Assignments for the Art & Craft of Discussion Leadership Part II

Assignments for the Art & Craft of Discussion Leadership Part II
Questioning, Listening, and Responding: A Case About Teaching Cases
Homework: Jo Worthington (A). Two other cases, Jo Worthington (B) and Jo Worthington (C), will
be distributed in class.
This is a case about teaching. Please come to class having read the (A) case thoroughly and
prepared to discuss it in detail. In reading the case, please think about how you would facilitate a
discussion of this case with a group of your colleagues. In particular, bring a written response to the
following question: If you were facilitating the discussion of this case with other participants in the
Art and Craft of Discussion Leadership (i.e., you were in Dorothy Leonard’s role [seminar
facilitator]—not Jo’s), what would be your opening question to start discussion of the Jo
Worthington case? Please write out that question and bring it with you. You will be asked to share it
with the group.
Preparing a Case Discussion/Teaching Practicum
Homework: Mount Everest—1996
Assume that you are preparing for a 90-minute class on Leadership. Please write out and bring with
1. At least one learning objective. This could be based on theory or practice. Possibilities include
(but are not limited to) the following:
a. Understanding the influence of leadership style on “psychological safety,” i.e., the ability
of group members to identify and speak about problematic issues.
b. Exploring systemic (interactive, interdependent) causes of failure in a complex
c. Managing risk in uncertain undertakings.
d. Understanding (and countering) leadership biases towards action, over-confidence, and
sunk costs.
2. A set of at least five questions that you would use to open the case and lead the subsequent
3. A board plan that allows for blocks of discussion that you anticipate will accompany/follow your
In our class session on Saturday, we will first divide into small groups and you will be asked to share
and discuss your questions and board plans with your colleagues. Then we will re-convene in two
larger groups and several of you will take turns leading the class.
presentation/explanation of case preparation for instructors by Professor David Garvin of the
Harvard Business School—particularly the Sample Class, which provides guidance on preparing to
teach and board plans. You will find it at:
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