Investor Report

Investor Report
By Christa Love
Investment Portfolio Holdings
The investment portfolio contains the following stocks 3 Future Link, 3 Kids Bank, and 3
TechnoAir shares. Future Link’s stocks are 55 technodollars, Kids Banks shares are 53
technodollars, and TechnoAir is trading at 73 technodollars.
Investment Portfolio Value
The investment portfolio contains 165 technodollars in Future Link stocks, 159 technodollars in
Kids Bank shares, and 219 technodollars in TechnoAir holdings. In cash there is 18
technodollars. In total the portfolio is worth 561 technodollars.
Earning History
The initial investment of 400 technodollars has gradually grown. Each trade it earned more
money. In total it has grown 161 technodollars.
Portfolio Value in Technodollars
Total Investment Portfolio Value
21-Nov-06 24-Nov-06 28-Nov-06 1-Dec-06
Dates of Trading
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Future Plans for Investment
I have tracked the growth of the Future Link stock. The prediction of it increasing to nearly 50
technodollars a stock have come true as the share is now worth 55 technodollars. We will
continue to hold this share.
Kids Bank
Value of Stock
21-Nov-06 24-Nov-06 28-Nov-06 1-Dec-06
Dates of Trading