Adventure Bartender Job Advert

Adventure Bartender Job Advert
We’re Adventure Bar!
We’re a company hell bent on providing the people of London with the ultimate party
experience. We pride ourselves on our atmosphere, our drinks and our outstanding service.
If you’re interested in bartending and having fun you’ll already know a bit about us so we’ll
discuss more on this later, right now let’s talk about YOU!
What position are you applying for?
We are looking for someone special to join our team as a trainee bartender. This role is ideal
for a recent graduate of a bar school or somebody with an ambitious drive to break into the
exciting world of professional bartending.
What will my training involve?
Your programme is set over 8 weeks. During this time you will be assigned your own trainer
in one of our 4 bars where they will teach and test you on your knowledge of 130 of our lip
smacking cocktail recipes, your free pouring technique & accuracy, sales techniques
involving our Key Points of Service, working flair, bar tricks/magic, multi-tasking, guest
interaction and liquor knowledge.
As you progress during this programme we will take you through the role of a floor
bartender, where you’ll learn to whip up the storm from the party side of the bar, and the
role of a bar back where you’ll learn to understand the importance of bartender support in a
high paced environment. You will be observed and assessed on all stations throughout your
training to ensure that you can deliver the standards of service we require from our team.
Once passing your final observation by putting in hours into your revision of bar theory and
practice into the mechanics of bartending you’ll have passed the programme and gained the
merit of calling yourself a Certified Adventure Bartender.
Our vision is to take you on and make you one of the best bartenders in the business!
How are we going to do this?
We’re a company that is constantly evolving and looking to better ourselves. In addition to
our in house training programmes we often invite experts in associated fields to come and
teach our staff on a wide range of matters. Such companies include Spirit, Beer & Wine
specialists, Licensing specialists, Conflict Management experts and First Aid trainers.
By questioning what we do and setting ourselves the target of being the best we can be, we
improve together. For this reason we value attitude and application over experience.
If you have this attitude read on!
What qualifications or experience do I need?
People that have been successful at Adventure haven’t necessarily had or needed an
amount of prior experience as training is done on the job, though experience has helped
some in completing the training course ahead of the 8 week deadline. It is traits such as
adaptability and determination used to compliment their personality where trainees have
excelled at learning.
What will be my weekly hours?
On average 45 to 50 hours (5 shifts) a week when training. Less when certified. The bars are
open evenings only from 5pm to 11:30/Midnight during the week with late licenses at the
What will be my rate of pay?
As a trainee you will be paid £6.50 per hour + tips. When certified your wage will rise to
£7.20 per hour + tips. Once certified you will also be eligible for commission. This basic wage
and incentive combined with the training given in house is undoubtedly one of the best
opportunities in the industry.
How do I apply?
Attach your CV with a cover letter detailing why you are interested in this job. We will look
to respond to your successful application within 2 working days.
Why should I apply to Adventure?
Imagine working for a company that was started on a shoestring budget by a few young
bartenders only 6 years ago. They weren’t rich, they weren’t ‘all knowing’, they were just
damn good at what they did, saw an opportunity and took it. The company wasn’t without
its faults, it still isn’t, but its success speaks for itself. Four bars down the line (Clapham,
Balham, East Dulwich, Covent Garden) they are currently enjoying their most successful
period in the company’s history and looking to expand the empire in the not too distant
future. There is every opportunity for you to progress within this business.
How has this growth been possible?
Simply put; they’ve provided their guests with a GREAT atmosphere with GREAT service by
serving GREAT drinks and surrounding themselves with GREAT likeminded people.
If you’re open, honest and like to work hard and play hard all they need now is you!
What’s behind the cheesy corporate speak?
It’s not how it seems but exactly how it’s put. We’re not ‘Mixologists’ though we do enjoy
the careful structure of an awesome cocktail. We’re not ‘Flair Bartenders’ though we have
been known to endorse a throw of the odd bottle. We’re Bartenders that are ALL about our
guests and nothing about personal ego. Our service strategy is inclusive where there is
absolutely no place for pretence. Real fun is at the heart of what we do.
The only question now is why wouldn’t you apply?
Is there anything Adventure is not looking for?
1. Generic CV’s that have no cover letter. We just don’t read them!
2. Boring people.
3. Part-timers.
4. People looking to do this job ‘on the side!’
Thank you for your time and good luck!