Full Pitch - coopshares.net

1 ­ The problem
Acces to investments and different ways of funding is most
probably the biggest problem that cooperatives, social enterprises and
peer to peer production projects have always faced.
The legal difficulties of investing in a coop if you are not a member, the
scarcity of tools existing to do it, or the perception of most investors
that a coop or a social enterprise is not a good way to make money
are some of the difficulties that coop entrepreneurs have against them.
The ethical and cooperative banks are helping in this area, but they
don't invest in risky projects that are just beginning, or they loan only
small amounts, which makes only small projects possible - and this is
one of the reasons why corporations dominate the global economy,
although every day more people are turning to cooperative ways of
as an open global cooperative
focused on the use of P2P money with the intention of
building a new economic system,
would seem to be a logical agent (amongst others)
to provide leadership towards the solution
of this challenging problem, and
Coopshares is a key proposal to make it possible.
2 ­ The solution: Coopshares
Coopshares is a decentralised
cooperative destined to provide
FairCoop and the global open
cooperative ecosystem with sources for
funding and liquidity to make it easier
and less risky for everyone to be
involved in the transition to the new
social economy that is going to be born
after the era of capitalism.
It will be a key resource for the
Fairstarts plan, used to build a network
of incubators and accelerators focused
on open cooperativism and
P2P/Commons production.
2 ­ The solution: Coopshares (functions)
- Liquidity provider for monetary markets based in Faircoin. The
aim is to bring liquidity and stability to the Faircoin open markets
and make it easier for investors to get in and get out of Faircoin
and related tokens.
- Liquidity provider for cashout services, creating resilence for
cashin and cashout of Faircoin, in projects like Fairtoearth,
Fairmarket and Coopshares itself.
- Develop and sustain a crowdfunding cryptoequity for the FairCoop
ecosystem as a key resource of the Fairstarts project.
- Create a Cooperative Investment Fund for projects presented at
- Provide funding for the development of the FairCoop ecosystem
in a way that gives investors ample possibilities to recover and
eventually profit from their investment in the project.
3 ­ The mission
Create a functional way of investing in
innovative coops and not-for-profit enterprises
that are aiming to change the world.
We would like to Faircoin achieves a marketcap
at least €10 million, which means a value of
€2M for the Fairfunds and as a part of
That €200.000 for the pooled fund.
Crowdinvestment Campaign Goals:
>> € 100.000 for FairCoop developments.
>> € 200.000 for the Coopshares Investment Fund
>> € 700.000 for a liquidity fund to add security to the FairCoop economic system.
Every year - if needed - a new crowdinvestment campaign would be launched.
4 ­ Who could be involved
Entrepreneurs of cooperative projects
Working partners
Common good promoters ("commoners")
5 ­ Our competitive advantage
We are the first cooperative P2P platform
available to help all other cooperatives.
Thanks to our commitment to Faircoin we have a
cryptocurrency tool available to help us build a cooperative
environment for the commons, whereby both
seeding cooperative values and benefiting investors can
be combined.
6 ­ Calendar
The plan is scheduled to come to fruition within six months
from its launch in May 2015.
7 – FairCoop tools to develop with funding
FairCoin 2.0: an important blockchain-based innovation to allow the
Faircoin blockchain to function, secured with 'proof of cooperation', and
bring to the world a really functional alternative to the current unfair
systems that are based on competition between nodes: 'proof of work'
and 'proof of stake'.
Fairstarts development: Other tool for sharing skills and knowledge that
will need to be built with the direct support and collaboration of local
incubators is the development of the Fairstarts Network of Incubators for
a Collaborative Economy and P2P Production.
Fairmarket consolidation: Fairmarket has already launched the alpha
testing version. After that the functional beta will be released. In this way
we will arrive at the final version of the full-featured marketplace needed
to build the post-capitalist network economy that all of us deserve.
FairCoop ecosystem developments: There is endless work to be done
in updating FairCoop, extending the network, making new connections,
improving the existing tools and energising the participatory process until
it becomes strong enough to launch the Fairfunds. Improvements to
tools, sustaining and taking care of the whole ecosystem, extending and
promoting local nodes around all the world; this important work also
deserves some funding.
Faircredit: is the most anticipated monetary tool of the FairCoop
ecosystem. We have a very complex development process awaiting us in
order to build an innovative decentralised monetary system; not only for
the FairCoop ecosystem, but also as a practical example on how to
recover the sovereignty of the people related to the access to credit as a
8 ­ What is the growth potential for Faircoin?
8 ­ What is the growth potential for Faircoin?
9 ­ Different ways to participate
10 ­ Why invest
If you want to participate in solving the age-old problem of
bringing together the financial interests of both investors
and cooperatives, then this is the project for you.
You can be part of a global financing solution, enabling
sources of funding which will provide the liquidity that
FairCoop and the global open cooperative ecosystem need,
and also benefiting as an investor without having to
compromise cooperative values.
At the same time you will be involved in the transition
to a new post-capitalist social economy.