Be Hoppy Luncheon – Craft Instructions by Lynda Falconer Banner Instructions

Be Hoppy Luncheon – Craft Instructions by Lynda Falconer
Banner Instructions - Directions for large “Be Hoppy” Banner or small individual banner in craft basket
colored cardstock
coordinating patterned paper
cupcake holder for each letter or space
nutcup for each letter or space
chipboard letters to spell out sentiment desired
small button, pearl, pom poms, flower, heart for bunny
hole punch
adhesives -foam dots/squares
Fabritac or 3 in 1 glue
tape runner
Trace and cut one outer flag and one inner flag from template or a similar die cut for each
letter or space in your banner. I used solid card stock for the larger outer flag and a
coordinated printed scrapbook paper for the smaller inner flag. The small banner craft had
words like “Bloom”, “Create” and “Dream”.
Glue the outer and inner flag pieces together so that the larger flag frames the inner flag.
Hole punch two holes where shown in each flag of the banner.
Optional: You can purchase chipboard banners from the craft store and cover them with
paper. For the small craft kit banner I used a chipboard kit for the inner part of the banners to
give them more stability. I simply used the chipboard banner for my template for the inside
of each flag and covered it with paper. Then I glued the covered chipboard to the larger
cardstock flag. If you use heavy paper, the chipboard is not necessary. I did not use
chipboard on the large “Be Hoppy” banner.
Slightly flatten and turn the cupcake liners inside out so that the bright color shows on the
outside and the edges curl outward. Glue the bottom of a liner to the center center of each
flag. It will curl out to make an inverted cupcake.
Flatten a clipped nutcup by making cuts down all around the sides to within ¼ inch of the
bottom of the cupcake. Cuts should be ¼ to 1/2 inch apart. Angle the cuts slightly if you
want more of a flower petal effect. Then push the nutcup mostly flat so that the design or
color is on the top. You’ll want some bumps in the bottom to give it texture. Glue the
bottom of this nutcup to the inside of each cupcake holder (from Step 5) on each flag of the
Use foam adhesive dots or squares to attach a chipboard letter to the center of each nutcup to
spell out your sentiment. The foam dots or squares help letters stand out. You may need to
cut the foam dots or squares in half if they are too wide for the letters.
Thread the ribbon through the holes in each flag to string them together to spell your
sentiment. If you use more than one word, put a blank flag between the words. I
embellished the blank between “Be” and “Hoppy” with a bunny. Flowers work well too.
Embellish as you choose.
Tie a knot in the ribbon at each end of the banner to keep the flags from moving. Be sure to
leave about 12 inches of extra ribbon on each end to hang the banner. Enjoy!
Craft Basket Instructions
small baskets (mine from Hobby Lobby for $2.99)
Easter grass
ribbon, flower (for embellishment)
mini banner supplies (flags, chipboard letters, nut cups, cupcake liners, ribbon)
1. Run a bead of Fabri-Tac or 3-in-1 glue along rim of basket and attach ribbon
2. Embellish ribbon with flower/button, etc.
3. Fill basket with Easter grass and supplies for mini banner or craft of your choice
Menu Instructions
white cardstock
green cardstock
bunny stamp
clear embossing powder
brown craft ink
embossing tool or hair dryer
hole punch
insert punch
1. Print menu on white cardstock, leaving blank space for embossed bunny. I used a script font and centered
each line. I made it a tall rectangle (8 ½ x 2 ¾ inches) like a bookmark. It’s easier to print the menu on a
full page of cardstock before you cut it out. I printed 2 menus per page of 8 ½ x 11 cardstock.
2. Cut out menu in desired shape. I used a rectangle 8 ½ x 2 ¾ inches.
3. Stamp and emboss bunny on each menu with craft ink. The stamp and ink I used are from Stampin’ Up.
The ink was Chocolate Chip Craft Ink.
4. To emboss the bunny, stamp it with brown craft ink. While it is still wet (immediately) cover it with clear
embossing powder. Shake off the excess, then blow it with a hairdryer or embossing tool from about 6
inches away until dry. You will see the imprint change color and texture as it dries. It only takes a few
5. Cut out backing from coordinating cardstock ½ inch larger than menu in each direction. My backing was a
rectangle 9 x 3 ¼ inches. Attach menu to cardstock back with glue or use an insert corner punch that
makes slashes which the menu can be inserted in.
6. Embellish each corner with a pearl.
7. Punch a hole in the top of each menu card. Tie a ribbon through the hole and embellish with a flower.
Invitation Instructions
5 x 7 inch white cards
lime green, pink and white cardstock
patterned paper
small pom poms for collar
flowers or medium pom pom for tail
small button for eye
small letter stickers, or typed sentiment
paper cutter
Purchase 5x7 inch blank white cards or cut and fold your own from white cardstock.
Cut, center, and glue a 4 ¾ inch x 6 ¾ inch lime green square to front of card.
Cut, center, and glue a 4 ½ inch x 6 ½ inch hot pink square on top of lime green square on card front.
Trace and cut out bunnies from templates. I used lime green for the larger bunny and a pink patterned
paper for the small bunny. Center and glue the large bunny to the card. Center and glue the small
bunny on top of the larger one.
Embellish bunny with a button eye with a pearl in the center, a pom pom collar, pink heart, and flower
or white pom pom for the tail.
Add your sentiment to the upper right corner. I cut “Somebunny Loves You” from a Silhouette Cameo
template on my machine. You can also print and cut out the words separately on your computer, use
small letter stickers, or handwrite your sentiment on the front.
For the inside, cut a 4 ¾ inch x 6 3/4 inch patterned paper rectangle and glue it to the right inside half of
the card.
Type the invitation information on your computer (or handwrite) on white paper. Cut it out in the shape
of a 4 ½ inch x 6 ½ inch rectangle and glue it on top of the patterned paper on the inside of the card.
Bunny Ear Napkin Rings/Place Cards
pink cardstock
pink patterned cardstock
printer or marker
1. Print names down center of pink cardstock with printer about 2 ½ inches apart (you can get about 4 on
a page. You may prefer to print names by hand or with letter stickers after you cut out the bands.
2. Trace head band template on top of printed names so that the name is at the top and center of the
3. Cut out headband and fold in half lengthwise so that the fold is on the bottom and the name sits just
above the fold.
4. Trace and cut out bunny ears.
5. Glue smaller inner ears to larger outer ears.
6. Glue bunny ears inside the headband fold just above the name and glue headband closed to form a
long strip.
7. Bend strip to form a circle, overlapping the ends. Staple overlap together to form ring with ears in
front above the name.