our presentation

Proyect´s background
If you are looking for a school for your children, if you are an educator, or if you are interested
in social economy´s initiatives, we welcome you with this presentation. We hope you enjoy it so
much as weare doing, sharing it for the last months, and with the same enthusiasm we are happy
to meet you.
We have a lot to offer to other families, to the educational community and to society, because
that is what we think a school can be: another space where we can learn about living together.
Education is a social process.
Education is growth.
Education is, not a preparation
for life; education is life itself.
John Dewey
Why Mayrit?
• Because we are parents and educators who want to be an active part of the education of
our children based on respect and commitment, working all toghether horizontally and on
the basis of consensus.
• Because we want a democratic school, not only for our children, but also for society.
• To work for peace and freedom for everybody starting from peace and freedom in the
• Because we believe in a culture of participation as the envioronment where our children
grow, also for the citizens of tomorrow.
What is and who are part of Mayrit?
• Because we want to be sensitive about the different learning pace of the students, to
respect their individual being.
Mayrit is growing from “El Jardín de Momo” and “El
Pez Luna”, two schools for chilidren between three
and six years old, implied in the education of their
children who are willing to open an active education
school in Madrid south center.
We want to to work in cooperative society, where
we all feel part of a project of social transformation.
• Because we think that there is a lot to share between the school and other groups,
asociations, etc.
Priorities and goals of Mayrit:
This Project comes in to being as the same time as other initiatives of the same kind in Madrid,
what gives as a profound happiness. It seems that something is waking up, and we want to
collaborate with our little seed. So this small introduction can provide clues of our identity, not
better or worse, but informs about our wish to unite effort in the same working line that others
have being doing before, for a change in the educational paradigm. So our calling is to work
specifically with the following priorities:
1 We create a cooperative society because we prioritize horizontal working structure, and
implication of all the parts involved in the Project, (students, parents, educators, etc).
2 One of our mail goals is to facilitate as much as possible economic accessibility for
the families, keeping good working conditions for the future educators and other possible
3 Our goal will not seek profits with the educative activity. The fonds that we may get
will help us reduce the monthly cooperative fee, and to guarantee the good functioning and
sustainability of the organization.
4 We proritize ensuring work ethics by fair conditions (salary, timetables,..), of the future
workers of the cooperative.
5 We will work with austerity (in materials, in energy, etc) as a sign of solidarity with the
more impoverished people, (inside and outside our borders), conscious about the urgent
need of change of the current economic model. Adding to this is the daily practice of ecology
as part of the Project: recycling, recycled materials..
6 Networking with other schools, sharing the same process. Also participating of the social
market economy and other cooperation netting in the educational field or outside of it.
7 One of our purposes is to open the school to its envioronment, offering the space to the
neighbors, to work on common objetives with other collectives.
What are we doing, what do we offer
Pedagogical Project:
The educators participating in this Project are working on the required documentation for the
homologation of the school by an american agency called CAISA.
Legal process of thecooperative:
Mayrit is actually constituted and registered as “Escuela Mayrit Sociedad Cooperativa Madrileña”.
It´s decision-making body is the Assembly, and the Governing Council it´s specific operational
Where is the school:
The school is in Madrid, in Carabanchel Bajo, in a beautiful centenarian house by the “Colonia
de la Prensa”, in a peaceful environment sourrounded by open green spaces to be able to enjoy
being outside. The adress is c/ Época 14.
Internal structure of the cooperative:
To develop all this project, we have organized ourselves in working groups (comisiones):
– Pedagogical Comission (Educational Project, homologation…)
– Legality Comission (compilance with statutes, licences,…)
– Economic Comission, auditing of accounts (once the school starts will be out sourced)
– Communication Comission, internal and external, (web page, e-mail, social networks, documents)
We are thinking of other necessary comissions for the future, like:
– Use of the space after school time to reach one of the goals of decreasing the fee.
– Posibility of Extended Hours Comission, to reach some familiy`s necessities. This comission could eliminate the extra 25 euros fee in concept of extended hours. It´s creation will depend on the actual need of the cooperative.
– Sponsoring Comission, helpers, partners, foundations and other possible financial support.
Regarding social commitment:
We are actively participating in RAMAE (Red de Apoyo Mutuo Alternativas Educativas:
rededucacionlibre.blogspot.com), y and we will try to cooperate with other cooperative
associations (SOM energía, etc)
Once the school is open:
– Will give training in cooperativism and active education.
– Will open the school to it´s neighborhood, cooperating with other groups
enriching each other.
– During the meetings, the members will have the possibility to offer the constitution of new commissions, activities, etc.
In anyway you want choose to participate, you can contact us using
the phone numbers and e-mail below, ore if you prefer, completing the
contactform on our website.
We are waiting for you!
What are we looking for?:
Families willing to participate in this Project and willing to create an active school with this
characteristics. We all can give a lot (ideas, knowledge, time, experience, debate, caring, love…),
sometimes we don´t need to much time, but putting our heart, brains and contributing with
ease from our selves. All the families that are already constituted as cooperative association and
working for months on it, encourage you all to participate of this experience!
How to participate:
1 Cooperative members with active participation: included in one of the working comissions and
assist to the meetings. The maximum fee will not be higher than 350€.
[email protected]
2 Cooperative members with no active participation: no obligation of active working comission but
obligation to assist to the general meeting. The school fee will be higher.
3 Cooperative associates: if you don´t have registered children in the school but youwant to
provide capital to the cooperative association, this is the way..
4 If you are interested in collaboration with Mayrit without money, you can do it as well:
giving school equipment (Montessori material, paper, pencils, paint,…), furniture, any other
resources, diffusion, contacts, and even time! There is a lot in which you can help: painting,
repairing, helping in the library….
607 654 723
600 641 007
639 36 02 03