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Public Welcome | Richardson Hall
TUESDAYS | 12-1 PM | RH313
April 7 | Kevin Boston | Forest Planning, Agency Deference Now, and
Questions for the Future | New forest planning rules require the use of the “Best Available Science.”
What is “Best Available Science,” and who determines its meaning?
April 14 | Claire Montgomery* | Least Cost Connections for Grizzlies and Wolverines: optimal multispecies corridor design for the real world |
*Co-authors: Bistra Dilkina (computer science, Georgia Tech), Michael Schwarz and Kevin McKelvey (wildlife
population biologists/modelers, USFS RMRS), Rachel Houtman (forest economist and FRA at
OSU COF), Tabitha Graves (ecologist USGS N Rockies)
April 21 | Sean Hammond | Human Macroecology: Food, Storage, Transportation, and Human Civilization | A look into complex systems that show scaling relationships
for how human systems function (and malfunction).
May 12 | Dan Luoma | Removing trees for healthy forests: impacts on
the American matsutake mushroom resource | An overview of the interdisciplinary
aspects and science findings that assessed impacts of active forest management on the persistence of
American matsutake shiros (mycelia colonies) in the soil.
May 19 | Emily Jane Davis and Cass Moseley (UO) | Ecology,
Community, and Democracy: the Ecosystem Workforce Program and Applied
Research Needs in Oregon | A discussion of the mission and major research contributions of the
Ecosystem Workforce Program, formed to assist socioeconomic changes and challenges that followed the NW
Forest Plan of 1994.
May 26 | Mark Harmon, Tom Spies, and Jeff Kline | Carbon, Wood
Products, and Wildlife: A framework to explore natural resource trade-offs |
A simulation model-based framework that explores potential outcomes of carbon stores, wood products, and
wildlife species for a diverse set of forest management systems.
June 2| Kreg Lindberg | As Paul goes, so goes Garibaldi: Interdependence
of Individual Well Being and Community Resilience on Oregon’s North Coast |
A presentation covering the results of a pilot project in Garibaldi and Manzanita on Oregon’s North Coast.
Graduate Seminar | 1 Credit | FES 507 | CRN 60548