centers. No one has
a better track record for commanding shopper
loyalty, attracting top-tier retailers and improving
operating performance. Our metrics-based quality
procedures encompass hundreds of details, from
spotless restrooms and slip-free floors to fresh air
and attractive indoor landscaping.
DTZ manages many of North America’s highestefficiency manufacturing and industrial facilities as we
have helped clients increase throughput, lower costs
and improve safety. Our commitment to reliability
and zero tolerance for unplanned downtime is backed
by our reliability-focused maintenance program for
anticipating and avoiding equipment failure that could
otherwise lead to productivity losses.
Financial services
Life sciences
DTZ has the geographic reach and financial
sector experience to effectively manage any
property or portfolio: suburban campus,
downtown high-rise, back-office sites, data
centers and retail bank portfolios. Our teams are
well-trained to act in compliance with all relevant
standards and requirements.
DTZ provides life sciences companies with
high-quality integrated facility solutions for
office locations as well certified cleanroom staff
well-versed in the specialized requirements of
production sites and laboratories. We bring deep
experience and technical expertise to support your
entire portfolio.
Public venues
DTZ registers with the System for Award
Management of the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency,
making us eligible for federal facilities contracts at
all levels of government. Our rigorous employee
training and stringent background checks helps
DTZ earn a reputation for professionalism
and trust, leading to relationships with the
Departments of State, Defense, Treasury and
Housing; Departments of the Air Force and Navy,
as well as Defense contractors; and government
intelligence agencies.
DTZ serves the unique needs of airports,
museums, stadiums and convention centers. All
suffer extreme wear and tear requiring intensive
maintenance and upkeep, but each venue has
unique patterns of public use. With sophisticated
maintenance scheduling and personnel sourcing
procedures, our Demand-Based Resource
Deployment provides an innovative airport
maintenance system that adjusts cleaning
schedules to levels of foot traffic from flight
arrivals and departures.
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Global Occupier Services
Facilities Management
Facility Services
Project and Development Services
Asset and Life Cycle Management
Business Continuity Planning
Energy Management
Financial Planning and Management
Occupational Health and Safety
Strategic Sourcing and Vendor Management
Cleaning Services
Critical Environments Services
Grounds and Landscaping Services
Maintenance Services
Moving Services
Office and Mailroom Services
Design and Concept Planning
Move Management
Program, Project and Construction Management
Procurement and Bid Management
Reinstatement Management
Transaction Management
Portfolio Administration
Strategic Consulting
Acquisitions and Dispositions
Lease Renewals and Rent Reviews
Lease Restructuring and Surrenders
Transaction Strategy and Planning
Critical Date Notification
Expense Review, Audit and Recovery Services
Landlord and Tenant Management
Lease Abstraction Services
Lease and Portfolio Analytics and Reporting
Business Solutions
Location Advisory and Labor Analysis
Portfolio Strategy
Sustainability Advisory
Workplace Strategy
DTZ is a global leader in commercial real estate services
providing occupiers, tenants and investors around the
world with a full spectrum of property solutions. The
company’s core capabilities include agency leasing,
tenant representation, corporate and global occupier
services, property management, facilities management,
facility services, capital markets, investment and asset
management, valuation, research, consulting, and
project and development management. DTZ provides
property management for 1.9 billion square feet, or 171
million square meters, and facilities management for 1.3
billion square feet, or 124 million square meters. The
company completed $63 billion in transaction volume
globally in 2014 on behalf of institutional, corporate,
government and private clients. Headquartered in
Chicago, DTZ has more than 28,000 employees who
operate across more than 260 offices in 50 countries
and represent the company’s culture of excellence,
client advocacy, integrity and collaboration.
For further information, visit us at www.dtz.com
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