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Hello! I want t o t hank you for reading m y FREE guide t o cheat ers. I have put
a lot of t im e int o t he docum ent you are about t o read. You see, last year in
2003 I was cheat ed on. I know what it feels like t o suspect cheat ing and I
also know what it feels like t o see proof t hat you ve been cheat ed on.
I t s not a good feeling. But aft er I knew t he t rut h, I was able t o free m yself
from t hat burden. But m any people are scared t o ask t heir spouse or m at e if
t hey have been cheat ing. Many are worried that if they accuse them and are
wrong, the relationship might end.
Wit h t hat in m ind, you have t wo choices. You can confront your lover and
risk ending t he relat ionship for sure, OR you can invest igat e your lover
without their knowledge to see what s going on.
Som e people don t want t o invest igat e t heir part ner behind t heir back. That
is underst andable, but in t oday s world it will likely prove t o be t he only
choice. I f you want ways t o invest igat e t he TRUTH, t hen t his book is
dedicated to you.
St op put t ing up wit h t he BS of having som eone cheat on you. Read t his
guide, which will only t ake about 10 m inut es. I hope t hat eit her you find t he
freedom I did, or have a happy faithful relationship forever.
Confidentially Yours,
James J.
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BY: Jam es J.
Ta ble Of Con t e n t s
H ow t o Te ll if You r Spou se is Lyin g
Sign s of a Ch e a t in g Spou se
M ist a k e s Ch e a t e r s M a k e
Th in gs Ch e a t e r s D o t o H ide Affa ir s
Ta ct ics t o Ca t ch Th e m in t h e Act
Ta ct ics t o Le a r n Th e ir Pa st
Ga in Adva n t a ge s Ove r Th e m
Ch e a t in g Spou se St a t ist ics
Summary & The Four- St e p Pla n
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A. H ow t o Te ll if You r Spou se is Lyin g
Not all cheat ers are good liars. Many do t hings t hat should im m ediat ely t ip
you off t hat som et hing is wrong. I m agine yourself in a conversat ion wit h
your spouse. Now ask t hem a quest ion such as " Why were you lat e?" Their
body language should help in telling you the answer.
1. They t ouch t he ir nose oft e n. Research suggest s t hat int ernal nose
tissues swell with blood when one lies. If your spouse touches their nose a lot
when you are communicating, then there is likely a problem.
2. The y a void look ing dir e ct ly a t you.
Lying t akes concent rat ion and
makes one suddenly divert their line of sight.
3. The y st a r e a t you t oo m uch. They do t his t o m ake sure you believe
them, but think about it. Do you look at someone constantly if you are telling
the truth?
4. The y le a n for w a r d a nd ge t close. Closeness is usually a sign of t rust .
But som et im es it can be a sign of deceit . They t ry t o exaggerat e how close
you are by leaning forward when they lie.
5. The y pull t he ir e a r lobe . Som e police forces are t rained t o wat ch for t his
very mistake when interrogating criminals.
6. The y give you t oo m uch infor m a t ion. Their st ories are t oo com plex,
structured, polished or complete.
7. The y t e nd t o give you m ult iple " r e a sons" . I f t hey were honest , t hey
would have the confidence to give just one reason.
8. The y st um ble in t he ir spe e ch. They m ake m ist akes in t he st ory and t ry
to cover it and it causes them to stumble in their speech.
9. The y use " um " a nd " uh" m or e t ha n nor m a l. This especially holds t rue
in a situation where they have to think of lies quickly.
10. The y a r e he sit a nt a t t he st a r t of a se nt e nce . This is t ypical in t he
same situation as #9. They have to come up with lies fast and they hesitate.
Body Witness
An article by Mtvindia
Our faces display all kinds of em ot ions. Liars are especially prone t o t he
t ensing of m uscles around t he m out h and cheek area. The m out h narrows
and a lot of the time liars bite their lip.
www.cheating- spouse-
A split second frown or look of disbelief can quickly be replaced by a fake
sm ile t o cover up any sign t hat a lie is being t old. A wrinkled forehead,
clasped hands ( t hey're act ually praying t hat you'll believe t hem ) or raised
brows are com m on am ong liars. Shrugs can be t ranslat ed as helplessness.
The liar can't really t hink of anyt hing else t o say except m aybe " I don't
know." Shrugs are usually used when a liar is caught wit hout a good
explanation or is at a loss for words.
When a liar covers his eyes or doesn't make eye contact with you, he's trying
t o hide his em ot ions ( or hide t he guilt ) . Scrat ching of t he arm s, fake coughs,
swallowing, red cheeks, the twisting of rings, or fidgeting around are all signs
of discom fort . I f you've ever t old a lie you know how uncom fort able you feel
when you are lying about something while trying to make it reality.
Anot her t hing t o pay attention to is someone's voice. When someone is upset
or in fear t heir pit ch get s higher and t hey speak fast er t han usual. Liars like
t o change t he subj ect ( which is what t hey're lying about ) quickly. They don't
like t o t alk about what t hey're lying about for t oo long because t here's a
higher risk of getting caught.
B. Signs of a Cheating Spouse
I want t o share wit h you t his great list com piled by Sheri & Bob St rit of of
About .com . This is j am m ed full of t he possible early warning signs you
should be aware of when your spouse is cheating.
1. Your spouse seem s bored. Bored wit h you, wit h j ob, wit h kids, wit h
hobbies, with life in general.
2. Your spouse seems to want danger or thrills in his/her life.
3. There is considerably less intimacy in your relationship.
4. Your sex life is practically non- existent.
5. Your spouse has a low self- esteem.
6. You notice your spouse has a sense of confusion about self.
7. You spouse has become lazy, especially around the house.
8. You can't get your spouse to communicate with you.
9. Your spouse gets very defensive if you mention infidelity or affairs.
10. Spouse is suddenly more attentive than usual.
www.cheating- spouse-
11. Mate is working longer hours at work.
12. Your spouse is dressing nicer, looking nicer.
13. You notice charges on credit card statement that don't make sense.
Your spouse is indifferent t o fam ily event s like birt hdays and
15. You find your partner has been lying to you about a variety of things.
16. Money becomes more of an issue between the two of you.
17. He/ she doesn't want t o go anywhere or do anyt hing wit h you
18. You can't even get your mate to fight with you.
19. You feel as if you are being avoided.
20. Your partner abandons religious faith.
21. Your spouse seems more secretive.
I n addit ion, I want t o add t hat if you get a lot of hang- up phone calls, your
spouse s lover m ight be t he one doing it . Also, if you not ice a lot of gift s or
apparel t hat you didn t purchase for your spouse, t here m ight be som et hing
going on t hat you don t know about .
C. Mistakes Cheaters Make
I have not iced over t he years t hat cheat ers m ake quit e a few m ist akes.
Usually m ist akes are unint ent ional. But som et im es cheat ers m ake t hese
mistakes because they simply want to get caught.
Below are some mistakes that many cheaters make.
1. They forget about a love not e left t heir pocket .
2. They come home smelling of their lovers perfume or cologne.
3. They are too protective of their purse or wallet.
4. They come home wearing different clothes than when they left.
5. They choose too many different excuses too often.
6. They forget about detailed cell- phone bills.
www.cheating- spouse-
7. They spend too much money on their affair, less on bills.
8. They com e hom e sm elling of sm oke, but t hey don t sm oke.
9. They call you the wrong name accidentally.
10. They use a friend as an excuse but don t t ell t he friend.
11. They forget about the caller ID and redial button.
Now here are some things you can do to detect these mistakes.
1. Check ALL of their pockets daily when they aren t around.
2. Make sure you take a good whiff of them each day.
3. Check t heir purse or wallet daily, looking for anyt hing hidden .
4. Notice what they are wearing when they leave, then compare later.
5. Investigate all excuses and make sure they check out..
6. Check every call line- by- line of their cell phone bill for unusual calls.
7. Keep t rack of how m uch m oney t hey have and what t hey ve spent .
8. Ask them if they have been smoking. Watch their reaction.
9. I f t hey call you t he wrong nam e, say, I ve known for a while.
10. When they give a friend as an excuse, call the friend and ask.
11. Check your caller ID and utilize redial after suspicious calls.
D. Things Cheaters Do To Hide Affairs
Cheat ers oft en are experienced and hard t o cat ch wit hout t he t act ics in t his
guide. Here are list s of som e of t he t hings t hey do t o hide t heir affairs. Now
of course som et im es t hese t hings happen for real, so don t confuse t hese
with proof they have been cheating.
Below are some things they say to explain where they were.
1. They have to work late.
2. They have to go out of town for a business trip.
3. They have a friend who needs their help.
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4. They are going out with their friends.
5. They are going to play sports.
6. They are going t o a fam ily m em ber s house.
Below are some things they do to try and cover things up.
1. They hide things such as notes or gifts.
2. They change their clothes to cover up scents.
3. They lie about where they were.
4. They are more attentive to you.
5. They have sex with you out of guilt.
E. Tactics to Catch Them in the Act
I f you are st ill convinced t hat your spouse is cheat ing, t hen you should NOT
sim ply approach t hem . First you need som e sort of proof. Because even if
you know for sure t hey are cheat ing, t hey will com e up wit h som e excuse if
you don t have proof.
Use t hese and ot her t act ics at your own risk.
anything that goes wrong!
I won t be responsible for
The Pretend Setup
Find out where your mate will be at a certain time. A large store of some sort
is a perfect place. You could ask t hem t o st op on their way home from work
t o get soda or som et hing sim ilar.
You probably have a friend at work or anot her place t hat your lover has
never m et . Ask an at t ract ive friend of your sam e sex if t hey will do you a
Ask your friend t o dress nice and show up at t he sam e place in t he soda
sect ion about 10 m inut es before. They will have a m iniat ure t ape recorder in
their pocket. You can get these at: www.cheating- spouse-
Your friend should casually wait and pret end t o look unt il your m at e arrives
at t he soda sect ion. They would t hen init iat e a conversat ion ( while recording)
wit h som et hing like I love your shirt ! or som et hing sim ilar t o m ake it a flirt ,
yet not an obvious setup.
www.cheating- spouse-
Have your friend put on a show and see what t hey can get your lover t o say.
They could m ent ion t hat t hey have a boyfriend/ girlfriend but t hey are sick of
t hem or som et hing t o t hat sort , t o see your m at e s react ion.
The Always- ON Computer Recorder
This secret surveillance t act ic has proven very effect ive in cat ching a
cheat ing spouse in t he act . Many people have cyber- affairs, which are j ust as
bad as real affairs in m y opinion.
Plus, m any affairs use em ail t o
com m unicat e because t hey t hink t hat nobody else can see it .
You can easily see what you re spouse is doing on t he com put er while you
aren t around. There are program s t hat will secret ly record everyt hing t hey
do on t he com put er. What if you discovered t hat t om orrow at 7pm your
spouse doesn t have t o work like t hey said. They have a dat e. And you now
have a place and time that date will be!
I f t hey t ype an em ail t o som ebody, you ll see it . You ll also see everyt hing
else t hey do. You can even have t he result s sent t o your privat e em ail
address if you need it to be. They are pretty easy to use.
There are quit e a few dealers of t his t ype of soft ware but I t hink is t he best . They offer discount s and even have soft ware
that you can install over the Internet.
The plan works like t his: You inst all t his soft ware on your spouse s com put er.
Aft er t hat wait a few days and t hen load t he hidden int erface. You will t hen
be able t o see exact ly what t hey were doing, who t hey were chat t ing wit h,
what they were saying, and many other things.
Again, what ever happens you have it recorded! Sim ply print it out and
t here s your proof. I f not hing happens t hen you can t ry again using a
t act ic.
The All- Knowing Hidden Camera
You can easily see what you re spouse is doing while you are away by
recording it . But you would need a device t hat you can hide. A t ypical
cam corder won t do.
Cam corders and spying don t go well t oget her. By cam corders I m ean t he
typical VHS or Digital camcorder. They are just too big. You can get the right
type of camera by going to www.cheating- spouse-
The plan works like t his: You set up a hidden cam era t hat can hold about six
hours of time. Click the above link to check out these sorts of cameras.
Where you set up t he cam era is im port ant . I t should be near a phone if you
choose a cam era wit h sound capt ure. I f your cam era doesn t include sound
capt ure you should set it up wherever you t hink your spouse m ight be doing
something wrong.
www.cheating- spouse-
Again, what ever happens you have it on t ape! I f not hing happens t hen you
can try again using a different tactic.
F. Tactics to Learn About Their Past
I f your spouse has been lying a lot , t hen m ore t han likely t hey have done it
in t he past . Many people have backgrounds t hat t hey don t t ell t heir spouses
about . A past m arriage or a child can be kept secret . They t hink t hat nobody
will ever know. Then com es t he background check. Here are a few ways you
can do a background check on them to learn their past.
Use Software
Perhaps t he easiest way t o check t heir past is using soft ware called Net
Det ect ive. I t allows you t o do background checks on people. You can find
court records and even look at t heir FBI file. Plus it s cheap. You can get Net
Detective and get a Free Computer Recorder at www.pc- net-
Get an In- Depth Profile
Using t his m et hod you sim ply order a background profile online from a sit e
like I nt elius. They ll do a m ore det ailed background check using even m ore
sources t han Net Det ect ive. They are also very cheap. To get an I nt elius
report, click the following link. www.cheating- spouse-
G. Gain Advantages Over Them
I f you re like m e, you want t o have advant ages in life. Having an advant age
in a divorce is im port ant . I f your husband or wife has cheat ed on you, you
want t o m ake absolut e sure you have proof before you separat e. You will
need t his proof in court t o prove your case. Here are som e great suggest ions
for an easy way to get some proof:
Hire a private investigator to follow them.
Use a secret computer recorder.
Use a hidden camera.
Use a miniature tape recorder.
Using t hese m et hods you can get t he advant age you need so you can t ake
act ion now. Don t wait unt il it s t oo lat e. I f you separat e before you have
proof, your case might not be as strong in court. Make sure you get the proof
NOW! I can t st ress how im port ant t hat is.
H. Cheating Spouse Statistics
This great art icle was writ t en by Peggy Vaughan and includes shocking
statistics and other useful information.
www.cheating- spouse-
How Prevalent are Affairs?
Conservative est im at es are t hat 60 percent of m en and 40 percent of wom en
will have an ext ram arit al affair. These figures are even m ore significant when
we consider t he t ot al num ber of m arriages involved since it 's unlikely t hat
all t he m en and wom en having affairs happen t o be m arried t o each ot her. I f
even half of the women having affairs (or 20 percent) are married to men not
included in t he 60 percent having affairs, t hen at least one part ner will have
an affair in approximately 80 percent of all marriages.
But we need t o t ake a closer look at t he st at ist ics on affairs t o det erm ine
what t hey can cont ribut e t o an underst anding of our sexual pat t erns. While
affairs happen in non- m arit al, " com m it t ed" relat ionships as well as wit hin
m arriage, m ost of t he st at ist ics deal only wit h " extramarital" affairs. These
statistics began with Kinsey's reports in the 1940's and early 1950's. Kinsey's
sam ples included 5,000 m en and showed t hat by age 40, 50 percent of t he
m en had experienced ext ram arit al sexual int ercourse. Kinsey's original
sam ples of 6,000 wom en showed t hat by age 40, 26 percent of t he women
had experienced extramarital sexual intercourse.
Lat er st udies dealing exclusively wit h m en indicat e a cont inuous increase in
t he num ber of m en having ext ram arit al affairs. The increase for wom en
having affairs has been even more significant. Some of the statistics, both for
m en and for wom en, are ext rem ely high and legit im at ely debat ed, but m any
people quest ion any st at ist ics on ext ram arit al affairs, arguing t hat st at ist ics
are unreliable and confusing and t hat no one knows precisely how prevalent
affairs are. While t here are slight differences in t he est im at es based on
clinical st udies and quest ionnaires, t he bot t om line is com pelling in showing
an extremely high (and rising) incidence of extramarital affairs.
Why it helps to know about the prevalence of affairs
For t he person who knows t heir spouse has had an affair and is st ill t rying t o
underst and why, acknowledging t he prevalence of affairs in our societ y can
help t hem put it in a m ore realist ic perspect ive. Underst anding j ust how
m any ot hers face t he sam e sit uat ion ( regardless of who t hey are or who
t hey're m arried t o) can help break t he sense of being so alone, isolat ed, or
" singled out " for t his experience. I t can help overcom e t he feeling of " why
People who have not yet faced t his issue, eit her in t heir own lives or wit h
t heir friends or fam ily, would do well t o st art wit h a realist ic pict ure of t he
frequency of affairs in societ y as a whole. I t 's not t hat t he sheer frequency
m eans it will happen t o any specific person, but it does say a lot about t he
kind of support t o expect from societ y for rem aining m onogam ous vs. having
affairs. We need t o m ake a com m it m ent t o face t he realit y of affairs and
address t he issue in a m ore responsible way, bot h individually and as a
www.cheating- spouse-
I. Summary & The Four- Step Plan
Now t hat you have seen t he warning signs, t act ics and st at ist ics, I want t o
t ell you about t he ideal four- st ep plan which alm ost always works. I t s very
cheap and you can st art it right now. This is exact ly how I caught m y ex
Step 1: Make The Decision.
You m ust first m ake t he decision t o st art t his form ula. You can st op t his
form ula at any t im e and t hey will never know. I f you end up finding not hing,
don t feel guilt y. I t was wort h it t o know t he t rut h. But chances are you will
find something and the formula will free you.
Step 2: Bait Your Spouse.
Use t he surveillance t act ics t o cat ch t hem in t he act m ent ioned in t his guide.
They are The Pret end Set up, The Always- ON Com put er Recorder or t he AllKnowing Hidden Cam era. Use at least one of t hese t act ics but even m ore if
you can. My recommendation is for the second option.
Step 3: Stay Attentive.
While your surveillance is going on, m ake sure you pay at t ent ion. Som etimes
your proof will only be a m at t er of seconds when using a hidden cam era or
com put er soft ware. But t hat s all it t akes.
Step 4: Gather Your Proof.
When you get your proof, make sure you either print it out or make a copy of
t he t ape if you used a cam era. Don t let t hem know about t he proof if t hey
deny t he affair. This will eat t hem up inside. I f you have t he proof t hen t hey
definit ely cheat ed, so t hey not only will have t o deal wit h t he pain, but t he
guilt as well. Guess what. You are now free.
I want t o t hank you for reading m y guide. I hope you found it useful. I had
fun com piling it and hope it will help m any people learn t he t rut h. Not all
m arriages or relat ionships involve cheat ers, so t hink carefully before using
any of t he discussed t act ics. I f you have no valid reasons t o suspect , and
t hings are going great , t hen chances are t here is no infidelit y. But if you
suspect, then by all means FIND OUT THE TRUTH!
www.cheating- spouse-
Special t hanks t o t he following sit es who helped creat e t his guide. Thanks for
great articles and help creating this guide.
AceSpy: Great surveillance software at dirt- cheap prices.
PC Net Detective: Find out your lovers past.
www.pc- net-
Spyville: High- quality surveillance equipment.
www.cheating- spouse-
Intelius: Get a full background check on your spouse.
Mtvindia: Wrote the great article on Body Language. files/story.php3?romanceid=1730
Sheri & Bob Stritof: For the great Signs article.
Peggy Vaughan: For the great Statistics article.
www.2- in- 2-
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