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“I can't begin to tell
you how much it
helped having Daisy
C.H.A.I.N. come to our
house to provide an
essential service to a
newborn baby and
~a New-Mother in
“I was so grateful to
have Daisy C.H.A.I.N.
to turn to...I always
felt like I had all
their attention.
Months later, the
women continued to
check in on me
continue to strive for
excellence in their
~ a New-Family in
Jefferson Westside
Visit us at 13th & Lawrence!
Thursdays 12pm -2pm
Fridays 2pm-5pm
*Ask about using the center for your
class or group!*
Neighborhood New-Mothering Center is a
clean, safe, fun and nonjudgemental
community center.
" %
We address
barriers to
success by
providing wrap
around support.
All programs FREE to clients
(541) 505-1139
A nonprofit organization shifting the
cultural paradigm of postpartum care by
bridging gaps and providing the community
with research and evidence based support
services and education for new-mothers and
their families.
1262 Lawrence #3
Eugene, Oregon 97401
[email protected]
"The benefits of improved breastfeeding rates for mothers, babies, and
society as a whole are substantial and undeniable.We can't simply place
the responsibility for this essential practice on mothers but must enact
social policies that support and encourage mothers in doing what is best
for themselves, their children, and our society."©
Because ALL women deserve
postpartum doula care and
breastfeeding support from qualified
professionals in their community.
Our FREE Programs:
Community Alliances and Ways to Support!
Lactation Internships Available!
Daisy C.H.A.I.N. is proud to be the only
community-based agency in Lane County to
receive the International CARE Award!
Participate in public
breastfeeding awareness
sticker campaign every third
Monday in collaboration with
Available to ALL FAMILIES welcoming a new
baby through birth or adoption:
Prenatal Meeting
Gently used baby clothing, items,
McKenzie Milky Mamas: Pregnancy,
Breastfeeding, Parenting Peer Group
In-home Postpartum Doula Care
In-home Breastfeeding Support from
International Board Certified Lactation
Consultant (IBCLC)
Nursing Nook: Weekly walk-In
breastfeeding support from an IBCLC,
baby scale available
24 hour text/email/phone support
Available to
Baby Pop Music with Stardust
Round Room Reviews with film
screenings and seminars
Public Breastfeeding Awareness
Teen Breastfeeding Education in
collaboration with local districts
call or email for details!
We are staffed by dedicated
volunteers who are passionate
about the work they do!
Read and write
in the
These are
guest editorials
written by
intended to
share their Life
experiences &
to open a
dialogue on
highlighting our
MotherWork: the choices we make
everyday as new- mothers.
Submissions welcome, email today!
Visit to
check out our many Alliances with
Local Artisans, Crafters, Artists,
Authors, and Musicians!
Each donates a portion of their
proceeds to Daisy C.H.A.I.N.!
Mayor Christine Lundberg
of Springfield
with Board Members for
Proclamation World Breastfeeding
Week first Week of August!
Board of Directors
Liesha Morgan
Owner McKenzie River Maples
! #($)
Marianne Senhouse, BS
OSP Forensic Scientist I
! #)%%
Lesa Marlowe, CAPPA Trained
Professional Postpartum Doula
Jaclyn Mahoney, MA
Certificate Nonprofit Management
Board Secretary
Jennie Hawthorn Mayes, MA
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
Board President
Baby-wrapping at
Brattain House
with Volunteer
Doula Lesa!
%)!$&% "