What is acupuncture?

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What is acupuncture?
Acupuncture is an ancient form
of Chinese therapy that is used
to encourage natural healing,
reduce or relieve pain and
improve function to affected
areas of the body. Acupuncture
is a therapeutic method that
involves the insertion of solid
filiform needles into the skin
at specific points of the body.
Acupuncture aims to balance
energy and blood in the body
in order to keep it functional
and healthy.
How does it work?
Acupuncture stimulates the body to produce its own
pain relieving chemicals called “endorphins”.
Endorphins have an effect of regulating or balancing
your body’s systems. They do so by blocking the
pathways that relay pain messages from the body to
the brain, resulting in relief of pain, general
relaxation and biochemical restoration of the body’s
own internal regulation systems, which stimulates the
body’s natural healing abilities.
What can acupuncture treat?
-acute pain
-chronic pain
-stress, anxiety and/or depression
-respiratory disorders
-neurological and muscular
disorders such as, headaches, neck
and back pain, neuralgia, frozen
shoulder, tennis elbow, tendinitis,
sciatica or arthritis.
Acupuncture can be used to complement other
physiotherapy treatments including manual and
exercise therapy.
Before treatment..
No referral is required to book an acupuncture
appointment. It is best to come to your appointment well
rested. No alcohol, barbiturates, or tranquilizers for four
hours prior to your treatment, however, continue any
medication as prescribed by your doctor. As well, ensure
you have had a light meal.
Your therapist will first conduct a thorough evaluation and
determine whether acupuncture is the right fit for you. The
number of treatments will be dependent on the severity of
the condition being treated. Acupuncture will be combined
with physiotherapy and the appointments will be between
thirty to forty five minutes. Acupuncture patients
experience different sensations and the needles themselves
may cause minimal discomfort.
....after treatment
Minimize physical activity for two hours after treatment.
Avoid strenuous activity for two days. Do not consume
alcohol, caffeine or smoke for two hours after treatment.
Some people experience relief immediately, some notice
improvements after a few hours, some after a few days.
Everyone responds differently to the treatment.
“To keep the body in good
health is a duty,
otherwise we shall not be
able to keep our mind
strong and clear.”
- Buddha
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Information and illustration is taken from:
Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute,
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