Alamance Burlington Educational Office Professionals, Inc. Student Scholarship Application Cover Sheet

Alamance Burlington Educational Office Professionals, Inc.
Student Scholarship Application
Cover Sheet
Use this as your cover sheet. Picture must fit
one of these boxes. Please glue to the page.
Do not use tape.
Picture must be no smaller than 2 1/2’ x 3
1/2” and no larger than 3 1/2 x 5”.
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Applicant: ________________________________
District: _____________________
Alamance-Burlington Association of Educational Office Professionals
Educational and Personal Data
Date of Application________________
Full Name ____________________________________________________________________________
Permanent Address _____________________________________________________________________
Birthday ___/___/____
Phone# (____) _____________________
US Citizen YES___NO___
Name of School You Now Attend _____________ School You Plan to Attend ______________________
Date of Semester You Plan to Enroll________________________
Career Objective________________________________________________________________________
If more room is required, you may attach one additional sheet to answer all of the questions below. If you
use an additional sheet, please type “See Attached” on this application form under the appropriated
What Honors, Achievements or Recognition Have You Received During Your High School/College Years?
Extracurricular Activities in School (Include the year you participated)
Community, Church, or Civic Activities
Name Two or Three Hobbies or Special Interests
Have You Been Employed Part-Time After School or in the summer? _________If so, list your jobs:
Financial Analysis
Applicant’s Gross Annual Income
Father/Guardian Gross Annual Income
Mother/Guardian Gross Annual Income
Other Expected Income
(Ex. Social Security, other scholarships, grants, etc.*)
*List, if applicable ______________________________________________
Number of dependent brothers and sisters ______
Are any of these attending colleges? _____If yes, where? _______________________________________
Other Dependents (explain relationships) ____________________________________________________
Anticipated annual expenses for tuition, room, board, books & supplies
I certify the above information to be true and correct, to the best of my knowledge.
Signature of Applicant
Please attach the following with application:
Three letters of reference (one from Administrator/Counselor, one from a teacher, one from
other source.
One page biographical sketch, titled “Why I Am Choosing To Further My Education” (Include
Statement of Financial Need)
Your most current transcript