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Push Up
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Push Up Standards:
34 and
35 and
34 and
35 and
Above are the minimum standards required to pass
the CF EXPRES push up portion. Simply find
your gender and age category.
Key points in the push ups protocol are as follows:
Start on the ground with your feet together
Hands (thumb joint and over) are under the
Push up to full extension on the arm
Lower until the back to the upper arm is
parallel to the floor
The movement is continuous and the body
must be kept straight at all times
Toes are the pivot point
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Forces Canadiannes
Improving your
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The following is an exercise program, including
pictures, to help you reach your minimum and / or
improve your current score.
Canadian Forces
Personnel Support Programs
Created by PSP F&SI Amanda Marks – Aug 2007
Push Ups
This program is to be used to
help members placed on
remedial training improve their
sit up score. It will also help
others in preparing for an
upcoming EXPRES test.
This brochure includes a
program to help you improve
your upper body strength and
endurance and core
(abdominals and lower back)
strength and endurance.
Make sure you are properly
warmed up before commencing
this program. Also, please
ensure you have no health
problems before you start this
program and consult a
physician is any signs or
symptoms should arise while
you are on the program.
If you require assistance with this
program, contact PSP at any time.
Cool Down:
The Program
To be completed 3 days per week. Ensure you are
properly warmed up for the activity by performing a few
minutes of light aerobic activity (walking, jogging, etc).
Incline Push up:
These exercises are to be performed slowly and with
controlled motion (try not to use momentum).
Complete this circuit Monday, Wednesday and Friday for
the next 8—12 weeks (until your retest). It is also
recommended that you complete the max amount of push
ups once or twice on the days that you are not doing the
Push Up Program (Tuesday and Wednesday). Use the
weekends as a break. There are no specified repetitions.
Each exercise should be completed until you are unable to
complete the exercise with proper form. It is always
important that you are completing the exercises with
proper form. This means hands always under the
shoulders. Do not practice push-ups from the knees. The
only acceptation is if you are unable to get low enough to
complete a regular EXPRES Push up go as far as you can.
Each time you complete the exercise try and get lower
until you can complete them properly. Try practicing in
front of a mirror. This will also help you to keep your
head slightly up.
Place hands on a step or
sturdy item
Take a few steps out so that
you are leaning on the step
Push up to full extension of
e elbow
Lower down until the edge of
Malethe step is 2 to 3 inches from
e mid chest
34 and Under
Wall Push ups 35 and Over
• UStand
nder about arms length away
34 and
35 and O
ver the wall
• 75 Place hands on the wall just
Front Support:
Weeks 1 and 2 - Once through the circuit
Weeks 3 and 4 - Twice through the circuit
Weeks 5 through 12 - 3 times through the circuit
Floor Push up:
Thumb joint and over under the
Push up to full extension of the
Lower down until the back of
the upper arm is parallel to the
Push ups should be continuous
When you find that you are
unable to complete the push up
with proper form move to the
next exercise
Complete stretches in the following sequence
Hold each stretch for 15—20 seconds
Do not bounce
Stretches should not hurt (do not push too far)
Relax by taking deep breaths during the stretch
Chest Stretch:
Triceps Stretch:
Chest Stretch:
Low Back Stretch:
bellow the shoulders and take
a step back from the wall
When lowering the body your
hands should end up just
under the chest
Lie on your stomach with
your arms bent at your sides
Lift your body tightening your
low back and abdominal
This exercise should be held
for up to one minute
If you are unable to complete
the full minute drop to your
knees but keep your hips off
the mat
Continue to breathe
throughout the exercise.
Chest Stretch:
Following your workout…
Always be sure to cool down with some stretching at the
end of your workout. This not only helps to reduce
muscle soreness, but also helps you to relax and unwind
after a busy day. For cool down stretches, see the next
If any areas feel overly tight, repeat the stretches
that help to loosen up that area.
Stretching can be performed 7 days a week, but
are especially important following a work out.