spreading service leaflet - Andrew & David Dutton Ltd – Lime

Save upto 10% off
your fertiliser bill by
applying your nutrients wisely
Andrew & David Dutton Ltd are pleased to be
able to offer you a new dimension in their
fertiliser spreading service. It utilises the latest
technology comprising of:
Weigh cells - ensuring accurate
application rate
Auto-Switch – precise automatic
headland on/off control
GPS section control dynamic – operates
like a boom on a sprayer
For more details please visit
GPS and auto-switch reduces or
increases the spread at angled
headlands or irregular shaped
fields when the spread width is
narrowing or widening, resulting
in an even spread rate over the
whole field.
Competent operators
Unparalleled accuracy
Professional & timely service
For more information please contact:
Andrew & David Dutton Ltd
Tel: 07976973480
Also Offering
Lime, grassland subsoiling & track repair
Soil testing – pH & full nutrient analysis
GPS sampling and/or farm mapping
Grassland subsoiling
Mowing - with or without conditioner
Track construction or repair
Vibrating roller hire
Supply & Spreading of Lime
Calcium lime - from slow release to instant availability
Magnesium lime - Cheapest way to increase Mag index
Fibrophos - P & K blend with many trace elements
Gypsum – soil conditioner containing sulphur & calcium
Limex 70 - Burnt Derby lime with high levels of P & sulphur
Basic slag – contains lime, phosphate & trace elements
Salt – low cost input significantly improving grass palatability
Andrew & David Dutton Ltd was established in 1992 by Andrew and prides itself on
having a good reputation offering high standards of work using quality products at an
affordable rate.
For further information please visit our website www.duttonagriservices.co.uk or contact
Andrew directly via email: [email protected] or Tel: 07976973480