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How to Easily Create and Analyze
Charts and Graphs to Improve Your
Customer Service
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Parature White Paper
How to Easily Create and Analyze Charts and Graphs to Improve Your Customer Service
Actionable Information for Forward-Thinking Decisions, Customer
Retention and Business Growth
Things happen fast and furious in business. Economic conditions seem to change on a dime — especially in
today’s uncertain climate. Customer enthusiasm for your product can wax and wane, and customer perception
of your support and service can change — what worked last year may have you missing your satisfaction and
retention targets today.
To address the issue, your business needs to be proactive and agile. You need insight, actionable intelligence,
and a strategic plan that will have you ready to respond and make informed, smart decisions and changes,
and not be at the mercy of the market and your competitors. Act quickly and decisively. If a process isn’t
working, alter it. If a strategy is faulty, shift it.
However, it is not always easy to know what works and what does not. Many companies have not figured out
a way to store, measure, analyze and report on all of the needed information to determine strengths,
weaknesses, opportunities and threats to and within their businesses. Some rely on anecdotal, spotty and
insufficient information from customer service representatives (CSRs), or delay decisions until the end of the
quarter for detailed sales reports and deal analysis.
Processes like that are not efficient, not complete and not strategic. And, in today’s rough-and-tumble social
media marketplace, it means your whole business, including your customer retention and acquisition
strategies can be undercut and be reduced to devastatingly ineffective. One unhappy customer blowing off
steam on Facebook or angrily tweeting away on Twitter can be all it takes to damage your organization’s
hard-earned reputation and bottom and top lines.
To discover what is truly working for your customers and to make intelligent, informed business decisions, you
need more than data, you need actionable information. Sometimes it’s a 360-degree view of your
organization to determine what is lacking. Other times you must hone in on specific functions or areas of your
support organization to identify inefficient workflows. Detailed information like this helps you take the
necessary steps to make your business more customer-centric, which will drive customer retention,
acquisition, and evangelism.
To help you collect and analyze vital information for making better and more timely decisions, there is Parature
Customer Service software, a completely integrated suite of service and support products, including Parature
Report, which spans every customer communication channel available today through a Web-based service.
Parature empowers companies to deflect service issues, facilitate customer self-service and manage one to
one customer interactions through multiple channels when escalation occurs. Also, Parature provides the
tools you need for clear visibility into your organization that will allow for astute planning and smart, proactive
decision-making — all in the name of pleasing your customers and driving new business.
Powerful Analytics to Guide Your Organization to Success
Parature Report™ is a fully integrated, support-focused application that allows you to analyze all of your Parature
support data — from average ticket resolution times to customer feedback from chat sessions to trends in
customer issues. Parature gives you the analytical power to see what you’re getting for your efforts, and it
makes it easy to measure customer satisfaction and keep tabs on quality assurance in real time.
www.parature.com | 1.877.GO.PARATURE
Parature White Paper
How to Easily Create and Analyze Charts and Graphs to Improve Your Customer Service
Parature not only empowers you to make dynamic changes that
will bolster and inspire your support team, raise customer
retention rates, and increase business, but it also provides the
metrics that can guide your organization toward success. With
Parature’s in-depth, detailed reporting, you can ensure that your
Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are being met, tickets are
being handled in a timely and efficient process, resources are
being managed wisely, and your team is proactive and
continually working to improve customer satisfaction, and, as a
result, your top and bottom lines.
Parature integrates everything you need to manage your
support needs, end-to-end, in one dynamic, tightly unified
system. Parature enables businesses to extend support activity
to every channel available to customers today, so companies
can be where their customers are, and give them the power to
choose when and how they conduct their interaction. Parature
supports channel communications through the Web, e-mail,
phone, Web- based product embedding, Facebook, Twitter,
Chat and more.
Today’s customer support organizations must evolve to survive.
They have to act and react to changing market conditions and
consumer response, and they have to gauge the performance
of support teams and the value and effectiveness of their
Parature Report enables you to measure and analyze data to
produce valuable information that can direct your overall
business plan and growth strategy. It does this by mining and
analyzing the nitty-gritty details and presenting you with a
holistic picture of how your business is faring. Parature can tell
you whether your ticket resolution times are too long, your selfservice is underutilized, or additions to the service and support
team are not needed — critical information for making important
decisions that affect the fiscal health, brand perception, and the
overall future of your organization.
Features and Benefits
Parature Report
With Parature Report, iWin
Knows Where It’s Been —
and Where It’s Going
With Parature Report, iWin.com’s
customer care team pulls extensive
metrics on self-service traffic and
tickets. Team members know the
type of self-service content that
subscribers access most; overall
ticket volumes; ticket volume by
time, agent, or specific games; and
response times, among other
metrics. “If we don’t have metrics,
we don’t know where we’ve been
or where we’re headed,” said
iWin.com’s director of customer
care. “Parature reports help me
with things like staffing
For e-MDs, Better Service,
Same Staffing
With Parature Report, e-MDs’
support team runs metrics such as
total tickets, average resolution
times, tickets per agent, trends in
types of issues, and peak days and
times. With that, e-MDs makes
decisions regarding staffing,
training or knowledgebase content,
while also supporting continuous
improvement. “Parature gives us
really good data for Development
to address in future releases, said
e-MDs’ Client Operations
Parature Report provides a fully integrated means of ordering up analyses and reports from multiple
individualized support channels to give you a full and detailed view of your customer support operation for
more-informed decision making.
www.parature.com | 1.877.GO.PARATURE
Parature White Paper
How to Easily Create and Analyze Charts and Graphs to Improve Your Customer Service
For example, such information can enable you to improve your
issue resolution rates and reduce costs by continually growing
and improving the content of the knowledgebase. It also can
help you cross sell and upsell products so you can improve
revenue generation from existing customers. Plus, Parature is
secure — all data is safeguarded by state-of-the-art security
technology. Parature Report empowers you with the information
you need to reshape and redefine what you do, become more
customer-focused and increase customer satisfaction.
“The reporting and trend analysis
aspects [of Parature] have played
key roles in justifying the addition
of resources to the support team
and demonstrating concrete
results to company management.”
Chief Technology Officer
Precise Measuring and Readings: Get the hard facts and numbers you need to improve your support
organization and make adjustments wherever and whenever they’re needed. For example, get a better
reading on overall usage of the support portal, measure average response times for all service requests,
track CSR performance, and monitor the ratings and number of views for articles and downloads you’re
Proactive Monitoring: Monitor the activity level for each support module to develop and improve support
programs that best reflect the needs and preferences of your end users. Better anticipate and plan for high
support volume times by tracking ticket submissions in real time or over time, daily, weekly, monthly or during
any time period you designate. Ensure your support portal has the right balance of topics by keeping tabs on
the articles published.
Customization of Reporting and Analysis: Build custom ticket reports to meet your precise needs. Easily
export reports to Microsoft Excel or enterprise-grade business process optimization (BPO) programs for
further analysis, summarize statistics based on specific groupings in the report list view, and provide
management with a twodimensional matrix view of support data to pinpoint inefficient areas. Convert data
into a chart or graph to illustrate a scenario and provide a visual for quick comprehension.
Premium Reporting
Parature Premium Report, a fully customized, fully integrated solution, is powered by Business Objects, which
some of the largest enterprises in the world rely on for providing critical business intelligence. Parature
Premium Report gives you valuable intelligence across each Parature module and provides even greater
insight into key performance areas with extra tracking, and more advanced analytics and reporting power
through sophisticated queries and filters. With Premium Report, you can slice and dice data to identify
bottlenecks in your support process, examine ticket trends to gauge the success of your self-service efforts,
and analyze the ROI on your support endeavor.
Configurable Report Creation: Customize reporting on trends, growth, performance and ticket activity with
the Premium Report Designer. For example, combine results from various support areas into a single report,
rank the value of knowledgebase articles, and see how long each ticket remains in each state of workflow.
Schedule reports to run at specific times and export them to Microsoft Excel and convert them into PDFs.
Enjoy drag-and-drop capabilities for data such as columns and other visuals when creating reports.
Real-Time Data: Parature’s Real-Time Data feature produces real-time updates on critical support issues and
metrics throughout the day. You always have the information you need, when you need it—business
intelligence to support timely decisions and to present during critical business meetings and presentations.
www.parature.com | 1.877.GO.PARATURE
Parature White Paper
How to Easily Create and Analyze Charts and Graphs to Improve Your Customer Service
Executive Summary Packaged Reports: Organize your real-time Premium Report data into easy-to-read
Executive Summary Packaged Reports for key members of your support organization. Use the Resolution
Time Trend Chart to show how your support organization is performing regarding ticket resolution.
Determine how your organization is managing ticket volume by referring to the Open vs. Closed Chart.
Identify your most active support accounts using the Top Accounts by Open Issues Table. Track all of the
tickets in your Parature system and determine their progression using the Tickets by Status Table.
Ticket Workflow and Permissions Packaged Report: Map out your entire ticket workflow, enabling you to
easily understand each step in your ticketing process. Ensure efficient ticket processes, including workflow
transitions, action permissions and statuses.
Multi-Language & Multi-Browser Support
As with all Parature modules, Parature Report is completely browser-based with no plug-ins required, making
deployment fast, easy and global. Compatibility for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple’s Safari, and opensource Firefox is supported. Also, both singleand double-byte languages are supported in multiple
communication channels allowing global linguistic customization.
Complete, End-to-End Solution
Parature Report is completely integrated with the whole of the Parature Customer Service software suite,
which is delivered in a Web-based global model. Parature Report can be used in conjunction with all other
Parature application modules including Parature Chat, Parature for Facebook and others. When used
together, organizations enjoy a total view of all support interactions, improving productivity, boosting
customer retention and satisfaction rates, and lowering support costs.
Knowledge is powerful. Knowing exactly what is going on in your customer service organization is vital to
keeping costs low, customers happy and your business growing and moving forward. Plus, it gives you the
upper hand in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Informative, in-depth reporting and greater visibility
into your customer service organization are potent, effective tools for the decision-making process. And the
knowledge you achieve from Parature Report can drive and shape your business strategy, serving as a true
asset in your overall business plan, and, in beating the competition.
Parature Report, part of a completely integrated suite of on-demand customer service software, arms you
with the critical information you need to make productive changes and improvements to how your support
organization operates. With Parature, you’ll be consistently increasing ROI, extending business development
and providing the top-tier service your customers expect.
www.parature.com | 1.877.GO.PARATURE
Parature is the industry’s leading provider of cloud-based customer
engagement solutions and is used to support more that 40 million end users
worldwide. Parature empowers customer service organizations to monitor,
manage, resolve and respond to a high volume of service issues across
multiple communication channels, including the growing number of
service-related conversations that are happening every day within social
media channels. With more than a decade of experience, Parature delivers
support and social media engagement and management solutions to mid-size
and enterprise organizations across a wide variety of industries.
Parature is among Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Software
Companies and is the recipient of numerous product, technology, and
leadership awards. Parature is used by some of the world’s most innovative
organizations, federal agencies and companies, including Evernote, the EPA,
Tagged and Threadless. Parature is headquartered in Herndon, Virginia. For
more information, visit www.parature.com. our Facebook page at
www.facebook.com/parature or follow @parature on Twitter.
13625 Suite B
Dulles Technology Drive
Herndon, VA 20171
Phone: 703.564.7758
Fax: 703.564.7757
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