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Shayna Chapman describes ARNE’s
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Learn to shine
in a brighter future.
You’ve probably heard the old Jackson Browne
song “Running on Empty.” I think it’s a pretty good
description of the business environment over the
past few years. The economy has been unpredictable
for a long time now.
Recently, however, things have actually started to
look up. You’ve probably already noticed. We’re
hearing encouraging things from our customers,
learning about positive trends from consultants in
the profession, and seeing new interest and new
investments. The picture painted by 2012 thus far is
of a brighter future ahead. It’s an exciting time.
For more information
on the benefits of
promoting a training
and learning culture
at your firm, visit the
Solutions blog, at
But when the business world has been squeaking
by for this long, shifting from a survival culture to
a learning and growth culture takes real effort.
And that’s true of practicing accountants as well.
A culture of continuous learning and reinvestment
in human capital can help you hang onto your
best people as the battle for talent begins to heat
up again. It can spark client service innovations
that distinguish your practice. And frankly, it
makes coming to work every day a whole lot
more interesting.
So how do you use the backdrop of a more bullish
economy to maximum advantage? How do you
ensure that your brightest employees and best
clients don’t go looking for greener pastures? How
do you put your firm in the best possible position?
While yesterday’s challenge was how to do more
with less, tomorrow’s focus may be on reinvesting
in your firm and your people.
may not have been very vocal for the past few years,
that’s likely to change soon. Offering training and
development opportunities not only helps you hang
onto good people, it makes them more engaged and
productive, day in and day out. And of course, happy
staff members beget happy clients.
Foster a culture of teaching: Every
employee has something to teach others.
Often, it’s just a matter of encouraging them to
participate in the firm-wide culture of learning.
Encouraging staff members to coordinate and
lead learning sessions can make them feel more
valued. And that, in turn, can create a more
collaborative environment where unique or
specialized knowledge is regularly shared.
Lead by example: How are you investing in your
own professional development? Even if you’re at the
top of your firm, you can always learn something
new. And your employees will follow your example.
When you’re ready to take action, there are more
resources across the profession than ever to
help you create a culture of learning. Here at
Thomson Reuters, the thought leadership and the
blog channels on our website are great places to
start, and of course we also offer a wide variety of
training and consulting options, from online videos
to customized onsite training sessions. No matter
what you choose, investing in people and your firm
is an important step toward a brighter future.
What are you doing to create a learning culture at
your firm? Here are some ideas:
Invest in people: The best employees are always
looking to learn something new. And while they
Jon Baron
Managing Director, Professional Segment,
Tax & Accounting, Thomson Reuters
CS Professional Suite®
& Enterprise Suite®
Accounting CS™
Accounting CS Client Access
Engagement CS®
Workpapers CS™
FileCabinet CS®
Mobile CS®
myPay Solutions®
Accounting CS Payroll
myPay Solutions®
Firm & Workflow
Practice CS®
UltraTax CS®
GoSystem® Tax RS
Fixed Assets CS®
Planner CS®
ToolBox CS®
Cloud Computing
SaaS for CS Professional Suite
Virtual Office CS®
Website Design
Web Builder CS®
Client Portals
NetClient CS®
Calling All
Accounting CS Users!
Our Practice CS and NetFirm CS Ideas
Communities have been so successful we’re
now offering a forum for sharing ideas with
our Accounting CS development team. To
make Accounting CS the best accounting
product on the market, we need feedback
from the customers who work with the
product every day. This feedback will help
our development team better understand
your needs and help us prioritize upcoming
features to be implemented.
The Accounting CS Ideas Community
•A way for users to hear about and
comment on suggested product
•Sharing of customized reports,
financial statements, check layouts,
and letters
•The ability to request tax forms and tax
agents not currently in the program
• Categories to suggest security
modifications, integration with other
software, and training materials
To get started, from the program’s home
page choose Help > On the Web >
Submit Suggestion or, from within your
Accounting CS program, you can add a
new portlet for the community from one
or more of your dashboards. For more
information, search on Ideas Community
in the index of the help browser.
We encourage you to make the Ideas
Community a new portlet on one of your
dashboards, so that we can keep the lines
of communication open and active. Please
vote for existing suggestions—or create a
new suggestion and monitor the feedback
to see our plans for the future!
solutions [issue 2, 2012]
Get the Competitive
Advantage With BUSINESS
Business Workflow Consulting is
designed to help you step back and
look at your daily processes objectively
to see where you can improve
efficiency. Working with an expert
consultant, your session will take you
through several phases in order to
identify areas for improvement.
You’ll share information with your
consultant to help them:
•Understand your future business
vision, client service model, and
growth plans
•Gather data through survey tools
and a phone interview
•Set the groundwork for the areas we
will focus on
•Pull together information about your
firm data, hardware in use, goals,
strengths, opportunities, and areas
of concern in your processes
Onsite Analysis
You’ll allow your consultant to:
•Visit your office and observe your
business workflow
•Interview key staff members involved
in your firm’s workflow to discover
strengths, challenges, and how
technology is currently used
•Pay attention to how you use your
current Thomson Reuters products
and identify where additional
efficiencies can be gained
Subject Matter Expert
Our panel of subject matter experts will:
•Review your information and begin
their analysis
•Work with your consultant to
develop specific recommendations
for your firm
Report Findings
You’ll receive your comprehensive
report, which includes:
•Specific recommendations that will
yield immediate benefits to your firm
•Suggested methods for addressing
your goals while increasing ROI
You and your consultant will discuss
your detailed report in the concluding
review session, and you’ll walk away
with an action plan to meet your goals.
Z Why Should You Consider
Business workflow
Many firms find it difficult to objectively
review their processes because they’re
too close to them. Our consultants are
experts; they’ve worked with numerous
firms and have years of experience.
Their unique skills allow them to
pinpoint, evaluate, and report back on
process and communication issues and
show you how to overcome them.
We also provide insight into how
other firms of comparable size are
benefitting from Thomson Reuters
applications and technology, and the
specific areas you need to focus on to
stay competitive.
And the
“Rate the
Winner Is …
We’re pleased to announce that the
winner of last issue’s “Rate the Space”
contest is Fox & Company CPA/
Milestones Financial Planning in
Mayfield, Kentucky. The firm will receive
a $500 American Express gift card.
Visitors to Fox & Co. CPA, which
occupies the main floor, and its sister
company upstairs, Milestones Financial
Planning, are greeted by an inviting
main entrance—complete with giraffe,
which, according to the owner of both
companies, Johanna Fox Turner, is a
favorite of both staff and clients (and
we’re guessing our voters, too).
Thanks to all of the entrants and
voters who participated in the
“Rate the Space” contest!
Z For More Information
To learn more about Business
Workflow Consulting, please call
us at 800.968.8900 or email
[email protected]
The two companies share not only this
main entrance, but frequently share
office spaces as well.
behind the scenes
A Genuine
People Person
Meet Debbie Harden, team leader
of renewals and customer service at
Thomson Reuters in Ann Arbor, Mich. She
joined the company in 2004 as a customer
service representative. About a year ago,
she was promoted to her current position.
Solutions: What does being team leader
available to work through an issue with
for renewals and customer service involve?
them. Other times, it means giving them
Debbie Harden: I oversee letting our
self-service options, like renewing online.
clients know when it’s time to renew and
Moving to online renewals is one of the
helping them through that process. Our
things I’ve been very passionate about, to
team also created a program that helps
help the environment and make it even
clients transition when they first buy our
easier for customers to renew.
software, or transition to a new product like
Accounting CS. We work as liaisons with all
You describe yourself as a “people
the other departments involved to make sure
person.” Does that extend beyond work?
customers are ready to use our products as
I’m very spiritual and believe I’ve been called
efficiently and profitably as possible.
to help others. My husband and I are youth
leaders at our church, and we spent a week
Can you describe your overall customer
in Myrtle Beach this summer helping rebuild
service philosophy?
homes in hurricane-stricken areas. We also
I want every client to have a positive
tend a community garden where the produce
experience. Sometimes that means being
is free for the taking.
Debbie Harden and her husband
went on their first mission trip in
Where Home and Office Intersect
Family Ties. Harden joined Thomson Reuters at the urging of her husband, John,
who works for the company as a sales and training consultant.
Small World. One of Harden’s favorite places to visit is Walt Disney World. “I’m still
a kid at heart and I love everything they stand for,” she says. What does Harden like
most about Walt Disney World? “The whole magical experience, and the top-notch
customer service.” Naturally.
June. They joined 12 other members
of their church, Lincoln Community
United Methodist Church, on a
journey to Myrtle Beach, where
they worked on homes devastated
by hurricanes. Pictured above with
kids from her church youth group,
Harden calls the trip a life-changing
solutions [issue 2, 2012]
software in action
speeds firm’s
workflow while
other winning
“The primary objective is something we’ve been wanting
to move closer to for a long time,” says Michael Miranda,
the firm’s senior manager. “We wanted a vehicle to
integrate all our offices, to make it easier for them
to work with each other. With Virtual Office CS and
GoFileRoom, I think we accomplished that.”
It’s not just the ease of scanning, storing, and sharing
documents electronically, although those are among
the key benefits of GoFileRoom. Williams & Company
has found ways to use GoFileRoom to address some
of its specific needs.
• Checklists. According to Miranda, the tax side of the
firm used to struggle with checklists. By integrating
checklists into the GoFileRoom workflow, the firm
enhanced its return processing and quality control.
• Trust Administration. The firm has improved its
compliance on life insurance trusts for which it
functions as administrative trustee. “For example,
where there’s no tax return actually filed we’ve
put premium statement notices into the workflow
Watch GoFileRoom
in action at
where you can
view video
Miranda adds that he’s spoken with other firms who
are also using GoFileRoom. “Even for firms that have
very different systems and processes than we do,” says
Miranda, “I can see the application of this product to
multiple uses.”
That’s exactly why Williams & Company, P.C.,
implemented GoFileRoom late last year. Headquartered
in Sioux City, Iowa, the firm already uses the
CS Professional Suite from Thomson Reuters.
So adding GoFileRoom was a logical next step.
system,” says Miranda. “That will trigger a recurring
reminder so we never miss a deadline.”
• Retirement Plan Consulting. Miranda sees the
potential for using GoFileRoom as a document
management and deliverable tracking system for
retirement plan consulting.
• Online Library. Williams & Company has put all
its library materials, webinars, and training session
recordings online using GoFileRoom. “Employees
can access these materials at their convenience or
even from their home,” says Miranda, “and the search
capability has come in very handy, too.”
When you have seven offices to manage and
integrate, you want to make your work as efficient
and productive as possible.
“GoFileRoom is an ideal fit for Williams & Company. The fact
that it’s completely web-based means they can better serve their
clients by easily sharing work across all their offices, and instantly
accessing client documents and engagement information on a
real-time basis. These capabilities and others allow Williams &
Company to recognize a significant return on investment with
GoFileRoom.” —Art Carruth, product account manager, GoFileRoom
That Serve
You Well
How to succeed in business by
doing the right thing.
Starting your own firm means
opportunity for independence and
success. But this practice knows
the value of finding the right support
and giving back.
When he established his own firm in 2005,
David Hensley, CPA, EA, had a game plan.
But he didn’t expect to be an overnight
success. That’s pretty much what happened,
though. And Hensley has never taken it for
granted. On the contrary, David J. Hensley
CPA, Inc., of Springfield, Ill., is a firm that
makes a habit of giving back.
For two years in a row, Hensley has won
the Illinois CPA Society’s Time and Talent
Public Service Volunteerism Award,
which recognizes charitable activities of
its members.
In Hensley’s case, his pro bono service
has centered on helping members of the
military prepare their tax returns. A personal
connection partly inspired his volunteerism.
Hensley has family members who have served
in the military and he lost friends who fought
in the Vietnam War.
“Of all the things you can sacrifice, there’s
nothing more than that,” he explains. “And
it’s not like members of the military make very
much money, or get much support outside of
what the military provides.”
When someone contacts the firm for help,
the person is immediately referred to
Hensley himself—even if he’s in the middle
of something else. “I want to make sure
these people know they’re going to get the
assistance they need.”
solutions [issue 2, 2012]
Firm Facts
Z BASICS: David J. Hensley CPA, Inc., was established Z WEBSITE:
in 2005. It has a staff of six and adds two more during
Z SOFTWARE: The firm uses a range of products
tax season. The firm provides services including tax,
from the Thomson Reuters CS Professional Suite,
accounting, bookkeeping, compliance, and consulting,
including FileCabinet CS, Practice CS, Write-Up CS, and
for businesses and individuals.
UltraTax CS. They’re considering adding Accounting CS.
We may be a small firm, but we’ve been
able to grow and meet the needs of our
clients. This is directly attributable to both
the software and the skill of the people we
have on board.
—David Hensley
Doing Right
This mindset isn’t all that different from the way
the firm treats its paying clients. The staff, which
includes Hensley’s wife, Pat, has a reputation for being
personable and responsive. “I’ve made it clear that
every client is to be valued,” says Hensley.
The firm demonstrates this same level of care and
respect to its employees. The practice makes sure
its employees can participate in the company’s
growth. For example, when one bookkeeper expressed
interest in doing taxes, Hensley explained that
although he couldn’t offer a big raise he could
pay her a percentage of the taxes she prepared.
[ 10 ]
BEST PRACTICE: Two-time winner of the
CPA Society’s Time and Talent Public Service
Volunteerism Award, David Hensley helps
military personnel prepare their tax returns.
Good Growth
David J. Hensley CPA, Inc., has grown substantially
since its inception, even buying a second firm to
integrate into its business in 2011.
In addition to hard work and talent, Hensley
credits two major factors for much of his success:
Thomson Reuters and New Clients, Inc. (NCI), a
Thomson Reuters marketing partner.
When he launched his firm, Hensley admits he
didn’t know much about starting his own accounting
practice, despite his years of experience in the field.
“NCI recognizes that most accountants don’t know
how to get their foot in the door to talk to people,
which is the hard part,” says Hensley. “They offer a
referring revenue guarantee, but within the first six
months we were growing at such a fast rate that I
released them from the guarantee. I was too busy to
keep up with my reports to them.”
solutions [issue 2, 2012]
Thomson Reuters software is another key element
in the firm’s achievements—especially during
periods of rapid growth. According to Hensley, it’s
essential to have an infrastructure that’s “more
than sufficient” to handle expansion and serve
every client’s needs.
“There’s nothing worse than spending time,
effort and money to acquire a client just to lose
them because you didn’t get things right,” he
explains. “That’s usually the result of not having
the right people on staff or not having adequate
software systems.”
Hensley has always had confidence in his staff,
and it didn’t take long for him to feel comfortable
with the products and services offered by
Thomson Reuters. He appreciates how closely
Thomson Reuters worked with his firm while
they set up their integrated systems.
As everyone became familiar with the software,
calls to Thomson Reuters decreased dramatically.
“That’s because we’d gotten our hands on
everything and understood what we were doing,
which goes back to the support we got at the very
beginning,” says Hensley. “It was the best money
we ever spent.”
Working With What Works
Hensley is a big fan of Practice CS, which
helps the firm better track its time and client
billing. In one instance, Hensley discovered
he’d undercharged a client by about 15 hours.
In another case, he learned the firm had been
overcharging a client. “I didn’t hesitate to drop
their fee,” says Hensley. “I wanted to be fair
about it.”
Tools like FileCabinet CS also help the firm
provide better service to its clients, by improving
accuracy and efficiency. Because everything’s
scanned directly into the system, anyone on
staff can access whatever they need from
FileCabinet CS within minutes, instead of
having to search through piles of paper.
Even with his many years of experience and the
success of his firm, Hensley continues to learn.
Just a couple of years ago, he did the coursework
and testing required to become an enrolled
agent. “We may be a small firm, but we’ve been
able to grow and meet the needs of our clients,”
he says. “This is directly attributable to both
the software and the skill of the people we have
on board.”
Not All Work
and No Play
When they’re not at the
office, David Hensley and
his wife, Pat, make some
time for play, literally.
“We always have the
bargain seats to the
theatre on Sundays,”
he says. “I guess that
sounds cheap, but we’re
simple people.”
Hensley also likes to swim
and has taken up golf. “I’m
very bad at it,” he admits,
“but I enjoy it.”
Bringing in the Business
New Clients, Inc. (NCI) helps accounting firms build their business
so they can focus on what they do best: taking care of clients’
tax and accounting needs.
This national marketing and consulting firm has been working with
CPAs, accountants, and enrolled agents for 27 years, providing
marketing and practice management programs.
According to Bruce Clark, founder and CEO, NCI works with
established firms as well as start-ups. “David Hensley contacted
us when he’d just opened his doors,” says Clark. “Through our
client acquisition program, we hired two people to help him set up
appointments and close the deals with new clients.”
NCI offers a variety of programs and services. Learn more at
[ 11 ]
The Case for
Does your firm offer payroll services to clients?
If not, here are some key reasons to reconsider.
[ 12 ]
solutions [issue 2, 2012]
It didn’t take long to figure out that handling
tax and accounting services like peanut butter goes
payroll in-house wasn’t the right fit for Black and
with jelly. In fact, payroll is one of the “stickiest”
his team. “It’s high task and high dollars you’re
services you can offer, says Jason Tooker, associate
putting into your staff,” he says. “We looked at
manager for myPay Solutions at Thomson Reuters.
what would be the best option, and for us that
Some might say that payroll processing goes with
turned out to be myPay Solutions.”
“Payroll not only encourages clients to stick with
you, it can attract new ones and is often the starting
The firm still has the flexibility to prepare payroll
point for getting them to use more of your services,”
themselves or give their clients the option of
he explains. “It really rounds out a full firm image if
handling it. They can even download items into
you’re looking at a one-stop shop.”
their clients’ QuickBooks®. “We have about 10
clients that use myPay Solutions, and we do about
But don’t just take it from Tooker. Rick Black, a CPA
750 payroll checks a month,” says Black. Another
from Farmington, Mo., believes payroll is essential
plus? Black’s firm doesn’t have any liability
to any firm’s business. Here’s how—and why—he’s
exposure, which instead lies with myPay Solutions.
The three payroll
options below can
be combined to
meet the specific
needs of any firm.
To learn more, visit
made it work.
The ease of getting up and running with
Black is a big believer that payroll gives firms a
myPay Solutions and how it integrates with other
tool to keep clients coming back—that “stickiness”
Thomson Reuters products is another check in
factor. “It’s about value services, because you want
Black’s pro column for offering payroll. “It builds
to offer as many services as possible to your clients,”
value in our product, and because it’s all integrated
Black says. “If you’re offering auditing, accounting,
together we can do as much as we want with it,”
tax, write-up and payroll, it’s going to be hard for a
he says. “I recommend myPay Solutions because
client to leave when they have access to that many
they’re there to build a partnership with your firm.
services.” According to Black, payroll is also an
We haven’t had a single one of the kinds of problems
important profit center for any firm.
we had with other payroll providers.”
know your Payroll Options
Thomson Reuters
1. Accounting CS Payroll
2. Accounting CS Client Access
3. myPay Solutions
offers three options
Firms can process payroll
Clients can process their
The service that offers all the
to help firms provide
themselves with this fully
own payroll, yet remain
benefits of being involved in
payroll services to
automated option that’s
tightly connected to the firm
clients’ payroll without the
their clients. These
designed for cross-client
that provides the services.
liability of having to process
options can be
processing. It gives firms
Accounting CS Client Access
it, myPay Solutions can
combined to meet
options for streamlining
automates payroll functions
handle any size payroll and
the specific needs
their workload and even
including payroll processing,
much more.
of any firm.
handling their own payroll
check writing, and
more efficiently.
direct deposit.
[ 13 ]
tips & tACTICS
Good to Know
We answer your most pressing “how to’s” and “can you’s.”
Accounting CS
Q: Is there an easy way to find transactions
with missing account numbers?
A: There are a few different ways to find a
missing account number in Accounting CS:
• The General Ledger report now includes
a section at the bottom that lists any
transactions with unassigned accounts.
• In the Enter Transactions screen, you
can search for Unassigned from the
search box.
• Run the Transaction List report for the
period in which the transaction occurs
and scan the account column for the
missing account number.
Practice CS
Q: Can I set up Practice CS projects to be
extended automatically when the tax return
is extended in UltraTax CS?
A: Yes. To extend the project automatically,
choose Setup > Templates > Projects.
Select the tax return template. On the Main
tab under the Solution section, select 2011
UltraTax CS and then use the Extension
event field to select the UltraTax CS status
event you’ve set up in UltraTax CS. You can
there’s more
Read more tips and tactics
To access the Knowledgebase, visit
[ 14 ]
also select this status event for projects
that are already assigned to clients. For
step-by-step directions on the setup process,
see Knowledgebase case #K37507495.
UltraTax CS
Q: I recently submitted an electronic return to
the IRS that was rejected due to error code
515, Primary used more than once. What
does that mean?
A: Error code 515 occurs when you’ve already
used the taxpayer’s Social Security number
(SSN) on another return. Verify that you
correctly entered the SSN on Screen 1040
(located in the General folder). If the number
is correct, you must file the return on paper.
For additional assistance, contact the
IRS e-help Desk at 866.255.0654.
GoSystem Tax RS
GoSystem Tax/990
Q: Can I electronically file 990-T returns?
A: No. The IRS does not currently support
electronic filing of 990-T returns; you can
electronically file only the extension for the
990-T return per IRS Publication 4163.
GoSystem Tax/706
Q: Will GoSystem Tax RS automatically
generate next year’s tax forms when
A: GoSystem Tax RS generates the forms
for the appropriate tax year based on the
date of death you enter in the Organizer >
General Information > Basic Information
> Decedent’s Information screen. For
example, if you enter a 2011 date of death
in a 2010 locator, the application generates
the 2011 forms.
Fixed Assets CS
Q: I’ve received a client from another
preparer. I want to check his depreciation
numbers and compare them to how your
system calculates it. If I enter prior-year
assets, can the program calculate prior
depreciation for each asset?
A: To calculate prior depreciation for multiple
assets, follow the instructions below:
1. From the Asset List window, choose
Setup > Treatments.
2.Highlight the treatment for which you
want to calculate prior depreciation.
3. Click the Build button.
4. Click the Calculate prior depreciation
for all assets option, then click OK.
5.To calculate prior depreciation for
additional treatments (e.g. Tax, Book,
etc.), repeat steps 2 to 4 for each
Mobile CS
Q: When I send time from Mobile CS, where
does that time show up in Practice CS?
A: The time that you send from Mobile CS
first goes to the Integrated Entries tab in
the Time & Expense Entry screen to
be accepted or rejected. In Practice CS,
choose Actions > Time & Expense Entry >
Integrated Entries tab. In this tab, you’ll see
all the time that was sent from Mobile CS.
Mark the checkboxes for the items that you
want to bring into Practice CS and click the
Accept Selected button at the bottom right.
After you accept the items, they’re part of
your Practice CS database and are available
to be approved, posted, and billed.
solutions [issue 1, 2012]
ARNE Superstar
You’ve chatted with them and learned from them in the ARNE community. Now get to know these
ARNE veterans a little better.
SHAYNA B. Chapman,
Managing Member
Chapman & Burris CPAs LLC
Gallipolis, OH
if I had any issues, I could easily ask my fellow
ARNE-ites for help. They didn’t fail me. I just keep
investing in Thomson Reuters, because I know
between their awesome support and ARNE, I
have not only the programs but the right people
to help my firm succeed.
Q: What do you see as the value of a community
like ARNE?
ARNE is priceless, especially to a small firm like
mine. I came from a larger firm where each person
had a TFA, or Technical Focus Area, like sales
tax or depreciation. In a small firm I have a TFA
in everything. As much as I’d like to say I know
it all I don’t, so whether I have a tax/audit or a
hardware/software question, ARNE allows me to
ask other professionals. We chat about internal
practice management, external client situations,
IRS issues—­really, about everything. I’ve learned
so much from them. Often I read a post and the
responses, then say, “I have to do that!” Next thing
you know, my employees are being “educated” at
a staff meeting or learning procedural changes.
I have to admit, ARNE was one of the major
reasons I switched my practice management
program to a Thomson Reuters program. I knew
One more thing about ARNE: outside the technical
talk, these people are my friends. The fact that
everyone asks questions and offers advice lets me
know it’s okay to not know everything. No one does.
In the Rec Room forum, you’ll find out that these
people have lives, they have kids, they work hard.
It’s nice to know there’s a whole community of
people like me.
Q: Tell us one thing we’d be surprised to know
about you.
I attended Temple University Japan in Tokyo. I lived
with a wonderful Japanese family in Yokohama who
taught me culture, language, family life, and how to
sleep through earthquakes. The experience gave me
the ability to step outside my comfort zone, make
new friends, see things from others’ perspectives,
and not be afraid to try to conquer new things.
These are lessons I carry with me every day.
Meet Your Support Rep
STEVEN SCHEICH, Senior Support Representative and Newfie Dad
Steve just celebrated his five-year anniversary with
Thomson Reuters. He’s a support lead/subject matter
expert for Accounting CS Report Designer, FileCabinet CS,
and CSA SUTA Payroll. He also works with the QuickBooks
integration team.
Paging Uncle Hoogie: Steve, a guitar-playing classic rock, blues, and metal fan, and his fiancée
Amanda plan to marry in a destination wedding in Jamaica. One family member they’ll have to leave
at home: their 150-lb. Newfoundland, Hoogie. Of course, Steve’s 2-year-old niece would probably offer
to babysit (well, if she was older); she loves the dog so much she thinks Steve’s name is “Uncle Hoogie.”
These useful resources
can save you a call to the
Support Department:
• Knowledgebase—
Get information and
answers to common
questions in this
online repository.
• ARNE Community—
Interact with your
peers in an online
for accountants.
• Tutorial Videos—See
how to use software
features and improve
your workflow.
• Transition Services—
Take the stress out
of transitioning to
CS Professional Suite
•E-File Resources—
Be ready to e-file
your clients’ 1040
returns with these
helpful resources.
This list only scratches
the surface of the
resources available on
our Support page. Visit
.com/Support for more
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myPay Solutions, the personalized payroll service from
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With myPay Solutions, you’ll be assured of:
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