Registering for BMC Communities Updated November 12, 2013

Updated November 12, 2013
Registering for BMC Communities
Solution Provider Portal (SPP) Access for Partners
To register for BMC Communities and gain access to the Solution Provider Portal (SPP) and other areas available only to Solution
Partners and BMC employees, follow these instructions:
Navigate to!input.jspa?registerOnly=true.
Type your company email address in the Your email address text box, and click Confirm address.
You must use the Your email address option on the left. Do not register using a social media
account for Solution Partner access.
You must use your work email address from the company that is in partnership with BMC Software.
This email address will be verified.
After you click Confirm address, check your email for a confirmation email from [email protected].
In the confirmation email, click on the first link to confirm your email address.
The Create your account page opens prompting you to create your BMC Communities account.
Type your real name in the First Name and Last Name text boxes.
Type a unique ID in the Username text box.
Usernames cannot contain spaces. Letters, numbers, and the following characters are allowed: _ . - @
Type a password containing a minimum of six characters.
Type your company’s name in the Company Name text box.
Choose your country in the Country drop-down menu.
To gain access to the Solution Provider Portal (SPP) and other areas only available to BMC employees and Partners, you
must choose Partner in the Role drop-down menu.
10. Complete the remaining fields, and click the Create Account button.
The BMC Communities home page opens, and you are logged in, but you cannot view SPP until your access request is
manually approved. Allow up to two business days for access to be granted.
When your Partner access privileges are granted, the private area menu items, such as Solution Provider Portal (SPP) under the
Partners menu, display when you are logged in to BMC Communities.