Early Start Sign Up and Enrollment Instructions For San Bernardino

Early Start Sign Up and Enrollment Instructions
For San Bernardino Campus
Coyote First STEP Students (ELM Score 0-49)
1. If you plan to attend California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) in the city
of San Bernardino and are required to take Early Start Math based on your Entry
Level Math (ELM) score (ELM 0-49), you are eligible to participate in Coyote
First STEP and should follow the instructions provided below.
2. Your Coyote First STEP math course will depend on your ELM score. See the table
below for your course selection:
ELM: 0-18
ELM: 19-29
ELM: 30-49
EPT: 0-146
Early Start Math 75A
Early Start Math 75B
Early Start Math 81/91
Early Start English 99
3. Whether you need Math only or Math and English (EPT less than 147), You should
begin by enrolling in Early Start math.
4. Log in to your MyCoyote account.
5. Click on the Student tab.
6. The Student Self Service section is located in the left-hand column. Click on the
Student Center link.
7. The Enroll in Early Start link is on the left. Click on this link.
8. You will see a message regarding your eligibility for a Financial Aid Waiver for your
Early Start/Coyote First STEP course(s). Read this message and click OK.
9. You will be taken to the Enroll tab. Click on the Search button. You do not need to
enter a class number or any other information prior to clicking on the Search
Use the dropdown box next to Course Subject to choose Early Start Math
For Early Start Math (ESM), enter the number of your course in the Course
Number box.
For Early Start Math (ESM), the course numbers are based on your ELM Score:
ELM: 0-18
ELM: 19-29
ELM: 30-49
Early Start Math (ESM) 75A
Early Start Math (ESM) 75B
Early Start Math
Early Start English 99
EPT: 0-146
Make sure the Show Open Classes Only box is checked.
Click the Search button.
Consider dates and times of open sections (the open sections are designated by a
green circle), and click the Select Class button next to your selected section.
After you click the Select button, you will be directed to the Class Preferences
page. If you are satisfied with the course selection, click the Next button. This
will add the course to your shopping cart.
Ensure that the date and time of the section you have added does not conflict
or overlap with your Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration
(SOAR) date/s. If you are only required to complete English we will add your
English course for you automatically.
When you are satisfied with the course in your shopping cart, click the Proceed
to Step 2 of 3 button.
Click Finish Enrolling to process your request for the classes listed below.
The final page will confirm either that you are now successfully enrolled in the
class OR that you are unable to add the class. Please contact the call center for
assistance at 909-537-5260 if you are unable to add a math class.
For further assistance, contact the Early Start Call Center at 909-537-5260.