FREIF at Oxley Investor Update – March 2015

as at 31 March 2015
The Centre continues to perform well. As
at the end of February, the Centre’s
moving annual sales turnover was $30.8
million, up from $30.1 million in January
and $26.7 million in June. Importantly,
February sales were 28% higher than the
same month in the prior year, which was
driven by a 39% increase in the
Woolworths’ turnover. This sales growth is
confirmation that customers are shifting
their grocery shopping to the Centre.
The vacant 40 square metre store on the
street front has now been leased to the
adjoining barber, who has expanded,
following the success of their existing
Discussions continue with a potential
tenant in relation to the Centre’s remaining
vacancy of 80 square metres. However, at
the time of reporting, a lease had yet to be
signed. The Vendor’s rental guarantee
remains in place until the earlier of a lease
commencing or April 2016.
The distribution for the March Quarter
2015 was 2.0 cents per unit and will be
paid on 20 April 2015. This is in line with
Forecast Distribution FY15
Forecast Tax Deferred FY15
our forecast annualised distribution of
8.0% for FY15.
Fund Gearing
Property Value
Total Assets
Retail investment activity reached $7.5
billion in 2014, surpassing the $7.4 billion
in 2013, an all-time record high for the
third consecutive calendar year.
Gross Debt
Net Assets
Units on Issue
NTA (with mark to market of
interest rate hedges)
NTA (without mark to market
of interest rate hedges)
Fund Expiry
April 2020
Investor demand for neighbourhood retail
centres has continued in the 1st quarter of
2015. Birkdale Fair, a Woolworths
anchored centre in the eastern suburbs of
Brisbane, sold in March for $23.3 million
on a yield of 7.44%, while Beaudesert
Fair, located between Brisbane and
Ipswich, sold in January for $18.5 million
on yield of 7.4%. These sales compare to
the Fund’s acquisition in April 2014 of The
Station Oxley on an 8.0% yield.
The latest ABS retail sales show that food
retailing grew in February by 1.2% monthon-month, after a 0.8% fall in January.
The trend in food retailing sales is
softening, partly reflecting the strong
competition between the major grocery
retailers which is pushing grocery prices
down. This was highlighted by Woolworths
in their 2nd quarter 2015 market update
where they reported food and liquor
quarterly sales growth (on a like for like
basis) was 1.2%, the lowest since 2012.
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