January 2013
MSI's new 400 watt laser is perfect for cutting
polycarbonate/polyester lenses up to .25 thick.
The materials that this laser can cut cleanly
and efficiently include:
.25 thick Polycarbonate
.125 thick Stainless Steel
.090 thick Aluminum
.25 thick Mild Metal
1" thick plastics
Our new Coherent laser is 100% fully automated camera registration for a print
to cut tolerance of +-.010. Actual cutting tolerances can vary slightly due to the
type of material cutting but in most cases will be +-.010.
The other important factor is making perfect lenses
is the printing. MSI utilizes a 6 color carousel screen
printing press to print high quality scratch less
lenses. This incredibly efficient press allows MSI to
touch the lens only two times. Once to load the
press and again to remove the lens from the press
once all of the colors have been printed. This
eliminates scratches in the windows.
The lens you see pictured is made with the following
Material: .080 Polycarbonate with Duravue 1000
hard coating (excellent abrasion and chemical
Adhesive: 3M4947 VHB foam tape (The 3M4947Fis completely water tight)
Printing: Screen printing
Cutting: Laser
To request samples please call Ashley
Klamer @ 972.475.0770 Ext:104 or just hit
reply. An expert at MSI would be happy to
help you design your next lens or any other
label requirement you may have.
Give us a call today!
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