Do you have BAGGY LIDS or DARK CIRCLES under your... Do you always LOOK TIRED?

Do you have BAGGY LIDS or DARK CIRCLES under your eyes?
Do you always LOOK TIRED?
Well... Imagine this: No-scalpel, painless EYELID REJUVENATION
in the office without going under! It’s in and out!
(actual patient of dr. gupta)
It’s not about vanity... It’s about self-esteem.
Procedures routinely performed in the office:
• laser blepharoplasty
(eyelid enhancement)
• brow lift
• cheek lift
thread lift™
• laser skin tightening
• contour
(titan procedure)
• botox®
• laser
hair, vein, spot removal
• restylane® injections
• laser resurfacing
• laser treatment of rosacea,
large pores
Lopa Y. Gupta, M.D., F.A.A.O.
Stanford University-trained, Board Certified Eye Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Gupta is fellowship-trained, approved by the American Society
of Opthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. She has been in practice
for over 10 years and has several thousand satisfied patients. She focuses
exclusively on cosmetic eyelid rejuvenation.
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