KidoZen Enterprise Mobile App Platform

KidoZen Enterprise Mobile App Platform
VMWare vCloud Air
Offering Overview
The Challenges of Mobile App Development:
Integration, Security, Management & Analytical Insight
System integration is one of the
top development risks of mobile
solutions due to the complexity &
effort required
Properly securing new mobile
solutions while utilizing existing
security investments for mobile
app infrastructure should be a key
factor in all decisions
Analytical insight in most
situations is an after thought that
complicates management &
support issues for mobile app
KidoZen in Action
1.  Enable Connectivity
l  Install and Configure KidoZen Communication Agent
l  Select and Configure Enterprise Connectors
l  Configure Security & Authorization Providers (ADFS, SSO, Social)
2.  Generate and Secure API Layer
l  Author Custom Data Access and Operational APIs
l  Select Data Transformation Rules
l  Secure API Access Policies
3.  Build and Deploy Mobile Application
l  Build mobile apps with top development tools for any OS
l  Distribute mobile app via KidoZen App Store
4.  Monitor and Analyze App and API Usage
l  Monitor App performance, API operational activity, in-app Analytic data
l  Troubleshoot app performance & app crash instances
Key Customer Benefits
•  80+ APIs for faster mobile app development
•  Support native connectivity for 50+ backend systems (ERPs, CRMs, DBs, etc)
•  Custom API authoring capabilities
Security Gateway
•  Quickly utilize enterprise security & authentication (ADFS, SSO, Social) for mobile apps
•  Mobile Data Management for tighter data access control
•  Create & administer user roles for tighter access management
Analytical Insight
•  Operational & business analytic reporting
•  App performance monitoring for better support & troubleshooting
•  Crash Monitoring and Reporting
Joint Offering
•  Utilize the cloud infrastructure for enterprise level
scalability for internal & consumer mobile apps
•  Leverage KidoZen for all communication from cloud
to on-premise systems (ERPs, CRMs, DBs)
•  Lightweight system resource requirements for typical
mobile solutions
•  Complete portability between vSphere & vCloudAir
Key Points About Solution – Sales Focused
Faster time to market
•  Leverage existing mobile development
•  Utilize VMWare vCloud Air for fast
•  Short learning curve for developers &
support teams
Enterprise level integration &
Total Cost of Ownership
•  Broadest catalog of integration options
•  Low startup costs
•  Security support for top enterprise
options used today
•  Utilize existing in-house skill sets
•  Low-Code API authoring capabilities for
•  Flexible pricing models for every
•  Reduce the need for multiple vendors
Selling KidoZen
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[email protected]
•  Free trial KidoZen account
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