2015 APRiL

2O15 April
Arts and Cultural Events . Monthly
Type Date
Taiwan Bangzi
Opera Company
Arts Center
The Witch’s
Candy House
Jhihde Hall,
Cultural Center
A Poet/
A Piano Poem
Kaohsiung Symphony Orchestra
National Concert
Hall, Taipei/
Jhihde Hall,
Cultural Center
Fool Knight
Bean Theatre
Experimental Theater
(Pier-2 Art Center)
Garage d’Or
Familie Flöz, Germany
Jhihde Hall,
Cultural Center
The Nights
Ballet Preljocaj, France
Jhihde Hall,
Cultural Center
One Night Lost
in the Pipa Tune
Kaohsiung Chinese Orchestra
Arts Center
One Hundred Years
on Stage
GuoGuang Opera Company
Arts Center
The Suit
Théâtre des Bouffes
du Nord, France
Arts Center
Animal Phantascope
Little Amadeus Baby Concert
Kaohsiung Symphony Orchestra
Jhihde Hall,
Cultural Center
Spring Riot 2015
Cloud Gate 2
Arts Center
Ju Percussion Group Ann.
Ju Percussion Group
Jhihde Hall,
Cultural Center
GermanAustrian Encounter
Kaohsiung Symphony Orchestra
Jhihde Hall,
Cultural Center
Conductor: Chih-Chin Yang
Piano: David Kadouch
Conductor: Ku Pao-Wen
A Beautiful Dream
of Youth
Conductor: Chih-Chin Yang
Conductor:Daniel Boico
Clarinet: Andreas Ottensamer
Sha dow Pla y T
h ea tr e KAKASHIZ A, Ja pan
of Japan’s accl to Taiwan
The first visit
theatre com
30 animals created by amazing hand shadows
Taiwanese Opera Troupe
Arts Center
Theater of the Kaohsiung Main Public Library
Fri. 19:30
Sat. 19:30
Sun. 14:30
Under Red
Plum Blossom
Wang Kuei Betrays
Let love follow its own path
On the path of love,
there is no turning back
A wronged soul
blocks the path
A play that brings back memories of adults and inspires
children's imagination, it is the most suitable one for adults
and kids to interact and have fun with.
Dadong Arts Center
Tickets: NT$
enquire at the NTCH Ticketing System
Tickets: NT$
For more information, please call 07-582-8753 ext. 57 (Ms. Wu)
Enquire at the NTCH Ticketing System
Presented by
Supported by
Official lodging
Supervised by
Presented by
Co-presented by
Winner of the 2009 Leeds International Piano Competition
Winner of the “Young Artist of the Year” award and the “Rookie
of the Year” award at the NRJ Music Awards
A 2015 Grand
Performance by the KSAF
When the end
of the world comes,
Tickets available at:
master composer Hans Kustovny
Senior fashion guru Bruce Lai
Peking opera actor Dai Li-Wu
Taiwan’s top tenor Lin Chien-Chi
And the Counterpoint Ensemble
左 by
中 by
右 by
A Poet / A Piano Poem
directed Ye Jyun-Shen
written Jhuo Shih-Yao
designed Chou Yi-Hung
Stage Gao
designer Jian-Jyun
Lighting Li
designer Yin-Ping
Graphic Li
designer Jin-Yuan
Stage Jhang
manager Yong-Jie
Had enough? Here we laugh again!
Fool Knight
“Hotel Paradiso” made a grand exit
who will drive the spaceship
to your rescue?
Fang Yu-Jhen, Wei Tzu-Pin,
Performers Ciao Fu-Yu, Hong Jyun-Wei,
Ou Kai-Wei, and Chen Mei-Chun
A story about a guy
in midlife crisis
and who must face
in his family life
Cameo Ye Jyun-Shen and Hu Chun-Ping
The conflicts and
sense of
resignation of a
man who is
trapped between
his dreams and
showcased via
masked mimes
and humorous
body movements
Jhihde Hall, Cultural Center
A story about three witches whose dream is to
eat all the delicacies that the world has to offer,
and who see an opportunity to indulge
themselves in the wedding of the prince and
National Concert Hall,
This performance will showcase the colorful
and humorous Mendelssohn music as the
story of the witches begins to unfold.
Jhihde Hall,
Cultural Center
Tickets: NT$
Tickets available at
SANIN Records
Nursery rhymes adapted into vocal and chamber music
SANIN Records
Tickets available at
No.71, Sintian Rd., Sinsing Dist., Kaohsiung City
Lee Tzyy-Sheng
eligible Union Bank of Taiwan cardholders
will receive 10% off of ticket prices
Tickets: NT$
Song Without Words in D Op. 109
On Wings of Song, Song of the Night,
Song of the Traveler, Farewell, Song of the Autumn,
Lily of the Valley and Small Wildflowers,
and The Witch Song adapted into vocal and chamber music
For more ticket purchase information,
please visit the Kaohsiung Spring Arts Festival official website
at www.ksaf.com.tw or call the Counterpoint Ensemble at 07-226-6198
Presented by
For all ticket discount and latest information,
please visit www.ksaf.com.tw
Official lodging
For all event-related information,
please contact the Kaohsiung City Symphony Orchestra
The event organizers reserve the right to make changes to the program content.
Amitu o bi
Theater of the
Kaohsiung Main
Public Library
Ghost Romances
Shadow Play Theatre
Un de r Re d Pl u m Bl o sso m
Hand Shadows
W an g Ku e i Be tr ay s Gu i-Y in g
Wang Hai-ling
Performing Group (s)
Winner of the
National Culture and Arts Award
What does a ghost come for, a soul full of love, desire, anger and passion?
Attracting People to Take Up Residence
As a Way to Recreate Kaohsiung’s Military Dependents’ Villages
Under Red Plum Blossom An unexpected romance. The love of a peerless beauty and a handsome youth knows no bounds.
through Residency
Amituobi A folk-tale from Kaohsiung. The victory of life over despair.
Wang Kuei Betrays Gui-Ying The scholar swears an oath. Lovers' vows lead to heaven and hell.
Taiwan Bangzi Opera Company
An All-Star Design and Performance Lineup,
Introducing the Fool Knight
For this performance, a children's theater director, a music up-and-comer twice
nominated for the Golden Melody Awards, and a master costume and
equipment designer are brought together to introduce a mesmerizing artistic
Audience will be able to enjoy a creative and aesthetic performance delivered by
Ye Jyun-Shen (Director of the Bean Theater), Jhuo Shih-Yao (music phenom),
Chou Yi-Hung (costume design master), and Gao Jian-Jyun (stage designer, the
National Sun Yat-sen University). The fool knight will take the audience on an
adventurous journey, battling the evil dragon and riding in a spaceship to put the
evil legend to an end. Let us follow the fool knight and embark on a fascinating
Jhihde Hall,
Cultural Center
Kaohsiung Experimental Theater
Presented by
Penglai Warehouse B9,
Pier-2 Art Center
Sponsored by
The event organizers reserve the right to make changes to the program content.
Presented by The Bureau of Cultural Affairs (of the Kaohsiung City Government)
and the Kaohsiung Philharmonic Cultural & Arts Foundation
Tickets: NT$
Performing company The Bean Theater
600 900 1200 1500 1800 2000 2500
Ticket Package
Exclusive to
Tickets available at
20% off
for students
Sponsored by
SANIN Records
A Revival of Masterpieces
Exclusive Asia Premiere
Prime choice of contemporary ballet
Preljocaj, the most anticipated choreographer in France
An adaptation of yet another classical literary work following
“Snow White,” witnessing the globally acclaimed show
Tales of mysterious Arabian taboos
Gender and diversified lust liberation
Jhihde Hall, Cultural Center
Presented by
Official lodging
“The Moon Aloft” by Peng Xiu-Wen
“Ambush from Ten Sides” by Liu Wen-Jin
For all ticket discount and latest information,
please visit www.ksaf.com.tw
“Breaking of the Harps” by Jin Siang premieres in Taiwan
Tickets available at
“Sisters on the Prairie”
by Wang Yan-Qiao, Wu Zu-Qiang, and Liu De-Hai
Tickets: NT$
“Standing Strong” by Janelle Chang
“54” by Wang Yan-Qiao, Wu Zu-Qiang, and Janelle Chang
in the
Pipa Tune
Tickets: NT$
Presented by
Ku Pao-Wen
Pipa performers
Wang Hsi-Jong
Zhang Hong-Yan
Yang Jing
Dadong Arts Center
eligible Union Bank of Taiwan cardholders
will receive 10% off of ticket prices
Official lodging
Tickets: NT$
available at
The event organizers reserve the right to
make changes to the program content.
0 7 - 5 2 1 4 8 9 9
0 7 - 5 2 1 4 8 9 9
No.1, Dayong Rd.,
Yancheng Dist., Kaohsiung City
No.10, Hesi Rd.,
Yancheng Dist., Kaohsiung City
Luxuriating in the Magnificent
Ocean View of the Port of
Delighting in Kaohsiung Local
Actual image of the Ocean-viewing Platform
A Date with the Ocean for an
Intellectual Journey
That Opens Up All Your Senses
The Kaohsiung Film Archive
A Car Accident, a Robbery,
a Crime of Passion, or a Conspiracy?
Do you choose to believe⋯
what you heard from others?
what you read on the Internet?
what you saw on the news?
You'd rather judge it
on Facebook yourself.
The Kaohsiung harbor cultural ship fleet
will show you the most enchanting views of Kaohsiung
Presented by
The Firefly Theatre,
the Bureau of Cultural Affairs
(of the Kaohsiung City Government),
and the Kaohsiung Public Library
Show times
2015.4.25 (Sat.) 19:30
2015.4.26 (Sun.) 14:30
Supervised by: The Bureau of Cultural Affairs (of the Kaohsiung City Government)
Presented by: The Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
Venue: Exhibition Rooms 301~304, the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
Co-presented by: Graduate Institute of Interdisciplinary Art, National Kaohsiung Normal University
Presented by
Co-presented by
Theater of the Kaohsiung Main Public Library
A Black Comedy Presented by
the Firefly Theatre to Celebrate
Its 20th Anniversary
(enquire at the NTCH Ticketing System)
Students with a valid student card
will receive 50% off of regular ticket price
Ticket package for the Kaohsiung Mass
Rapid Transit (KMRT) and Yacht Cruise
This ticket package is only a sample and cannot be used as the actual ticket package.
1. Two coupons to be used as one-way tickets for the KMRT (to be used for
departure from/arrival at the Siaogang or Yanchengpu Stations only)
2. One shuttle bus coupon (round-trip) from the KMRT Siaogang Station <->
Hongmaogang Cultural Park (to be used on the same day)
3. One Hongmaogang Cultural Park ticket
4. One Kaohsiung Cultural Yacht cruise ticket (choose one of three routes)
A. Around the Hongmaogang Port
B. One-way trip from The Pier-2 Art Center to the Hongmaogang Cultural Park
C. One-way trip from the Hongmaogang Cultural Park to The Pier-2 Art Center
For more information about the ticket package,
please visit the KMRT official website at www.krtco.com.tw
Park hotline 07-8711815 / Mon., Tue., Thu. and Fri. 15:00-20:00 (closed on Wed.) / weekends and holidays 10:00-21:00
For detailed information about shuttle bus, ticket prices and purchasing enquiries, please visit the Hongmaogang Cultural Park official website at hongmaogang-khcc.gov.tw
Facebook: 紅毛港文化園區 (Hongmaogang Cultural Park) (for updates, please refer to the Hongmaogang Cultural Park official website)
Opening hours: Tue. to Sun. 13:30-21:30 (closed on Mon.)
Address: No.10, Hesi Rd., Yancheng Dist., Kaohsiung City
Tel.: 07-5511211 Website: http://kfa.kcg.gov.tw
Kaohsiung Film Archive
4.8-4.19 Not entirely intimacy
A Drop of the Grapevine
Xavier Dolan
Canada, France│2014│
P│3F│Tickets for Sale
Suzanne Clément, Anne Dorval,
Antoine-Olivier Pilon, Patrick Huard
★2014 Cannes Film Festival – Jury Price
A feisty widowed single mom finds herself
burdened with the full-time custody of her
unpredictable 15-year-old ADHD son. As they
struggle to make ends meet, Kyla, the peculiar
new neighbor across the street, offers her help.
Together, they find a new sense of balance, and
hope is regained.
Yukiko Mishima
Japan│2014│DCP│Color│117min│G│3F│Tickets for Sale
Yo Oizumi, Shota Sometani, Ando Yuko
In the picturesque Sorachi region of Hokkaido, Japan, anti-social farmer
Ao tends a vineyard and dreams of making the perfect pinot noir, while his younger brother
Roku grows wheat to make bread. Even while working side by side, the two brothers seem
estranged. But one day, out of the blue, a bright and friendly traveler appears and breathes
new life into their never-changing, dreary days.
4/8 Wed. 14:00 • 4/10 Fri. 19:00 •
4/11 Sat. 19:00 • 4/16 Thu. 19:00 • 4/19 Sun. 16:30
Ann Hui
Hong Kong│2014│DCP│
Tickets for Sale
Wei Tang, Shaofeng Feng, Lei Hao,
Zhiwen Wang
This is the life story of Xiao Hong, one of China's
most famous essayists and novelists, who reflected
the progressive thinking not frequently seen during
the 1930s.
4/9 Thu. 14:00 • 4/11 Sat. 14:00 •
4/15 Wed. 14:00 • 4/17 Fri. 19:00
4/10 Fri. 14:00 • 4/12 Sun. 16:30 • 4/14 Tue. 19:00 • 4/16 Thu. 14:00 • 4/18 Sat. 19:00
Love is Strange
Ira Sachs
USA, France│2014│DCP│Color│94min│P│3F│Tickets for
John Lithgow, Alfred Molina, Marisa Tomei
After Ben and George get married, George is fired from his teaching post, forcing them to
stay with friends separately while they sell their place and look for cheaper housing -- a
situation that weighs heavily on all involved.
4/12 Sun. 19:00 • 4/14 Tue. 14:00 • 4/17 Fri. 14:00 • 4/18 Sat. 16:30
Coming In
Marco Kreuzpaintner
Germany│2014│DCP│Color│104min│P│3F│Tickets for Sale
Kostja Ullmann, Aylin Tezel, Ken Duken,
Katja Riemann, August Zirner
Tom Herzner, 30, is the hair stylist for men in Berlin. He's attractive, glamorous, runs a posh
salon and is an openly gay celebrity who is seen as a role model for the gay community. But
when he plans his first hair-product line, the cosmetic company rep gets jittery: he feels that
just targeting men is too restrictive. What about women? To get an idea of what women
want, Tom is forced to work incognito at a hair salon-cum-barber-shop somewhere in an edgy
Berlin neighborhood run by the sassy, gut-honest Heidi.
4/8 Wed. 16:30 • 4/9 Thu. 19:00 • 4/18 Sat. 14:00 • 4/19 Sun. 19:00
4.1-4.22 Akira Kurosawa part two
Akira Kurosawa, a master filmmaker in contemporary Japanese film history, brought Japanese films to international
fame. Since March, KFA has selected classic restored versions to screen for our audiences on every Wednesday night at
7PM and every Sunday afternoon at 2PM. In April we would like to present the whole new HD restored version of his
masterpiece Rashomon which won Gold Lion from the Venice Film Festival and his first entertainment action movie
Yojimbo on the big screen.
4.21-5.7 In Honor of The French
Goddesses Film Festival & Actrices by Kate Barry
Les Parapluies de Cherbourg
Jacques Demy
France, German│1964│DCP│Color│
90 min│PG│3F│Tickets for Sale
Catherine Deneuve,
Nino Castelnuovo, Anne Vernon
★1964 Cannes Film Festival – OCIC Award & Palme d’Or
★1963 Prix Louis Delluc - Prix Louis Delluc
This simple romantic tragedy begins in 1957. Guy, a 20-year-old French
auto mechanic, has fallen in love with 17-year-old Geneviève, an employee
in her widowed mother's chic but financially embattled umbrella shop. On
the evening before Guy is to leave for war in Algeria, he and Geneviève
make love. She becomes pregnant and must choose between waiting for
Guy's return and accepting an offer of marriage from a wealthy diamond
merchant. A completely sung movie, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg is closest
in form to a cinematic opera. Composer Michel Legrand composed the
score, modeling it around the patterns of everyday conversation.
Benoît Jacquot
102min│PG│3F│Tickets for Sale
isabelle Adjani,
Stanislas Merhar, Romain Duris
★2003 Cabourg Romantic Film Festival – Best Actress
Adolphe, French director Benoît Jacquot's adaptation of Benjamin
Constant's novel of the same name, tells the story of a young man's
passion for 30-year-old Ellenore. After much resistance, Ellenore falls
for Adolphe, only to find out that his love for her has waned significantly.
Though Adolphe did not intentionally hurt Ellenore, she is very much
saddened by his lack of feeling toward her.
4/22 Wed. 14:00 • 4/25 Sat. 16:30 • 4/30 Thu. 19:00 • 5/5 Tue. 14:00
Le Mépris
Jean-Luc Godard
France, italy│1963│DCP│Color│
103 min│PG│3F│Tickets for Sale
Brigitte Bardot, Michel Piccoli, Fritz Lang
★2007 Cahiers du Cinema The Most 100 Beautiful Films of the World – Top 15
Screenwriter Paul Javal's marriage to his wife Camille disintegrates during
movie production as she spends time with the producer. Layered conflicts
between art and business ensue.
4/23 Thu. 14:00 • 4/26 Sun. 14:00 • 4/29 Wed. 19:00 • 5/7 Thu. 19:00
4/24 Fri. 16:30 • 5/2 Sat. 19:00 • 5/7 Thu. 14:00
La Religieuse
Guillaume Nicloux
France, German, Belgium│2013│DCP│
Color│112 min│PG│3F│Tickets for Sale
Pauline Etienne,
isabelle Hupper, Martina Gedeck
★2014 César Awards, France – Most Promising Actress Nomination
★2013 Berlin International Film Festival – Golden Berlin Bear Nomination
The young Suzanne Simonin is forced by her parents to become a nun.
She learns that as an illegitimate child she is supposed to atone for
her mother’s sin. Her abbess treats her nicely but when she dies and
another takes her place Suzanne considers breaking her vows due to the
maltreatment she undergoes. She is thrown into a world of punishment
and it is not until a friend gives her some hope that she may not have to
remain a nun forever does Suzanne's punishment ease up.
Alain Resnais
112 min│PG│3F│Tickets for Sale
Sabine Azéma, Fanny Ardant, Pierre Arditi,
André Dussollier
★1987 César Awards, France – Best Actress & Best Supporting Actor
A story of how the reality and fiction of our memories haunts us in our
daily life, this movie is also, on a simpler level, the story of a love triangle
between two life-long friends and the wife of one of the friends. A
romantic tale of friendship, love, lust, betrayal and suicide, on a deeper
level it is also the story of the malleability of human memory and the
adaptability of the human spirit.
Patrice Chéreau
98 min│PG│3F│Tickets for Sale
Charlotte Gainsbourg, Romain Duris,
Jean-Hugues Anglade
★2010 César Awards, France - Best Supporting Actor Nomination
★2009 Venice Film Festival Golden Lion Nomination
Daniel lives alone but spends two or three nights a week with Sonia, the
lover he simultaneously harasses and idealizes. He is uncompromising and
emotionally dependent upon her. She gives him all she can, which is not
much, being a workaholic. Daniel nags at her, begging for more.
Akira Kurosawa
88min│P│3F│Tickets for Sale
Toshiro Mifune, Machiko Kyo,
Masayuki Mori, Takashi Shimura
★2014 Restored Version ★1951 Venice Film Festival – Gold Lion
The film begins and ends at the ruins of a Kyoto gate in 8th-century Japan.
A priest, a woodcutter, and a peasant take shelter from a pouring rain
under the ruins of the Rashomon gate. They discuss the latest news -- a
bandit's trial and execution for rape and murder. Through the course of
the trial, the events are related from the points of view of the rape victim,
the bandit, and even the ghost of the murdered man, resurrected for the
occasion by a medium. Each of the travelers has a different version of the
crime -- and each is telling the "truth," so far as they understand the truth.
Akira Kurosawa
110min│PG│3F│Tickets for Sale
Toshiro Mifune, isuzu Yamada,
Tatsuya Nakadai, Seizaburo Kawazu,
Kyu Sazanka, Daisuke Kato
★2014 Restored Version
★Venice Film Festival – Best Actor
The incomparable Toshiro Mifune stars in Akira Kurosawa’s visually
stunning and darkly comic Yojimbo. To rid a terror-stricken village
of corruption, wily master less samurai Sanjuro turns a range war
between two evil clans to his own advantage. Remade twice, by
Sergio Leone and Walter Hill, this exhilarating genre-twister remains
one of the most influential and entertaining films of all time.
4/25 Sat. 14:00 • 5/1 Fri. 16:30 • 5/6 Wed. 19:00
Maurice Pialat
158 min│PG│3F│Tickets for Sale
Jacques Dutronc, Elsa Zylberstein
★1992 César Awards, France – Best Actor
★1991 Cannes Film Festival - Palme d’Or Nomination
★1991 Cahiers du Cinema - Top 10 Movie of the Year No.1
Running nearly three hours, Maurice Pialat's Van Gogh is a leisurely paced
look at the famous painter's final year. Pialat's portrait differs from many
other films in that he shows Van Gogh as being reasonably sane and he
focuses on the everyday events of the painter's life and art.
Claude Chabrol
100 min│PG│3F│Tickets for Sale
Emmanuelle Beart,
François Cluzet, Marc Lavoine
★1994 Cahiers du Cinema – Top 10 Movie of the Year No. 7
Paul, an irritable and stressed-out hotel manager, begins to gradually
develop paranoid delusions about his wife's infidelity. As he succumbs to
green-eyed jealousy, his life starts to crumble. Each step on his downward
spiral to madness seems to accelerate, driving him further along the
path to a personal hell. Finally, the former shell of his personality cracks
completely, with tragic consequences.
4/1 wed. 19:00 • 4/12 Sun. 14:00 • 4/15 Wed. 19:00 • 4/22 Wed. 19:00
4/5 Sun. 14:00 • 4/8 Wed. 19:00 • 4/19 Sun. 14:00
4/21 Tue. 14:00 • 4/25 Sat. 19:00 • 4/29 Wed. 14:00 • 5/3 Sun. 19:00
4/26 Sun. 16:30 • 4/30 Thu. 14:00 • 5/1 Fri. 19:00
Born for Independent Music
The Paramount Bar
Address: No.70, Minzu 1st Rd., Sanmin Dist.,
Kaohsiung City
Tel: 07-3890501
Opening hours: Tue. – Sun. 19:30-02:00
Website: Facebook/ Paramount Bar(百樂門酒館)
Paramount Bar is a venue born and specially designed for
independent music. It provides sufficient band performances
space that holds up to 150 people and offers a recording
studio for independent musicians to produce and record their
music. The Paramount Bar works together with other live
houses to contribute to the music industry.
[Live show times and performers]
4/01 Wed.│20:00-22:00│Fantasy Jazz Band and Digda
4/03 Fri. │20:00-22:00│DTRT and The Creator Band
4/11 Sat. │20:00-22:00│Suck the Air and Tetra Pak
4/12 Sun. │20:00-22:00│Fragrance Liang and Nowhere
4/18 Sat. │20:00-22:00│Goosander
4/25 Sat. │20:00-22:00│Éclosion
4/26 Sun. │20:00-22:00│Nuclear Fish Market,
Pleiades, and Fogbow
Infatuated Jazz
Marsalis Jazz Bar
Address: 2F, No. 73, Jhongjheng 4th Rd., Kaohsiung City
Tel: 07-2814078
Website: facebook / Marsalis Bar 馬沙里斯爵士酒館
Opening hours: Mon. – Sun. 19:00-02:00
The Marsalis Jazz Bar aims to promote refined tastes
in orthodox jazz. Every month, they invite Taiwanese or
foreign jazz performers to come here and display their skills,
allowing you to experience the classic impromptu beauty of
live jazz and share an outstanding evening.
[Live show times and performers]
4/3 Fri. & │20:00-22:00│The Marco Liu Quintet
Marico Liu / Vocal
4/4 Sat.
Liao Jhuangting / Saxophone
Fan Hsu / Bass
Chen Ying-Da / Guitar
Adam Sorenssen / Drums
4/10 Fri. & │20:00-22:00│The Hsu Yu-Ying Trio
Hsu Yu-Ying / Piano
Fan Hsu / Double Bass
Fish Huang / Drums
4/25 Sat. │20:00-22:00│The Drops Trio
Christophe Panzani / Saxophone
Federico Casagrande / Guitar
Gautier Garrigue / Drums
Address: No.67, Wufu 1st Rd., Lingya Dist., Kaohsiung
Tel.: 07-2225136
Website: www.khcc.gov.tw
4/1 Wed. 19:30 Classical and Jazz Music- Concert
by the Ying-Ming Junior High School Orchestra
■Presented and performed by: The Kaohsiung Municipal Ying-Ming Junior High School ■Tel.: 07-7150949
■Entry: request a ticket (tickets available at the security's office, the Ying-Ming Junior High School)
This concert performance will showcase the musical achievements made by the Ying-Ming Junior High School Orchestra for
2014. Everyone is invited to come out and join this special musical celebration.
4/21 Tue. 19:00
4/11 Sat. 19:30, 4/12 Sun. 15:00
■Presented by: The Bureau of Cultural
Affairs (of the Kaohsiung City
Government) and the Counterpoint
■Tel.: 07-2266198
■Tickets: NT$400, 500, 600, 800,
1000, 1200 (enquire at the NTCH Ticketing System)
The story of Hansel and Gretel and the witch who eats children
is a thing of the past; in "The Witches' Candy House," witches
are no longer after children but rather the delicacies that the
world has to offer. Together, the witches seize the opportunity
to indulge themselves at the wedding of the prince and
the princess. For this latest performance, the Counterpoint
Ensemble specially selected the music by F. Mendelssohn and
invited Austrian composer and bassist Hans Kustovny to adapt
and combine various types of music, revealing the beauty and
playfulness of Mendelssohn music.
4/19 Sun. 19:30 “A Poet/A Piano
Poem” Presented by the 2015 KSAF
4/20 Mon. 19:30 “The Sounds
of Nature” and the “Silk Road”
■Presented by:
The Kaohsiung Municipal Ta Jen Junior High School
■Performing company: Art and Chinese Music Class,
the Kaohsiung Municipal Ta Jen Junior High School
■Tel.: 07-7114302 ext. 21 ■Entry: request a ticket
This year in March, students from the Art and Chinese Music Class
(of the Kaohsiung Municipal Ta Jen Junior High School) represented
the city of Kaohsiung as they participated in the National Student
Music Competition, winning awards of excellence for Chinese
music ensemble, Sihjhu chamber music, and percussion music.
Be prepared for an electrifying performance!
Kaohsiung Music Hall
4/24 Fri. 19:30, 4/25 Sat. 19:30,
4/26 Sun. 14:30
The “Garage d’Or”
Presented by the
2015 KSAF
■Presented by: The Bureau of
Cultural Affairs (of the Kaohsiung City Government) and
the Kaohsiung Philharmonic Cultural & Arts Foundation
■Performing company: Familie Flöz
■Tel.: 07-2253530
■Tickets: NT$600, 900, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2000, 2500
(enquire at the NTCH Ticketing System)
"Garage d'Or" is a humorous, satirical performance that vividly
portrays the mental state of a modern-day middle-aged man
whose family standing is in peril and who is at a state of
panic because of the imminent change to come following
the birth of a child. The fascinating performance, flawlessly
delivered by the actors, showcases the conflicts and sense
of resignation of a man who is trapped between his dreams
and family responsibilities, depicting the vicissitudes of life in
a hilarious manner.
4/27 Mon. 19:30
Graduation Concert by the Chinese
Orchestra Band of the Kaohsiung
Municipal Lingya District JhongJheng Elementary School
■Presented by: The Kaohsiung Municipal Lingya District
Jhong-Jheng Elementary School
■Performing company: Chinese Orchestra Band,
the Kaohsiung Municipal Lingya District Jhong-Jheng
Elementary School
■Tel.: 07-7225936 ext.911, 346 ■Entry: request a ticket
Chinese music teachers continue their efforts to nurture
young students who slowly mature and begin to showcase
their talent. This performance will illustrate the sweat, joy,
and memories of these amazing individuals!
4/28 Tue. 19:30 The Kaohsiung
Choral Music Group Concert
■Presented and performed by:
The Kaohsiung Choral Music Group
■Tel.: 07-2015501 ■Entry: request a ticket
Entry: please collect tickets at the service counter on the 1st floor of the
concert hall from 7 days before the performance between 08:0017:00, 2 tickets per person, first come, first served.
4/1 Wed. 19:30
Chen Hongyu’s Dizi Recital
■Performing company: Department of Chinese Music, the
Tainan National University of the Arts
■Entry: request a ticket ■Tel.: 0989-756715
4/3 Fri. 19:30
Musik Salon Series II
■Performing company:
The Southern Taiwan Pops Orchestra
■Tickets: NT$200 (enquire at the ERA
Ticketing System or the 7-Eleven iBon
■Tel.: 07-2419273 (The Southern Taiwan Pops Orchestra);
0958-183830 (Jhang)
4/4 Sat. 19:30
“Playing with the
The 2015 Cello Trio
■Performing company: The Southern
Taiwan Chamber Music Society
■Tickets: NT$300 (enquire at the ERA Ticketing System)
■Tel.: 07-2256470 ■Website: www.ticket.com.tw
4/5 Sun. 19:30
“Russian Eternity”: The
2015 MUSE Piano Trio
■Performing company: The ViO Strings-
Russian Expression Concert Series (No. 5)
■Tickets: NT$300 (enquire at the NTCH
Ticketing System)
■Tel.: 0975-830895 ■Website: www.artsticket.com.tw
4/9 Thu. 19:30
Ko Ching-Tzy’s Cello
4/12 Sun. 19:30
Music Affinity:
Peng Li-Ting’s Huqin Recital
■Presented by: The Taiwan Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra
■Tickets: enquire at the ERA Ticketing System
■Tel.: 07-2256360
4/16 Thu. 19:30
Chang Weiyun’s Huqin
■Performing company: The Department
of Chinese Music of Tainan National
University of the Arts
■Entry: request a ticket ■Tel.: 0937-325910, 0937-235909
4/17 Fri. 19:30
Classic and Unsurpassed
■Performing company:
The Mi Do Ri Chamber Orchestra
■Tickets: NT$300 (enquire at the ERA
Ticketing System)
■Tel.: 07-2256360
4/18 Sat. 19:30
Chinese Art—Jhu Yiwun’s
Guzheng Recital
■Performing company:
The Canyun Guzheng Orchestra
■Tickets: NT$200
(enquire at the ERA Ticketing System)
■Tel.: The Canyun Guzheng Orchestra
(07-7612039, 0931-917286)
4/19 Sun. 19:30
Travelling with Hayao Miyazaki:
Listening to the Sound of Travel
■Tickets: NT$300 (enquire at the NTCH
Ticketing System)
■Tel.: 02-33939888
■Website: www.balab.biz
■Performing company: The Kaohsiung City Wind Orchestra
■Performers: Event Guide/Chien Jui-Ching; Piano/Yang
Sihwei; Clarinet/Lu Tung-Pin; Flute/Chen Guanru; Oboe/Lin
Chi-Yin; Bassoon/Chen Yi-Yun; Saxophone/Chen Gurong;
and French Horn/Fang Weiting
■Tickets: NT$380 (enquire at the ERA Ticketing System)
4/10 Fri. 19:30
4/21 Tue., 4/22 Wed. 19:30
Chunyi Liu 2015
Bassoon Recital
■Performing company: The Sound of
Kaohsiung Wind Ensemble
■Tickets: NT$200 (enquire at the ERA
Ticketing System)
■Tel.: 07-2256360
4/11 Sat. 19:30
■Presented by:
The Glory Chamber Orchestra
■Performing company:
Rugede Flute Ensemble
■Tickets: NT$200 (enquire at the ERA Ticketing System)
■Tel.: 0936-433556
Salute to Bach: The
Brandenburg Concertos
■Performing company:
The Baroque Camerata
■Tickets: NT$500, 800, 1000, 1200, 2000
(enquire at the ERA Ticketing System)
■Tel.: 07-5251556
■Website: https://www.facebook.com/baroque
4/23 Thu. 19:30
The Art of Guqin:
Peggy Su’s Guqin Recital
■Performing company: Department of Chinese Music, the
Tainan National University of the Arts
■Entry: request a ticket ■Tel.: 0911-605259
■Website: Search for “Peggy Su” on Facebook
Address: No.111, Wufu 1st Rd., Lingya Dist., Kaohsiung City
Tel: 07-2270505, 2270341
Opening hours:
1F Open Bar Mon. – Sun. 19:00-04:00;
2.3F Mon. – Thu. and Sun. 18:00-02:00,
Fri.–Sat. (including the day before public holidays) 18:00-03:00
Website: http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/bluefantasy1990
Facebook / 高雄藍色狂想音樂美食Bluefantasy
20 years ago, a group of musicians with a passion for jazz
created the Blue Fantasy Bar, where good food and live
music would be provided every day. In addition to arranging
performances by famous singers every month, Blue Fantasy
actively cultivates dynamic jazz musicians and bands,
pursuing the diversity and richness of music: this is a music
hall which belongs to music-lovers!
[Live show times and performers]
Every Mon. │20:00-20:45│Qi-Qi and Ji Hua-lang
│21:15-22:00│Cai Jhong-Ying and Alex
│22:25-23:10│Siao A / Latin Night
│23:25-00:10│Siaoman / R&B Night
│00:30-01:15│Air and Mei Ya
Every Tue. │20:00-20:45│Xianzu and Jheng Guosheng
│21:15-22:00│Hank and Mooncavalier
│22:25-23:10│Siaoman / R&B Night
│23:25-00:10│Air / Popular Music Night
│00:30-01:15│Siao A and En-jie
Every Wed. │20:00-20:45│A Ren and Mei Ya
│21:15-22:00│Angel and Jheng Guosheng
│22:25-00:10│Roxy Band/ Ranking Night
│00:30-01:15│Lee Wei-long and Fu En-jie
Every Thu. │20:00-20:45│Double(Shih-jia Huang) and
Ruo Zhen
│21:15-22:00│Jia-hong and Ruo Zhen
│22:25-00:10│Carey Chou / A Night of the
Aborigine's Sounds of Nature
│00:30-01:15│Cai Zhong-Ying and Mei Ya
Every Fri. │20:00-20:45│Qi-Qi and Ji Hua-lang
│21:15-22:00│77 Chocolate Nougat
(Syu Yanting and Ayan)
│22:25-00:10│Air and Dumu /
Stars of Super idol
│00:30-02:15│Roxy Band/ Ranking Night
Every Sat. │20:00-20:45│Lee Wei-long and Ruo Zhen
│21:15-22:00│Siao A and A Ren
│22:25-00:10│Rita and Nikkie /
Night of Melody
│00:30-02:15│Roxy Band/ Ranking Night
Every Sun. │20:00-20:45│Diago and Liang Yunjhen
│21:15-22:00│Qi-Qi and Fantasy Jazz Band
│22:25-00:10│Rita / RandB Night
│00:30-01:15│Air and Mei Ya
4/4 │20:00-22:00│Starry Eyes
4/26 │22:30-00:00│Kan Kan's vocal concert
■Presented by:
The Finger Snapping Chamber Orchestra
■Performers: Violin/Daniel Hung; Piano/Cheng Yisyuan
■Tel.: 0963143104 ■Tickets: NT$300
4/11 Sat. 10:30, 13:30
The Moscow Magic
Clown Theatre
■Presented by: The Baroque Artists Ltd.
■Performing company:
The Moscow Magic Clown Theatre
■Tel.: 02-23656287
■Tickets: NT$400, 500, 700, 900
4/12 Sun. 14:30
“Poet and Peasant Overture”:
The Second Regular Concert with
the Kaohsiung Youth Wind Orchestra
International Flute Festival:
Vincent Lucas’ Flute Recital
■Presented by: New Aspect
■Performers: Flute/Vincent Lucas and Ma
Hsiao-Pei; Piano/Hsu Chia-Chi
■Tel.:02- 25772568
■Tickets: NT$500, 700, 1000, 1200
4/26 Sun. 14:30 “The Sound of Wind”:
The Kaohsiung Guitar Chamber
Orchestra’s 20th Anniversary Concert
■Presented and performed by:
The Chuang Chia-Liang Guitar Ensemble
■Tel.: 0931-812572 ■Tickets: NT$300, 400, 600
4/28 Tue. 19:30
“The Frozen: Untold,” a Graduation
Performance by the Department
of Applied English, the Shih Chien
University (Kaohsiung Campus)
4/30 Thu. 19:30;
5/1 Fri. 15:00, 19:30; 5/2 Sat. 15:00, 19:30
The Hilarious Bunch 2.0
■Presented by: Yi-Jia Entertainment
■Performing companies: Yi-Jia Entertainment,
the Yubon Shih Yeh, and How Kan Entertainment
■Tel.: 02-87926676 ext. 85009 ■Tickets: NT$599
4/30 Thu. 19:30
4/24 Fri. 19:30
Cai Yujia’s Graduation
Min Chiang’s 2015 Violin Recital
■Presented by: The Taiwan
Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra
■Performing company: The Min Chiang Music Studio
■Tickets: NT$100 ■Tel.: 0911-889946
■Performing company:
The Tainan National University of the Arts
■Entry: request a ticket ■Tel.: 0933-192747
4/26 Sun. 14:30
5/2 Sat. 19:30
■Performing company: The Asia Music & Arts
■Tickets: NT$300, 500 (enquire at the NTCH Ticketing System)
■Tel.: 07-2265998
■Website: https://ww1.artsticket.com.tw/CKSCC2005/Product/
■Performing company:
Tong Chamber Orchestra
■Tickets: NT$400
(enquire at Kaohsiung Cultural Center Ticket
Office or Mr. Huang 0958-288737)
2015 Taiwan
Concert of PQV
Address: No.161, Guangyuan Rd., Fongshan Dist., Kaohsiung City 830, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Entry: Tickets will be available at the reception desk from 8:00 to 17:00 seven days prior to the start
of the event. A maximum of two tickets will be given to each guest (while tickets last).
Tel.: 07-7430011 Fax: 07-7453311 Website: http://dadong_center.khcc.gov.tw
Dadong Arts Center
4/10 Fri., 4/11 Sat. 19:30, 4/12 Sun. 14:30
Ghost Romances
■Presented by:
The Taiwan Bangzi Opera Company
■Tickets: NT$400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1600,
2000 (enquire at the NTCH Ticketing System)
This year, the Taiwan Bangzi Opera Company
will present three ghost-themed operas called
the “Amituobi,” “Under Red Plum Blossom,”
and “Wang Kuei Betrays Gui-Ying.” Fans will be able to enjoy
three days of luxurious theatrical performances. The shows will
be performed by an all-star cast including winner of the National
Culture and Arts Award, opera queen Wang Hai-Ling, Yu opera allstar Jhu Hai-shan, Yu opera superstar Hsiao Yang-Ling, Yu opera
star Liou Jianhua, vocal queen Hsieh Wen-Chi, and Yu opera star
Jhang Syuanting.
4/14 Tue. 19:30
■Presented by: The Chung-Hwa School of Arts
■Entry: request a ticket
What are the crises threatening the
survival of the three tribes known
as the Sun, the Moon, and the Star?
What dreams can the Dream Factory
make to help people rediscover their passion and dreams? By
utilizing their talent, the students of the Chung-Hwa School of
Arts have produced two contrasting theatrical performances, in
which their own scripts, music, and dances will be put on display.
Pier-2 Art Center
Address: No.1, Dayong Rd., Yancheng Dist., Kaohsiung City
Tel.: 07-5214899, 07-5214881
4/24-6/7 ■Dayi Warehouse C6-7
The Pain
4/16 Thu. 19:30
The “Spring Performance Series”
with the Chung-Hwa School of Arts:
“Weaving a New Dream” by the
Chung-Hwa Bilingual Elementary
School of Arts
■Presented by:
The Chung-Hwa School of Arts
■Entry: request a ticket
“Weaving a New Dream,” a bilingual
drama (in English and Chinese), will
showcase the unique teachings of the Chung-Hwa Bilingual
Elementary School of Arts as the performance tells the story
of a Hululu Magic School student named Jimmy who cannot
stop daydreaming about creative and fascinating things. His
dreams are ultimately fulfilled as he opens his own Dream
Hut many years later.
4/18 Sat. 19:30
The Family Music Concert
■Presented by:
The Kaohsiung Siancinghuansong String Orchestra
■Performers: Violin recital/Jhang Yongai and Wang Yinciao;
piano recital/Jhang Yongai; and event guide/Anni (of the
Kaohsiung Broadcasting Station FM94.3)
■Tickets: NT$300 (enquire at the ERA Ticketing System)
The Family Music Concert will present various types of music
such as string ensemble, violin recital, chorus with parents,
chorus with children, piano recital, and family chorus with
4/19 Sun. 15:00
Chinese Music Concerts Series at
Gangshan & Dadong IX:
Celebrating the Arrival of the Spring
■Presented by: The Kaohsiung Chinese Orchestra
■Tickets: NT$200, 300, 500
(enquire at the ERA Ticketing System)
Conducted by Deputy Executive Director Kuo Che-Cheng of
the Kaohsiung Philharmonic Cultural & Arts Foundation, this
concert will introduce a selection of music performances
including ensemble and concerto.
Media is Everything—Art of Lu Ming-te
Lu stresses that, in this era of information media, the force of media is something that cannot
be ignored. Looking back at the development of Western art, starting from Dadaism and Pop
Art to the artists’ embrace of found objects and mass media, Lu predicted back in 1998 that
such a transition would have a significant influence on Taiwan’s art development in the future.
His prediction seemed to have served as a trailblazer, providing guidance for the mainstream
trends of Taiwan’s art development in the following two or three decades. From this exhibition,
comprising the four main themes of Media Expansion, Environmental Installation,
Encounter with Technology, and Cultural Mimicry, viewers can see how Lu has been
adhering to his core concept and continuing with his artistic creation through dialogues with,
conversion, citation and/or juxtaposition of different media and materials to reveal their existing
value systems.
Lu Ming-te ; The Engagement at Haruna III ; Mixed media ; 122×122cm ; 1989
3.17-6.6 ■KMFA Galleries 401, 402, 403 and Multi-Purpose Room
Kaohsiung Awards 2015
The 2015 Kaohsiung Awards Competition received works submitted by approximately 600 artists around Taiwan. After careful
selection and discussion among the judges, totally five winners of the Kaohsiung Awards, eight winners of the Excellent Work
Awards, and three winners of the Observer Awards were decided along with the other works selected for the Kaohsiung
Awards Exhibition this year. In addition, thanks to the support from the HCS Calligraphy Foundation, the Kaohsiung Awards
Competition also started to offer the “HCS Special Award for Calligraphy/Sealengraving Works” this year. Because all the past winners of the Kaohsiung Awards
are now active in the art field as emerging artists at home or even abroad, the
Competition has been seen as an important touchstone and milestone of career
development for many aspiring artists. With all the talented artists competing against
one another for the highest honor each year, the Kaohsiung Awards Competition and
its exhibition have become an exciting center of attention for many members of the
art world not only from Taiwan but also from other countries.
2015 Kaohsiung Award ; Chang Wen-hsuan ; Four Wax Cones ; Video ; 8 min 37 sec ; 360×240cm ; 2013
Address: 330, Makadao Road, Kaohsiung 80460, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel.: 07-5550331 ext. 300
Fax: 07-5536109
Opening hours: Tue. – Fri. 09:00-12:00; 13:30-16:30. Sat. – Sun. 09:30-17:30 (closed on Mon.)
For group visit, reservation is required. Please call 07-5550310 during the museum's opening hours, Tue. – Fri.
Children's Museum of Art
2.1.2015-2.28.2016 ■CMA Gallery 101 Birth Day
The egg is a symbol of life, a seed of life, or a carrier of life. It is also a carrier of immense imagination. To celebrate its 10th
anniversary, the Children’s Museum of the Arts holds this exhibition, Birth Day: Breaking Out of the Egg, to not only glorify
the meanings and values of life but also inspire children to have different imaginations and interpretations of the egg through
the works created by the participating artists. It is hoped that through this exhibition, children can learn how to discover
extraordinary things from the ordinary in daily life through imagination and association, as well as know how to better express
their own feelings and thoughts, and explore different possibilities through their sensory experiences and learning.
6.28.2014-5.24.2015 ■CMA Gallery 202 Art & Poem, Hand in Hand
4.5.2014-5.31.2015 ■CMA Gallery 201 Intertwined— Exploring Textile Art
Museum of History
Opening hours: Tue. to Sun. 09:00-17:00 (closed on Mon.)
Address: No.272, Jhongjheng 4th Rd., Yancheng Dist., Kaohsiung City
Website: http://khm.gov.tw
Tel.: 07-5312612 Fax: 07-5315861
3/26-9/28 ■Exhibition Rooms 103 & 104
4/18-5/24 ■Dayi Warehouse C8
The Distance in Between: Lancaster Tien’s Photography Exhibition
■Curated by: Tan Sianhua
4/18-5/17 ■Dayi Warehouse C9
Exhibition in Kaohsiung – Greeting the Bodhisattva and
Going for a Saunter around Neimen
The exhibition introduces Neimen District, which plays an important role in the history of southern
Taiwan's early development. From Pingpu aborigines' culture, the belief in Guanyin the bodhisattva,
bodhisattva greeting and parade, folk groups to rural life of Neimen, the exhibition will give you the
chance to "greet the bodhisattva and take a saunter around Neimen."
Murmuring the Haze: Chen Yun’s Solo Exhibition
4/11-6/28 Sat., Sun. and national holiday ■Penglai Warehouse B8 of Pier-2 Art Center
4/18-5/31 ■Warehouse C5
Experiencing the Ride on the Train
New Vision: Asia Poster Design Exhibition
Leisurely riding around between 100-year-old Hamasen Railroad Park and Penglai Warehouse,
enjoying the ambience of a historical time and place.
■Experiencing Ride Price NT$99
4/4-4/26 ■Moon-light theatre
The Wall Live House
4/4 Sat. 20:00 Ma Di|4/25 Sat. 20:00 PUMPKINney Fan Club|4/26 Sun. 20:00 Mary Sees the Future
■Buy tickets online: www.thewall.com.tw
■Dayi Warehouse C8-17: Summer Art Garage
An Exhibition of World’s Vehicle Stamp Collections
3/28-4/26 ■Dayi Warehouse C7-6: Ham Gallery
11/20/2014-5/10/2015 ■Exhibition Rooms 101 & 102
Life Diaries – Kaohsiung in Diaries
A diary is a daily record, an intimacy of personal memory. It is meaningful because it records one’s
present moment's matters. It is significant because it contains an extensive series of data. The
diaries that are exhibited in this exhibition are the treasures from the digital archive of the Institute
of Taiwan History of Academia Sinica. A section "Kaohsiung in Diaries" was especially designed
which exclusively collects diarists' writings about Kaohsiung. The Museum hopes visitors can
relate to today's Kaohsiung what the diarists' impressions were of Kaohsiung.
Face the Facts
Beginning on 8/14/2014 ■Special Exhibition Room
3/27-5/3 ■Penglai Warehouse B6
On July 31, 2014 at 23:56 a series of petrochemical gas explosions took place in Kaohsiung's bustling city center. Kaohsiung
Pictorial impels us to ponder: what Kaohsiung Pictorial had exposed were Kaohsiung City's 35 years of official historical
records until the development of today's green energy, creative and cultural, tourism, and convention and exhibition
industries that accommodate today’s liveable city's demands; what Kaohsiung Pictorial didn't show was the silent sadness
of Kaohsiung for being a heavy industry city of Taiwan. Therefore, contemplating what we see and what we don't see in
the contents of Kaohsiung Pictorial, who we are, where we were, and where we are going is the profound significance of
“Kaohsiung Pictorial – Talking about Kaohsiung” which is organized by the Kaohsiung Museum of History.
Kaohsiung Pictorial – Talking about Kaohsiung
Island, Islander: Fish Snipers’ Island Series – Cijin Story
■Artists:Chang Sin-pi, Chen Yan-ming, Chen Yi-chang, Chiao Sheng-wei, Eleng Luluan, Ho Chia-cheng,
Huang Chih-wei, Hung Cheng-ren, Lee Jiun-shyan, Lin Chun-yung, Lu Mu-jen, Rahic.Talif, Tsai Meng-chang,
Tseng Wan-ting, and Yang Shun-fa
3/14-4/19 ■25TOGO Bright!
Dream Hunting
Guo Yanfu’s “Trajectory of Dreams” Art Exhibition. First public appearance of precious manuscripts.
3/14-6/7 ■Bicycle warehouse
KOBITOS: Exploration Exhibition of the Farm Spirits
3/14-4/12 ■Dayi Warehouse C9
3/27-4/7 ■Jhih-Jhen Galleries 1 & 2
Group Exhibition
Featuring Artworks
Produced by the
Photographic Society
of Kaohsiung
4/17-4/28 ■Jhih-Mei Gallery
Story of Aesthetic
Education: The
Kaohsiung Aesthetic
Science Association ■Tea Party: 4/19 Sun. 14:30
4/24-5/5 ■Jhih-Jhen Gallery 1
4/3-4/14 ■Jhih-Gao Gallery
“Distance and
Perception”: Group
Exhibition Featuring
Images Created by the
Balance Point Company
“Travels and Nature”:
Wang Meijhih’s Solo Oil
Painting Exhibition
4/17-4/28 ■Jhih-Gao Gallery
“Kaohsiung, My
Home:” Chen Jian-Zhi’s
Paint From Life Solo
4/10-4/21 ■Jhih-Jhen Gallery 2
The First-Ever “China Love”
Group Exhibition Featuring
Photographic Artworks
Produced by Kaohsiung
and the Guangzhou City
4/3-4/14 ■Jhih-Shang Gallery
Group Exhibition
Featuring Artworks
Made by Teachers and
Students from Cheng
Shiu University’s Calligraphy
and Seal-Cutting Classes
4/24-5/5 ■Jhih-Jhen Gallery 2
The Lonely
Image Group
3/27-4/7 ■Jhih-Jhen Gallery 3
Painting Exhibition
Shen Jyu-han
4/11-4/12 ■Jhih-Jhen Gallery 3
The 19 International Cultural
Exchange Exhibition
by Japan’s
Association of
Traditional Artists
“Art and Style,” The
International Plastic Arts
Open the Painting Box - Fine Arts in Kaohsiung
Yang Chiang’s Painting
and Calligraphy
4/15-4/26 ■Ya Gallery
Wu Su-Chiung’s Ink Painting
4/24-5/5 ■Jhih-Jhen Gallery 3
“Flowers in the
Spring”: Exhibition
of Chinese Floral Art
Made by Huang Aijhu and Students
4/20 Mon. 19:00
4/29-5/10 ■Ya Gallery
Yang MawSung’s
Calligraphy and
Ink Painting Exhibition
4/28 Tue. 19:30
The Broadway Music
■Presented by: The Kaohsiung
City Fongshan District Jhongsiao
Elementary School
■Entry: request a ticket
The Jhongsiao Elementary School will introduce a number
of Broadway classics such as “The Phantom of the Opera,”
“Miss Saigon,” “Cats,” “West Side Story,” and “Mamma Mia,”
bringing the audience into the world of Broadway shows.
4/22 Wed. 19:30 The 2015 Dance
Show with the San Sin High School
of Commerce and Home Economics
■Presented by: The San Sin High School of Commerce and
Home Economics
■Entry: request a ticket
Students from the San Sin High School of Commerce and Home
Economics will showcase what they have learned under the
tutelage of artistic director Li Yanping, presenting various styles
of dances such as modern dance, ballet, and folk dance as well
as the dance performance that came in first place at the National
Dance Competition.
4/23 Thu. 19:30 Results Presentation
by the 2015 Marching Band
■Presented by:
The San Sin High School of Commerce and Home Economics
■Entry: request a ticket
The time of the annual marching band graduation result
presentation has arrived. How will the marching band fare in
the concert hall? Let us wait and see!
4/25 Sat. 19:30 The 2015 Tour with
■Presented by: The Focus Dance Company
■Tickets: NT$300 (enquire at the NTCH Ticketing System)
The Focus Dance Company of the Taipei National University of
the Arts will present its annual performance called “Shuttling X,”
introducing two classical masterpieces comprising Lo Man-Fei’s
“Shuttling” and Helen Lai’s “Plaza X” as well as nine new dance
performances created by various choreographers in an attempt
to blow the minds of the audience.
Theme Hall of the War
and Peace Memorial Park
4/17-4/28 ■Jhih-Shang Gallery
4/1-4/12 ■Ya Gallery
the Focus Dance Company
Opening hours: Tue., Wed., Thu., Sun.
10:30-17:30. Fri., Sat. 10:3020:00 (closed on Mon.)
“Between Tradition and
Group Exhibition
Featuring Artworks
Created by the Photography
Education Association of Kaohsiung
4/10-4/21 ■Jhih-Jhen Gallery 1
■1 Floor of the Museum
■2 Floor of the Museum
Children's Room
Kaohsiung During the 228 Incident
Museum of Shadow Puppet
Opening hours: Tue. to Sun. 09:00-17:00 (closed on Mon.)
Address: No. 42, Gangshan S. Rd., Gangshan Dist., Kaohsiung City
Website: http://kmsp.khcc.gov.tw
Tel.: 07-6262620 ext. 2806 Fax: 07-6250404
"Boundless Fantasy Puppet World" Is Coming! –
Creative Multi-Material Puppets Exhibition
The puppets, made with diverse materials, are exhibited in interactive, amusing settings. The
exhibition demonstrates a kaleidoscope of prolific contemporary puppet arts that are different from
the traditional ones, which bring about innovative ideas in puppet arts.
The Shadow Puppet Weekend Show/Class
The Kaohsiung Museum of Shadow Puppet Workshop
4/3-4/14 ■Jhih-Mei Gallery
The Pursuit of Art—
Li Yu-Jin’s
Sculptural Art Exhibition
On the 2nd and 4th Sundays of every month, the museum has invited student creative puppet troupes to perform in the theater
to provide you with different puppet arts visual sensations. Creative puppet DiY classes are also offered. Tickets can be requested
at the Kaohsiung Museum of Shadow Puppet and Jhihshan Hall of the Cultural Center. (For more information on registration and
ticket enquiry, please consult the Kaohsiung Museum of Shadow Puppet official website).
Kaohsiung Cultural Center Exhibition Galleries
A Night of Chamber Music
■Presented and performed by: The Creation Opera institute ■Tel.:07-5370001 ■Tickets: NT$200, 300, 500, 800
■Presented by: The Feng-si Junior High School
■Entry: request a ticket
This concert will introduce various types of music including
percussion ensemble, wind ensemble, string ensemble,
orchestral ensemble, violin concerto, and percussion concerto.
Richard Lin ; Ascending to the Clouds, Roaming with the Moon ; Multiple media ; 40×139cm ; 2009 ; Collection of Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
Come! Silently open up a Pandora's box within you to bring back that little child who was hidden in your
consciousness who likes crying, laughing and playing around.
Opera Institute: Joint Concert with Zeng Weicheng and Chen Guanjie
The 2015 Result
Presentation Concert by the
Music Class of the Feng-si
Junior High School
In 2010, the KMFA held the One Is Everything: 50 Years of Works by Richard Lin exhibition,
giving local viewers a comprehensive introduction to Richard Lin, a master of modernism
who was born in Taiwan, moved abroad, and engaged actively in artistic creation across
different fields of both Eastern and Western art. Regrettably, Lin passed away in 2011 and
Ms. Yan Siao-liang, his wife, decided to donate a generous quantity of his works to the
KMFA. Three years after Lin’s passing, the KMFA holds this exhibition, displaying mostly
the works from Ms. Yan’s donations and several works borrowed from other art institutions.
It is hoped that, through this exhibition, the public can appreciate again the works of an art
master who has left the world and also appreciate the timeless values of art.
Long Long Time Ago
5/5 Tue. 19:30 Annual Performance by the Creation
4/1 Wed. 19:30
An Instant is Eternity—
2015 Exhibition of Richard Lin: Donations to the Museum Collection
2/17-4/12 ■Dayong Warehouse C5
■Presented and performed by:
The Chuang Chia-Liang Guitar Ensemble
■Tel.: 07-2256360
■Tickets: NT$500, 800, 1000
Artemis Yen Piano Recital 2015-1
“Saisons Russes”
2.7-9.6 ■KMFA Galleries 104-105
■Artists: Olivier Chen, Lolita Shang, Vivi girl
■Presented by: The National Kaohsiung Normal University
■Performing company: The Music Department,
the National Kaohsiung Normal University
■Performers: Huang Fung-Yin, Chen Chao-Yin, Wu Ya-Hsin,
Lin Hsin-Chieh, Chou Chao-i, Chen Chih-Yu, Huang Chu-Han,
Tang Hui-Ru, Lin Shin-Shin, Chuang Meng-Hsun, Akris Hung,
Yeh Min-Ho, Liou Jyunyi, Lin An-Ti, Tang Dawei,
Tian Jhihsheng, and Pan Trzu-Tung
■Tel.: 07-7172930 ext. 3302 (Ms. Huang)
■Entry: request a ticket
■Presented by:
The Education Bureau (of the Kaohsiung City Government)
■Performing company: The Chung-Hwa School of Arts
■Tel.: 07-5549696 ■Entry: request a ticket
Taiwan, a beautiful island on the circum-Pacific island arc, attracted missionaries and scholars from the West hundreds of years
ago, later became home to people migrating out of China after WWII, and then received people migrating from countries south of it
during its economic take-off. Nowadays, more and more people in Taiwan have emigrated or are emigrating to other places on the
world map amidst the trend of globalization. There is no telling now which place is the place
of origin and which is a foreign place for people originally living in Taiwan and for those from
other countries. Through the imagination of “traveling” and “ocean,” this exhibition creates for
viewers imaginative experiences of landing onshore in the south of Taiwan after a seaborne
voyage. The works in this exhibition are mostly the contemporary works collected by KMFA.
In this exhibition, viewers can be temporarily released from the positions as “spectators” or
“local people” and put themselves into the shoes of “foreigners”, appreciating the stories
about “here” and “there”, about different people immigrating into or emigrating out of this
A Glimpse of the Exhibition
Flash.Poppy.Red Ribbon
4/29 Wed. 19:30
Exhibition with the
Chung-Hwa School of
A Voyage to the South– Contemporary Images from the Museum Collection
3/7-4/12 ■Dayi Warehouse C8-1
4/19 Sun. 19:30
4/22 Wed. 19:30
1.31-6.28 ■KMFA Galleries 101-103
Small Show Window Spring Arts Exhibition
■Presented and performed by:
The Kaohsiung Youth Wind Orchestra
■Tel.: 0974-092206 ■Tickets: NT$250
Remembering Old Songs:
The 2015 Huqin Recital
with Chen Jianming
Chiu-Ter Chiu ; Entertain ; Glass mixed media ; 70×30×126cm ; 2009
3/7-4/12 ■Dayi Warehouse C6-5
■Presented by: The Shih Chien University (Kaohsiung Campus)
■Performing company: The Department of Applied English,
the Shih Chien University (Kaohsiung Campus)
■Tel.: 0987-001910 Tina/ 0978-031332 Aden
■Entry: request a ticket
The “Art Show Series” with the
Chung-Hwa School of Arts: Dream
Factory in the Divine Mountains
Chiu-Ter Chiu has been persistently working with glass for over twenty years, fascinated by the
unique beauty in the plasticity and crystal clear quality of glass, Chiu’s research focuses on the artistic
presentation of glass, as well as exploring the mysterious and beautiful charm of glass as a material.
Presenting forms and expressions from continuous melting and seizing experiment performed at high
temperature; from the deconstruction of shape and color, seeking out new imagery and emotions
that develops on the traditional style, using abstract art forms to express the inner feelings and
contemplates the encounter of ideas. Chiu’s inspiration originates from an intuitive feel for the beauty
and harmony of nature, so themes and concepts of Chiu’s work are often based on the response to life
experiences and emotions, hoping to create a new artistic expression and context.
■Artists:Lee Han-ching, Lin Sih-ying, Shih Yung-chun, Yuan Zhi-jie, Shimada So, Chen Ching-yuan,
Huang Hai-hsin, Liu Yao-chung, Lai Wei-yu, Lo Tian-yu, Naufus Ramirez-Fiqueroa
4/25 Wed. 19:30 The 4th
4.11-7.12 ■KMFA Galleries 301-304
Gallery for Citizens:
Banquet of Lights and Chromas - Glass Art of Chiu-Ter Chiu
The Theater of the Absurd
Entry: Pick up a ticket (available 7 days in advance at the
Jhihshan Hall 1st floor service desk from 8:00-17:00,
maximum 2 tickets/person, first come, first served)
Kusama Yayoi ; SHO-CHAN / TOKO-CHAN / KENJI-CHAN / OHCHAN / JIRO-CHAN / TATCHAN ; F.R.P. (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic),
urethane paint ; 28×88×H68cm/ 48×101×H80cm/ 60×134×H94cm/ 28×88×H68cm; 48×101×H80cm/ 60×134×H94cm ; 2013
3.28-5.24 ■KMFA Galleries B01
※ The “Hours of New Sounds” is dedicated to providing
a platform for young bands to present their music and
to gain onstage performance experiences.
■Presented by: The Bureau of Cultural Affairs (of the Kaohsiung City Government)
and the Kaohsiung Philharmonic Cultural & Arts Foundation ■Performing company: Ballet Preljocaj ■Tel.: 07-2253530
■Tickets: NT$600, 900, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2200, 2500, 3000 (enquire at the NTCH Ticketing System)
Ballet Preljocaj, a dance company that has enjoyed high popularity and praises from dance critics all around the world, will visit Taiwan
once again. This time Ballet Preljocaj will present a performance called “The Nights.” “The Nights,” which premiered at the Chaillot National
Theater in 2013, was well received by the media and the public; the Ballet Preljocaj subsequently received invitations from around the
world requesting to see the said performance. This performance in Kaohsiung will mark the first-ever performance of "The Night" in Asia.
Be sure to seize this rare opportunity and experience the exciting and mysterious Arab contemporary dance performance.
“A Story by the Triumphal
Arch”: The 2015 Duet with
Daniel Hung and Cheng
Address: No. 80, Meishuguan Road, Kaohsiung 80460, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel.: 07-5550331
Fax: 07-5550307
Opening hours: Tue. – Sun. 9:30 AM-5:30 PM (closed on Mon.)
Museum of Fine Arts
Address: 2F., No.33, Ln. 285, Zihciang 3rd Rd.,
Cianjin Dist., Kaohsiung City
Tel: 07-2219068 Opening hours: 19:00-03:00 (closed Tue.)
Website: http://www.facebook.com/lot33
Lot 33 Live House provides all different kinds of daily music,
offering Latin Jazz on Wednesdays, and pop music on
Fridays. Customers who enjoy a young, lively atmosphere
are welcome to visit us on Saturdays.
[Live show times and performers]
Every Mon. │20:00-20:45│Yician
│22:30-23:15│Siaoding and 33 Band
│23:45-00:30│Kaiya and 33 Band
Every Wed. │20:00-20:45│Linmin
│21:15-22:00│Siao Guei and Jhao Jhih
│22:30-23:15│Siao A and 33 Band
│23:45-00:30│Ayan, Amei and 33 Band
Every Thu. │20:00-20:45│QiQi
│22:30-00:15│Dumu and Naga Band
Every Fri. │20:00-20:45│Awei and Adan
│21:15-22:00│Siao Yi and Yiwun
│22:30-23:15│Caitong and 33 Band
│23:45-00:30│Siao Guei, Chocolate
and 33 Band
│00:45-01:30│Yunjhen and Siaohei
Every Sat. │20:00-20:45│Ming Zong
│21:15-22:00│Jianyi and Yiwun
│22:30-23:15│Jiechen, Dumu
and Naga Band
│23:45-00:30│Dumu, Jiechen and Naga Band
│00:45-01:30│Siao A and Aren
Every Sun. │20:00-20:45│Baiyue
│21:15-22:00│The Hours of New Sounds
4/5 DAMA
4/12 Aerobic Oasis
4/19 The Jump Band
4/26 The Girl’s Mood
│22:30-23:15│Carey and Naga Band
│23:45-00:30│Cai Jhong-Ying, Amei, and
Naga Band
5/2 Sat. 19:30, 5/3 Sun. 14:30 “The Nights” Presented by the 2015 KSAF
4/10 Fri. 19:30
4/23 Thu. 19:00 • 5/3 Sun. 14:00 • 5/5 Tue. 19:00
4/26 Sun. 19:00 • 5/1 Fri. 14:00 • 5/2 Sat. 16:30
Piano and Percussion
Music with Li ShangSyuan
■Presented by: The Kaohsiung Citizens
■Tickets: NT$350 (enquire at the ERA Ticketing System)
in Nov. 2013, street performer Li Shang-Hsuan participated in
The 3rd international Piano Festival by People with Disabilities
Vienna. Li came in first place in the B Group (people with
autism). This year, he will put his piano and percussion music
on display.
On Tue., Thu. and Sat. of every week, the Fu Hsing Ko Shadow Puppet Troupe, the Yung Shing Le Shadow Troupe, the Tunghua
Shadow Puppet Theater and the Kaohsiung Shadow Puppet Theater have been invited to the Kaohsiung Museum of Shadow
Puppet to tell visitors stories of the past, deliver shadow puppet performances, and host shadow puppet workshops. These
shadow puppet troupes will share with visitors the beauty of traditional theatrical performances.
Address: No. 42, Gangshan S. Rd., Gangshan Dist., Kaohsiung City
Cultural Center
(From MRT Red Line -Gangshan South MRT Station Exit No. 1 and walk for 5 minutes)
Website: http://gangshan.khcc.gov.tw Tel. / Fax: 07-6262620 / 07-6260664
Performance Hall entry: Pick up a ticket (available 7 days in advance at Gangshan Cultural Center
Service Counter, maximum 2 tickets/person, first come, first served)
Gallery opening hours: Tue. - Thu., Sun. 10:30-17:30; Fri. and Sat. 10:30-20:00 (Closed on every Mon.)
How to enter? Pick up a ticket at the Gangshan Cultural Center Service Counter (tickets are available 7 days before the day of the exhibition).
Maximum 2 tickets per person; first come, first served.
4/10 Fri. 19:00
4/12 Sun. 11:00
Music and Dance
in the Air
The Spring Concert
■Performing company:
The Gangshang
Junior High School
■Entry: request a ticket
■Tel.: The Gangshang Junior High School
(Mr. Chen, 07-6212219 ext. 212)
To provide students with a platform to showcase their
talent and to engage in healthy leisure activities, the
Gangshang Junior High School has organized various
performances including dances, music, sports, and
cultural sports. These events serve the purpose of social
education and help students cultivate their morality.
4/11 Sat. 14:00
The 2015 Art
by the National Kangshan Senior
High School
■Performing company:
The National Kangshan Senior High School
■Entry: request a ticket
■Tel.: The National Kangshan Senior High School
The Kangshan Senior High School is devoted to
promoting art education, introducing art and cultural
activities to the school curriculum and in-school activities.
The art achievement presentation will showcase the
progresses that the students have made.
■Performing company:
The Kaiyue Short-Term Music Class
■Entry: request a ticket
■Tel.: The Kaiyue Short-Term Music Class
To promote music education, the Kaiyue Short-Term Music
Class will host the Spring Concert to provide children with an
opportunity to perform and showcase their skills in percussion
music. The repertoire will include “The Whistler and His Dog,”
“Blues,” “Touring the Plains in a Carriage,” and “The Song of the
Nightingales.” These performances will be delivered in the form
of an ensemble.
4/18 Sat. 19:30
Chinese Music Concerts
Series at Gangshan &
Dadong IX: Celebrating
the Arrival of the Spring
■Presented by:
The Kaohsiung Philharmonic Cultural & Arts Foundation
■Performing company: The Kaohsiung Chinese Orchestra
■Performers: Conductor/ Kuo Che-Cheng;
erhu/ Hsueh Ching-Li; and suona/ Sun Pei-Yuan
■Tickets: NT$ 200, 300, 500
(enquire at the ERA Ticketing System)
■Tel.: The Kaohsiung Chinese Orchestra (07-7436633) and the
ERA Ticketing System (07-2256360)
Conducted by Deputy Executive Director Kuo Che-Cheng of the
Kaohsiung Philharmonic Cultural & Arts Foundation, this concert
will introduce a selection of music performances including
ensemble and concerto.
4/23 Thu. 19:00 The Holy Light Concert: Eternal Love
■Performing company: The Muen Chamber Orchestra
■Tickets: NT$ 300, 500, 800 (enquire at the NTCH Ticketing System) ■Tel.: Ms. Cai Suping (07-9537333 ext. 187)
To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Holy Light Theological Seminary (HLTS), the HLTS will host a series of activities,
inviting senior American conductor Dr. Joe Noble to produce and conduct symphony, vocal, and choral music. Let us enjoy the
blessings from god as we listen to beautiful music and songs.
4/1-4/12 The 2014 Cultural and Creative Fashion Style Event:
■Presented by: The Bureau of Cultural Affairs (of the Kaohsiung
City Government) and the Kaohsiung Philharmonic Cultural &
Arts Foundation
■Performing companies: Conductor/Yang Chih-Chin; Soloist/
David Kadouch; and the Kaohsiung
Symphony Orchestra
■Tel.: 07-2253530
■Tickets: NT$500, 800, 1000, 1200,
1500, 2000, 2500 (enquire at the
NTCH Ticketing System)
David Kadouch, winner of the 2005
international Beethoven Piano Competition and the 2009
Leeds international Piano Competition, is a renowned French
pianist who also won the Rookie of the Year Award at the NRJ
Music Awards and the Young Artist of the Year Award at the
international Classical Music Awards. This will be Kadouch’s
first-ever performance in Taiwan and with the Kaohsiung
Symphony Orchestra, making it a must-attend event for pianobased classical music aficionados.
■Presented and performed by:
The Kaohsiung Municipal Sih-wei Primary School
■Tel.: 07-3348199 ■Entry: request a ticket
The Kaohsiung Municipal Sih-wei Primary School has spared
no effort in the development of music, participating in the
National Student Music Competition every year and winning
numerous awards. To enrich students’ onstage performance
experience, annual concerts are held that showcase the
learning results of these students.
Having made her name in New York’s avant-garde art scene since the late 1950s, Kusama Yayoi (Japanese, 1929- ) has worked
in a wide variety of styles and media, including surrealism, abstract expressionism, minimalism, pop art, performance art, etc.,
and still continues to dazzle the world with her iconic polka dots. She has held many large retrospective and touring exhibitions
at major modern art museums in Europe and America in recent years, receiving a highly
favorable response, and has collaborated with Louis Vuitton, launching a Kusama fashion
trend. This Asian touring exhibition got underway in 2013; after touring to Daegu,
Shanghai, and Seoul, it will come to Taiwan in 2015 and first be held at the Kaohsiung
Museum of Fine Arts. The exhibition showcases Kusama’s most recent works while
presenting the rich creative context and unique features of her art from the past six
decades. Containing close to 120 artworks: paintings, sculptures, installations, and
video works, this Kusama solo exhibition will be unprecedented in Taiwan.
KUSAMA YAYOI, A Dream I Dreamed
Presentation of Works by the Graduating Class of the
Department of Fashion & Cosmetology Design, the Tung
Fang Design Institute
The 2014 Cultural and Creative Fashion Style Event will present works by the graduating class of the Tung Fang Design institute
that had been inspired by the concept of “cultural creativity.” These works showcase how the theme of cultural creativity can
be used in the field of fashion style to highlight, strengthen, and innovate designs.
The unlimited possibilities of the world are examined through
the eyes of the painter. The exhibition will introduce abstract
ink paintings, landscape paintings, paintings of flowers and
birds, and colored ink paintings.
in the paintings of Chen Jui-Hu,
viewers will be able to feel the life of
rural regions through his masterful use of a single painting
knife to portray these vivid images. These nostalgic pictures
are deep and inspiring.
A Reflection of the
Heart: Ye Tingruei’s
Solo Exhibition
Chen Jui-Hu’s Oil
Painting Exhibition
Kaohsiung Art GO GO
Publishing house
Shih Che
Liu Xiu-Mei, Guo Tian Guei, Chen Mei-Ying, Shih Ya-Fang
Bureau of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung City Government
No.67, Wufu 1st Rd., Lingya District, Kaohsiung City 802
2015 April
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aspx , leave your e-mail address, and we will
regularly send you the latest Kaohsiung
Art Go Go (online edition) – you’ll get the
latest art and culture news immediately!
4/29 Wed. 19:00
Results Presentation
by the Music Class of
the National Tainan
Girls’ Senior High School
■Presented by: The National Tainan Girls’ Senior High School
■Entry: request a ticket (tickets available at the National Tainan
Girls’ Senior High School, the Tainan Municipal Cultural Center,
the Kaohsiung City Dadong Arts Center, the K.H.S. Musical
instruments Co., Ltd., and Kawai)
This year will mark the 30th anniversary of the music class of
the National Tainan Girls’ Senior High School. With “honoring
30” as this year’s theme, the music class will break the
boundaries of tradition and introduce a new future.
4/30 Thu. 19:30
Classic Brilliance,
“The Nights”
■Presented by: The Affiliated Senior
High School of National Taiwan Normal
■Tickets: NT$200, 300, 500 (enquire at the NTCH Ticketing
A concert held to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the music
class of the Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan
Normal University. Together with alumnus Lu Yi-Chih, classical
masterpieces such as Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 1 and
Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade will be performed.
Opening hours: (Tue. to Sun.) from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.; closed on Mon.
Tel.: 07-5719973 Address: No.701, Cijin 2nd Rd., Cijin Dist., Kaohsiung City
Admission is free
The Theme Hall of the War and Peace Memorial Park beside the Cijin Wind Turbine Park was
completed on May 20, 2009. The War and Peace Memorial Park is Taiwan´s only park that
commemorates Taiwanese soldiers (former Taiwanese military veterans) who died in the Greater
East Asia War, the Chinese Civil War, and the Korean War. The park also honors Taiwanese soldiers
who were sent to China and Southeast Asia to engage in the various historical battles.
The Theme Hall exhibits a variety of artifacts and historical data about Taiwanese veterans,
including the history of the struggles encountered by Hsu Chao-Jung in his efforts to fight for the
interests of the Taiwanese veterans as well as documentaries on Taiwanese soldiers. The Theme
Hall regularly hosts memorial ceremonies for Taiwanese soldiers, cultural promotion-related
activities, and historical research events.
■How to visit the War and Peace Memorial Park:
1. By car: Go to Cijin by taking the Kaohsiung Harbor Cross-Harbor Tunnel and stay on Cijin 2nd Rd.
The War and Peace Memorial Park is beside the Cijin Wind Turbine Park.
2. By the Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit (KMRT): Get off at the Sizihwan Station (Orange Line) and
take the ferry at Gushan Ferry Terminal to Cijin. Rent a bicycle and ride to Cijin 2nd Rd.
Performance Hall
The 2015 Sih-wei Children Concert
“The Witch’s Candy House”
Presented by the 2015 KSAF
Jazz Kaleidoscope
Blue Fantasy
Jhihshan Hall, Cultural Center
2.7-5.17 ■KMFA Galleries 201-203
Alain Guiraudie
97 min│PG│3F│Tickets for Sale
Hafsia Herzi, Ludovic Berthillot
★2009 Cahiers du Cinema –
Top 10 Movies of the Year No. 8
★2009 Gijón International Film Festival –
Special Jury Award
Armand, a man who sells farm machines in the country, is
a popular middle-aged homosexual. Just as he was getting
sick of life, he falls in love with a young girl called Curlie and
goes on the run from her parents and the police.
Special Exhibition
• For actual programs, please refer to the announcements at each
Jhihde Hall,Cultural Center
Happy Together
Lot33 Live House
In Our Time
Address: Penglai Warehouse B10, Pier-2 Art Center
(No.99, Penglai Rd., Gushan Dist., Kaohsiung)
Tel: 07-5210017
Opening hours: Weekdays 14:00-00:00; weekends and
Opening hours: holidays 11:00-00:00; closed on the last
Opening hours: Tuesday of every month
Website: Facebook/ In Our Time
With the core concept being a “visible radio station,” In
Our Time provides live performances that attach great
importance to the sound quality of performers and
concurrently broadcasts it live on an Internet radio station.
In addition, through the interaction between the host
and performers, the audience is able to understand the
performers and their creative ideas much more deeply.
[Live show times and performers]
4/3 Fri. │19:30-21:30│The Bigwig Band
4/4 Sat. │19:30-21:30│Hakka Folk Songs- Huang Pei-Shu
(singer) /w special guest Hsieh
4/5 Sun. │19:30-21:30│Korean-American musician Ga
Ram Heo, presenting solo album
“The Light”
(/w special guest Morrison Wu)
4/12 Sun.│19:30-21:30│Anie Fann, presenting album
“Maybe, He Wants to Ask Me
Out” in tour concert
(/w Su-Jer, acoustic guitar; and
Haojhih, djembe)
4/17 Fri. │19:30-21:30│The Metro Vocal Group─Live
Concert Without Borders
4/18 Sat. │19:30-21:30│Dinner Jazz Concert with the
Interestring Quartet
4/25 Sat. │19:30-21:30│The Seafood Band/The Joker Band
4/21 Tue. 19:00 • 4/24 Fri. 19:00 • 4/28 Tue. 14:00 • 5/3 Sun. 16:30
Van Gogh
Speaking Out for the Beauty and Kindness of Taiwan
Pop music singers and bands performing in Kaohsiung's
restaurants, pubs and cafés help enrich the night life of the city,
and make the pop music environment more dynamic.
Residents of the Kaohsiung city are welcomed to visit the following
locations to experience through live performances the ad-lib power
of these singers and musicians.
Le Roi de l’evasion
Claude Miller
France│2007│35mm│Color│100 min│PG│3F│Tickets for
Cécile de France, Patrick Bruel, Ludivine Sagnier
★2008 César Awards, France – Best Supporting Actress
★2007 Montréal World Film Festival – Grand Prix des Amériques
François Grimbert grows up in Paris in the 1950s. He is the skinny, sickly son of two marvelously
athletic parents. For a while, he dreams of a stronger, fitter, more charismatic older brother to
compensate for his own feelings of inadequacy. Only gradually does he learn of his parents'
tragic past and that he has a sibling — a half-brother named Simon, his father's first son. Simon
is the big secret, but the discovery opens the door to further revelations and deeper enigmas.
François knows that his parents met sometime around the war, and he imagines their courtship
and marriage in the shadow of atrocities which nobody talks about any more.
4/24 Fri. 14:00 • 4/28 Tue. 19:00 • 5/2 Sat. 14:00 • 5/6 Wed. 14:00
Live Music
Un secret
Location of Literary Activities
If the names, venues and dates of events change,
please go to our website: www.khcc.gov.tw for the latest news.
Kaohsiung Pier-2 Art Center
No.1, Dayong Rd., Yancheng Dist., Kaohsiung City 803, Taiwan ( R.O.C. )
Kaohsiung Music Center
No.99, Hesi Rd., Yancheng Dist., Kaohsiung City 803, Taiwan ( R.O.C. )
Kaohsiung Main Public Library
No.61, Singuang Rd., Cianjhen Dist., Kaohsiung City 806, Taiwan ( R.O.C. )
Cultural Center
No.67, Wufu 1st Rd., Lingya Dist., Kaohsiung City 802, Taiwan ( R.O.C. )
Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
07-5550331 ext.235
No.80, Meishuguan Rd., Gushan Dist., Kaohsiung City 804, Taiwan ( R.O.C. )
Kaohsiung Museum of History
No.272, Jhongjheng 4th Rd., Yancheng Dist., Kaohsiung City 803, Taiwan ( R.O.C. )
The Fongyi Academy
No. 62, Fongming St., Fongshan Dist., Kaohsiung City 830, Taiwan ( R.O.C. )
Kaohsiung Film Archive
No.10, Hesi Rd., Yancheng Dist., Kaohsiung City 803, Taiwan ( R.O.C. )
Hongmaogang Cultural Park
No.2808, Nanxing Rd., Siaogang Dist., Kaohsiung City 812, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Preparatory Office of the Wei Wu Ying Center for the Art
No.449-1, Nanjing Rd., Fongshan Dist., Kaohsiung City 830, Taiwan ( R.O.C. )
Gangshan Cultural Center
No. 42, Gangshan S. Rd., Gangshan Dist., Kaohsiung City 820, Taiwan ( R.O.C. )
Dadong Arts Center
No.161, Guangyuan Rd., Fongshan Dist., Kaohsiung City 830, Taiwan ( R.O.C. )
The British Consulate at Takow
No.20, Lianhai Rd., Gushan Dist., Kaohsiung City 804, Taiwan (R.O.C.)