Holiday Placemats and Cards

Holiday Placemats and Cards
Most of the low-income seniors we serve are without family the
majority of the year. Receiving a handmade placemat or card
from a child is the hug that makes the meal they receive on
the holiday even more special.
You can make a difference:
Consider making placemats or cards with children at home, school, church
or gathered together for extracurricular activities. You can also encourage
young adults to organize placemat or card making groups as part of their
leadership requirements for school, church, or extracurricular activities.
Please , have fun with the process.
In our case , it truly is the thought that counts!
Placemats and cards can be any size on any type of material that makers
have on hand. Please use any decorating supplies you would like as well:
markers, crayons, sequins, stickers, pompoms, buttons, googly eyes, etc.
Ideas for content: holiday messages, holiday pictures, child/senior-friendly
jokes, words of encouragement, etc.
We serve over 4,000 meals each holiday. Please feel free to make as many
placemats as you would like.
Donations of ANY size are much appreciated!!
Please contact our office with any questions or to coordinate drop-off dates/times.
414.444.6544  3073 S. Chase Ave, Suite #210, Milw., WI, 53207 