Jay Minor, Chair
Coral Construction
Harry Wilson,
Chair Elect
Markowitz Herbold
Glade & Mehlhaf
Gary Branden
Umpqua Bank
Steve Bunnage
Providence Portland
Medical Center
David Culpepper
Thede Culpepper Moore
Munro & Silliman
Steve Goebel
Lewis & Clark Law School
Jack Hopkins
NW Medical, Inc.
Naomi Levelle-Haslitt
Miller Nash
Paul Rosenbaum
SWR Corporation
Mike Ryan
Miller Nash
Keith Witcosky
City of Redmond
Maree Wacker
Chief Executive Officer
Robert Sederstrom
Chief Financial Officer
Terry Forrest
Director of Professional Services
Stephanie Hooper
Director of Development & Marketing
Ronda Kennedy Clegg
Director of Operations
Margaret Weil
Director of Residential Services
Jana Boag
Executive Administrator
De Paul Treatment Centers works with individuals, families
and communities to create freedom from addiction.
De Paul serves the community and those affected by the
disease of addiction. Using proven and effective treatment
strategies, De Paul strives to build healthy and hopeful
communities in recovery.
Treatment at De Paul is based on the belief that chemical
dependency develops within the context of an individual’s
heredity and environment. We view addiction as a complex,
chronic and treatable illness. We believe that all individuals
have within them innate health and the capacity to recover.
De Paul uses comprehensive, multi-disciplinary, culturally
appropriate and evidence-based practices that address the
needs of the whole person, family and community. We
support participation in groups such as the Anonymous
fellowships that provide inspiration and hope.
Adult Programs
The De Paul Adult Residential and Outpatient Center, on SW Washington & 13th, provides
detoxification, residential, day treatment and outpatient treatment services. The De Paul Outpatient
Center in Hillsboro provides outpatient and DUII treatment services.
We help our clients remove the barriers that prevent them from enjoying ongoing recovery. We assist
them in understanding how treatment and the recovery process will improve their lives, create lasting,
healthy, and supportive relationships, and making decisions that are in their best interest.
“Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I
can’t believe I am here. De Paul made me see
value in life and myself.”
-Walter B., former client and now
De Paul men’s counselor
Alcohol & Drug Education
Day Treatment
Detoxification Services
DUII Treatment
Family Therapy
Health & Nutrition Assessments
Information & Referral
Intensive Outpatient &
Outpatient Treatment
Case Management
Medication Assisted Treatment
Mental Health Assessment &
Pain Management Program
Recovery Support
Residential Treatment
Youth Programs
The De Paul Youth & Family Center in Northeast Portland provides a respectful and welcoming
environment for youth, families and the community. Both the residential and outpatient programs offer
comprehensive chemical dependency treatment, as well as mental health treatment for our
co-occurring adolescent girls and boys, 13-18 years of age and their families in a therapeutic setting
that provides stabilization and skill training.
The accredited De Paul Alternative High School was established in 1990. It is designed to support all
students to achieve their highest educational and personal potential while in treatment. We believe
that intellectual growth and critical thinking skills are key to young people’s sustained sobriety.
“DePaul has made me the person I’ve
always wanted to be.”
-Marcelina D.
Residential Treatment
Individual Family Therapy
Multi-Family Groups
Day Treatment
Intensive Outpatient &
Outpatient Treatment
Mental Health Assessment &
De Paul Alternative School
DP Fit Youth Fitness Program
Recovery Groups
CRAFT Counseling for Parents
Whose Teens are Resistant to
School-Based Services
We believe wellness happens in the context of relationships.
We recognize the uniqueness of each individual and family. We
begin our work with families where they are and we respect
their choices.
We recognize that families are a main source of support during
all phases of treatment and they accompany their loved ones
through the recovery process. We work to engage available
family and support persons in our treatment and educational
programs. These include case management, individual and
group family therapy, and couples counseling. Family
counseling is available to all clients and their families.
“We learned new tools to enable our
family to rebuild trust and feel
comfortable to openly communicate
with each other in a constructive,
respectful and positive way when
working through family issues. I will
forever be grateful for not giving up
on my son. Thank you.”
-Family Therapy Survey
Did you know...
507 youth and adult residential clients received
family therapy services
4% increase in families seeking services this past year
87% of adult clients successfully completed residential
treatment when they participated in family therapy
(as compared to the 40% where families are not involved)
What Makes Us Different...
Continuum of Care
We are the only treatment facility in our area that provides continuity
of services from Detox to Residential, Day Treatment and Outpatient
care. With this continuity, client care is not disrupted by changing of
providers and counselors, and allows clients to build lasting
relationships for successful outcomes.
Mind & Body
We believe that treating the whole person and teaching people to
live from the inside out enhances the likelihood of maintaining
recovery. Our partnerships with Living Yoga, Western States
Chiropractic, The Red Lizard Running Club, and Medical Teams
International provide services that allow the healing of the body,
mind, and spirit.
Accessibility & Acceptance
We believe that everyone has the right to achieve recovery. We pride
ourselves on making treatment accessible to anyone who needs it.
Recognizing the Individual
We assess each person’s strengths, needs, abilities, and
preferences and develop an individual plan to meet their specific
goals. Our role is to help with education, skill building, and
developing healthy lifestyles that support recovery.
We believe that all individuals
have the innate health and
the capacity to break
free from addiction
Statement of Financial Position
as of June 30, 2013
Cash and cash equivalents
$ 167,899
$ 293,329
Contracts receivable
$ 380,752
Accounts receivable
$ 622,018
Deposits and prepaid expenses
Property and equipment
Total Assets:
$ 80,944
$ 6,531,633
$ 8,076,575
Accounts payable
$ 297,634
Accrued payroll and related expenses
$ 605,993
Note payable
Deferred revenue: programs
Deferred revenue: special events
Total Liabilities:
Temporarily restricted permanently
Restricted for endowment
Investment Return
$26,651 (0.3%)
Youth and family services
$2,317,846 (25.5%)
$31,881 (0.3%)
Contributions in-kind
$119,763 (1.3%)
Contributions and grants
$273,554 (3.0%)
$ 1,450,680
$ 2,647
$ 2,356,954
Net Assets:
Adult and family services
$6,312,677 (69.5%)
$ 5,495,238
$ 45,580
$ 178,803
Total Net Assets:
$ 5,719,621
Total Liabilities and Net Assets:
$ 8,076,575
$109,661 (1.2%)
$751,579 (7.9%)
DP Alder House
$868,678 (9.1%)
Adult and family services
$5,140,119 (54.0%)
Youth and family services
$2,641,358 (27.8%)
Our Clients
Number of Clients Served
Residential Outpatient
Hillsboro Adult
& Youth
Client Completion Rates
Residential Outpatient
Hillsboro Adult
& Youth
“Before coming to De Paul I was one of those
difficult teenagers getting into trouble. I had
tried other outpatient programs, but they
weren’t successful. During my time at De Paul
I learned anything is possible. The more I got
involved the more I loved each day. My peers
and counselors were really awesome. I give
most, if not all, the credit to De Paul for getting
me on the right path. I like working on cars,
riding bikes and having people around me to
help my sobriety. Now I am joining Job Corps
next week and looking forward to the future”
- Gabe G.
Under 18
Over 45
Pacific Islander
Declined 2.1% American
Many Thanks to Our Donors
Each year with the compassion
from individuals, foundations,
corporations, and grants, De Paul
has the opportunity to make
people’s lives and our community
a better place. Thank you for your
generous contributions.
A-dec, Inc.
Sue Aicher
Jeff Akers
Richard C. & Carilyn M. Alexander
Kristen L. Allen
Gary Scott & Melinda Alton
Michael E. & Claire M. Arthur
Mark Atkins
Mary Austad
B.P. Lester & Regina John Foundation
Lorraine Badurina
Richard S. Baggett
Carol A. Banks
Emil J. & Norma Bardana, Jr.
Bridget & Curtis Barton
Louanna Battams
John E. & Donna R. Bauld
James Baxendale
Chuck Benton
Stacy Blumberg
Suzanne Bonamici
Kellogg Bowl
Miriam K. Brainard
Christine Branden
Gary R. Branden
Henry C. & Mary Breithaupt
Michael A. Brody
Broughton & Mary Bishop Family Advised Fund
Thomas J. Brown
Grace M. Bruns
Steven Bunnage
Kristin Butler
Paul Cahn
Charles F. Cameron
Joyce M. Campbell
Norma Camstra
Mindy Carnese
Cascade Corporation
Central City Concern
Mark Chadwick
Richard & Helen F. Cheek
Elizabeth B. Clark
Marcia Clausen
Christopher P. Cline
Metro Rotary Club
Reed College
Dennis M. & Leann Collins
Community Foundation for
Southwestern Washington
Ann Condon
Adept Diva Consulting
George & Donna Crace
Joanie Crane
Meloney Crawford-Chadwick
Steve Crew
Susan Crocker
Courtney A. Crowe
David C. & Marie Culpepper
Cupcake Jones
Judy & Doug Cushing
James E. & Linda C. Dalrymple
William J. Dalton, Jr.
Kathleen F. & Kevin Daly
Dental Foundation of Oregon
Adrienne Devecka
Scott Dillinger
Dale Joseph & Mary Catherine Diloreto
Alexei Ditter
Reena & Arushi Dodeja
Dennis & Marianne Doherty
Mark & Sally Doherty
Tim Doherty
James P. & Mary N. Dooney
Elisa J. Dozono
Donna L. Dull
Earth Oven Pizza Company
Kelly J. Edwards
Eiting Foundation
Mitzi M. Ellis
Employees Community Fund of Boeing
Puget Sound
Nancy Engeman
Les & Nancy Fahey
Fairbridge Foundation
Family Fun Center
Robert C. & Chris Farentinos
Melissa Farin
Eugene E. Feltz
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Nicholas S. Fish
Laurie Followell
KeyBank Foundation
Four Seasons Bowling Center
Amanda Fritz
Linda M. Gaeth
Virginia Gainer
BatCave Games
Richard H. Ganz, Jr.
Mary K. Gardner
Mark K. Gaskill
Ian D. Gates
Susan C. Gayfield
Geoffrey & Anne Larkin Trust
Gerhard's Bicycle Odysseys
Wendy R. Gerlach
Vickie Gettel
James Burdic & Joanne Gilmore
Patrick Gilmore
Diane T. Girard
Linda M. Girard
J. Michael Gleeson
Glory Foundation
Steve Goebel
Kenneth & Diana Golden
Thaxter L. Goodell
Grand Central Bakery
Sarah Gregg
Heidi Grenley
Grocery Outlet Bargain Market
Elizabeth Ussher Groff
Stephen Hendricks & Flora Habibi
Andrew & Gail Hahs
Marion I. Hango
Hazelden Springbrook
HealthWorks NW
Hearts for Families
Audrey Heffron
Joseph & Eleanor F. Heinz
Henry W. Bull Foundation
Elizabeth A. Henry
Jason Henshaw
Kenneth W. & Jane S. Hergenhan
Michael-Ann Herring & James Phelps
Margaret M. Hill
Thomas S. Hillier
Mary C. Hinckley
Amanda Holden
David Zava & Sherri Hood-Zava
Jack & Kristen Hopkins
Jake Hopkins
Hot Shots Westside Family Billiards
Sharon S. Howe
George Hughes
Brooke Hunter
Kelly & Randy Huskey
Rick & Jeanine Jackson
Jane & Bill Gilpin Fund of The Oregon
Community Foundation
Ian Jaquiss
Christina Jewett
Brenda Johnson
Jacky Johnson
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the NW
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the NW
Community Giving Campaign
Keith Karoly
Neal & Virginia Keefer
Delores Kelly
Jill Keoppel
Don & Marian Knight
Clayton & Donna Knodell
Joan C. Koessler
Patricia Kopecky
Sally Kopecky
John Kroger & Michele Toppe
Lawrence & Lynn Krupa
Julia F. Kubicek
Rachel Kvamme
Kwan Yin Healing Arts Center
Kenneth R. Landgraver & Sandra Jensen
Casselle LaTourette
Gretchen Lawson
Sharon & J.P. Leary
Nora Lehnhoff
Naomi Levelle-Haslitt & Josh Haslitt
Jack Levy
Joyce G. & Ted Liljeholm
Sarah Linden
Living Yoga
Global Qualitative Group, LLC
Local Independent Charities of America
Frederic A. Luyties IV & Carina Lovitt Luyties
Marissa Madrigal
Mann-Crawford Charitable Fund of The Oregon
Community Foundation
Constance C. Manske
Anna Marti
John Martin
Robert Martin
Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund
Katherine B. McCoy
Sally McCracken
James McCurdy
Scott McDuffie
Siobhana R. McEwen
Jori McGinnis
Todd McKee
McLellan Minor Family Trust
F.X. & Carole L. McLellan
Paul & Jaclynne Meyer
Gloria Mighell
Miller Nash LLP
Ann Miller
Michael H Miller
Nancy Miller
Prudence M. Miller
James Milne
David R. & Robin Minor
Jay & Duff Minor
Evyn P. Mitchell
Stephanie & Spencer Moersfelder
Brian Moore
Brian Moris
Mt. Scott Fuel Co.
Melinda Muller
Meaghen Murphy
Nelson Family Fund of the Oregon
Community Foundation
Network for Good
New Seasons Market
Steve Newton
Next Adventure
?Por Que No?
Brian J. & Lisa M. Norris
Sheila North
Northwest Medical Inc.
Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation of The
Oregon Community Foundation
Norman D. & Sherry K. Olson
Kathleen O'Neill
Oregon Community Foundation
Oregon International Airshow
Oregon Zoo
Brian M. Owendoff
John T. Parry
Helena (Laney) Patrick
Paul & Sally McCracken Fund of The Oregon
Community Foundation
Casey R. Pavey
Patricia F. Peters
Greger Peterson
Janice Peterson
Audra Petrie
Jessica G. Petriwsky
C. Thomas & Ann Pfingsten
PGE Noon Meeting
Tracy Pond
Portland Beauty School
Pat & Cheryl Prendergast
Richard V. & Cheryl E. Proulx
Providence Health & Services
Douglas Querin
T. Austin Raglione
George C. Reinmiller
Renaissance Foundation
Pam Resnik
Charlene Rogers
Cindy Rogers
Don V. Romanaggi
Carla T. Rose
Paul & Maureen Rosenbaum
Roses Ice Cream
Kathleen Roy
Mike Ryan
Samuel S. Johnson Foundation
Mark Santangelo
Phillip & Linda Schilling
Scott Edwards Architecture
Sid Scott
Robert A. & Karen C. Sederstrom
Serenity Shop
Christopher Shine
Marianne Shipley
Michael L. Shults
Suzanne Sigafoos
Helena Silberstein
Michael H. Simon
Catherine Ussher Simpson
Skate World
Rob Sloan
Smith Painting, Co., Inc.
Deborah Soloway
Andrew & Annie Spiak
St. Martin de Porres Trust
Albert Starr
Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Kimberly A. Sugawa-Pujinaga
Mr. & Mrs. Marko A. Susnjara
Andrew Thaler
The Partners Group
The Venetian Theatre - Bag & Baggage
Margaret Chilton Tolan
Anna Tollenaar
Wolf Tree
Ann Triebwasser
Kimberly A. Turner
UBS Financial Services
United Way of the Columbia-Willamette
Melissa Wallis
Andrea Walter
Leann Warren
Tamsen M. Wassell
Margaret R. & Ronald E. Weil
Western States Chiropractic College
Julianna Whittaker
Robert & Barbara Wiest
Nicholas M. Williams
Harry B. Wilson
Harry B. & Ann Asper Wilson
Wintz Family Foundation
Keith James Witcosky
Ronald G Witcosky
Susan Wollenberg
Susan Hennessy & J. Marcus Wood
Yoga Hillsboro & the Stress
Reduction Clinic
Leslie D. Young
Chris Zander
Siying Ye & Kewen Zhang
P. Michael Zimmerman
Many Thanks to Our Donors
Freedom Award
De Paul presents the Freedom Award to members of the community
who openly share their story of recovery and dedicate their time,
resources, and energy to helping people struggling with a substance
use disorder. Their lives in recovery serve as an inspiration to all of us.
Past recipients include the late State Senators Ben Westlund and
Lenn Hannon, the late Sam Wheeler, Izzy’s restaurant Co-Founder Izzy
Covalt, Ann Miller, Dr. James Thayer, Jack Hopkins of NW Medical, Dr.
Marvin Seppala, The Loyola Men’s Group, Ken and Joan Austin,
Dennis Doherty, Nancy Engeman, and John Kroger.
Samuel C. Wheeler Freedom Award
Our first ever Freedom Award was presented to Sam Wheeler in 2000.
A successful entrepreneur and executive in the timber industry, Sam
was very open about the effects alcoholism had in his life. In an article
in Brainstorm Magazine, he was quoted describing his youth in a
lumber family, and his battle with alcohol until giving it up at age 54.
"One of the ways that I've stayed sober is by not trying to hide what I
used to be like. Maybe it will do somebody some good. I know it does
me some good. When you talk about what it used to be like, you start
remembering what it was really like--and it wasn't much fun," he said.
At the 14th Annual Freedom Award Luncheon De Paul honored Sam
again as a long-time champion, generous donor and friend to those
seeking new lives in recovery by renaming the award the Samuel C.
Wheeler Freedom Award. We are forever grateful for his and the
Wheeler Foundation’s support. One of his sons, Ted Wheeler, now
Oregon's state treasurer, once described his father as "genuine. What
you see is what you get." Like the state he served and loved, Sam
Wheeler was as authentic as they come.
Ken and Joan Austin
Sam and Ted Wheeler
Past Sponsors
Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund, Wheeler Foundation,
O’Donnell Clark & Crew LLP, Northwest Medical, Kaiser Permanente,
Thede Culpepper Moore Munro & Silliman LLP
Funds raised at this important luncheon
are used to help youth struggling with a
substance use achieve healthy,
productive lives.
Ann Miller and Youth Speaker
De Paul Adult Residential
& Outpatient Center
1312 SW Washington St.
Portland, OR
De Paul Youth & Family Center & School
4310 NE Killingsworth St.
Portland, OR
De Paul Hillsboro Outpatient Center
205 SE 3rd St.
Hillsboro, OR
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