Momentum Test Review 1. a.

Momentum Test Review
1. Know when and how to use the following formulas:
a. v=d/t
b. p=mv
c. J=FΔt=mΔv
d. Ft=mvf-mvi
e. m1v1i + m2v2i = m1v1f + m2v2f
2. What are the units for:
a. Momentum
b. Impulse
c. Velocity
d. Mass
e. Force
f. Distance
g. time
3. Define Momentum
4. Define Impulse
5. Define Elastic Collision.
6. Define Inelastic Collision
7. Describe how cushioning effects the momentum and force acting on an object.
8. What is the Law of Conservation of Momentum?
9. How did Newton describe motion?
10. Explain how Newton’s 1st law relates to momentum.
11. Explain how Newton’s 2nd law relates to momentum.
12. Explain how Newton’s 3rd law relates to momentum.
13. Compare the momentum of the following:
a. Two objects with equal mass and equal velocity.
b. Two objects with equal mass and the velocity of object 1 is greater than the velocity of object 2.
c. The mass of object 1 is greater than the mass of object 2 and the velocities are equal.
d. The mass of object 1 is greater than the mass of object 2 and the velocity of object 1 is greater than the
velocity of object 2.
14. When a force is exerted on an object, does a large force always give a bigger change in momentum than a small
force? Explain.
15. Why do tumblers and acrobats use mats on the floor where they practice? How do the mats help them when
they fall to the ground?
16. A baseball pitcher claims he can throw the ball with as much momentum as a speeding bullet.
a. If the 3.00 g (0.003kg) bullet travels 500 m/s, how much momentum will it have?
b. How fast will the pitcher have to throw the 0.145 kg baseball to have as much momentum as the bullet?
Does this seem possible?
17. As the stoplight turns green, Aaron punches that gas in his 1500 kg SUV. As the engine tries to turn the wheels,
the ground exerts 7000 N of force forward on the vehicle. If Joe keeps the gas pressed for 10 seconds, how fast
is he moving at the end?
18. Greg fires a raw 0.06 kg egg out of a slingshot. It starts at rest when he lets go and leaves the slingshot going 50
m/s, 0.2 seconds later. How much force does the slingshot exert on the egg?
19. As the 0.22 kg tetherball zooms past going to the left at 7 m/s, Jason hits it to the left and makes contact for 0.1
s. If the ball is going 9 m/s after the hit, how hard does he hit the ball?
20. An 8 kg mass moving at 8 m/s collides with a 6 kg mass moving in the same direction at 6 m/s. After the collision,
both the 8 and the 6 kg mass continue to move in the same direction. If the 8 kg mass is moving at 5 m/s, what is
the speed of the 6 kg mass?
21. A 0.50-kg ball traveling at 6.0 m/s collides head-on with a 1.00-kg ball moving in the opposite direction at a
velocity of -12.0 m/s. The 0.50-kg ball moves away at -14 m/s after the collision. Find the velocity of the second
22. A person walks 10m in 12 seconds. If the person’s momentum was 82 kg m/s, what was the mass of the person?
23. A 0.5kg objet moves at 6m/s. It hits a wall and bounces off in the other direction at 9 m/s. What is the change in
the objects momentum?