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Spring 2015
The Younger Side of Newfane
From the Creative Side of Kids
2015 Young Writer’s Short Story Contest
Sara Siegmann,
to all the
participants for
their creative
Elliana Meyers,
contributions to
Ainsley DeBiase,
this year’s
Jonathan Clarcq,
contest! The
Allison Clark,
Young Writer’s
Bethany Ray, Brenna
Contest, hosted
Dunn, Zeke Vine &
by Newfane Public Library, is held
Timothy Goerss.
January—February. All contestants
Be sure to stop by the library to
received participation certificates,
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By Caris
sa Clar
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Dates To Remember:
 Our Annual Poetry Contest
ends Friday, April 17th. The
Poetry Contest Celebration will
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Inside this issue:
Short Story from 2015
Young Writer’s
Book Review
Craft Corner
Short Story from 2015
Young Writer’s
Puzzles & Games
The Special Delivery by Elliana Meyers
Once upon a time there was a
girl named Ella. Ella loved dolls
and ordered an American Girl
doll named Grace. Ella was so
excited to get her.
Meanwhile at the American Girl
doll store, they packed Grace up
and shipped her. While Grace
was on the boat during shipping,
she fell overboard. She hit the
water with a loud splash. Grace
woke up. Where am I, Grace
thought. The tape on the box
weakened and let the sunshine
in. Grace looked up and saw the
sky. Grace opened her box and
got out. She hit the water with
a loud splash. Grace looked at
the address on the box, memorized it and set off to find Ella.
Grace swam for what felt like
hours. Soon Grace saw a fishing
net and shortly after she was
caught in it. The fish inside the
net were squirming like crazy.
Grace was dumped out onto the
deck of the boat. The fish on
top of her smelled terrible. The
fisherman saw Grace and took
her out of the pile of fish.
Thank goodness thought Grace,
I don’t have to be near those
smelly fish. The fisherman took
Grace home to his daughter.
The little girl did not take care
of Grace properly. During the
middle of the night Grace snuck
out. Soon Grace saw a cornfield.
She thought that would be a
good place to sleep for the
When Grace woke up the next
morning she was in a birds nest.
How did I get here thought
Grace. When the bird wasn’t
looking Grace snuck away. Grace
couldn’t wait to meet Ella. Soon
Grace came to an ocean that she
had to cross. While she was
swimming, Grace saw a whale.
The whale swallowed her and
blew Grace out her blowhole.
Grace landed by the Statue of
Liberty. Yes, thought Grace, I
am in New York City.
On her way to Ella’s house,
Grace found an American Girl
doll store. Grace decided she
would get her hair re-done and
also get a new outfit so she didn’t smell like fish anymore.
Then, she found a box for herself at the American Girl store
for her special delivery.
When Grace finally made it to
Ella’s house, Grace rang Ella’s
doorbell and hopped in the box.
When Ella saw Grace at the door
she was very happy. Ella made
Grace a warm bed and gave her a
pet dog. Grace and Ella lived
happily ever after.
Elliana was one of the
winners of the 2015
Young Writer’s Short
Story Contest.
The Book Nook—A Book Review
By Carissa Clarcq
The Diviners
by Libba Bray
Recommended for ages
12 and up
Looking for a good book?
Then read The Diviners by
Libba Bray. This is an
amazing book set in the
Page 2
Sign up for the 2015
Summer Reading Program
begins June 22nd!
1920s about a
flapper girl named
Evie. Because of
her wild ways, her
parents sent her
to live with an
uncle in New York
City. But
something evil is
lurking in the city.
The ghost of Naughty John is here
and ready to wreck havoc. Evie has
special powers that let her see into
a person’s past by holding an object
that belonged to them. Can she use
her powers to defeat Naughty
John? Read the book and find out!
This is a great book for 12 yearolds and up. I hope you enjoy this
exciting book!
The Younger Side of Newfane
Craft Corner—Duct Tape & Rubber Band Message Board
With such a wide variety of
duct tape available, the
possibilities are endless!
whole thing in duct
Step 2: Put large
Tools: duct tape, scissors,
rubber bands
2 pieces of corrugated
around the message
Picture from
cardboard, rubber bands,
board: straight
across, up & down or diagonally.
The rubber bands should NOT be
Step 1: Place 1 piece of cardboard
loose – this is how to keep your
on top of the other, and wrap the
stuff on the board!
Step 3: Embellish your message
board however you like!
TIP: Use nail polish remover to
clean your scissors when you are
done creating your message board.
Do you have a duct
tape craft you’d like
to share? Let us
Image courtesy of Mister GC at
The Wolfians by Brenna Dunn
My name is Payton. It was crazy
of me to think I could pull it off
being the only girl member of
the council. I didn’t think it
would be hard living the life as a
wolfian; by the way, that’s my
kind, not werewolf. You see,
werewolves are humans who turn
into wolf-people but a wolfian is
different. Thankfully though
wolfians aren’t color blind, we
are wolves but we disguise
ourselves as humans. This is my
I walked up the steps of the
scool, by the way, wolfians can’t
spell it’s our weakness. Silver
bullets? Whatever, wolfians
could care less. It’s the
Diamond of Faith that we have
to worry about, it electrifies
wolfians into a juicy, warm, tasty
burger. Sorry I got off track.
It’s pretty bad, however the
only good part is the Wolfian
Council destroyed it centuries
Summer 2014
ago……Anyway I walked up the
steps of the scool, the scool was
big. Bigger than my pet, Tiny,
who’s disguised as a cat. But the
craziest thing happened, my
friend, Jackie was hanging by
the electric post above the pool.
That’s not even the craziest
part, she was hanging by the
“Jackie are you ok?” I asked,
“Can you get down?” Jackie
lifted her head, probably
because of her fear of heights.
“Yeah, but can you get help? I’m
not jumping down,” She cried as
her hand broke off the wire. I
tied my auburn hair up in a
ponytail. I ran and started to
look for a phone but then I
realized it would be too late the
police would get here and
Jackie’s dark hands would be
singed off, and her black poufy
hair would be in flames. But,
who am I to listen to my
conscience. I called the ambulance, I knew it would be awhile,
but it was time I took matters
into my own hands. You got to
admit, I’m fourteen, I’m about
to save my friend, who’s hanging
by an electric wire and you’re
probably just sitting there
reading this story, are you
happy? Sorry I-just, oh
whatever. I walked over to the
pole and I shouted: “Jackie! You
need to Jump!” It was as if
Jackie had enough, she jumped...
Find out what happens to
Jackie and Payton on our
website at
Brenna was one of the
winners of the 2015 Young
Writer’s Short Story
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