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17th -21st June 2015
Last Updated 14th April 2015
Tuesday 16th June 2015
Official Opening & Welcome,
Library, Strokestown Park House
Wednesday 17th June 2015
9.30 – 1.00pm
The Great Irish Famine: New perspectives
Strokestown Park House
Paul Strzelecki: a Polish Count and the Great Famine
Prof Christine Kinealy - Quinnipiac University, Connecticut, USA
How people survived the Great Irish Famine,
Dr Ciaran Reilly - Maynooth University, Ireland
“A bioarchaeology of the Great Irish Famine: The Kilkenny Union Workhouse
mass burials”
Dr Jonny Geber - University College Cork, Ireland
Tour of Cruchain Ai- Royal Celtic Site, Tulsk & the 18th Century Windmill,
Bus departs - Event Tent - Bawn St - 2.30pm
Booking Required - €12
Local Craft Display
Percy French Hotel - Free
3.30 pm
‘Blas na Gaelige’ – Learn a few phrases of Irish
Town Library - Free
4.00 pm
Secret Areas of Strokestown Park House Tour
Woodland Walk Cafe - Reception Desk - €5
Free Evening
Thursday 18th June 2015
5.30am (tbc)
Darkness to Light 5 Km Walk to the Tye/Tighe Grave
In memory of the ‘Missing 1490’
9.30 – 1.00pm
The Great Irish Famine Abroad
There Is More to America than America: The Famine Migration to Canada and
the United States Compared
Professor Mark McGowan - University of Toronto, Canada
Irish Famines and Irish Families: Continuity and Change, 1550-1850
Dr Patrick Fitzgerald - Mellon Centre for Migration, Omagh NI
Remembering and commemorating the Famine in Australia
Dr Perry McIntyre - Global Irish Studies Centre, University of New
South Wales
Tour of Rindoon Deserted Medieval Village
Bus departs - Event Tent - Bawn St
Booking Required - €12
Genealogy Centre Workshop
Drama- The murder of Major Mahon, 1847
Strokestown Park House, Library
Booking Required - €5
Friday 19th June 2015
9.30 – 1.00pm
The Great Irish Famine Remembered
Community Commemoration and the Great Famine
Dr Emily Mark-Fitzgerald - University College Dublin, Ireland
Black withered stalks’: Recollecting Wastelands in Early Irish and Irish
Diaspora Famine Fiction
Dr Marguerite Corporaal - Radbound, Nijmegen, Holland
Tracing Irish Famine Orphans in Ontario and Quebec: Remembrance and
Return to Strokestown
Dr Jason King - NUI, Galway, Ireland
1.00 – 3.00pm
Secret Tour of Strokestown Park Estate & a ‘Taste of Famine Times’ - Soyer
Soup & Maize Bread,
upstairs in the Woodland Walk Restaurant, Booking Required - €5
2.30 – 5.30pm
Tour of Roscommon Workhouse & Quaker Meeting House
Bus departs - Event Tent - Bawn St - 2.30pm
Booking Required - €12
Sliabh Ban Walk through the Ages
(Meet at the Event Tent)
History Hedge School
Percy French Hotel – Ballroom
Booking Required - €10
'The Great Irish Famine: Past, present and future' [Title tbc]
Professor Christine Kinealy
Professor Mark McGowan
Dr Emily Mark Fitzgerald
Saturday, 20th June 2015
4th International Famine Conference
The local and regional impact of the Great Irish Famine
- 9.20
- 9.30
Welcome, John O’Driscoll, General Manager & Curator, Irish National Famine
– 10.45:
Session 1
Bryan MacMahon,
Rob Goodbody,
Michael Murphy,
Heroes in word and deed: some priests of the Tralee area in 1847
Limerick Quakers and the Great Famine
Famine in North East Cork, through a cartographers eye
10.45 - 11.15
Tea & Coffee
11.15 - 12.30:
Session 2
Ciaran McCabe,
‘Apparently very decent and deserving: Quaker relief efforts among the Famine
poor of Dublin city’
‘Starvation in the midst of plenty’: Famine in county Meath, 1845-51
Spatial and social impact of the Great Famine in Mullingar Poor Law Union
Peter Connell,
Seamus O’Brien,
12.30 - 1.45:
Session 3 (a)
- 3.00:
Anne Casement,
Robyn Acheson,
Pat Holland,
Leinster (1)
Panel - Ulster
The management of the Londonderry estates in Ulster during the Great Famine
Charity, disease and the workhouse: the Famine in Belfast
Miss Johnston's diary of the Great Famine: A day by day account of the Famine
in East Donegal, as seen by the teenage girl of the gentry
Session 3 (b)
Panel - Connaught
Fiona White,
The Famine in Kilchreest, county Galway
'A wild and miserable place': the forgotten famine in the west of Ireland and
the origins of Mr Tuke's Fund, 1879-1884
The Moore Hall estate, county Mayo during the Famine
Short Break
Gerry Daly,
Regina Donlon,
- 3.15
Saturday, 20th June 2015 (continued)
- 4.30
Session 4 (a)
Gerard MacAtasney,
Croná Cassidy,
Richard McCready,
Panel - Ulster & Scotland
The Protestants of Ulster: Famine Denial?
The Case of Stranorlar, (Co. Donegal) Poor Law Union
The impact of the Great Irish Famine on Dundee
Session 4 (b)
Panel - Britain and Australia
Saoirse Reynolds,
Kay Caball,
Sean Neary,
'Crime and Punishment: The Irish in Swansea, Wales
‘Was the Earl Grey Scheme an opportunity or a tragedy for the Kerry girls?’
Barefoot but not Pregnant! Emigration to Australia of 110 Roscommon Girls,
Keynote Address
- 5.30
Professor Peter Gray (Queens University Belfast),
‘Locality and Region in the Making of British Famine Policy’
Conference & Summer School Dinner
Strokestown Park House
Pre-Dinner Drinks in the Library
Booking Required - € 50
Sunday 21st June 2015
– 10.45:
Anne O’Leary,
Charles Egan,
Caroilin Callery,
Session 1 (a)
‘The tribal imperative in Tom Murphy’s play, Famine’
Famine Roads in East Mayo. A true life story
‘Connection & Re-connection: Youth Arts & Community Theatre’
Session 1 (b)
Brian Donavan,
Jarlath McNamara,
Michael Blanch,
Panel: Theatre, fiction and commemoration
Panel: New Sources & Projects
Documenting the pre-Famine population of the West: micro-loan records
‘Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore, Famine Refugee: his impact and influence on the
music of America and the development of music of Ireland’
The CCIFV Marker Project: Remembering unmarked mass graves
10.45 - 11.15
Tea & Coffee
11.15 – 12.30:
Session 2 (a)
Brendan Matthews,
Fidelma Byrne,
Jacqueline Crowley,
‘Drogheda & the Ottoman Ships of 1847: Unravelling this extraordinary tale’
‘The departed’: Famine footprints on a Wicklow townland
‘Famine and the transfer of property ownership in Ireland’
Session 2 (b)
Panel: Leinster (2)
Panel: Canada & USA
Bernadette McDermott, ‘The emigration of women from the auxiliary workhouses of Strokestown Union
to Canada in 1852’
Mark McGowan, Elizabeth McDermott, Julia Maher, Kiera O'Sullivan (University of Toronto),
Francis Costello,
12.30 - 1.15
‘Tracking the Missing 1490 of Strokestown: Preliminary findings of the
Canadian research team’
The Famine and Boston: Of kind relief sent and a harsh welcome for many who
Keynote Address
Tom Arnold (Director General, The Institute of International and European Affairs)
Similarities in Past and Present Famines
Closing Remarks
Dr Ciarán Reilly (Maynooth University) & Pat Kenny (Executive Chairman, Westward Group of
1.00 pm - 5.00 pm
Olde World Fayre
Bawn St
History Walk of the Town
(Meet at the Event Tent) – Free
Saturday & Sunday
At your leisure
Woodland Sculpture Walk
Town Library Exhibition
Town Sculpture Trail
Horse Drawn Carriage Town Tours ‘in style’
Roscommon Arts Centre Display
Strokestown Golf Club
Genealogy Centre – Open 2.00 – 5.00 pm daily
Children’s Events
Face painting
Fancy Dress
Ice Cream
Music Sessions in the local Pubs
Around 10.00 pm
Or simply browse through our beautiful Heritage Town
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