Ethoxydiglycol Technical Data Sheet

INCI Name: Ethoxydiglycol
CAS Numbers: 111-90-0
Ethoxydiglycol is a solubilizer that can be
found in hair products, makeup and bath
products. Ethoxydiglycol is particularly appropriate for skin care preparations
where it acts as an excellent solvent and carrier. It ensures even distribution of
the ingredients throughout a product, to help it work better. Its solubility in ethanol, propylene glycol, vegetable oils, water, and butylene glycol makes it a valuable solvent or co-solvent which can be used in hydrophilic or lipophilic phases.
Technical Data:
Ethoxydiglycol is used as a fragrance ingredient, solvent, viscosity decreasing
agent, humectant, and as a perfume base.
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