Entrepreneurship and Engineering Students Team with Goodwill to Create Business

January 2013 Vol. 4 • Issue 2
Entrepreneurship and Engineering Students
Team with Goodwill to Create Business
Plan for New Products
Thirty-six entrepreneurship students from the LCOB and
their communication skills with nonbusiness students (specifitwenty-four engineering students from the Whitaker College of
cally engineering students). For the engineering students, the
Engineering formed six interdisciplinary teams in a class-based
learning goals are for the students to learn to be and think more
project that challenged students to
entrepreneurial and to develop
solve a problem requested by Gooda new product that solves a
will that could be used nationwide.
problem and adds value to the
The student teams presented their
community. To accomplish
plans and products as part of the
these goals, entrepreneurship
Eagle Biz Awards contest sponsored
students and engineering stuby DeAngelis and Diamond Condents are assigned to six differstruction through the Institute for
ent teams to create six different
Entrepreneurship at Lutgert College
products and business plans to
of Business. The Eagle Biz Awards
assess the product’s feasibility
is run by Dr. Sandra Kauanui, Proin the market. The class is defessor of Management and Director
signed to provide opportunities
of the Institute for Entrepreneurfor students in entrepreneurWinning team presentation at Venture X
ship and Dr. Lisa Zidek, Associate
ship and engineering to learn
Professor off Bioengineering and
to work together. While the
Program Director of Whitaker Colengineering students are worklege of Engineering. The awards
ing on developing the products,
were held at Venture X in Naples.
the business students are creatThere were approximately 100
ing the business plan to take the
people from the community and
business to market.
students from the LCOB Business
and Entrepreneurship Club in attenThe problems for this year’s
dance. The News-Press and Wink
teams came from the Goodwill
News were also there with cameras
Industries of Southwest Florto record the event.
ida and a FGCU engineering
WINK news interviewing Professor Sandra Kauanui
student who owns a landscapbefore the student presentations.
The business and engineering classing company. Examples of the
es have integrated the EagleBiz conproducts include a device cretest as part of their course. The goals for the entrepreneurship
ated to assist people who use wheelchairs to get in out of a pool
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class is to learn how to write a business plan and to develop
Lutgert Exchange • The Newsletter of the Lutgert College of Business
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From Dean
It seems as if the years are going by at a faster pace. The New Year, 2013, has just begun and before you know it, we
will be discussing plans for summer 2013. Despite the seemingly accelerating speed with which time is moving, we
have continued to make progress on our continuous improvement goal. As an academic unit the Lutgert College of
Business has continued to provide high quality education at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
With the adoption of our 2012-2017 Strategic Plan and the AACSB site visit scheduled for February 17-19, 2013, the
LCOB will continue to play a leading role in the life of the University and the Southwest Florida community.
As we plan and look towards the future, let us, in this New Year, pause but for a moment to reflect on all that we have
accomplished over the last 15 years. Together we have come this far in what seems to be record time. Together, we
can and will continue the LCOB tradition of excellence in education. I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone
a Happy, Bright and Prosperous New Year!
Entrepreneurship and Engineering Students continued
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and a foldable medical lift used to move people with injuries or
disability in and out of a bed. At the end of the semester, the
student teams presented their product and business plan proposals at Venture X in front of a panel of venture capitalist
The winners were announced a week after the presentation
during the final class. The winning team was EZN AquaRamp,
which was comprised of business students Ryan D’ Agostino,
Jamie Forester, Claudia Icochea, Matt Larmore, Lilliana McCormick and Adam Santa Fe and engineering students Johnny
Baker, Miriam Burmaster, Scott Kelly and Eric Raudebaugh.
Although the students, in both the engineering and business
class, remarked after the class was over that they had never
worked as hard in a class before, they also said it was a notable
real-world experience in which they learned a great deal. As one
student, Clayton Moore, interviewed by News-Press, was quoted as saying after the presentations, “It was a lot of work, and
we didn’t really know what we were getting in to.” However, he
added “it also taught me a lot and allowed me to use knowledge
from all the other business classes I have taken.” Another management student, Lilliana McCormick, mentioned in the same
Naples News article that “my biggest takeaway from the project
was working with the engineers as they were able to teach one
Following the announcement of the winners in the following
class, the News-Press interviewed Johnny Baker, a winning team
member from the engineering team. He stated “it’s out of this
world looking back and seeing how far we’ve come.” The business and engineers student team talked after class of continuing
to work on the project and to really make a business out of the
idea. He believed winning the award gave them the support and
confidence to move forward with the project.
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LCOB and FGCU Represented at Startup Battle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
RERI Team Assesses Status of Women in Southwest Florida . . . . . . . . . . . 4
RHM Alumni in Four Seasons Manager Training . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
New Economics Honor Society Inducts First Members . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Spa Management Student Receives Prestigious Tabacchi Scholarship . . . . . . . 5
Soviet Expert John Moore Speaks to LCOB Class . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
International Business . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Shadow Day Program: The Financial Planning Association of Southwest Florida . 7
Eminent Scholar Headlines W. Thomas Howard Lecture Series and
Addresses Students . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
It’s Not All Business . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Accolades . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
SBDC News and Happenings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
Alumni Highlights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Alumni Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
LCOB and FCGU Represented at Startup Battle
The LCOB and FGCU were well represented at the inaugural
Startup Battle, presented by Venture X, at Mercato, in Naples.
Venture X, founded by Brett Diamond (Management ’12, LCOB)
and David Diamond, is an innovative, coworking office space
for independent professionals that promotes collaboration and
the fostering of new ideas. The Startup Battle was a 48-hour
event, on October 19-21, where teams of 3-6 members created
a new idea, from the ground up, then pitched their ideas to a
panel of entrepreneurs and business professionals. The teams
were required to come up with a totally new and innovative product offering and were encouraged to have a working product
and business plan by the end of the 48-hours, if at all possible.
The winning team, consisted of Kevin Barnhill (MBA ’12, LCOB),
Monique Engicht, Brooke Gabrielsen, Michael Hannaford (senior
in computer science, WCOE), and Dr. Travis Jones (associate
professor of finance, LCOB). The team developed a wifi-enabled
doorbell that provides not only security and enhanced peace of
mind but mobile notifications and logging of visitors to one’s home.
Winning team of Monique Engicht, Brooke Gabrielsen,
Dr. Travis Jones, Kevin Barnhill, and Michael Hannaford
There were a total of 29 participants in the Startup Battle. Other participants, with
ties to FGCU, included: Tyler Thomas (junior in computer science, WCOE), Teodor Talov (senior in computer science, WCOE), and Jonathan Howell (senior
in marketing, LCOB). In addition to FGCU students, alumni, and a professor,
Tim Cartwright, a member of the FGCU Foundation, was one of the judges.
Participants in the inaugural Startup Battle
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RERI Team Assesses Status of Women in
Southwest Florida
Regional Economic Research Institute (RERI) recently prepared
a report on The Status of Women in Southwest Florida commissioned by The Women’s Fund of Southwest Florida. This
study examines the current status of women in the five-county
region of Southwest Florida to provide a wealth of insight and
to raise questions regarding issues of importance to the women
in this area. Conducted between November 2011 and September
2012, the study examined women’s status in the following areas:
population and diversity; employment and income; achievement
and autonomy; and health and well-being. The intention was for
the report to serve as a foundation of knowledge to assist local
agencies, groups, and policymakers in understanding the complex and often overlooked status of women, as well as to highlight issues facing local women as a basis for future research.
Some of the positive key findings with regard to girls and women in SWFL included:
• A greater percentage of girls than boys graduate from high
• Girls tend to outperform boys in reading scores and receive
less out-of-school suspensions than boys.
• More women are registered to vote than men, thus showing
greater interest and voting.
• Women have a lower death rate than men.
• Girls are less likely than boys to use illicit drugs and tobacco.
• Women are less likely to engage in such activities as binge
However, many challenges were identified. For example, women
in SWFL are in historically lower paying occupations than men
and have median annual earnings that are 88% of their male
counterparts. In management, science and related occupations,
only 26% of women hold management positions compared to
45% for men. Although nearly 5% of women are self-employed
in their own incorporated businesses, only 26% of firms in
SWFL are female-owned. Whereas women in SWFL have lower
rates of workforce participation than do men (48% vs 58%),
black women have the highest labor force participation rate in
Southwest Florida at 66.7%.
Although women have a lower incidence of being classified as
overweight than men, a high percentage of women are overweight or obese, ranging from 47% in Collier County to 69%
in Glades. Diagnosed diabetes for women is high, with a low of
6% in Collier County to 15% in Hendry, albeit lower than for
men (9% for women in SWFL vs 12% for men).
The report also identified recommended actions to address challenges identified, as well as avenues requiring further research.
The complete report can be found at http://www.fgcu.edu/
The RERI, part of the Center for Leadership and Innovation
at the Lutgert College of Business, benefits organization, business and individuals by conducting economic research to enable
more informed decisions concerning regional tradeoffs, policy
issues and impacts on growth. Dr. Gary Jackson is Director of
the RERI and Dr. Arthur Rubens is the Associate Director. The
RERI offers students the opportunity to participate in its research. Four student research analysts were part of the team
working on the women’s study: Denice Copeland, 2012 FGCU
graduate in Finance and Economics; Jillian Simon-Bower,
FGCU Accounting Major; Kristopher Jones, 2012 FGCU Finance graduate; and Luciano Torees, FGCU senior majoring in
Finance and minoring in Economics.
RHM Alumni in Four
Seasons Manager Training
The School of Resort & Hospitality Management (RHM) currently has ten student alumni completing 12 month Manager in
Training (MIT) Programs at the Four Seasons Resort & Club.
The MIT program consists of five star hotel-wide cross department training to prepare students for Assistant Management positions upon successful program
completion. The selected alumni
receive a competitive salary and
excellent benefits. Four Seasons is
recognized worldwide as one of
the preeminent premium brands
in the hotel and resort industry.
Each year approximately 10%
of the RHM graduating senior
class are securing these coveted
positions. The RHM students
selected for placement include:
Craig Poe, Megan Hough, Jenna
Liskin, Mark Pergolini, Angela
Students Megan Hough and
Bliss, Trent Zimmer, Ryan Rataj,
Danielle DeFau, Ryan Reilly, and Craig Poe at the Four Seasons
Resort and Club Dallas at Las
Emily Graff.
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New Economics Spa Management Student
Honor Society
Receives Prestigious Tabacchi
Inducts First
For an unprecedented
second year in a row,
On October 12, the inaugural induction ceremony was held for FGCU’s
new chapter of Omicron Delta Epsilon
(ODE), the international honor society
for economics. The Upsilon Chapter of
Florida became the 679th chapter in the
world. Provost Ron Toll joined the economics and finance faculty as well as professors Ara Volkan and Millie Wells and
a few future student members of ODE
to honor the eight founding members:
Brandon Bevillard, Bogdan Blach, Scott
Fraser, Ashley Glewen, Rachel McFalls,
Erik Myers, Charles Ringland, and Juan
Vasquez. The guest speaker was FGCU
Head Men’s Basketball Coach Andy Enfield, who was an Academic All-American
as an economics major at Johns Hopkins
University before earning an MBA from
the University of Maryland. Enfield gave
a rousing talk about the importance of
an economics degree and the lessons he
learned in the successful business career
he had before getting into coaching.
a Florida Gulf Coast
University student has
received the Dr. Mary
Tabacchi Student Scholarship from the International SPA Association
(ISPA). In November,
ISPA announced Carmen
Satchell-Nash as the 2012
recipient of the esteemed
Carmen is currently en- Carmen Satchell-Nash receiving her Award at the 2012 ISPA Annual
Conference from Jeff Kohl, ISPA Foundation President.
rolled in the School of
Resort and Hospitality
Management with a Spa
Management ConcentraNash’s interest in the spa industry began
tion and is poised to graduate in April
at the age of 18 when she began work2013.
ing as a receptionist with a local day spa.
She immediately fell in love with the spa
The scholarship is named in honor of
industry and began to see the array of opindustry pioneer and Cornell Univerportunities available. Her passion since
sity Associate Professor Mary H. Tabachas only increased. Last year, Nash served
chi, Ph.D., R.D. The Dr. Mary Tabacchi
as Spa Director of the on-campus Spa
Scholarship was created by the ISPA
Lab at FGCU. Nash hopes to one day beFoundation to provide a permanent recome a spa director, trainer, educator or
source for the growth and sustainabilowner. Nash recently accepted a position
ity of the spa industry. “We are thrilled
with The Ritz-Carlton, Naples as the Spa
to honor Carmen Satchell-Nash as the
Group Sales Coordinator.
fifth recipient of the Dr. Mary Tabacchi
Scholarship. Her passion for the spa in“I am pleased that Carmen has received
dustry is evident and we believe that she
the Mary Tabacchi scholarship. She has
will make a great addition to the spa comworked hard to achieve both practical
munity,” said ISPA Foundation President
and academic credentials in this field,”
Jeff Kohl. “We are excited to be given the
said Dr. Tabacchi. “It will be exciting to
opportunity to mentor her as she pursues
see her progress as she moves toward her
her future endeavors.”
goals in the spa and wellness industry.”
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Soviet Expert John Moore Speaks to
LCOB Class
On November 1, LCOB’s Department of Economics and Finance hosted Dr. John Moore for
a luncheon and guest lecture in Dr. Nikolai Wenzel’s course on Constitutional Political Economy.
Dr. Moore spoke about the fall of the Soviet
Union, and the economic roots of the Soviet
implosion - as statistics were fabricated, and the
Soviet system discouraged entrepreneurship. He
also discussed the surprise, in almost all Western
policy circles from government to academia, at
the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989. Indeed, the
Western establishment had been largely sympathetic to the Soviet experiment, and did not question the economic data coming from the Soviet
Union. Starting in the 1950s, and as late as the
1980s, academics and government experts predicted that the Soviet economy would soon bypass the American economy.
Dr. Moore also regaled students with first-hand
stories of the “sociology of economics” and the
academic interactions of the several Nobel prizewinning economists on his faculty when he was a
graduate student at the University of Virginia. Dr.
John Moore, currently a resident of Fort Myers,
Florida, is President Emeritus of Grove City College in Pennsylvania, having served as President
from 1996 to 2003. Before Grove City College, he
was a member of the faculty of George Mason
University and, earlier, the University of Virginia.
In 1985, President Ronald Reagan appointed him
Deputy Director of the National Science Foundation, where he served until 1989. He has also
been Associate Director of the Law & Economics Center at the University of Miami and Emory
University, as well as Associate Director of the
Hoover Institution at Stanford University.
John H. Moore
International Business
Daniel Rottig, Assistant Professor of Strategy and International Business, was elected as Chairman of the Southeast USA
Chapter of the Academy of International Business at the 2012
annual meeting in November. Established in 1959, the Academy of International Business is the leading association of
scholars and specialists in the field of international business,
and its more than 3,000 members in 80 different countries include scholars from the leading global academic institutions as
well consultants, researchers, government and NGO representatives.
Dr. Rottig also organized the 2012 annual meeting of the Academy of International Business Southeast USA (AIB-SE) Chapter as Conference Chair. With over 400 contributors from 37
countries representing 6 continents, the conference was the
largest, most diverse and most successful annual meeting in
AIB-SE’s 36-year old chapter history and elevated AIB-SE to
the top in the Academy of International Business World (AIB)
organization. AIB-SE now constitutes the largest and most active regional chapter among AIB’s 16 worldwide chapter organizations. Dr. Rottig involved 10 of his students in the conference providing them with the opportunity to participate in
scholarly sessions and panels and serve on the local student
organizer team to assist with conference logistics. Dr. Rottig
also involved officers and members of FGCU’s International
Business Association (IBA), a student organization for which
he serves as the founding faculty advisor, in the AIB-SE conference. Furthermore, Dr. Rottig advised and mentored two
honor students (one majoring in Business and one in Political
Science), whose honors project was accepted as a conference
paper at the 2012 Academy of International Business Southeast
USA meeting and who presented their work at the conference.
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Shadow Day Program: The Financial
Planning Association of Southwest Florida
By Alexa Thomson, LCOB Marketing Major
The Financial Planning Association (FPA) of Southwest Florida
(SWFL) is the local chapter of the National Financial Planning
Association. The local Southwest Florida chapter commits to the
highest standards of professional competence. Each member adheres to and understands the importance of the chapter’s core
values: integrity, objectivity, competence, fairness, confidentiality,
professionalism and due diligence.
Not only does the FPA of SWFL have their core chapter values
rooted in the principles listed above, but they also hold an established and ever growing relationship with collegiate students
interested in a career as a financial planner. One of the ways that
the FPA of SWFL works with these students is by offering a
‘Shadow Day Program.’
The program was launched five years ago through a partnership
between the Lutgert College of Business at Florida Gulf Coast
University and the FPA of SWFL. With this partnership, both
parties are able to provide various opportunities for students to
learn more about the financial planning profession, with a focus
on those who have aspirations to become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.
Students interested in learning more about the profession are
matched with a local planner and spend a half day learning about
the planner’s practice. The opportunity for young and aspiring finance students to work alongside these credentialed advisors for
the day is really an integral part of the overall learning process.
Students can see for the first time how the lessons taught in class
are implemented in the business world. In addition to the great
real world experience; these opportunities have proven to also
provide crucial networking avenues into the profession.
Tom Horner, President, FPA of SWFL with Arlene Forman
LCOB finance professor Steve Fraser (2nd from left) recognizes financial
planners (left to right) David Gallentine, Scott White, and Scott Schatzle for
their participation in the Southwest Florida Financial Planning Association’s
Shadow Day program.
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Eminent Law and Economics Scholar
Headlines W. Thomas Howard Lecture
Series and Addresses Students
On December 6th the LCOB
held the 16th annual Thomas
Howard Lecture at Grandezza
Country Club in Estero. The
keynote speaker was Henry G.
Manne, one of the founding
fathers of the study of law and
economics and Dean Emeritus
and University Professor Emeritus at the George Mason University School of Law. Professor
Manne’s lecture examined the Professor Manne (3rd from right) in classroom with
Henry G. Manne (2nd from left) with (left to right): Tim
economics surrounding insider
(left to right): Professors Shelton Weeks, Nikolai
Allen, FGCU Alico Chair and Eminent Scholar of Finance,
trading. His 1966 book, “Insider
Wenzel, Carrie Kerekes, Dean Stansel and Dean
Ann Hamilton, daughter of the late Tommy and Mary
Hudson Rogers.
Frances Howard, and Hudson Rogers, Dean of the LutTrading and the Stock Market,”
gert College of Business.
began, and still heavily influences, the vast literature on that
Universities.” He spoke about the history of universities and how
subject. Professor Manne is a frequent contributor to the Wall
the for-profit nature of the very first universities provided better
Street Journal and an Honorary Life Member of the American
incentives for meeting the needs of students than does the nonLaw and Economics Association, which honored him as one of
profit nature of our modern universities.
the four founders of the field of Law and Economics.
The Liberty Fund, of Indianapolis, IN, recently published The
On December 3, Prof. Manne also gave a guest lecture in Dr.
Collected Works of Henry G. Manne in three volumes. Professor
Dean Stansel’s course on Public Sector Economics. Prof.
Manne is now retired and lives in Naples.
Manne’s talk was entitled “The Political Economy of Modern
It’s Not All Business
Faculty and students participated in the Fourth Annual Fly-byNight 50-Mile Relay on November 30th. The FGCU Honors Program organized the event and donations benefitted the Gulf Coast
Humane Society. Teams of 5-8 members competed in a race of
50 miles around the FGCU campus. Dr. Gizelle Perretti organized
a team to represent the Department of Economics and Finance.
Team Capitalism included Dr. Perretti (Team Captain), Dr. Carrie
Kerekes, Christy Hobbs, Michelle Kosces (economics major), and
Nicole Wheelan (finance major). The team successfully completed
the relay, with each individual running ten miles. Drs. Perretti and
Kerekes learned a valuable lesson to keep in mind for next year’s
relay: organize a team of eight so that each runner runs less!
Lutgert Exchange • The Newsletter of the Lutgert College of Business
Page 8
Peer Reviewed Journals
William G. Hardin, Bennie D. Waller, & H. Shelton Weeks. (2012). Undergraduate Appraisal Education in the United States.
Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education, 15(1), 19-31.
Eisenga, A., Travis Jones, Walter Rodriguez (2012). Investing in IT Security: How to Determine the Maximum Threshold,
International Journal of Information Security and Privacy, 6(3), 75-87.
Davis, Kevin & Steve Fraser. (2012). Insuring defined-benefit plan value: An examination of the survivor benefit plan (SBP) decision. Financial Services Review, 21(4), 275-290.
Taras, V., Rottig, D. & team of co-authors from 5 countries (2012). Changing the Face of International Business Education: The
X-Culture Project. Academy of International Business Insights, 12, Issue 4.
Spigarelli, F. & Rottig, D. Rise and Fall of a Taxonomy: Should We Keep Calling Them Emerging Markets? Academy of International
Business Conference Southeast USA Conference, November 2012, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Taras, V., Rottig, D. & team of co-authors from 13 countries. The Effects of International Collaboration Exercise on Learning Outcomes in Cross-Cultural International Management Courses. Academy of International Business Conference Southeast USA Conference, November 2012, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Taras, V., Rottig, D. & team of co-authors from 11 countries. Multi-Country Student Collaboration Projects in Cross-Cultural
Management Education. Academy of International Business Conference Southeast USA Conference, November 2012, Fort Lauderdale,
Dean Stansel presented two papers and served as a discussant at the 82nd annual meeting of the Southern Economic Association in New Orleans on November 16-18, a national conference with over 1,500 scholars on the program: “An Economic
Freedom Index for U.S. Metropolitan Areas” and “The Determinants of the Severity of State Fiscal Crises” (with David Mitchell,
University of Central Arkansas).
Awards, Honors and Appointments
Dr. Rottig’s research was nominated as a finalist for the EducAsian Best Thematic Paper Award as well as for the Rollins Best Conference Paper Award at the Academy of International Business Southeast USA Chapter Conference, November 2012, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Daniel Rottig, Assistant Professor of Strategy and International Business, was appointed as a Guest Editor for a special journal issue
on “Institutions in Emerging Markets” and as an Editorial Review Board Member by the International Journal of Emerging Markets,
which is published by Emerald.
Daniel Rottig, Assistant Professor of Strategy and International Business, was selected as an external dissertation committee member and expert reviewer of a dissertation titled “Managing Spin-Off Businesses in Emerging Markets: Case Study of the United Arab
Emirates” by Mohammed Yousif Al-Saad at Abu Dhabi University, United Arab Emirates.
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Kudos continued
Julio Estremera, certified business analyst with the SBDC was recognized this summer for his outstanding contributions to the
Hispanic community.
In the News
Economics professors Dean Stansel and Mushfiq Swaleheen appeared on the local news on NBC-2 TV commenting on the
Federal Reserve’s latest round of quantitative easing (QE3) on September 13. Stansel also discussed this issue on the Joe Whitehead Show on WGUF 98.9-FM in Naples, FL on October 6.
Dean Stansel (Economics) was in the news as follows:
• Appeared on NBC-2 TV on October 4 to discuss the definition of the middle class, in reference to tax policy, and again on
October 11 to comment on gas prices.
• Featured in the “Profiles in Paradise” column of the Naples edition of the Florida Weekly newspaper on November 8, in an
article entitled “Finding the fascinating side of economics.”
• Published an op-ed published in the Naples Daily News on October 3 on state and local government subsidies to businesses.
• Interviewed on the role of government in state and local economic development by a reporter for Florida Watchdog on
three occasions. The articles appeared on Watchdog.org (an independent national news organization that focuses on uncovering waste, fraud, and abuse at the state and local levels of government) on November 19, December 3, and December 13
and on SunshineStateNews.com on December 15. One of the articles was later used as the basis for a question in a local
TV news interview of Gov. Rick Scott on the NBC affiliate in Orlando.
• Interviewed extensively in late November/early December on the 2012 Economic Freedom of North America Report
(available at www.freetheworld.com). His interviews appeared on radio stations in Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Panama City,
Tallahassee, and Little Rock, Arkansas, as well as on WSFX 92.5 FM, the Fox News affiliate in Fort Myers and WGCU, the
NPR-affiliate in Fort Myers. He also continues to serve as a regular weekly guest on Friday mornings on the Bob Harden
Show in Naples.
• His co-authored research paper (from 2011) on the mortgage interest deduction led to interviews in November and December 2012 by reporters with the New York Times, Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, and Naples Daily News. His
research was also cited on The Atlantic magazine’s “Cities: Place Matters” blog.
Dr. Carrie Kerekes was invited to speak to the League of Women Voters of Sanibel on November 28. The League of Women
Voters (LWV) is a nonpartisan organization whose goal is to examine issues and policies that affect the voting public and to
provide information to voters. At their November meeting, the LWV wanted a speaker to present information on the U.S. federal
government deficit and debt. Dr. Kerekes provided an overview of the current situation and discussed potential implications for
the future of the economy.
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SBDC News and Happenings
SBDC and Markham Norton Motsteller Wright
& Company presented a five week Women in
Business Educational Series in honor of National
Small Business Woman’s month, teaching women
subjects on finances, taxes, social media and working with the government.
SBDC 4th annual Turning Your Passion To Profit
Workshop ( P2P) and tradeshow was a huge success with over 100 attendees taking over the Sugden Resort and Hospitality Building. The all-day
event featured nationally renowned motivational
speaker, Jerry Ross, CEO of National Entrepreneurship Center in Orlando.
Graduates of the Woman in Business Educational
Series smile as they are presented certificates of
14th annual Entrepreneurs Law School is taking
place on Saturday, January 26th at FGCU Cohen
Center. Special Appearance by Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll, will help kick off this annual event.
Plans are in the works, for the 2nd annual Distinguished Entrepreneur of the Year Award and
Dinner, will take place on Wednesday, May 22 at
FGCU Cohen Center.
Hispanic Achievement Awards & Hall of Fame: Lee
County Employee of the Year Julio Estremera & Dan
Regelski, Regional SBDC Director
Jerry Ross, Executive Director National
Entrepreneurship Center and Dan Regelski,
SBDC Regional Director
Chamber of Commerce VI International Congress
2012, 1st International Business Expo @ San Martin
De Porres University (USMP) Keynote Speaker,
Julio Estremera, CBA SBDC/FGCU &
Veronica Culbertson, Executive Director,
CEO SWFL Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Lutgert Exchange • The Newsletter of the Lutgert College of Business
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Alumni Highlights:
Wedding, engagements and births
Jeff Aaron (Master’s, Business Administration, 2012), and Chelsea Kesner (Marketing, 2012), announced their engagement to family and friends on May 21. He proposed to her
underwater while scuba diving in Cozumel, Mexico. The couple lives in Fort Myers.
Janice Jong-A-Kiem (Accounting, 1999), has joined the accounting services department at Myers, Brettholtz & Company, PA, Certified Public Accountants and Business
Linda Biondino (Management, 1999), is an accountant for Southwest Property Management. She is also the president of the Naples Quilters Guild.
Baden Mudge
Marc Devisse (Marketing, 2005), and Zachary Eaton (Management, 2005), opened a
new Jimmy Johns on University Drive near FGCU. Devisse is the owner of Tri-Town Construction who built the new location. Eaton is the owner of Jimmy Johns.
Baden Mudge (Management, 2009), has been promoted to branch manager of Enterprise
Holdings for the Marco Island office and the Marco Island Airport. Insert Baden Mudge.jpg
Jarrett Yingling (Finance, 2010), is the research analyst hedge fund at NEPC.
Reinaldo Valdes (Management, 2012), is a financial representative for Northwestern
Mutual in Fort Myers. He will be associated with Northwestern Mutual The Glenn Black
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Alumni Events
For a complete listing of events and details, please visit www.fgcu.edu/alumni
Alumni Weekend
Thursday–Saturday February 7 - 9
Festivities include:
2/7: Etiquette Dinner: Learn proper etiquette for business meals with employers. Etiquette expert Nonnie Owens will discuss ways
to leave a lasting impression. Enjoy a five-course meal while networking with current students and fellow alumni. Space is limited.
5:30 p.m. Airport Holiday Inn, 9931 Interstate Commerce Drive, Estero
2/8: Alumni Open House: Stop by the Alumni Center for special campus discounts and lunch catered by Jimmy Johns. 12 p.m., Alumni
Center, Campus Support Complex
Rediscover Campus: Find out what’s new at FGCU. Meet at the Sugden Welcome Center for a guided walking and bus tour. 2
p.m., Welcome Center
Eagle Night Out: Take over Tipsy Tarpon Restaurant during Eagles Night Out, the official weekend kickoff. Meet friends, enjoy
happy hour drinks and appetizers and win prizes! 7 p.m., Tipsy Tarpon, Miromar Outlets
2/9: Alumni Basketball Game: Revisit the glory years of your favorite Eagle hoops stars and cheerleaders as they reunite for the annual Alumni Weekend exhibition game. Join in the traditional heckling by legendary announcer Brent Kopp! 2 p.m., Alico Arena
Alumni Avenue Tailgate: Gather outside to mingle, enjoy Pop’z BBQ and rock the beer garden at the Alumni Avenue (formerly
the Green & Blue Barbecue). More than 200 students representing campus organizations will be on hand to welcome you, and
Azul will make the rounds for photographs. 3 p.m., Outside of Alico Arena
FGCU Men’s basketball vs. USC Upstate: Wear your colors and help us fill Alico Arena for this much-anticipated game. 5:15 p.m.,
Alico Arena
Member and Class Reunion Reception: Alumni Association members join the classes of 1998, 2003 and 2008 as they mark
reunions-including FGCU’s first 15-year celebration- with cocktails and dessert. Meet President Wilson G. Bradshaw, former
basketball players and, of course, Azul. 6 p.m., Hospitality Suite, Alico Arena
FGCU Women’s basketball vs. USC Upstate: Get your cheer on and root our home team to victory! 7:30 p.m., Alico Arena
FGCU Races:
February 10
Challenge fellow alumni and help support the FGCU Alumni Association Scholarship Fund during a 5k-or 10k-run or walk that wind through campus. 8 a.m., Cohen Center
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Want to make a difference in your community? Sign up to help in your region, or gather your own group
(e-mail the Alumni Office to register your event).
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