Awards Ceremony

Awards Ceremony
You made it!
Hosted by:
Credit where credit is due
Primary Organizers:
● Eric Bauer & Joe Warner
● Dr. Steven Bibyk
Secondary Organizers:
● Eli Gladman
● Martin Troth, Gus Fragasse
● Sita Asar, Lizzy Burl & Tommy Maggiore
● David Soller, Alex Fuhr, Cam Wrabel
Thanks to all volunteers & judges who helped!!!
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It’s not over yet!!
If you used components from us, don’t worry
about returning them
You must return all tools (scopes, myDAQs, etc.)
Clean up your space
Trim up your project for Instructables Contests
(mention the OHI/O Makeathon!!)
TI - Best TI Technology
Team Name: Buckeye Current
● Nate Derry
● Mike Rowane
● Carl Staiger
● Sean Harrington
Prize Awarded: $200 Estore Coupon
TI - Best TI Technology: Winning
Description: Keypad Motorcycle Ignition Lockout
TI - Best Use of TI MCUs
Team Name: Bad Nuff Dudes
● Alan Thornburg
● Stephen Bolan
● Zach Saylor
Prize Awarded: Chronos Watch Dev Kits
TI - Best Use of TI MCUs: Winning
Description: Too Much Time on their hands
Automated Etch A Sketch
TI - Flying Solo
Team Name: Alex Krieger
● Alex Krieger
Prize Awarded: Beaglebone Black
TI - Flying Solo: Winning Project
Description: Hacking the Nintendo DS
AwareAbility - Best Inspiration of
Alternative Energy
Team Name: GeneANSH
● Laharu Wimalasena
● Ritvik Vasudevan
Prize Awarded: Ultra-Slim 10Ah Batteries
AwareAbility - Best Inspiration of
Alternative Energy: Winning Project
Description: Green Energy with Bicycle
2rd Place Overall (tie)
Team Name: D4 Makers
● Nate Duxbury
● Ryan Stutzman
● Aaron Maharry
● Brent Niese
Prize Awarded: Microsoft Bluetooth Speakers
and assorted swag
2rd Place (tie): Winning Project
Description: Remote VR robot
2nd Place Overall (tie)
Team Name: Bad ‘Nuff Dudes
● Stephen Bolan
● Zach Saylor
● Alan Thornburg
Prize Awarded: Teensy 3.1 & Electronic Parts Kit
2nd Place (tie): Winning Project
Description: Etch-a-sketch drawer
1st Place Overall
Team Name: Robettermilk Puncakes
● Carter Hurd
● David Frank
● Ryan Niemocienski
Prize Awarded: Raspberry Pi 2 and setup
1st Place: Winning Project
Description: Pancake Printer
Honorable Mentions
Laser Harp Heroes
The Patel Experience
Drop It Like It’s Hot
Thanks for Coming!