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Nature & Nurture
Many other cosmetics and skin care lines have
ingredients that expose your skin to parabens,
petroleum, toxic dyes, chemicals and other
artificial ingredients ... not Asta Complex.
• No Parabens
• No Chemical Binders
• No Synthetic Dyes or Fragrances
Asta Complex Anti-Aging
Serum is the premier
beautifying serum in the
marketplace today.
A breakthrough age-defying cream that
corrects environmental damage caused
by oxidation and nourishes and restores
your skin health.
Take the journey to
beautiful skin.
Natural Longevity
Asta Complex
Anti-Aging Serum
100% Natural,
Chemical-free, Vegan
Sun, stress, pollution, and diet create free
radicals that harm our skin resulting in
premature aging and dullness.
Asta Complex helps block UV rays through the
natural function of Astaxanthin. This elegant
cream leaves skin more resilient, supple,
luminous and nourished.
Our proprietary, innovative, micronized, active
delivery system enhances the effectiveness of
its natural ingredients and allows them to
rapidly absorb and enhance both the surface
and the epidermis of the skin delivering
targeted anti-aging action.
Harness the power of Nature to
“Sea” the difference in Your Skin
Our unique bioavailable formula renews,
repairs and restores overall skin health and
maximizes skin hydration. It is great for
sensitive skin.
To obtain Asta Complex please contact:
Proudly manufactured in the USA for
Natural Longevity, Inc., Hutchinson, KS, 67501
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Asta Complex
Anti-Aging Serum
benefits to your
skin include:
• Reduces appearance of
fine lines and wrinkles
• Improves skin’s
smoothness, firmness
and suppleness
• Evens out complexion
• Visible improvement in
skin tones
• Diminishes breakouts
and blackheads
• Improves moisture
• Vibrant youthful
• Revitalizes your skin for
an effortless glow
• Reveals your healthiest
most radiant looking
Experience the
Power of Microalgae
Astaxanthin, the main ingredient in Asta
Complex, has been clinically shown to
enhance elasticity and to firm and plump
aging skin. Astaxanthin has been identified
as a potential “super nutrient” for the
human body and skin health.
Astaxanthin is a member of the carotenoid
family and is a dark red fat-soluble nutrient
found in microalgae. It is considered the
king of antioxidants and its unique
structure allows for neutralizing free
radicals due to oxidative stress.
Different from regular antioxidants,
Astaxanthin entraps free radicals in a
unique way that is more effective than how
other antioxidants function.
Clinical studies have shown that after two
to three weeks of repeated application,
subjects showed improvements in dry skin
and elasticity, itching, flushing and eczema.
Nutrient Rich Formula
Asta Complex contains high levels of naturally
occurring antioxidants that protect skin from
free-radical damage. It helps fight against the
aging process. It can also soothe and
moisturize very dry, dehydrated and sun
damaged skin.
Along with Astaxanthin, Asta Complex contains
other natural, skin nurturing, botanical
ingredients including Extra Virgin Olive oil, Sea
Buckthorn oil, Moringa Seed oil, Pomegranate
oil, Thyme oil, Rosemary oil, and other natural
Asta Complex could be the answer for:
• Acne
• Age spots
• Sun damage
• Blackheads
• Dry skin
• Dermatitis
Asta Complex nourishes and supports cell
regeneration to leave your skin rested
and refreshed.