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Water Balloon Toss
Divide all players into partners and give each pair a balloon.
Players should line up in two lines, with partners facing each
other. Every player should then take one big step backwards.
Each player holding a balloon gently tosses it to their partner. If
the other player catches it successfully, the partners each take another step backwards. If the balloon breaks, they’re out
. Keep
playing until only one pair is left.
Puddle Jumper
Fill Solo cups with water. Have students come up and blow a ping pong ball from one cup to another, situated at 3 inches, 6
inches and 9 inches apart. You can either do this as a minute-to-win-it game, or set it up where students compete against each
other and first one done wins. Here is the video to show you how it works:
Water Balloon Hot Potato
Have multiple students come up to the front, and line up shoulder to shoulder. Play music. Have student pass a water balloon
down the line and back. When the music stops, the person holding the water balloon has to smash it on their head. Play until
there is one dry student.
Squirt Gun Spit Race
Have multiple pairs of students up front. One partner stands on one end of the stage with a squirt gun. The other student stands
in the middle of the stage. Have a large glass, bucket, or container all the way at the opposite end of the stage. Have the
containers marked with a fill line. When you say GO, have the one student shoot the water (with squirt gun) into the other
student’s mouth (at the middle of the stage). When their mouth is filled with water, they will turn around, run to the other end of
the stage and spit the water out into the container. Repeat this process until there is a winning duo who fills up their container
Use large jugs of water with various colored lighting behind them to create fun, water décor.
Have a dunk tank in the lobby (dunk your leader/Youth Pastor).
Give out water bottles and water-related products as prizes to “quench their thirst” (ex. Mio, flavored water, water bottles).
Have a squirt gun target range in lobby.