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for spring
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spring/summer 2013 buying market
This print publication gives readers insight into the major buying
markets before they begin, offering
retailers a complete perspective of
the market—before the market.
from Pantone &
Design Options
for spring
Fall/Winter 2013 Buying Wholesale
Preview arrives March 2013
Spring/Summer 2013 Buying Wholesale
Preview arrives October 2012
Retail Maternity Buyers who purchase
$521 Million in wholesale products annually
Retail Baby Buyers who purchase
$882 Million in wholesale products annually
Scott Whitley
creative director
Kelly Brock
Alexander Muse
BSM Media
Dan Jablons
David Singelyn
Dr. Somi Javaid
Eleni Koureas
Eric Seemann
Erin Skaggs
Fran Sude
Jamie Archer-Perkins
Jodi Mesnick
Jyoti Singh
Kerry Banz
Lisa Ebbing
Maria Bailey
Melanie McInally
Rachel Florio-Urso
Richard Brown
Saunde Briggs
Trevor Stafford
Youngin Em
Maternity & Newborn 360, the retailer’s resource
for buying and selling maternity and newborn
products, is published twice a year right before
the major whole sale buying markets of Fall/
Winter (March) and Spring/Summer (October).
It is published by QuickWhit Publishing LLC,
505 Elm St, Moorestown NJ 08057. Every effort
has been made to include correct and current
information; however publisher cannot accept
any responsibility for inaccuracies or omissions.
Publisher does not assume responsibility for
statements made by their advertisers in business
competition. Mention or editorial inclusion of
any organization or business does not constitute
endorsement. Publisher is not responsible for
unsolicited manuscripts or photos. Any photographs, art work, manuscripts, editorial samples
or merchandise sent for editorial consideration
are sent at the sole risk of the sender. QuickWhit
will assume no responsibility for loss or damage. No portion of this issue may be reproduced
without the written permission of the publisher.
Printed in the USA.
Maternity & Newborn 360 is mailed free of
charge to qualified individuals in the maternity
& newborn industry in the USA (retailers, buyers, manufactures, PR, etc). Electronically it is
emailed to any subscriber in the world.
To subscribe go to www.maternitynewborn.com.
To cancel or update your subscription, email
[email protected].
spring/summer 2013
from the publisher
Buy smarter for
2013, sell more this
Maternity & Newborn 360 magazine is a collaborative effort from the maternity to newborn trade marketplace for the maternity trade marketplace.
Each issue will arrive right before the major
wholesale buying markets. Buying SPRING/SUMMER
(in your hands NOW) and Buying FALL/WINTER
(arrives first week of March).
Our goal is to be the RETAILER’S RESOURCE in
buying and selling MORE maternity and newborn
products, giving retailers and buyers a 360-degree
view of the upcoming wholesale buying market—
before it even begins.
In reading this issue, you’ll discover why manufacturers are selecting specific colors in their line,
what products are on trend and why, and you will
discover many designers’ sources of inspiration, hear
what’s hot and new in your marketplace, gain insight
into the retail business, find sales tactics that really
work, and much, much more.
Hang on to this issue—read it, make notes on
it and practice the techniques that your trade says
worked for them.
Please be supportive of all of the businesses
in our trade that made this issue possible. From the
contributing editors in the masthead to the left to the
advertisers below.
ABC Kids Expo...................................................... 31
BabySpa................................................................ 37
Bamboobies.......................................................... 57
Belli Skin Care....................................................... 47
Belly Bangle.......................................................... 40
BLOOMING BATH................................................ 38
Carseat Canopy..................................................... 40
spring/summer 2013 Scott whitley
Diapees & Wipees................................................. 40
Green Associates Maternity................................... 74
HABA USA............................................................ 41
HAVEN, Maternity for Two.............................. 13, 41
Ingrid & Isabel....................................................... 29
Isabella Oliver....................................................... 48
It’s You Babe.......................................................... 35
Karibu Baby Limited................................................ 7
keekoo.com...............................................25, 27, BC
Kissaluvs................................................................ 38
Larrivo40............................................................... 40
Louis Val Court...................................................... 44
mamadoc.............................................................. 43
Maternalove.......................................................... 51
Me2Roo................................................................ 49
Milk Nursingwear ................................................. 51
New View Maternity.............................................. 75
Novena Maternal Skincare...................................... 9
Pink Lining.............................................................. 5
Pour Deux, Maternity for Two.......................... 17, 38
Preggers................................................................. 23
PRIMO.................................................................. 38
Proud Body........................................................... 53
Rockin’ Green....................................................... 39
Seraphine.............................................................. 45
Sono Vaso.............................................................. 33
The Fairy Godmother Store.................................... 39
Woombie.............................................................. 41
You Lingerie.......................................................... 39
ZUTANO............................................................... 41
Have an idea for a story that will help retailers sell
more maternity and newborn products? Contact me at
[email protected]
maternity&newborn360 3
what’s inside
spring/summer 2013
8 Learning Curves by BSM Media
on the cover | trends, forecasts, inspiration
10 Pantone Fashion Color Report 2013
Pantone Color Institute
28Designers’ Source of Inspiration for
spring/summer 2013
Isabella Oliver
Sono Vaso
My O Baby
Miniature Milk
The Ellie Rose
Ququa Kids
Gro Furniture
Baby Cargo
Nicole Miller
pantone.com/spring 2O13
14 Color & Lifestyle Forecast
By Fran Sude, Design Options
continued on page 6
spring/summer 2013
what’s inside
marketing to moms
continued from page 4
new & noteworthy
28 Seasons and Shopping, According to Moms
by Maria Bailey
pr diva
32 Get in the Know
by Rachel Florio-Urso
business matters
36 Show Me the Money
by Eric Seemann
Abc kids expo must-see exhibitors!
pages 37-41
42 Taking risks can revitalize your business
by Kerry Banz
46 Embracing Mobile Technology
by Alexander Muse
50 Combating Internet Lowball Pricing:
A Survival Guide
by Dan Jablons
52 Green is in!
by Richard Brown
54 OB-GYN Dr. Somi Says
by Dr. Somi
calendar of events
& markets
74 Where you need to
be in 2012/2013
spring/summer 2013
Mom’s Seasonal Shopping Habits
& Technology Use*
Why seasons make a
difference in how moms shop,
and how technology use is
consistent year round.
Percentage of Moms responses
to popular life events that affect
Back-to-school planning.................69%
Holiday parties/barbecues..............56%
Vacation planning..........................53%
Change of weather.........................51%
Springtime attitudes
When asked to rank the following
statements based on their level of
agreement (1 = strongly disagree,
10 = strongly agree) the results
were as follows:
I eat healthier in spring..................... 5.7
I’m motivated to organize/clean
my home and office in spring.............. 6
My family is active in the evening
in spring.............................................. 6
I find myself purchasing specific
health and beauty products in spring... 5
My family is likely to attend
group meals and get-togethers
in the spring..................................... 5.8
I’m concerned with hydration
in spring........................................... 5.9
Compared to other time periods
of the year, my monthly spending
is higher this Spring.......................... 5.5
There are purchases that I make
in the spring that I don’t make in
other times of the year...................... 5.6
Looking ahead, Moms prepare
for summer in spring months by:
Stocking up on sunscreen,
Shopping for warmer
weather clothes..............................55%
Planning for summer vacation........49%
Moms use their mobile phone during
shopping for the following:
Finding a store location..................39%
Seeking information about
a product/service............................36%
Comparing prices on a
Making a “note” to remember
an item later...................................36%
*BSM Media, a marketing to moms firm,
fielded surveys and conducted focus groups
in conjunction with Tracey Locke.
Technology Throughout
the Year
When asked on what kind of shopping
trips they’re most likely to utilize their
mobile phone, moms responded:
Shopping for electronics.................45%
Selecting a restaurant......................41%
Shopping for groceries....................38%
Shopping for clothes.......................34%
When asked what personal electronic
devices they brought on their last
vacation, moms responded:
Digital camera................................79%
Laptop computer............................58%
Smart phone...................................56%
Cell phone......................................41%
Maria T. Bailey, CEO of BSM Media, is the foremost authority on marketing to moms with a series of articles and books, including
the newest book, “Power Moms: The New Rules for Engaging Mom Influencers Who Drive Brand Choice,” “The Ultimate Mom
Book” (HCI, 2009), “Mom 3.0: Marketing With Moms By Leveraging New Media and Technology,” “Marketing to Moms: Getting
Your Share of the Trillion Dollar Market” and “Trillion Dollar Moms: Marketing to a New Generation of Mothers.” Maria is host of
Mom Talk Radio, the #1-downloaded parenting podcast, and co-host of Good Day with Doug Stephan, the #7 morning drive time
radio show. A busy mother of four children, Maria is co-founder of BlueSuitMom.com, MomTV.com and Newbaby.com and has
been featured in U.S. News and World Report, Wall Street Journal and on CNN, Lifetime TV and various local affiliates.
spring/summer 2013
t rends
This season, designers overwhelmingly address consumers’ desire for self-expression, balance and the need to
re-energize. The color direction for spring builds upon these
compelling needs with a palette that mixes dynamic brights
with novel neutrals to create a harmonious balance. This
allows for unique combinations that offer practicality and
versatility, but at the same time, demand attention and earn
an appreciative glance.
“The expression ‘balancing act’ is something we all
relate to as we strive to find harmony in the frantic pace of
our everyday lives,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. “The same can be said
for fashion as we look for balance between light and bright,
classic and new. This season’s color palette emphasizes
this need for balance, while at the same time allowing for
individuality, self-expression and excitement.”
The prevalence of green this spring is undeniable.
Similar to the many shades in our natural surroundings, this
season’s greens offer a stunning foreground or the perfect
backdrop for all other hues. Like the first signs of spring,
Tender Shoots, a vibrant yellow-green, is invigorating,
active and cheerful, while Grayed Jade, a subtle, hushed
green with a gray undertone, brings about a mood of quiet
reflection and repose. Sophisticated Emerald, a lively,
radiant green, inspires insight and clarity while enhancing
our sense of well-being. From one extreme to the other,
combining all three greens presents an intriguing choice
much like Mother Nature intended.
Exotic African Violet is a statement color that
brings a touch of intrigue to the palette, as purples often do,
and can be incorporated into many unexpected combinations. Try pairing it with exuberant Poppy Red, a seductive, sensual and celebratory shade. Whether it’s a knockout
dress or a kiss on the lips, every woman’s wardrobe and
beauty essentials should include this spirited, true red.
Nectarine, a bright, effervescent citrus orange with
coral undertones, provides a tangy burst of flavor while
cheerful Lemon Zest brings out a piquant taste
with its refreshing, spritely greenish cast.
10 maternity&newborn360
Signifying the time of day when everything
starts to wind down, Dusk Blue offers a calming
sense of serenity akin to its green counterpart, Grayed Jade.
Both of these colors act as the season’s newest neutrals. For
an unexpected mix, pair Dusk Blue with the intensity of
Nectarine. A warm neutral, Linen is light and airy, providing a nude-like basic that is a must have for spring. Try
pairing Linen with Grayed Jade or Dusk Blue. Anchoring
Monaco Blue is a classic shade that offers both stability
and depth to the entire palette. Combine Monaco Blue with
Poppy Red and Linen, or Monaco Blue and Emerald for a
fresh collegiate look.
For over 20 years, Pantone, the global authority on
color, has surveyed the designers of New York Fashion Week
and beyond to bring you the season’s most important color
trends. This report previews the most prominent hues for
spring 2013.
This season’s color palette
emphasizes this need for
balance, while at the same time
allowing for individuality,
self-expression and excitement.
spring/summer 2013
continued on page 12
spring/summer 2013
maternity&newborn360 11
t rends
Must-have Items For Spring 2013
Tracy Reese
The key word for spring is “easy” —
easy pieces that fall away from the body
with a totally relaxed feeling really
encompass the mood of the season.
Hervé Léger
A multifaceted jacquard dress in
an infusion of Blue, Pearl Blue,
Black and White — its fresh,
light mood for spring amplifies
a must-have attraction — light
enough for the season and fearless enough to conquer all the
new styles.
Rachel Roy
A Limeade, peplum, cap sleeve
cropped jacket — I always design to
build confidence and celebrate the
strong woman; the Limeade color
paired with peplum makes this jacket
a statement piece; you can pair it
with different silhouettes, whether it
is an asymmetrical silk chiffon dress
or palazzo pants.
Ella Moss
The fit and flare dress in
Citron Yellow floral.
12 maternity&newborn360
Tadashi Shoji
An Ikat-printed, gazar,
strapless, pleated gown
in Pale Iris.
Pamella Roland
For an important evening
event, the sleek, fluid gown in
Blush silk crepe with matching glass Maco beadwork
would be a fantastic way to
look and stand out.
Carmen Marc Valvo
A silk, gazar blouse in a
bright Poppy.
David Meister
My Warm Orange re-embroidered lace gown — laces in
brights look new and fresh; it
is an exciting manner to add
color to your wardrobe in a
new, unexpected way.
spring/summer 2013
ha en
love your bump
www.maternityfortwo.com | [email protected] | t. 866.586.3270
t rends
by Fran Sude
This has been the most exciting Summer we have ever seen in the 23 years
of being in the business of color. From hair color to wall color, nail color to
shoes and accessories, to maternity and kids, this was a forecaster’s dream.
The #1 fashion trend is color. We are having a field day with customers begging for new color combinations because everything they were producing in
out-of-the-box palettes, was selling. How wonderful! To learn more visit our
website www.Design-Options.com
14 maternity&newborn360
With an extensive
background in Retail,
Design, Merchandising, and Manufacturing, Fran Sude is an
international authority
on color and trend
forecasting. She is the
creative force behind
Design Options, Inc., the only Color and
Lifestyle forecasting company in Los Angeles.
We invite you to visit our website at www.
spring/summer 2013
Here are some of our HOT color and fabric trends
for the maternity market for Spring 2013:
Essential and elemental articulations of virtuous
splendor…Natural Expression. Earthy tones of slate
grey and rustic olive indicate notions of loveliness on a
backdrop of silk georgette.
Cornflower blue and teal hues of gracious debutante and femme
fatale delicately draw attention to smoky accents. Silver shades
of ordinary damsel exude a touch of utmost purity. Particularly
and naturally expressive…Natural Expression.
Earthy and artful with accents of agility and civilization…
Earth Daze. Burnt orange and brown tones of bewilderment and bemusement combine peaceful ideas and 1960’s
flair. Rich burgundy spices up bohemian jersey prints.
Shades of navy add a touch of delicacy on a canvas
of timeless artistry. Vivid and soft silhouettes
coalesce with golden yellow and brick to evoke
an air of effortless skill…Earth Daze.
continued on page 16
spring/summer 2013
maternity&newborn360 15
t rends
continued from page 15
Here are some of our HOT color and fabric trends
for the kids market for Spring 2013:
16 Undefeated and victoriously eloquent…Faded Glory.
Light Gray and muted light blue hues of exalted importance
and distinguished love exude an existence of prominence
on a passionate canvas of denim and poplin.
Beaded accents combine with floral fixtures to create a
production of gracious pretense. Golden beige tones exude
an air of delicacy on pima cotton. Fading into the sunlight of
innocence…Faded Glory.
Electrifying and lighthearted individualism…Electric
Avenue. Neon pink and shocking blue shades of
velocity and locomotion fuse with uncompromising
innovation to express energetic ideas.
Yellow and glowing green tones give animated radiance
to taffeta fabrics. Orange hues of electricity emphasize
versatility while accentuating purity and playfulness.
Ingenuity and imaginative originality…Electric Avenue.
spring/summer 2013
www.maternityfortwo.com | [email protected] | t. 866.586.3270
i nspiration
Isabella Olivercelebrate curves
Isabella Oliver brings unrivalled style
and quality to pregnant women. The
collection is designed to celebrate pregnancy curves and offer a flattering fit
from day one, until long after pregnancy. Created by Co-Founder and Creative
Director, Baukjen de Swaan Arons, the
collection focuses on effortless style and
clever design. Our iconic pieces have
been worn by some of the world’s most
stylish women, and celebrity clients
include Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Garner,
Natalie Portman and Gwen Stefani.
Using our signature techniques of
wrapping, ruching and draping, we create flattering pieces that work throughout
the stages of pregnancy. These techniques
have led the way in maternity dressing
and made our designs instantly recogniz-
able. Alongside excellent design, quality
is key. Our carefully selected fabrics are
soft to touch, maintain their color and
shape and allow skin to breathe.
The SS13 palette is full of fresh
modern colors—cool khaki sequins sit
alongside metal blue and peach slub
jerseys. Color-blocked knitwear in corals,
cornflower blues and silver grays make
for a contemporary collection. Relaxed
but stylish day dressing is made effortless
with an unstructured tailored trench and
pants in a beautiful French navy.
This season is all about light layering. We have styled fine jerseys over
our signature jersey tops, with cropped
jackets effortlessly thrown on. Abstract
floral prints on lightweight chiffons add
a feminine touch, while digital floral
prints on jersey offer a bold statement.
The look is understated and effortless,
with a fresh print or day sequin added
to give a contemporary twist.
The Isabella Oliver collection offers
everything a woman needs for the most
beautiful time in her life.
color, color, color!Sono Vaso
Spring Summer 2013 is all about highly
visible color in coral, electric blue,
bright mauve, optic yellow, Atlantis
aqua and timeless black & white.
Flowing viscose dresses are punctuated with cinched-in belts and hemlines
are maxi long in elongated sheath
dresses in cuts that allow the body to
move freely and create discreet curves.
Body-conscious jerseys and draping
follow the trend in pencil slim shapes,
simply following the contours of the
body. Asymmetry remains a key feature;
shoulders and arms show off for the
Lace and lattice patterns in soft cotton poplins bring femininity and ease;
the lacy dress is a seasonal must.
Engineered stripes and chevrons
with a sporty influence are strong for
18 maternity&newborn360
SS’13. Mixed jersey stripes in body-con
knits and fine 12 gauge sweater knits
in multi-colored yarn-dye stripes are
perfect for chic statement dressing. The
tank dress and tee dress are key pieces
for the season.
We introduce our new Power denim:
mechanical stretch jeans wear collection
with skinny leg and mini skirt styles.
Our Sono Vacanza resortwear
collection is great for easy style before,
during and after pregnancy. Modal/
spandex jersey silhouettes in maxis and
long tunics trimmed in our signature
trapunto stitched silk sateen are perfect
for the city or beach vacay.
Our design philosophy is “Think
fashion first—translate the trend into
maternity.” We dress the beautiful
woman with the beautiful bump! The
name “Sono Vaso” is Italian for I am a
vessel­—a tribute to the fact that every
pregnant woman is indeed a vessel
bearing new life, in body and in spirit.
Melanie McInally
Co-founder and Creative Director
spring/summer 2013
Hotmilka study in contrasts
Every woman has her diva moments,
and the Hotmilk diva is no exception. A
woman of contrasts and contradiction,
she pushes boundaries and revels being
in the spotlight but don’t underestimate
her soft, relective, nurturing side…above
all she is always fabulous! This spirited attitude has a sexy
charm that sets a cool, edgy mood for
the season. Designs are a paradox of
playfulness and drama, sexy and pure,
vintage and modern. Colors are soft:
coral, mocha, pink champagne and
cream with bold azure blue, crimson
red, midnight blue and jet black.
Like our Hotmilk diva, the Hotmilk
philosophy has always been about pushing the boundaries. The latest images
show a mother breastfeeding her baby
in couture fashion with the juxtaposition of her environment. At first glance,
a simple fashion statement, on further
viewing, the message is more about
normalizing our perception to no longer
see that juxtaposition
contemporary and natural My O Baby
As a mother, I am always concerned
about the clothes, food and anything
else that will come into contact with
my children. So while developing my
brand I wanted every garment to be
made of gentle materials and of quality construction, while ensuring our
designs had a contemporary, fun and
playful spirit of childhood.
My O Baby garments are made
only from organic certified cotton. The
certification is given from Control union
which monitors organic cotton certification throughout the world guaranteeing
that all of our products are organically
grown, with minimal processing. In
addition, there are no pesticides or
chemicals used in growing or processing our fabrics, we use all-natural dyes
and nickel-free snaps, to ensure only
the softest, gentlest materials come into
contact with your baby’s sensitive skin.
My O Baby is all about bright,
vibrant and fun prints and colors. Just
because it’s organic doesn’t mean it’s
boring. Summer 2013 is all about outdoors: gardens, flowers and trips to the
zoo and jungle. Continuing that theme,
our Summer 2013 collection is bright
colorful flowers and zoo and jungle
animals, and all-time favorites for boys,
cars and dogs.
At MyOBaby we are dedicated to
the efforts of making a better and more
sustainable future.
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spring/summer 2013
maternity&newborn360 19
i nspiration
continued from page 19
Miniature Milknaturally soft
The focus of our Spring/Summer 2013
Layette Range of Baby Clothes is the
incredible fabric that we have developed
and its properties. We do not want our
designs to detract from this but complement the “milk” element of the clothing.
Therefore, we have designed a
range of clean and natural designs
which incorporate accessorized elements such as colored rims and trims.
We wanted to keep the clothing simple
because we think that this aligns the
product with the “healthy and natural”
image that we would like to portray. We have also included a range of “Cow
Print” items that playfully reference the
origin of the Milk Fabric. In terms of
colors, pastels will continue to be big in
2013 and we have therefore used a pas-
tel baby blue for the boy’s range and a
pastel purple of the girl’s range. Both of
the selected colors, while trend-orientated, also align with the brand’s association with being neutral and organic.
As part of our range, the majority
of the items have the benefits of Milk
Fabric printed on the back to emphasize
the story and the continued education
of our target demographic. The resulting collection is a cohesive layette
range that not only looks “cute” but is
also luxuriously soft and perfect for our
customers’ babies.
Jamie Archer-Perkins
coastal harmoniesThe Ellie Rose
Inspiration is all around. It is in the color
of your baby’s eyes. It is in the long
blades of lush green grass on your early
morning bike ride. It is in the cool crispness of your freshly laundered familiar
bed sheets. But what direction does a
designer take when it comes to building
a complete new collection?
Ellie Rose Spring 2013 came
straight from the Outer Banks of North
Carolina. My husband and I just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary this
year. It was an intimate wedding on the
wooden pier of a waterfront lighthouse
in the small quaint town of Manteo.
The memories of our wedding day
linger easily. A delicious mix of rugged
pier floors combined with the classic
glamour of a silk shantung wedding
dress created such a harmonious con-
20 maternity&newborn360
trast. Perfectly colored crimson skies,
piercingly blue water, lime green stems
on the delicate tulip bouquet made by
my proud father. Flushed pink cheeks
of giggling flower girls and an impish ring bearer—green eyes and blue,
red heads and blondes. Warm tenderness of family toasting poetically with
sparkling crystal glasses. Vibrant bold
colors filled the air. Bright colored cottages lined the shores, gorgeous sandy
beaches neutralizing the scene.
Our family has now grown to
four and we’ve created a tradition of
vacationing in the Outer Banks, North
Carolina—each summer reliving old
memories and happily creating new
ones. It’s that feeling I look to capture in
the Ellie Rose Spring Collection 2013. The mix of textures that inspires
the materials. The vibrant pops of colors
muted by neutral tones of the sandy
beaches inspire the color palette. And
the ocean breezes and happy giggles
that turn into twirly skirts.
Saunde Briggs
spring/summer 2013
Ququa Kidscuriosity, contrasts and color
Our Spring/Summer 2013 collection is
called Curiosity. Kids are always curious about things around them and they
learn best when enjoying the experience. In order to express children’s
never-ending curiosity with our products, we experimented with colors and
patterns while constantly reminding ourselves to have fun while doing it—like
a child would. Our color use for this
collection is very special as we mixed
contrasting yet harmonious colors such
as light blue with bright orange and pink
or light aqua with bright yellow.
We believe a great color combination is important in expressing what
kids are all about. For example, some
colors such as pink, brown and red look
great on kids but using any of those
colors alone or in large chunks does not
emanate the true nature of kids. In order
to bring harmony with those fun colors,
we used patterns that are a mixture
of thick pastel pink stripes and thin
brown stripes with a hint of red on the
neckline. We played a lot with colors
and had enormous amount of fun with
colors as kids would.
The colors of our products are
complete only when kids are seen wearing them in the water under the sun.
However, as extended sun exposure
may shorten fun time for kids, we focus
only on rash guards. Not only will our
focus on sun protection prolong the fun
day for kids, our products will make
kids stand out wherever there is fun to
be had in and around water because
there is no other brand that had as much
fun as we had putting all this together.
Youngin Em
vintage styleJoe-Ella
We’ve always admired the stylish and
strong female characters of the TV show
Madmen, and this lead us to explore
children’s fashion from that decade.
What we found were lovely designs and
silhouettes for infants and girls—it was
inspiration overload! Those discoveries
connected perfectly with our own love
of classic, modest and durable dresses
for our littlest ladies.
Because there was so much inspiration to choose from, we divided our
creative energy into two groups:
First, we took classic dress bodies
from the Madmen era and added our
signature Joe-Ella touches—lace veils,
exposed crinoline, piping, bows and
of course, rosettes! We also refined the
heavy holiday polka-dots and florals
from the 1960s into year-round, anyoccasion dresses. We incorporated
taffeta, with its vintage, crinkled texture
and sailor collars to salute the era and to
show how we like our little ladies—precious and precocious!
Our second inspiration saw us apply modern plaids to classic dress forms.
We just love plaids, they are strong
and girly in equal measure. We added
bows and rosettes, and tried to reduce
the number of styles we’d sketched. We
failed so wonderfully that we jokingly
refer to this group as our “PlaidMen”
group. It’s a collection all by itself!
Fall 2012 also saw us find inspiration in 60s Chanel, frosted cupcakes,
school uniforms and more. We’re pleased
to share our designs with moms who
want beautiful and traditional dresses
that fit their daughters perfectly, but leave
plenty of room in the family budget.
Kimberlee Moore, Designer
Katherine Robison, CEO
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spring/summer 2013
maternity&newborn360 21
i nspiration
continued from page 21
Boonsimple, clean and functional
At Boon we are all about making
parents’ lives easier while incorporating great design at an affordable price.
When we began brainstorming our
new product line, our guiding principle
was to rethink everything traditionally
known about the type of product, keep
the design simple, clean and most of
all functional.
Baby items are always in use and
almost always in plain sight so they
should look good. This was the impetus
for our space-age looking Orb Bottle
Warmer. Baby products that are for
mom’s use should reflect her style,
and be offered in more than babycentered colors. With our Silicone Feeder, Pulp, we
wanted to avoid mesh in the feeding
area as it quickly becomes a floppy
mess. Silicone is a friendlier material
for both mom and baby, and with an ergonomically designed handle for
baby, everyone gets what they want:
eating without the frustration.
Our goal with the Scrub Bottle
Brush was to design something different
that made cleaning hard to reach areas
and individual bottle parts easy. These
challenges were solved by developing
angled brushes and a truly easy-touse built-in nipple cleaner on the handle.
Other dishwasher baskets tend to
fall over, and it’s a balancing act to get
them closed without the nipples falling
out. The Clutch dishwasher basket accommodates a lot of items at once, fits
a variety of parents’ needs and has one
clamshell opening, making for easy and
stress-free loading.
Creating a stylish diaper changing
experience was a fun design challenge
for us! The Fresh Changing Station adds
character and interest to a nursery but
keeps it practical with toys to keep baby
occupied and a removable pad for quick
clean-up. www.booninc.com
timeless heirloomsGro Furniture
How is an heirloom designed? How
does an object attain this status? Is it
only by coincidence or happenstance
that these objects eventually make their
way into the memories of the people
who consider them to be heirlooms?
Does the function the object is serving
make it more or less likely to become
an heirloom? How is the quality of an
heirloom measured? Can these qualities be designed into the object that will
immediately define it as an heirloom?
These were some of the original questions that led to the inspiration behind
the Gro Crib.
Creating an heirloom affected
virtually every aspect of the design,
beginning with the decision to design
a crib in the first place. Babies spend
22 maternity&newborn360
more time in or with their crib than any
other object. Cribs were traditionally real
pieces of furniture rather than disposable
products intended for a single use. These
considerations influenced the multifunctional aspects, as well as the quality of
the Gro Crib. The ability to be used from
when a baby is born all through their
adolescence, changing its function as the
child’s needs change. This differentiates
an heirloom from a product.
Convenience factors into whether
or not a crib can stand the test of time
as well. As furniture goes, baby cribs
are unique in multiple ways. They must
be assembled in the nursery due to their
dimensions and they are actually lived
in and eventually jumped in as well.
These characteristics make the process
of assembling the crib very critical. How
difficult is it to assemble or change mattress heights? Does the crib loosen over
time? The Gro Crib only takes a couple
minutes to put together or convert without the need for tools. Its unique design
is self-tightening, meaning as more
weight is introduced or jumping occurs
it actually becomes stronger.
David Singelyn
spring/summer 2013
Baby Cargofashion and function on the go
Living in NYC allowed me an opportunity to see a plethora of women “onthe-go” with their “bag” in tow. After my
daughter was born, I understood that my
love for finding “chic styled” bags was
stripped and I was indeed carrying a
bag that looked and felt like a baby bag,
even in black. Georgi Bag is our tribute to fashion
and function for the woman who needs
both. Durable construction details like
brass grommets, solid stitching, and a
sturdy, adjustable stroller strap contrasts
with its lightweight nylon-based textile
that wipes clean with no fuss. But it’s the
subtle details… zipper accents, sophisti-
cated colors, and tailored pockets… that
really brings style to a stroller. Jodi Mesnick
Vice President, Marketing
Promoting GReat bump to baby brands at no cost!
promotional events
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These unique events will deliver top-of-mind
awareness, product acceptance and free
advertising for the brand!
marketing to
tens of thousands
expectant and
new moms
showcase a
brand’s new
to manufacturers
improve retail
sales and increase
wholesale orders
refer interested
consumers to
What does keekoo deliver?
Featured-brand exposure and
top-of-mind awareness of new
products and consumer retail
purchase options
• Create a huge BUZZ within the
target demographic of expectant
and new moms
• Category-exclusive promotion
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• Real-time tracking for manufacturers
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expectant and
new mommy
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sales events
keekoo helps brands sell excess or past-season
function like a typical flash-sale website but
are so much more effective in conjuction with
a series of keekoo PROMO EVENTS.
marketing to
tens of thousands
expectant and
new moms
brands have
past-season or
excess inventory
to manufacturers
cash flow
to brands
keekoo fulfills all
orders and pays
brands quickly!
What does keekoo deliver?
• Brands sell excess, past-season
and/or discontinued inventory
expectant and
new mommy
• Brands Improve brand & product
awareness while maintaining
brand integrity
• Category-exclusive promotion
• keekoo fulfills sales orders
• Reduce costs…create cash flow
Contact [email protected]
m arketing to moms
Seasons and Shopping,
According to Moms
By Maria Bailey
More than 83 million moms
represent $2.7 trillion in annual spending in the U.S., making this the largest
consumer group in the country. From
maternity clothing and baby gear in the
early years to electronics and school
supplies for older children, moms control (up to) 85% of household spending.
So what drives moms to choose one
store or product over another and more
importantly, do seasons affect these
choices? The answer: “Absolutely!”
Over the last year, we sought the
opinions* of moms across the country
to dig deeper for their feelings toward
shopping and how seasons affect their
moods. The answers were often obvious
yet complex and dependent on many
factors, including regions of the country,
economic status, ages of children, technology and more.
Four common themes emerged
from moms across the country and
across socio-economic lines. First,
moms overwhelmingly agreed that
they view the calendar year in terms
of seasons. From holiday to summertime, moms plan purchases by seasonal
changes and activities specific to each
season. Second, moms view holidays
and birthdays as special occasions that
almost always equate to extra spending in categories like gifts, clothing and
food. The third and fourth topics, which
almost all moms agree on, is the use
of technology, regardless of the time of
year, and saving money. Both are closely
intertwined as moms use their smart
phones, computers and apps to make
lists, save money, compare sales and
prices and plan their shopping around
the seasonal sales.
When it comes to marketing to
moms (and I prefer marketing “with”
moms), retailers, companies and brands
should consider how shopping moods
are affected by seasons. How moms feel
according to the time of the year, specifically spring and summer, plays a key
role in purchasing decisions and driving
traffic—both online and in to stores.
Happy in
Springtime for moms or moms-to-be,
particularly in cold weather climates,
equates to happiness and a time of
fresh, new growth. Over 62% of moms
in the survey reported feeling “happy,”
citing the change of weather as a key
reason for their more “relaxed” moods.
Factors that affect shopping habits in
spring include:
Special events like Graduations,
Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and religious
holidays. Springtime gatherings and
celebrations fill up the calendar, with
categories such as clothing, food and
gifts ranking high on the spending list.
Spring cleaning and organizing
in the home. Moms are motivated to
clean their homes and offices when
the calendar and weather change over
to springtime.
Temperature changes signaling the
change of season. Even though moms
in Phoenix or Fort Lauderdale will not
shed cold weather clothing or experience significant shifts in temperature
like Chicago and Philadelphia families,
most moms report springtime shopping
purchases for clothing and outdoors
activities. Regardless of region, 49%
of moms said they shop for the change
continued on page 30
28 maternity&newborn360
spring/summer 2013
m arketing to moms
in weather, 42% purchase items for
extracurricular activities and/or sports
and 62% look for seasonal products
(sunscreen, bathing suits).
Summertime Fun
Fast on the heels of the spring season
is summertime when moms’ moods
are generally relaxed. From summer
vacations to school breaks, most moms
feel that summer is “laid back,” with
lax schedules, more family time and
entertainment dictating much of their
activities and moods.
63% of moms reported summerspecific purchases, including vacation
clothing, sunscreen, bathing suits and
cookout items. Category spending
mentioned by moms includes entertainment, recreation activities, vacations
and seasonal food purchases.
As moms plan to keep out-ofschool children busy, entertainment
purchases increase over the summer
months. From season passes to attractions and theme parks to eating out
more often, spending on activities and
excursions increases when the last
school bell rings and moms are looking
for ways to keep children busy.
Almost 40% of moms surveyed
indicated that they spend more over the
summer months while 46% reported a
consistent spending level.
Technology in
Every Season
No matter the season, moms love the
tech tools that have changed the way
they shop, from start to finish. Moms are
using social media, smart phones and
apps more than ever. From researching prices, finding sales and making
lists before they leave the house to cost
comparisons and online coupons in the
store, moms love technology. Online resources that make the shopping process
easier are always popular with moms.
When asked how they use their
mobile phone during shopping, 39%
of moms find a store location and 36%
30 maternity&newborn360
seek information about a product or
service and compare prices. The same
percentage also makes notes about a
product to research later.
Moms also love to share. From
product discoveries or questions to good
(or bad) customer service, many moms
will take the time to do research and
post reviews using social media. Companies and brands that pay attention
to these reviews and cultivate positive
“word of mom” are building a relationship that is invaluable.
Most survey participants “like” between 40 and 100 brands on Facebook,
citing “brand loyalty” and “deals” as
the most common reason for the “like.”
However, beware of undeveloped
pages. Most moms feel “turned off” by
brands that have social media properties
but do not use them.
Staying Connected
Time off of work or school over the
summer months does not change
technology usage. The level of interaction across social media outlets in the
summer remains consistent, although
parents are most likely to increase their
time on Facebook.
Social media usage remains consistent with 63% saying they use social
media about the same; 24% are using
social media more. Only 13% are using
social media less or not at all.
Parents like to stay connected on
vacation, but only to a certain extent;
50% will connect only while they need
to, while 45% prefer to stay connected
at all times. Only 5% prefer to disconnect while on vacation.
The top reasons for using technology/mobile apps on vacation include
look up directions and vacation recommendations related to a family trip
(78%), communicating with people
not on the vacation (72%), keeping up
with email (64%) and keeping the kids
entertained (50%).
continued from page 28
Saving Money
the Year
Saving money is always in season.
While shopping frequency and habits
tend to change based on the weather,
moms are always looking for ways to
save money.
Sites like Foursquare are mentioned
by moms for the ability to “check in” to
find a deal.
Traditional emails are also popular
for coupons and sales, with moms signing up on multiple lists.
Other than aggregate coupon sites
as the most popular online destination,
moms listed their top sources for discounts and coupons: 48% visit manufacturer websites, 46% check retailer
pages and 44% use blogs.
Spring and summer are upon
us. While many companies make plans
based on a retail calendar, the challenge
is to think like moms. Knowing how they
view the seasons, along with changes in
shopping preferences and moods across
the year can make a difference in how
moms view a company or brand, and
ultimately the bottom line. 360
*BSM Media, in conjunction with Tracey
Locke, conducted focus groups and fielded
surveys from a database of moms throughout the US. The summer and spring surveys
yielded an average 727 responses; focus
groups ranged from 10 to 15 participants via
phone interviews.
Maria T. Bailey, CEO
of BSM Media, is the
foremost authority on
marketing to moms
with a series of articles
and books, including her latest, “Power
Moms: The New Rules
for Engaging Mom
Influencers Who Drive Brand Choice.” Maria
is also host of Mom Talk Radio, the #1-downloaded parenting podcast.
spring/summer 2013
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pr diva
Get in the Know!
Have you been wondering how to get
your product in front of the right buyers?
How to become a household brand
name? How to get in the hands of some
A-list celebrities who can ultimately
skyrocket your business?
If the answers are yes, then I have
time-tested and true advice for you!
For over a decade I have proudly
created media attention and celebrity
buzz in order to launch maternity, baby
and children’s brands successfully. It all
started with dressing Miranda’s baby
on Sex and the City. I’m known for
pitching what I like to call “newbies”
and helping more mature brands relaunch after becoming somewhat stale.
My motto is all about repetitive brand
awareness. I have been with brands
anywhere from a couple of months to
some for 13 years. Wherever there’s a
need, I step in. Sometimes a brand just
needs that extra push!
I have been on every side of your
business. I have been a buyer for two of
32 maternity&newborn360
my own brick and mortar stores, as well
as an online shop. I have been a manager for a large national magazine at
Condé Nast and have had a short-lived
role as an Editor-in-Chief for a leading trade publication which I stepped
in to save during the recession. I have
produced over 30 T.V. segments, and
I have been on most major networks
and affiliates as on-air talent as I shared
“What’s hot now” with viewers. I have
been featured in celeb weeklies and
interviewed by some talented writers.
I’m also a “mommy consumer” which
makes me one of your target audience
members. I have gained some modest
bragging rights over the years. It didn’t
come easy, but after a lot of hard work
and devotion, I’m happy to be able to
share some of my knowledge and experiences with you.
TO Manufacturers
First, you must have a smart concept
and once you have fully executed that
By Rachel Florio-Urso
concept into a quality product you are
on your way! The product you’re pitching needs to fit many criteria. There
needs to be “a need’ and it should be
functional. The price point has to be
competitive and fit what the market will
bear. Being earth-friendly and/or made
in the USA is a big plus if you can pull
it off and still make a profit. Product and
packaging eye-candy appeal is a must,
if you want to be at the top of your
game. Editors only select items that
shoot well and add pop to their glossy
pages, bloggers want colorful images to
create beautiful graphics on what would
have been a drab screen, and consumers won’t be able to walk by the shelf if
the item jumps out and grabs them! Two
of the most important items you need
to back your brand and your sales force
are organizational skills and outstanding
customer care.
Get the deal closed! A manufacturer’s main focus has to be on production,
sales and service. If you spread yourself
continued on page 34
spring/summer 2013
pr diva
too thin or try to do it all, you might
wind up spending more time and money to get back in the game. There’s a bit
of who-you-know politicking going on,
but there are many more detailed tasks
to do before you can close the deal and
land a press placement. A writer has
only so many spots to fill annually and
there are thousands of brands pitching
them all year long for that dream spot.
You have to be “in the know” when
it comes to editorial calendars and masthead turn-over, as well as being on your
toes during fact finding, credit checking and final edit pushes. It’s not rocket
science, but there is a lot more involved
than one thinks.
Competition, please. Your brand
is up against many competitors and
yes, your press-worthy product will
get knocked off. Take it as a compliment and stay on track by making
your product even better season after
season. If you’re serious about your
brand and longevity, then don’t get
caught up in B2B threats, legal fees
and the stress of it all. Continue with a
positive flow and with bigger and better trade show booths, media exposure,
and celebrity connections.
Invest in your company’s website.
A smart marketing move is to create a
site that’s clean, easy to navigate and
rocks the market! Let’s talk about your
mom and pop website. A website
that shows off your product, customer
service and a full press page leads to
stronger brand recognition. Upload
professional pictures of real models. Yes,
real models. Your little Jimmy is a cutie,
but we all know that home page image
was taken in your backyard and that
doesn’t cut it with big buyers and media
members. You want to look like you’re
a nationally recognized brand. Spend
the extra $30.00 on a new domain’s
ten year ownership and pass on the
“$9.99 for one year” sale. Google crawl
will consider your company as a more
serious business and your site URL will
be picked up on the feed more often.
34 maternity&newborn360
continued from page 32
Include your social media links in order
to build fans and loyal followers. Add all
media placements to a press page. Press
helps sell the brand!
Launching for the first time. You’ve soft
launched your product and you have
your sales team, now what? Well, for
starters you need to be sure you have
someone working on your marketing and
public relations campaign. It’s a 24/7 job
with many deadlines. If you think your
brand is the best, tell the world! They
can’t find you if they don’t know you exist. You need to have several story angles
in your back pocket. Allocating dollars
for a marketing specialist to get you
launched is one of the wisest investments
you can make, second only to manufacturing the actual goods.
Social media (SM) is on the rise. You
should have a Twitter handle that matches your brand’s name, not yours, and a
Facebook account that matches. Your
Twitter mini bio and Facebook “about
us” should be consistent. As a matter of
fact, everything related to your brand
(e.g., SM, website, logo, tagline, packaging, images) should all match.
We get to shop till we drop! Having a
“good buying eye” and knowing what
sells in the current economy is key to a
successful buy, but there’s much more to
it. When working (wisely) with a budget,
you have to be careful not to get suckered into only buying a few big brands.
We all have our “go to” manufacturers.
The ones that know us by name and
want us to purchase their entire line exclusively. We also get wrapped up in the
smaller mom and pop stories. Those are
the new energetic sales people who pull
you into their trade show booth and can’t
seem to turn the pitch off. These newbies
mean well and we buyers have a heart,
but there is a time to make an exit and
politely say, “Your brand doesn’t fit our
merchandising plan this time around.”
Make SMART purchases. Don’t place
that minimum opening order because
you like her vintage dress or the fact
that they were a husband and wife
team. Only place an order if you truly
feel it will benefit the company and
make a good ROI.
Have a plan! Check with your shop’s
owner and/or big box store’s merchandiser to see what lies ahead for the next
season and stick with a color story and
a theme. Are you going with bright
bold prints or neutrals? Think about the
palette, the store’s needs and the climate
in which your store is located before
venturing off. What are some of your
best sellers to re-stock? Which products
will pop off your shelves and grab the
consumer’s attention? Listen to your
customers and don’t just buy what you
like. Check national magazines, celeb
blogs, and the industry news leaders to
see “what’s hot” now.
Have good “goods” in store! I recently
went into an upscale children’s boutique
only to find three to six different manufacturers throughout the entire store. It
was obvious, and a turn off. They didn’t
gain a sale from me that day. I knew I
could shop online or go to a neighboring store to find a much better selection.
You don’t want to put your store in a
position to fail. Take small risks and
place many minimum opening orders
around your larger P.O.s and watch your
investment roll in! 360
Rachel Florio-Urso is
truly “in the know”
and her clients, press
coverage, and unsolicited recommendations
prove it! People Magazine says, “Celebrity
Trend Expert Rachel
Florio-Urso knows
a thing or two about which products celeb
parents love” and that’s why we tapped into
her world, too.
spring/summer 2013
b usiness matters
Show Me
the Money
By Eric Seemann
Most of you plan to attend at least
one event, market or show this season,
and I’m sure many of you will attend
several events. Everyone participating
in shows and markets—from designers
to retail store owners, fabric companies
or manufacturers–understands the time
and financial investment participation
incurs, but we all want to ensure we get
the most from our investment.
The event industry spends a lot of
time discussing the Return on Investment (ROI) for their events and stakeholders. What they have found is that
ROI is not easy to determine or measure
and that each industry is different. In
the fashion world, shows and markets
are held multiple times per year to provide for seasonal lines to be introduced,
marketed and sold. On the other end
of the spectrum, in the realm of heavy
manufacturing and construction, events
are held less frequently… sometimes
only once every four or five years. Selling a single multi-million dollar piece
of equipment is far different from rolling
out new seasonal lines five times a year
and selling a product at a fair wholesale
price, which for some products will be
less than a dollar.
Not only do shows differ by industry, but ROI may also be measured in
a dramatically different fashion within
the same market. The expense for an
exhibitor to get a space on the floor
or a showroom in the market is no
small investment, and when you add
in product and design costs, pre-show
promotions, shipping and travel for a
36 maternity&newborn360 sales staff, the “tab” quickly grows. For
the retailer taking time from their store
to attend, travel to a regional, national
or international event and food/lodging must be added in before a single
purchase order is placed.
Recognizing the expenses involved
on all sides of business, it is imperative
that part of the planning process for
any organization prior to an event is
to determine its goals, objectives, and
investments for participation. This is
one of the critical areas that most event
organizers feel is lacking in the planning process of their constituents. And
although we as event organizers recognize the omission of this part of the
process, trying to educate our constituents on the need to determine ROI prior
to participating is a challenge at best.
The process doesn’t have to be
laborious. With a couple of simple questions you should be able to determine:
If participating is a good investment
What level of participation will
yield at least a “break even”
If you can accomplish goals
with fewer resources or a
better action plan
Let me provide you with a couple
of industry statistics that may help aid in
calculations. The Destination Marketing
Association International (DMAI) presently estimates that the “value” of any
attendee at a convention, market, expo,
or conference is about $290/day with
about half of that being spent on accom-
modations and the balance on meals,
transportation and entertainment. Add
in the cost of travel per person roundtrip
from your home city to the destination,
and you will have a good starting point
for creating a “cost per person” to participate in an event.
Every expo or market has a professional staff working full time to provide
the best information possible for planning. Do not hesitate to call and contact
them personally to get the information
you require for planning. They should
be happy to assist you or to direct you
to someone who is able to provide the
information you require.
Good planning going into an event
will ultimately yield a much more valuable return for all participants and ultimately for your business. You are far less
likely to have that “waste of my time”
feeling at the end of an event if you plan
appropriately, and ultimately you will
enjoy and profit from the show. 360
Eric V. Seemann CEM,
CMP has worked
directly in the trade
show industry for 10
years and in party,
meeting, and conference planning for
over 20 years. He has
earned the professional certifications of Certified in Exhibition
Management (CEM) and Certified Meeting
Professional (CMP). He is President of Innoventions Alliance Inc. and is the Promotion and
Production Manager for All Baby & Child, Inc.
spring/summer 2013
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ha en
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b usiness matters
Taking risks
can revitalize
your business
By Kerry Banz
Tell me if this sounds familiar: When
you first started your business, you were
fresh, eager to try anything to take your
business to the next level. But over time
your negative experiences caused you to
become jaded after being burned a few
too many times. You found a few things
that worked, and you stuck with them.
So here you are, running a routine
business that has become a little stale.
Sales become flat, and you question
why it isn’t growing. You have your
“tried and true” lines that you have
carried for several years, and you do
the same marketing that used to work
for years but now seems ineffective. In
essence, you are stuck in a rut.
Albert Einstein once said, “The
definition of insanity is doing the same
thing over and over again and expecting
different results.” Think about this quote
for a second; now ask yourself if this
quote applies to the way you run your
business. If the answer is yes, what your
business may need is for you to take a
risk in trying something new in order to
revitalize it.
This sounds easy, but it requires
getting out of your rut and changing
your mindset by focusing on the possibilities of success. Moreover, you can’t
be afraid of making mistakes. Things do
not have to work perfectly to be considered successful. The key to taking risks is
42 maternity&newborn360
to first understand why you may be risk
adverse. Second, mentally prepare yourself for your worst-case scenario. Next,
calculate your risks to give yourself
the best chance at success. Finally, set
reasonable goals for yourself, and take
the time afterwards to learn from your
mistakes as well as your successes.
Taking risks is the only way to get
the most out of your business. But over
time we can become risk-adverse as a
result of the emotion of fear. Fear is one
of the most dangerous emotions a retailer
can have because acting out of fear can
be costly, but not acting out of fear can
be even more costly to a business.
A fear of failing
Once we have achieved a certain
amount of success, it is not uncommon
to becoming risk-adverse for fear of
losing what we have already achieved.
When you first decided to open your
store, did you ever explore what would
be the worst case if your business failed?
Chances are the thought crossed your
mind; however you probably didn’t take
the time to think through the possibilities. Now that you have opened your
doors the fear of making mistakes may
have crept in, and you constantly worry
that one wrong move will result in your
doors closing for good.
The Fear of Change
Over time, a business reaches a level
of success based on a formula that has
worked for years. For instance, you
have attained that success through
marketing a certain way to a certain
demographic target audience. Or, you
may have found a line that became so
popular that it helped put you on the
map. Due to that success, we become
so comfortable that we lose sight of the
fact that market conditions can change,
or new lines have taken over popularity
and what you currently carry has become last year’s fad. Even when these
facts come to light, we are hesitant to
change due to fear of the unknown or
fear of rejection.
The Fear
of Rejection
Making any change, whether it is in our
business life or personal life, opens us
up to rejection. We fear that our customers will not love a product or new
line or a new direction we want to take
the business. The greatest fear of all is
that they will stop buying from us due to
a bad decision we may have made.
Many times we allow our failures
to slowly chip away at our confidence,
until one day we wake up feeling
beaten and losing sight of what we
originally set out to achieve when we
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solutions for pregnant women
created by a female M.D.
belly upit
Have you ever wanted
someone to carry around
your pregnant belly? Well,
here it is! A comfortable
back and belly support belt
to ease back and leg pain.
belly upit benefits
- Promotes back and abdominal support
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- Promotes proper posture
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- Pocket for heat/cool pack
- Customized cool/heat pack available
- Made from non-latex elastic covered in Rayon from Bamboo
- Ultra-soft for all day wear
- Physician designed to accommodate throughout entire pregnancy
Dr. Somi Javaid, OB/GYN
As an Ob/Gyn, Dr. Somi Javaid heard it all.
As a mother of 3, she also felt it all firsthand.
After the birth of her third child, Dr. Javaid
began to conceptualize a few products that
would make her life and the lives of her
patients easier.
nox and all of mamadoc’s products aren’t
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materials such as moisture wicking and
anti-microbial bamboo in their product line.
mamadoc has ordered up a whole line of
practical pregnancy products to address
everyday Mama concerns.
Swelling is common during
pregnancy due to several
factors; extra water retention,
pelvic pressure, and changes
in blood chemistry. 75% of
women experience swelling
during pregnancy. Preghose
compression socks will help
keep swelling down and
mama up on her feet.
preghose benefits
- Gentle compression keeps swelling down
- Breathable fabric prevents overheating
- Prevents leg and foot pain
- Odor resistant
phone 877-397-5445
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b usiness matters
opened our doors. It is not uncommon to become risk adverse after a few
mistakes. The truth is, mistakes are part
of the risk-taking process; they help us
learn how to take better calculated risks.
To take calculated risks, we must do
the homework to understand all facets
of the initiative, and more importantly,
you must prepare yourself to accept the
worst possible outcome.
The best approach to reducing
your fear of taking risks is to understand
your worst case scenario and be willing
to accept it and move on to your next
great idea. What is your worst case? Is
it investing in a new line that may not
sell, or a new sales program designed to
drive more revenue yet is not accepted
by your staff or your loyal customers?
Figure out the cost associated with this
worst case. If you can’t live with the
possible outcome, bring it back to a
figure that makes you more comfortable.
Odds are you can live with it because of
the simple fact that you are no longer in
fear of the unknown.
The next step in taking risks to
revitalize your business is to remember
that Hope is not a Strategy. Any risk you
take should be calculated, not a random
action. For instance, simply bringing
on a new line and putting it in the front
of the store hoping it will catch your
customer’s eye is usually not enough to
be successful. A well-thought-out plan
includes things like providing proper
training for your sales team including
clear feature and benefit sets, overcoming objections and monetary incentives.
Moreover, a coordinated, multi-faceted
marketing effort will go a long way
to ensure a successful outcome. A
calculated risk is a risk you take after
you become aware of both the positive
and negative possible outcomes of your
decision. The more effort you put into
the planning, the better success you will
have on your initiative.
continued from page 42
It is important to set realistic goals
for yourself. If your goals are too lofty,
you are setting yourself up for failure.
When developing your plan, make sure
that your profit goals are supported by
your inventory. Ensure that your staff
is aligned with your sales goals and
that they are bought into the program’s
success. Most important, remember that
some initiatives take time to develop
and not to get discouraged early on.
Make sure that you stay committed to your initiative. See it throughdon’t let early failures dictate the
outcome. For instance, if you are doing
a series of events, it will take time to
develop a following. You may only
have a few people show up at the first
event, but as word spreads and your
regular customers continue to see you
promoting the line, they will eventually
want to see what all the buzz is about.
By the last show of the year, you will
probably have a packed house.
Take the time to review the initiative and learn from both
the mistakes and the successes. Discuss with your staff what
worked and what didn’t, and most importantly: why. Don’t
be afraid to change the way you do business as a result of
your learning or to try something different. If your worstcase scenario came true, have the courage to analyze what
went wrong and move on to the next one. By keeping things
fresh with new ideas, you have a better chance for continued growth and success.
The best approach to reducing your
fear of taking risks is to understand
your worst case scenario and be
willing to accept it and move on to
your next great idea.
In summary, risks are essential to growing a business.
There are a lot of reasons to be risk adverse; at the end of
the day, no one likes to fail. If we achieve a certain amount
of success, we are hesitant to do anything that would rock
the boat for fear of failure or even rejection. It can cause us
to lose confidence and keep us in a perpetual rut of stagnant
ideas and even worse, stagnant sales.
The key to revitalizing your business is to break out
and take chances. Focus on the positive and don’t be afraid
to make mistakes. Have a basic understanding of your risk
level and what you are willing to lose if all else fails. Furthermore, proper planning will allow you to take calculated
risks and give yourself the best chance for success. Set reasonable expectations on the outcome of the initiative, and
make sure you see it through. Lastly, take the time to learn
from the outcome and glean both the positive and negative
from the experience, and make sure that you use those experiences the next time around to make your next initiative
even better. Taking risks will put excitement back into your
business and give it the spark that it needs to become the
best version of itself. 360
Kerry Banz is the
President of KB Retail
Consulting. She has
made a career of
helping high potential,
underperforming retail
stores reach their
potential, making
their retail dreams a
profitable reality.
spring/summer 2013
b usiness matters
Mobile Technology
Moms seem to be especially resourceful in using their smartphones. A British
study found that moms hand phones to
crying children more often than they do
bottles, toys or pacifiers. And according to BSM Media, 85 percent of moms
utilize technology to aid in shopping.
The emergence of mobile shopping has been a cause for confusion
and concern among some brick-andmortar retailers and the brands they
sell. Showrooming—when a shopper
visits a store to check out a product and
then purchases it online—sparked a
spate of alarmism and dire predictions
initially. But we’ve since learned that the
showrooming “threat” is actually less
serious than once perceived. Actually,
showrooming represents an opportunity
for retailers to engage with consumers in
new ways and take retailing in a whole
new direction.
Some time ago I was in London
speaking at the Rutberg Summit, and
half the audience questions were about
showrooming. Their suggestions bordered on bizarre and included offering
products not found online, disconnecting WiFi, blocking cell signals, even
banning the use of cameras. All that
seemed more than extreme to me.
More recent discussions of showrooming have benefited from new
Let’s look at the study this year that
said that more than half of the adult cell
phone users surveyed used their phones
while in a store during the most recent
holiday shopping season.
What did they use their phones
46 maternity&newborn360
for? Some 38 percent called a friend for
advice about a purchase. Another 24 percent looked up reviews; and 25 percent
looked up pricing information online.
In those cases where prices were
compared, what happened next?
• The highest percentage, 37, didn’t
purchase the product at all
• Some 35 percent purchased the
product at that store
• Another 8 percent purchased it
at a different store
• Fewer than one in five, 19 percent, purchased the product online.
That seems to be a convincing argument that consumers who use their
mobile phones are looking at prices,
but more importantly they’re looking
for information.
Brian Walker gets this. He’s vice
president and principal analyst of
e-business and channel strategy at Forrester Research Inc. At the 2012 Internet
Retailer Conference & Exhibition he
said, “Showrooming is about product
information and social validation when
a shopper is buying a product.”
Walker also understands that while
retailers think about sales channels—
stores, contact center, website—consumers think about brands. And consumers want access to their preferred
brands in all the various ways that make
the most sense for them.
“Times have changed, the stakes
have gone up, and it’s time to get serious about serving the customer in these
different ways, otherwise you will suffer
as a business,” Walker said at the Internet Retailer Conference. “They will vote
By Alexander Muse
with their clicks and their feet and shop
with companies that drive convenience
and the information they are looking for
across these different touch-points.”
Mobile starts
Physical stores and retailer websites
are coming together. Our challenge is
to make them work together to provide
the information consumers clearly are
demanding. Mobile shopping applications are the perfect tool for that job for a
number of reasons. They deliver product
information at the best possible time,
when the buying decision is being made.
And by providing comprehensive product information, mobile apps help retailers make sales even when consumers are
standing in the store of a competitor.
Of course, at any given moment
more shoppers are in a retailer’s competitors’ stores than in their own. Look
at these figures:
• Best Buy has 1,099 out of 43,810
total electronics retail locations
• Barnes & Noble has 691 out of
32,050 total book store locations
• Macy’s has 805 out of 36,140 total
department store locations
• Safeway has 1,725 out of 253,572
total grocery store locations
What if a retailer like Macy’s could
start a conversation with the shoppers in
the 36,000 department store locations
they don’t own? Mobile technology
enables a retailer to start those conversations with consumers at the point of
purchase both inside and outside of
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spring/summer 2013
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b usiness matters
their own retail store locations. Clearly,
consumers want to have these conversations. Our mobile shopping application,
ShopSavvy, has been downloaded more
than 40 million times and now contains
product information from more than
40,000 retailers.
Mobile shopping apps have just
begun to realize their potential for creating and maintaining customer relationships, facilitating mobile payments, and
helping retailers leverage the vast stores
of data they collect. But their greatest
potential may lie in their ability to connect consumers’ shopping habits with
their social graphs.
In 2011, I met Facebook co-founder
Eduardo Saverin, and we hatched a plan
to make shopping with ShopSavvy more
social. Then we closed a $7 million
investment to grow the team in order
to make that vision a reality. Our goal
is to transform ShopSavvy from a very
successful shopping application to an
all-encompassing shopping community.
Seamless shopping is
the goal
A new report based on an international
survey confirms how much shoppers
want—and expect—a seamless integration of retail experiences across online,
social media, mobile and physical stores.
The report from the consulting
firm Capgemini titled “Digital Shopper
Relevancy,” surveyed 16,000 digital
shoppers in 16 countries. Some 60
percent of respondents said they expect
the convergence of retail channels to be
the norm by 2014, when a unified shopping experience is expected to become
commonplace. However, more than half
of shoppers said that most retailers currently are not consistent in the way they
present themselves across channels.
The report confirms that the Internet
remains the dominant channel, with 80
percent of respondents in developing
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markets saying the Internet was important or very important and 63 percent
in mature markets. This was closely
followed by e-mail interaction; channels
such as social media, mobile apps and
in-store kiosks are growing in popularity.
The report also provided insights
into digital-savvy shoppers. The study
highlighted that 56 percent of respondents are likely to spend more money at
a physical store if they had used digital
channels to research the product prior
to purchase.
This survey is especially interesting
because it conveys the complexity of
the task before us. We have to think in
new ways, and then some, to meet the
needs of shoppers as they increasingly
demand seamless shopping, however
they define it.
Going back
to the future
Where is all this heading? One of my
favorite places to study the future of
retailing has been around since 1455.
The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is
the largest and oldest covered market
in the world, with more than 250,000
visitors each day. For hundreds of years,
shoppers there have experienced unique
one-on-one conversations with retailers.
And with more than 3,000 shops competing for the same shoppers, you might
assume everything would come down to
price. But you would be wrong.
If you watch closely, you will see
shoppers disappear through certain
shop’s “anonymous portals,” where they
are able to find the best of the best in
designer merchandise delivered in a
highly personalized and intimate manner. These “in the know” shoppers have
discovered an exclusive shopping experience that isn’t available to just anyone.
Smart retailers can begin to leverage the ingredients of the Bazaar to
begin to start one-on-one conversations
with today’s highly connected consumers. And they can do it with a technology available to nearly everyone—the
mobile phone.
Will retailers learn how to leverage
the product information so readily available to consumers on mobile devices?
We think they will. Retailers understand
that their physical and online stores
are coming together. The challenge is
to make them work together to provide
that seamless shopping experience consumers are demanding.
Creating that improved experience
likely will mean getting closer to consumers and answering their questions:
“What deals am I looking for? What are
the offers that I’m interested in? What’s
the social information that helps me
make a better buying decision?”
It’s abundantly clear that mobile
technologies provide an unprecedented
opportunity for brands, retailers and
shoppers to connect with one another.
With mobile, marketers can create more
targeted, real-time conversations with
consumers. And they can restore that
sense of fun and wonder that has always
drawn customers to stores—in some
cases for hundreds of years.
To make those connections,
retailers will have to think in new ways
and borrow some old ideas. They will
have to meet shoppers where they are,
but modern technology lets them do
just that. 360
Alexander Muse is the
founder and CEO of
ShopSavvy, the leading mobile shopping
assistant with more
than 30 million downloads and 10 million
unique users. Muse, a
proven business leader
with more than a decade of startup experience,
speaks at conferences and universities throughout the U.S. and Europe.
b usiness matters
Combating Internet Lowball Pricing:
A Survival Guide
By Dan Jablons
Many retailers today worry
about the effect of the Internet on their
brick-and-mortar business, feeling that
customers will buy online long before
they buy from the store, mostly due to
pricing and convenience. This has been
made worse by the practice of “showrooming” which happens when customers come to the store, look at a product
they want, note the UPC or vendor’s
style number, and then go online and
find it for less than what you offer.
In fact, one of the larger online
retailers who shall remain nameless,
became famous last year for offering a
five percent discount to customers if they
went into a local store, scanned the UPC
code and bought the product online.
That was a brutally competitive move.
So how do you survive while such
tactics are practiced? What makes
customers willing to buy in your store
instead of buying online? Here are some
proven tips from retail stores that are successfully beating the online merchants.
Shopping is
STILL fun!
Through all the years that I have been in
retail, the death of the brick-and-mortar
store has been announced several times.
I remember when the catalog business
grew substantially, and there was great
concern that no one would go to the
stores anymore. That has never happened, and even though it can be great
to shop online, it will never compete
with the social interaction and fun of
shopping at a retail store.
Customers still love to go to the
store, to feel the merchandise, to interact
with friends and store associates, and
enjoy the entire experience. You don’t get
that when you are all alone in front of
your computer. So the first thing I would
recommend is to make sure that your
store is a fun place to shop. Remember,
when you open the doors, it’s “retail
theater” and the party should be going
on right from the start.
The more fun it is to visit your store,
Customers still love to go to the
store, to feel the merchandise,
to interact with friends and
store associates, and enjoy the
entire experience.
50 maternity&newborn360
the more the customer relates to and has
a great experience with your staff, and
the more they will visit and the more
they will buy. Keep it fun by having lots
of great events, cool contests, and make
your store “the place to be.”
Along the same lines, one of the things
that helps defeat showrooming is to
have great merchandising which makes
the product even more desirable. If your
merchandising shows the product well,
you can create instant demand for it.
And the best part about instant
demand is that customers want that
product now, not 2-4 weeks from
now. Entice your customers with great
displays that show off the product, show
how it is used and how much fun it is to
have, and your customer is more likely
to buy it right then and there.
Prepare your
The main advantage that brick-andmortar retailers have over online
merchants is that the product is right
there, right now. It can be a gamble to
buy the product online because it could
be backordered, or they could ship
Dealing with returns with online
merchants can be a major hassle. So
when you find someone who is in your
store and they appear to be showrooming, we suggest you play offense, not
spring/summer 2013
defense. Tell them the above two factors, but also remind
them that you are a local merchant, adding dollars to their
local economy, hiring local people, and the best thing they
can do for themselves and their local economy is to support
local business.
At the same time, you can put the product in their
hands and tell them, “You can have this right now, right this
second, or you can go home and order it and have it a few
weeks from now. Which is better?” We have seen this work
very effectively.
As such, it would be worthwhile to spend a little time
on this topic at your next staff meeting (you do have staff
meetings, right?). Talk about these strategies and get your
staff ready to combat showrooming with better service, better merchandising, and better selling.
Sure, lower prices online can be difficult to overcome,
but the above strategies can help you keep the register
ringing. 360
Dan Jablons is
President of Retail
Smart Guys (www.
and brings many
years of retail experience to stores of any
size to improve their
operations, revitalize
their marketing, and maximize their profits.
spring/summer 2013
on the
chic nursing tops,
dresses, sleepwear,
bras and more
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Green is in!
We all have choices that we can
make on a daily basis about how to
improve our relationship with our environment. We recycle, conserve energy,
choose organic foods, and can read the
word “Green” in almost any category of
consumer products.
Corporations are quickly adapting to improve their Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR image). The word is
out… Green is in.
Companies large and small are
launching a wide array of green initiatives.
While these efforts are beneficial to the
planet, they also raise questions around
the rush to paint a green halo around
products in an effort to increase market
share. Welcome to the world of “green
washing,” and the questioning consumer.
There is a growing awareness, and
also a certain level of distrust, about
many of the claims being made using
words like organic, eco friendly, sustainable, 100% natural, chemical free,
fairtrade, and/or ethically traded goods.
It is easy to understand how confused
and suspicious consumers may become.
So… how do we ease their understanding and build confidence that the claims
being made are legitimate? The answer
is simple…. certification!
Here are three international organizations that retailers can rely on for certification of ethical and organic products.
Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
www.global-standard.org GOTS is an
audited certification that uses a “Track
and Trace” reporting system throughout
the entire manufacturing process. Starting with the raw organic cotton, GOTS
certification covers the ginning/spinning
of the yarns, knitting/weaving of the
fabrics, dyeing/finishing of the fabrics,
silk screen printing, sewing, garment
washing and packaging.
52 maternity&newborn360
By Richard Brown
Demeter International, www.demeter.
net Demeter is the only ecological association that has built up a network of
individual certification organizations
worldwide. Their directive is to ensure
the use of biodynamic agricultural systems for organic certification.
Fairtrade, www.fairtrade.net Fairtrade
is an alternative approach to conventional trade and is based on a partnership between producers and consumers.
Fairtrade offers producers a better
deal and improved terms of trade, with
the opportunity to improve their lives
and communities.
Development of the organic clothing
market is fueled by ethical consumerism. World textile demand for organic
cotton is expected to rise 3 to 4.5 times
from 2000 to 2050. Major brands and
retailers have recognized the importance of this emerging market and are
increasing their focus in support of
organic textiles. Sales are projected
to increase significantly as consumers
choose their purchases more carefully,
favoring products that promote a wiser
and healthier lifestyle choice.
Gateway markets for growth
include infants and toddlers clothing,
toys and accessories, along with organic
fashion for pregnant and new moms.
Women’s and men’s clothing will also
expand as the creativity and design element that defines the fashion business
finds new roots within the organic community. The days of “granola” fashion
are gone. Designers can draw equal
inspiration from fabrics and colors offered within an organic structure.
With the increase in global production and consumer interest, and the
growing commitment of manufacturers
and retailers across a broader spectrum
of styles and demographics, the organic
clothing market will continue to grow
and define its place within the fashion
world. More good news comes from the
shrinking price gap between organic
and traditional cotton-based fashion.
This has always been an issue of concern for consumers when making the
choice to buy organic.
Main Street fashion prides itself on
instant response to short-lived trends,
often requiring garments to be disposable and cheap. The organic movement
is based on the philosophy of conservation and moderation, and supports the
ideology of long-life fashion. In today’s
economic climate, it is easy to see why
organic fashion is becoming a popular
choice among savvy consumers.
Clothing is both a necessity and a
luxury. Our choices of what to buy are
defined by color, texture, fit, brand image, and price point. The challenge for
those of us who work within the organic
field is to create products that appeal to
all of these senses. We cannot just rely
on our organic roots as the incentive and
inspiration for consumer response. Our
goal is to show how fashion and environmental awareness can exist together in a
creative and sustainable world.
The growth potential for organic
clothing is looking as good as it feels.
Richard Brown is
president of Itsus
International Inc. Itsus
Eco “System Green”
is a Canadian brand
producing certified
organic clothing for
children, women
and men available
throughout North America and Europe.
spring/summer 2013
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Dr. Somi Says
Dr. Somi Javaid has spent over a decade caring for pregnant women and
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uses a revolutionary foam cup ideal for the
nursing woman as it contours without adding volume to your bust.
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support, easy pull-aside nursing access on the
tank, delicate lace and bow details, moisture
wicking, anti-bacterial fabric.
Tank MSRP $49 | WHSL $29
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Preggie Pop Drops
The perfect relief for morning sickness, these
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Pop Drops are effective due to our special
formulation of essential oils, aromatherapy
and a unique delivery method.
MSRP $5.50 | WHSL $3.33
Belly UpIt™
Belly UpIt is a back support specifically constructed to
ease pregnancy back pain. Studies show that back braces
during pregnancy can relieve discomfort and strain, making
day-to-day pregnant life easier. Belly UpIt™ may also relieve
pressure on the sciatic nerve, reducing leg pain as well. MSRP $49.95 | WHSL $25.00
Safari Medallion Hobo
This trendy bag provides fashionable cover for
easy diaper duty: one main internal compartment
with 3 elasticized pockets, outer zip pocket for
personal items, key fob holder for keys or pacifier,
large padded micro fiber change mat, insulated
bottle holder, OiOi wipes case.
MSRP $140.00 | WHSL $70.00
Belli Elasticity Belly Oil
Breastflow Starter Set
Breastflow’s patented 2-in-1 nipple lets your
baby control the flow of breast milk or formula as
naturally as breastfeeding. By using both suction
and compression motions, your baby is able to
regulate the flow of milk unlike any other bottle.
Plus, Breastflow is designed to help prevent colic.
MSRP $19.99 | WHSL $13.75
A luxurious blend of pure plant extracts that prepares
skin for stretching during pregnancy. Lavender and sweet
almond oil soothe and calm the senses, while nourishing
and moisturizing to help skin stretch without damage.
MSRP $39.99 | WHSL $23.40
Bootleg Denim Jeans by Haven
Every mommy-to-be must have a pair of great-fitting, stylish
jeands. These full-panel four-pocket bootleg denim trouser
are the best fitting and most comfy denim you will wear.
MSRP $87.00 | WHSL $35.00
spring/summer 2013
maternity&newborn360 55
n ew & noteworthy | maternity
Over the past three months keekoo.com has hosted Promotion Events for various manufacturers of bump to baby products. These Promotional
Events act as online focus groups that gauge interest from a highly targeted demographic: moms-to-be to
new mommies, located primarily in the U.S.
During a Promotional Event, keekoo is able to capture data on expectant and new moms’ perceptions,
opinions, beliefs, and attitudes towards a brand and its products.
Here is how iT works:
• Keekoo buyers hand-select brands and specific products to feature
in special Promotional Events on keekoo.com.
• Keekoo carefully inspects these items and if approved, product receives
the keekoo KISS, which stands for Keekoo Inspected Seal of Support!
Once items are selected and inspected, keekoo features the brand and products in a Promotional Event.
They invite thousands of expectant moms and new moms to attend, view, read and grab limited samples.
These online focus groups attracted over 234,000 expectant and new moms.
A selection of top-performing brands and products are featured in the following New&Noteworthy
sections. It’s your guide to stocking your store with our most popular brands and products, providing your
customers with what they need and want... and your business with increased sales.
Japanese Weekend Maternity & Nursing
She’ll be feeling summer sweetness in our candy stripe dress! Made from
100% cotton it’s the perfect dress for Spring baby showers and Summer
BBQ’s. The asymmetrical and pleat detail at the neckline makes this not just
any ordinary cotton dress. Wear with the tie belt for a fit and flattering look
or without the tie for an easy casual look.
Japanese Weekend Maternity & Nursing
Sophistication, comfort, and function abound in this key Spring/
Summer essential dress. Our During and After collections can be worn
during pregnancy and offer discrete nursing access for after. This lightweight
rayon jersey blend dress is available in brights and neutrals. It will be the go
to dress for any new mom!
56 maternity&newborn360
spring/summer 2013
Brought to you by:
keekoo and their focus groups comprising over 234,000 expectant and new moms
This is Your labor...OWN it!
The comfort of a cotton jersey Tshirt in a chic halter dress? Yes, you can
have that in the labor ward! Frontal openings for the Electronic Fetal
Monitor make this gown a smart alternative to typical unisex hospital garb!
One size fits all and now Plus Size available.
Modernize your labor!
How do you make a woman giving birth feel less like a patient and more
like a healthy woman in labor? Start with what she’s wearing! These 100%
cotton stretch jersey halter gowns are just what the doctor ordered. Proudly Made in the USA.
continued on page 58
n ew & noteworthy | maternity
continued from page 57
Skinnyshirt mama gives you the polished look of a crisp collared shirt without the bunchiness and bulk. Skinnyshirt mama pairs a cotton poplin collar
and upper with a stretchy knit body. So, you look good and are super
comfortable at the same time. Extend your maternity wardrobe. Skinnyshirt
mama is meant as a layering piece, but is cute enough to go it alone.
Skinnyshirt mama can be worn with almost anything in a woman’s closet
from v-necks to shift dresses to cardigans and blazers.
www.skinnyshirt.com click on mama!
The Hotel Capri in Black Denim
Allison Izu offers clothing for women 5’6” and shorter, and now we also
offer a Petite Maternity Collection of bottoms and tops. The Hotel Capri is a
perfect Spring staple for any woman, a cropped jean to the mid calf with a
slight flare at the bottom to elongate your figure. In sizes 000 to 14 and in
two inseams, a 27” and 31” inseam.
Honolulu Wide Leg Trouser
in Grey Chambray
Allison Izu offers customized clothing for women 5’6” and shorter with our
petite clothing and maternity clothing too. The Honolulu Trouser is offered
in Grey Chambray for Spring 2013, as well as Khaki and Blue. Sizes from a
000 to 14 and in a 27” inseam and 31” inseam.
Mommylicious Maternity
Mommylicious Maternity designs the best in affordable maternity wear
in sizes to fit every shape! The Mommylicious line includes a full collection of maternity apparel, lingerie, plus size apparel, occasional wear and
sleepwear. Not to mention, our ingenious Belly Box that offers a simple
and economical solution for mom’s basic wardrobe blacks. Mommylicious
Maternity has a hip and fashion-forward maternity collection that includes
everything you need to look and feel your best without breaking the bank.
58 maternity&newborn360
spring/summer 2013
Brought to you by:
keekoo and their focus groups comprising over 234,000 expectant and new moms
Imanimo Leia blouse
At Imanimo we strive to bring the customer a diverse collection that is
always on trend and fashion forward. This Leia chiffon top can be worn
during the day with jeans and flats or glammed up for evening with pumps
and skinny pants.
Imanimo Constance Dress
This flowing color blocked dress is a perfect fit for summer. Lightweight
fabric that flows away from you body will keep you comfy and stylish
at the same time.
Lily D Jeans—When Glam meets Comfort
Our company’s philosophy is quite simple: every design should provide the
3 crucial points: comfort, great fit and wearability beyond the 9 months of
pregnancy. The result is the Lily D Now and Then Skinny Jeans. For more
information about Lily D Denim line, please contact our sales reps: Now
Showing (Dallas), Mama Sooze (Chicago), Jeff Swartz (Vancouver), Agency
J-R Gagne (Montreal).
In designing our line of swimsuits, we wanted to make sure that it is superior, high quality, well constructed and most importantly, helps to show off
the beautiful curves. We incorporate the interior construction of a sports
swimsuit to our swimsuits for great support system. All of our swimsuits
are Chlorine Resistant. For more information, please contact our sales reps:
Now Showing (Dallas), Mama Sooze (Chicago), Jeff Swartz (Vancouver),
Agency J-R Gagne (Montreal).
continued on page 60
spring/summer 2013
maternity&newborn360 59
n ew & noteworthy | nursing
continued from page 59
Breast Feeding’s #1 Supporter
My Brest Friend, the #1 Choice of Lactation Consultants for 15 years, was
developed in a “laboratory” of moms, babies, and breastfeeding experts
who set out to do what no one had done before: create a pillow whose sole
purpose was to answer all the needs of breastfeeding moms and babies. The
patented wrap-around design has helped millions of mom’s breastfeed their
babies successfully.
Covillow—Benefits of Two Products,
One Price
Covillow’s breastfeeding cover and pillow-in-one, addresses needs of
breastfeeding mothers simply not met by other breastfeeding accessories. Covillow was designed by breastfeeding moms to meet the privacy expectations in a nursing cover, the comfort of a portable breastfeeding pillow for
latching comfort, and convenience of fitting in a diaper bag.
Get on board with the new liberation moms are experiencing! Our covers allow mothers everywhere to breastfeed their babies in comfort, style
and confidence anytime - anyplace! Useful, unique and “udder-ly” chic! Wholesale pricing starts low!
Terrific comfort and support:
the Cezara™ belly support panty
Cezara™ provides terrific comfort and support during pregnancy, after
delivery, especially after Cesarean delivery. The comfortable, adjustable
band supports the back and lifts the belly—the internal pad cushions and
compresses tender abdominal tissue, including Cesarean scars, relieving
pressure, promoting healing. Moms look and feel great!
60 maternity&newborn360
spring/summer 2013
Brought to you by:
keekoo and their focus groups comprising over 234,000 expectant and new moms
Undercover Mama-the strapless tank!
Undercover Mama is a strapless tank that connects to your favorite
bra-making it a nursing tank! It keeps your back,sides and belly covered
while pregnant or nursing. It’s the new-mama must-have! MSRP $24.99
What’s not to love?
Dottie nursing chemise,
robe and baby gown
Our newest basic has blown out for fall/winter. Available in navy, khaki
or cerise dot, these loungewear groups are a must-have in 100% pima
cotton. Styles include the nursing chemise, robe, tunic/pant set, kimono
dress and sleep bra and panty. Pair with a matching baby gown for a
great Mom & Baby set.
Mommy TLC! The Shower Hug™
A “Certified Miracle™” The Shower Hug™ is Mommy’s patented Essential for Breast Pain Relief during pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding. This multifunctional and affordable alternative to traditional nursing
bras eliminates the most frustrating and painful obstacles to breastfeeding success. The Shower Hug can be worn in or out of the shower.
continued on page 62
spring/summer 2013
maternity&newborn360 61
n ew & noteworthy | nursing
Brought to you by:
continued from page 61
Glorious™ Tee-Shirt Soft-Cup
Nursing Bra
Comfort — cleavage — support — moms really love this bra!
Our unique comfyCurves™ under-the-breast channeling provides mom
with the support of a wire without the wire — fabulous fit — fabulous
comfort — fabulous! No minimums and easy to inventory cross-sizes,
including our fab! curvy™ E-F cup range.
www.MelindaG.com | 212-864-1363
Available in several colors the Milk Bands™ nursing bracelet allows mom to keep track of baby’s nursing
schedule (what side, what time and how long) on one wrist without having to spend a fortune!
The only all-in-one diaper
bag nursing pillow
Because everything about a new mom should sparkle! Our patented
Convertible Diaper Bag easily transforms from a functional bag into a
luxurious nursing surface. The shape of our new backpack was carefully
crafted to follow the contour of the mother’s waist and provide the support
she needs to feed her baby. With a quick zip, the pillow tucks away and
reverts back into a highly functional and fashionable diaper bag!
62 maternity&newborn360
spring/summer 2013
n ew & noteworthy | baby gear
Brought to you by:
Spinnovation from JJ Cole
TOMY’s JJ Cole Collections brand of stylized and fashion-driven mother,
infant and toddler products debuts the Broadway Stroller. A simple spin
switches baby from forward to parent facing, while the adjustable handle
height, removable bumper bar and easy, one-hand fold add to the ease and
convenience. Ages: birth to 50 lbs. MSRP: $450 (stroller); $29.95 (color
swap canopy).
New Generation Stroller
Englacha, the Winner of Innovation Award of 2006 Kind+Jugend in World
of Mobile Baby, is an innovative company in baby products, its headquarters, Calsun Corp., established in 1986 and located in Taiwan with a branch
office in Dong Guan in China, already had reputable OED/ODM services
for many well-known companies over 26 years. My Englacha Easy 3-in-1
top-swiveled stroller launched in Jan. 2012 is one of its hot sale items in
2012 and one of the most unique in the market. Sold at incredibly low
prices for quality of product.
The new Hauck FreeRider. Go on and take a FreeRide
Exceptional value and quality the Free Rider will grow with your family.
The new Hauck FreeRider comes complete with the stroller, universal
car seat adaptor and the extra rear second seat. www.gtbaby.com
continued on page 64
spring/summer 2013
maternity&newborn360 63
n ew & noteworthy | baby gear
continued from page 63
Series 300, Simply Taupe:
Affordable Modern Style
Founded in 2010, with iconic architecture, chic fashion and fresh interior
design as our key inspirations, Baby Cargo offers conscientious parents
the most user-friendly line of ultra-lightweight umbrella strollers and
accessories. We challenged ourselves to uncover the secret to updating
the classics. Our line of umbrella strollers is as stylish and comfortable as
it is affordable.
Transitions child from crib
to toddler bed
The dex baby convertible crib safety rail is designed for use with all
convertible cribs! It’s extra TALL to fit all crib mattresses (33” x 16”).
Features a reinforced anchor system and folds down for daytime use.
Assembles in minutes with NO TOOLS NEEDED!
Carried Away
The Lillebaby Nordic Carrier is a robust multi-position child carrier,
featuring high performance fixed shoulder pads and a built-in foldable
neck support and harness. So you’ll be comfortable no matter where
you and baby go.
64 maternity&newborn360
spring/summer 2013
Brought to you by:
keekoo and their focus groups comprising over 234,000 expectant and new moms
The Hotsling fits babies 8lbs-35lbs. It has the ability to be worn on
either shoulder! It weighs only 0.6 lb and is easy to slip on and
off! Stores easily in a diaper pod for on-the-go parents. Machine
washable and comes with a matching diaper pod!
At Carseat Canopy™ our goal is to provide every
parent with a high quality, sleek & stylish infant car
seat canopy. Our products are made for year-round
use; fabrics not too heavy for summer and not too
thin for winter. Wholesale pricing starts low!
A Boost for Baby
The Svan Booster Seat is a stylish, modern adjustable
booster seat for toddlers. It’s sleek, Scandinavian-inspired
design fits in virtually any adult kitchen or dining chair
and is a welcome addition to any family’s dinner table.
continued on page 66
spring/summer 2013
maternity&newborn360 65
n ew & noteworthy | baby apparel
continued from page 65
Bella! Whimsical Baby Onesies
in Multiple Languages
Bonjour Bambino welcomes babies into the world with
its whimsical baby onesies in multiple languages. The
onesies have witty phrases in three languages, Spanish,
French & Italian, such as Tengo Hambre, “I am Hungry”
and Mon Petit Chou, “My Little Cabbage” that dress up
a baby’s wardrobe. www.bonjourbambino.com Haiden Surf
Get the lil surfer dude ready for summer with some hot
items from Haiden Surf. Haiden Surf offers: hats, sunglasses, flip flops, swimshirts, and boardies.
This wayfarer-style Kokomo Sunglasses will shield eyes
from sun with kid-friendly shatter-resistant lenses and a
hip design. For contact and glasses-wearers, this pair is
RX compatible.
The Turqoise UPF 50+ swimshirt offers upper body sun
protection and is great paired with matching boardies
or bikini bottom.
The boardies featured are the colorful GreenRoom Style.
They come in sizes for baby and big brother. They do
not have itchy velcro and feature elastic in the back to
grow with your little guys tummy.
66 maternity&newborn360
spring/summer 2013
Brought to you by:
keekoo and their focus groups comprising over 234,000 expectant and new moms
The perfect balance of
modern and sweet
New comfy outfits and cuddly knit animals from Loralin
Design! Lynne Buchman wanted to be a more attentive auntie
to her nephews, so she made them a gift. That’s how this
adorable brand was born. From one gift, Loralin Design
evolved to include a wide range of products and apparel.
Customers are drawn to Buchman’s simple forms and
innovative color combinations and we’re sure you will too! www.loralindesign.com
Glam Style For Your Girly Girl
At Moxie Couture, we believe in empowering young girls
in all aspects of life. Our expanding line of apparel represents a wide range of personalities and styles. The “Moxie
Girl” is smart, sassy, spunky and hip. Full of attitude, ambition and motivation; she’s a future politician, humanitarian
or big shot CEO. A “Moxie Girl” has the world at her feet
and is dressed to impress!
continued on page 68
spring/summer 2013
maternity&newborn360 67
n ew & noteworthy | baby apparel
continued from page 67
This soft organic cotton/bamboo romper has long sleeves and
snaps down the center. Choose between one of our super
adorable, vibrant prints! Made from the softest certified organic
cotton and bamboo fiber. Also available in bodysuits, gowns,
and pants!
Naturally Fashionable
Itsus Eco creates original hand painted silk screen designs
that are printed on our certified organic collection for
newborn and toddlers. A true lifestyle choice made with
100% organic Egyptian cotton. Our goal is to prove
how fashion and the environment can exist together in
a creative and sustainable world.
“Scout” in blue/multi floral
Rock Me! Made with love in the USA: One-piece “separates”
designed to make dressing babies quick and easy!
A unique collection of baby clothing that fuses function with
fashion. All styles are free of closures that make dressing and
changing children difficult. The styles open in the back, like
a pillow sham, for super quick and easy on and off. Rock Me
is the modern solution for dressing babies with style and ease
AND it’s is made in the USA!
68 maternity&newborn360
spring/summer 2013
Brought to you by:
keekoo and their focus groups comprising over 234,000 expectant and new moms
Bright, Colorful, Fun,
Vibrant, Playful
A new organic baby line for the mothers of today
who love their babies and also care about the planet.
MY O BABY brings to the mothers a new concept in
Organic Clothing by introducing bright prints and
colorful embroideries on the garments with special
attention to all detailing. My O Baby has its own family owned manufacturing unit ensuring great quality
and prices. We are interested in working
with boutiques and wholesalers.
Petit Couture’s
Sweaterknit Collection
Classic Boatneck Sweater and Wrap Skirt
Sizes 12 mos - 8 youth
Colors: Winter white, yellow, ballet pink
Petit Couture is a boutique children’s apparel company based in San Francisco, CA. Our collection is
modern and whimsical which we believe embody
childhood while still enabling a sense of elegance.
We support fair trade manufacturing practices.
Our garments are produced in Portland, Oregon
and Lima, Peru. www.petitcouture.com
continued on page 70
spring/summer 2013
maternity&newborn360 69
n ew & noteworthy | beauty
continued from page 69
Mayron’s Goods OUCH STUFF
25% certified organic calendula balm for cuts, burns, bruises & bug bites
Ouch Stuff is a natural and organic balm in an easy to use container to just
swipe on the instant you need it. Also soothes skin rashes, rosacea, and eczema. Mayron’s Goods is founded by actress and director Melanie Mayron,
most known as “Melissa” in the TV series “thirty something.” All natural
and organic products are formulated by her chemist father, David.
Belli Your Best Baby Bump Duo
Includes two great products to put your Best Baby Bump forward!
Elasticity Belly Oil provides scientifically researched ingredients that
help prepare skin for stretching during pregnancy and All Day Moisture
Body Lotion soothes dry skin Pairs the aromatherapy of lavender with
lemon for a wonderful spa-like experience
Belli Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator
A daily/nightly moisturizer rich in botanical humectants that help refine
and soften skin texture. Includes an antioxidant boost of Vitamin C and
grape seed oil for radiant, healthy looking skin. Leaves skin feeling supple
and refreshed. Subtle citrus scent. Lightweight for all skin types.
Exceptional products for pregnant
and nursing women
Created by Dr. Michele D. Brown, OBGYN, in an effort to provide high
quality safe and effective products specifically designed for the needs of
the pregnant and nursing woman using natural and herbal ingredients.
Beauté de Maman products do not contain Parabens or BPA and are not
tested on animals.
Best Care for Your Growing Bump
Highly concentrated stretch mark oil is made with 100% natural ingredients to nourish, protect and repair mommy’s skin during pregnancy.
Mommy Belly Oil is designed to replenish the skin’s elasticity while
soothing th itchness due to skin expansion.
70 maternity&newborn360
spring/summer 2013
Brought to you by:
keekoo and their focus groups comprising over 234,000 expectant and new moms
GLOW Balancing Moisturizer
Expect Beautifully. Amalou Skin created a gentle skin-clearing regimen
for pregnancy induced blemishes, without controversial ingredients like
salicylic acid, retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, parabens, phlalates or sulfates.
Full of beneficial ingredients like peptides, azelaic acid and tea tree oil,
their GLOW Balancing Moisturizer hydrates without agitating troubled
skin or clogging pores.
Third Trimester Tight Skin Solution
Soothing Organic emollients, botanicals and aromatherapy enhance the
skin’s resilience, while gently exfoliating crystalline salt help the skin
to relax. When the skin feels tight, it can get itchy. Scratching with your
fingernails can damage the dermis and start stretch marks! OGmama is
USDA certified Organic, so you can care for your skin without exposure
to any synthetic chemicals which could harm baby.
Novena Organic Beauty Breast Cream
This uniquely designed organic breast cream aids in preventing and repairing stretch marks. Heals dry skin and is SAFE during the critical delicate
time when the mother’s milk comes in. Made with Certified Organic
ingredients, 100% Vegan, Gluten free, Odorless formula, Contains NO
Sulfates, Parabens or Phthalates. Always Cruelty free. www.novenamaternity.com
Spa de Soleil’s Olive Essence Spa
Experience Organic Body Butter
This product can be used before, during and after pregnancy. Also it can
be used on little kids. Feel your skin come alive as it is rescued from harsh
daily irritants such as sun, wind, hard water, and environmental pollutants.
This luscious Organic Body Butter from Olive Essence® revives dry, tired
skin and brings it to a luxuriously soft, silky condition. www.homespacollection.com/olive-essence-organic-body-butter-10
continued on page 72
spring/summer 2013
maternity&newborn360 71
n ew & noteworthy | accessories
continued from page 71
Lotus Bumz Midnight Blooms
Ones Size Pocket Cloth Diaper
Keep little ones comfy and carefree with a cloth diaper that works like a
charm and fits like a dream! Featuring leak proof exterior, one-size fits
9lbs-32lbs, exclusive waist tab overlaps for extra small waists and hip snaps
to prevent sides from drooping.
Eyes Cream Shades
Eyes Cream Shades is a leader in providing quality sunwear for kids ages
six months and above. All frames are fashion forward, comfortable, as well
as durable; and all lenses are polycarbonate and provide 100% UVA&UVB
protection. Selected styles feature premium polycarbonate polarized lenses.
The popular brand has been seen in major motion pictures, and their sunwear is a favorite among celebrity moms and dads who sport their kids in
the amazing frames. www.eyescreamshades.com
Pink Lining Mama et Bebe Diaper Bag
For a stylish and practical diaper bag look no further than the beautiful
Mama et Bebe bag in Blue Bouquet print! There are pockets and organizers
to fit everything a mama needs. The double front pockets are embroidered
with a vintage pram design and Mama et Bebe lettering. The bag has an
adjustable shoulder strap that can be made long enough to fit over any
stroller handlebars. PinkLining.com
ProudBody Pregnancy Art DIY Kits
Our belly cast kits and other art products create a lasting keepsake
of a special time in a mom’s life. Our products are easy-to-use and a
finished belly cast can be painted in any way imaginable using one of
our decorating kits. We can’t attend the ABC show this year, but take
advantage of coupon code “louisville” for FREE shipping & “slugger”
for 10% off your order. Good the entire month of October!
72 maternity&newborn360
spring/summer 2013
Brought to you by:
keekoo and their focus groups comprising over 234,000 expectant and new moms
Miniature Chiffon Bow headband
with Rhinestone Accent
The bow measures 3” diameter with 1/8 inch soft elastic band.
Absolutely adorable and perfect for every occasion. Finest Bowtique’s
selection of flexible elastic headbands and rompers with ribbon, pearl
and rhinestone accents are so perfect for your sweet little thing. www.finestbowtique.com
OiOi Turquoise Buffalo Baby Bag
Step into the warmer months with a splash of color and zest, as
OiOi mixes functionality with beautiful bag design in this faux Buffalo
Leather Carry All. Features include multiple pockets, matching change
mat and bottle holder, a wipes case, and protective metal feet on the
base. Priced at $85.00 wholesale.
Snuggle Bunny Box
“Snuggle up with this plush bunny & book set perfect for a little one!”
Little Learners is a research-supported series for babies and toddlers featuring vibrant, interactive content at value prices. The range includes finger
puppet books, touch & feel, light and sound books, gift sets, & more.
Parragon Books is a leader in illustrated non-fiction & children’s books,
ebooks, & apps.
A baby company that gives back.
American mother of five, Kathryn Wiley knows the profound effect a sling
can have on your young. Armed with the knowledge that Haiti has the
highest infant mortality rate in the Western Hemisphere, Kathryn decided
to start a movement. With beautiful slings and pouches made with the
highest quality and in the latest fashion trends, Rockin’ Baby is a Mother
to Mother company. For every sling purchased, Rockin’ Baby will donate
a new sling to a Haitian mother in need, and educate them on its importance. Mother to Mother.
spring/summer 2013
maternity&newborn360 73
maternity | newborn
spring/summer 2013
buying market
New York Apparel
October 1 - Nov 18
(call to book appointments
with showrooms)
Atlanta Apparel
October 11 - October 15 at www.
L.A. Maternity &
Childrens Market SPRING
October 15 - October 18 at
CHICAGO Maternity &
Childrens Market SPRING
October 20 - October 23 at
Dallas Apparel
& Accessories
October 25 - October 28 at
CHICAGO Maternity & Childrens
Market FALL
April 6 – April 9 at
Atlanta Apparel
Market FALL
April 11 - April 15 at
fall 2013
buying market
New York Apparel
Market FALL
March 1 - April 22
(call to book appointments
with showrooms)
winter 2014
buying market
New York Apparel Market WINTER
June 1- June 17
(call to book appointments
with showrooms)
L.A. Maternity &
Childrens Market FALL
March 18 - March 21 at
Dallas Apparel & Accessories
Market FALL
March 18 - March 21 at
Dallas Apparel & Accessories
May 30 – June 2 at
Baby Briefcase • Belabumbum • Belli Skincare • Blessed Event
Blue Lotus Maternity • Cantaloop • Cotton Glam • Fertile Mind
La Leche League International •Lilac • Love My Belly • Maternité
Milk Stars • Molly Ades • Olian • Pink Lining • Prego Swimwear
QT Intimates • Sigvaris Compression Hosiery
APRIL 11-15
JUNE 6-9
hope green | 404.688.5702 | fax 404.659.4041| hopegreenmaternity.com
[email protected]
Visit us at the America’s Mart Building #3 - SUITE 13W357A
CHICAGO Maternity & Childrens
Early June at
CHICAGO Maternity & Childrens
August 10 - August 12 at
Atlanta Apparel
June 6 - June 9 at
L.A. Maternity &
Childrens Market
August 12 - August 15 at
L.A. Maternity &
Childrens Market WINTER
June 10 - June 13 at
cruise/early spring
2014 buying market
New York Apparel Market
August 1 - September 30
(call to book appointments
with showrooms)
May 7-9, 2013
South Point Casino,
Las Vegas, NV
Dallas Apparel &
Accessories Market CRUISE/
Early August at
Atlanta Apparel Market CRUISE/
August 8 - August 12 at
abc kids expo
October 15 - 18, 2013
Las Vegas Convention Center,
South Halls
“expect the best”
347 W. 36TH STREET, STE 1602
NEW YORK, NY 10018
T. 212 643 9547 F. 212 643 1131
TOLL FREE 877 643 9548
[email protected]
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FALL 2013
8/29/12 1:35 PM
A no-cost marketing solution that influences both consumer
and retail buyers of pregnancy to baby products
branding • top-of-mind awareness • increased sales
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