Efficient Car-Lettering – safe time and money in three... All Inclusive. Fast design CAR-SPECIAL

Efficient Car-Lettering – safe time and money in three steps:
All Inclusive.
CAR-SPECIAL is the complete collection of
all vehicles currently on the market:
Passenger vehicles
All current vehicles
ready to hand.
Fast design
All current vehicles listed in a 864-page
compendium with all passenger cars,
trucks, lorries, buses and coaches, trams
and containers and clearly structured.
All vehicles with front, rear, side and
roof view. Including scale foil,
design tips and information appendix.
Find the vehicle you want fast in
the clearly structured index of the
new compendium or by using the
digital search system.
Place your design on the true-to-scale
vehicle drawings. Click on the paint
surfaces of the vehicle and colour it.
Print it - and that's it!
Superb service included:
The updating service without any
additional costs will always keep you,
well updated:
Spot delivery of all new models on-line
too! For details, see order form.
Test it on-line !
Clean plotting.
Professional presentation
Buses and
The use of professional vehicle patterns facilitates fast results and less
film cutting loss. That makes work more enjoyable and profitable.
Win over your customers through a fast and convincing presentation of
your design. All vehicle data are retrievable for instant printing in A4.
Supplementing CAR-SPECIAL, at www.ccvision.de/en you'll find additional
design material: thousands of plottable vector diagrams and photos for
boundless designs. Brand new: CAR-DECO 4, the collection of motives
specially selected for vehicle design.
Compatible with
all common programs.
6 CDs with a total of 17,000
individual representations in the
formats AI, EPS and CDR. CDR also
available in 1:1 representation.
Including digital search system.
At your request also available as DXF.
In addition, you'll get extra-CDs full of
ideas for practical vehicle design.
Buses and
There's no better way:
This is how you can always keep up to date:
Fast design, clean plotting, perfect results.
Our team is constantly investigating all
latest models and versions of vehicles
in scale so that any new car is quickly at
your disposal. All vehicles can be easily
downloaded from our website
www.ccvision.de/en – for update-clients
this download-service is free of charge.
All included:
All vehicles in five views with over
17,000 individual representations
in the latest 2007 edition
The latest passenger cars, trucks,
lorries, buses and coaches, trams,
trailers, containers, aircraft …
€ 399,-*
Efficient and professional:
the free updating service for updating customers
and a free hotline during business hours.
This price/performance ratio cannot be beaten!
Price for individual buyers
without annual update and
updating service: € 499,–*
at a glance:
FAX 0049 - 761 - 4 79 24 11
creativ collection CAR-SPECIAL Version 13 - Updated 2007
creativ collection CAR-SPECIAL as described above but without annual update terminable at call and without
updating service: € 499,–*
No risk : right of return of sealed data media within 10 days. All models viewable in the compendium, sample
data retrievable on the Internet at: www.ccvision.de/en/service.php
Please deliver for Mac Windows I use DXF
c.o.d (plus freight costs)
credit card (plus freight costs)
Delivery volume: 6 CDs with exact front, rear, side and roof views of all 3,400 vehicles, in total over 17,000
individual representations. Formats: AI, EPS and CDR (CDR also available in 1:1 representation). DXF format
delivered on request. Including: compendium (864 pages), scale foil, design tips, info appendix and extra-CD
full of ideas for practical vehicle design. All in one box set for only € 399,–*
In addition, there's the annual update terminable at call: all new models at one go (new CDs and catalogue no loose-leaf collection!) for only € 139,-*. Subscription to the next respective update entitles you to use the
updating service without any additional costs: spot delivery of all the latest models, on-line as well
Speak directly to the expert!
200 sands es!
Thou nt vehic d the clo
curreted roun
GB1 0806 – DD MS 115 1
Diversity of models, different versions of delivery vans & trucks: Just call ++49 - 761 - 479240 or mail to
our specialists know all about it:
[email protected]. Our specialists will be
happy to help you choosing the needed
Year of construction – special model – wheel base short / medivehicle and to give you practical advice.
um / long – height of roof 1, 2 or 3 - all types of doors – closed,
glazed or partial-glazed…
creativ collection Verlag GmbH
Basler Landstr. 61
D-79111 Freiburg
Tel. 0049-761-479240
Fax 0049-761-4792411
[email protected]
Free of charges, quick and competent.
All newest vehicles: cars, trucks, vans, buses, trains, trams, containers, airplanes…
A unique service
*Price for update customers
including free updating service.
…personal expert advice:
1. All newest vehicles in EPS, DXF, AI
and CDR format (CDR additionally
in 1:1 presentation available).
For Mac and Windows.
DXF on request.
2. Including cars, trucks, vans, buses,
trams, trailers, containers, aircrafts!
3. Including digital search system!
4. Including 864–pages manual!
5. Including scaling foil!
6. Including the additional extra-CD
full of ideas for practical vehicle
7. Including free download-service for
Only the best for the professionals.
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* All prices stated without V. A. T. (plus freight costs). Copyright : Not for resale in commercial picture libraries, not to be used for any kind of illustration trading.
General conditions and licence agreement see at www.ccvision.de/en, or if needed by fax or mail.
Contract venue: Freiburg i. Brsg.
For professional car-lettering