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Inspire Amber Packer
Many of us are in the middle of preparations for Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa. With the hustle
and bustle of preparations, it may seem like the meaning behind the holiday is lost. While the “magic”
of the holiday (aka Santa) may have disappeared for me, the “wonder” of it has not.
When I look at this earth and ponder on the beauty and majesty of it, I am quickly reminded of the
blessing that it is to be alive today. I marvel at all the conveniences of modern life that provides the
warm glow of the twinkling lights and a warm home for my family. And I am amazed at the love and
concern for others that is alive in most hearts.
As my sons make their wish lists of toys and electronics, I am reminded of this quote from Mother Teresa:
“There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.”
As you spend time celebrating this holiday season, don’t forget to be appreciative of the blessings
you have. And, give the most lasting gift you can: love, acceptance and kindness.
My Mind’s Eye * December 2011 Newsletter * Page 1
Amber Packer
Merry Christmas
Featured Collection: Lost & Found Christmas
Each year, my friend invites the “real” Santa to her house and has a
photo shoot (she must be REALLY good). Not only are her photos
AMAZING, but it’s so much fun to do since both my sons still “believe”.
1 - “Santa” Glittered paper (12” x 12“)
1 - “Boughs” Glittered paper (6“ x 5 1/2” and 6“ x 3 1/2”)
1 - “Tinsel” Glittered paper (8 1/4“ x 6 1/4”)
1 - “Holly” Glittered paper (2” x 12“)
1 - Lost & Found Christmas Decorative Brads
1 - Lost & Found Christmas Stamps
1 - Lost & Found Christmas 6x6 pad
1 - Lost & Found Christmas Glittered Adhesive
Chipboard Accessories Sheet
1 - Lost & Found Christmas Accessory Sheet
Photos: (2) 4” x 6”
Also used: Brown ink, brown pen (for journaling),
adhesives, paper piercer, sewing machine and brown
thread, craft knife and pop dots.
Photo Credit: Heirloom Photography
Photoshop Action: “Troy” by Totally Rad Actions
Step 1: Cut papers to sizes listed above. Ink edges, if desired (I did).
Step 2: Using a craft knife, cut around the bottom of the “25” bracket at the
top left corner of the “Santa” glittered paper as shown.
Step 3: Cut around the Santa image on the bottom right corner as shown.
Step 4: Adhere 6” x 5 1/2” “Boughs” paper damask side up (about 1 1/4”
from top) and 6“ x 3 1/2” piece just below with green side up.
Step 5: Adhere “Holly” glittered strip across seam as shown.
Step 6: Mount photos to center of “Tinsel” paper (brown side up) and
adhere as shown.
Step 7: Stamp border across bottom of left photo and add two brads.
Step 8: Layer “We Wish You” embellishment piece, half scalloped circle
embellishment piece, “jolly” chipboard circle and “Tis the Season” brad
element as shown.
Step 9: Layer “Merry Christmas” chipboard piece, “Merry & Bright” banner,
“date” embellishment and brad circle (I changed out the “25” brad).
Step 10: Add journaling in the bracket at the upper left or hide beneath
photo and ENJOY!!
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My Mind’s Eye * December 2011 Newsletter * Page 2
What do you get when you combine a sketch by
Jana Eubank and designers Anam Stubbington,
Tamara Jensen and Jana Eubank?
Three completely different takes on it that are
pure EYECandy!
Designer: Anam Stubbington; Featured Collection: Lost & Found - Rosy
Sketch Designer: Jana Eubank;
Designer: Jana Eubank; Featured Collection: 12 Days of Christmas
Designer: Tamara Jensen; Featured Collection: Kraft Funday
My Mind’s Eye * December 2011 Newsletter * Page 3
Lori Allred December 25 card
Featured Collection: Lost & Found Christmas
• “Trees” Star paper (5" x 5" for star)
• “Boughs” Dot paper (3 1/2" x 6" for bracket)
• “Santa” Text paper (1" x 6" & 1/2” x 6” scallop border)
• “Boughs” Damask paper (2 1/2" x 6" for star)
• “Santa” Damask paper (1/2" x 6" scallop border)
• Lost & Found Christmas Glittered Chipboard
Sticker (scallop border)
• Lost & Found Christmas Accessory Sheet
(Circle in Text)
• Dark Brown Cardstock (6” x 6”)
• Brown Tulle
• Red Glitter
• Red Rhinestones
Also Used: Scalloped Border Punch, pop dot
1. Cut paper to sizes listed above.
2. Fold dark brown cardstock in half to create base of card.
3. Adhere text paper to bottom edge of card.
4. Use an electronic cutter or fussy cut the bracket shape out of the brown dot paper. Use liquid adhesive
to draw line along bottom edge of bracket and sprinkle with red glitter. Adhere in place to point of
bracket is touching bottom edge of card.
5. Adhere “Boughs” Damask paper to top edge of card.
6. Fold Tulle in half and adhere along edge where bottom and top papers meet approximately 2 ½” from
to of card. Tacky tape works best and be sure to gather tulle as you’re laying it along edge.
7. Adhere scallop paper borders and cardstock scallop border together and place over gathered tulle.
8. Cut a 4 ½” star from red star “Trees” paper. Using ruler and scoring tool, score star from point to valley
and fold start to create 3D effect on star.
9. Using foam tap, place text circle cardstock accessory to center of star. Then with foam tape, layer a few
times and adhere start to center of card as shown.
10. Place red rhinestones along chipboard scallop border.
My Mind’s Eye * December 2011 Newsletter * Page 4
EYE Expand
Lori Allred
• “Deck the Halls” Dotted paper (5" x 9" for title)
• "Joy" Checkered paper (4 - 1" x 12" and 5 1/2" x 7 1/2")
• "Wrap It Up" Striped paper
(2 - 3" x 12" and 2 – 1 1/2” x 12”)
• "It’s the Season" Word paper (2 – 6” x 12”)
• “Merry & Bright” Chevron paper
(4” x 10” for title and 3 1/2” x 3 1/2”)
Merry & Bright
Featured Collection: 12 Days of Christmas
• “Seasons Greetings” Circle paper (6” x 6” for title)
• “Tinsel” Red paper
(3 1/2” x 3 1/2” and 5 1/8” x 7 1/8” and 4” x 6”)
• 12 Days Layered Sticker
• 12 Days Rhinestones
• 12 Days Decorative Brads
• 12 Days Trims
Also used: Cricut Die Cut Machine
1. Cut paper to sizes listed above.
2. Using a piece of cardstock, adhere each strip of paper from the bottom of page up as shown above.
3. Zig Zag stitch where each paper strips meets (this step is optional).
4. Use Cricut to cut “Merry” with Merry & Bright paper (Christmas Cheer cartridge 4 3/4”)
5. Use Cricut to cut “&” with Seasons Greetings paper (Martha Stewart Elegant Cake Art cartridge 6”).
6. Mount “&” symbol to page using foam tape to add dimension. Be sure to tie blue twine around it before you stick
it to your page.
7. Use Cricut to cut “Bright” with Deck the Halls paper (Lyrical Letters cartridge 5 1/2”)
8. Ink edges of titles with coordinating color, if desired and adhere to pages as shown.
9. Tie bow in end of blue twine from trims and adhere to end of “M” on Merry and end of “&” symbol using glue dots.
Mount layered sticker ornament from ends of twine as shown.
10. Place peppermint candy row, gift, single blue peppermint layered sticker to pages as shown.
11. Place one decorative brad to top of photo and write date of photos on paper strip.
12. Use foam tape on left page to pop larger photo and top 3 1/2” x 3 1/2” photo up.
My Mind’s Eye * December 2011 Newsletter * Page 5
Karen Grunberg Welcoming Daddy
Featured Collection: Lost & Found 2 - Rosy
1 – Lost & Found 2 – Rosy “Remember” Lovely paper
(12” x 12“)
1 – Lush 2 – Navy Damask Flocked Paper
1 – Lost & Found 2 – Rosy “Love” title
Lush 2 Navy Trims
Union Square Favorite Trims
Lush Brown and Red flocked chipboard alphabet stickers
Also Used: White cardstock, brown thread and
sewing machine, butterfly punch, brown ink,
and black pen.
Step 1: Take the Remember Lovely paper and cut
anything inside the red frame out. Then cut that
frame so you have a 8 1/2” section and a 3 1/2”
section. Place them on the white cardstock as in
the photo above, leaving 1/4” between both pieces.
Step 2: Lay out the chipboard letters along the seam of the two papers and stick them on.
Step 3: Tuck the navy trim under the straight edges on each side of the title.
Step 4: Adhere the red trim along all the other edges of the green paper.
Step 5: Tuck and adhere the three photos on the left section, right along the edge of the navy trim.
Step 6: Cut the title right below the “Looks Like” line and adhere the large section to the top left of your
page and the smaller section to the bottom right area.
Step 7: Punch out three butterflies using the Damask paper. Adhere the large one along the small title
piece on the bottom right edge and the smaller ones to the bottom of the bigger title piece.
Step 8: Add journaling lines to the left of the photos. And journal.
Step 9: Use a zigzag stitch all along both sides of the navy and red trims.
Step 10: Using a straight stitch, stitch along the title pieces, the butterflies, and right through the title.
My Mind’s Eye * December 2011 Newsletter * Page 6
Amber Packer Noel Card
Featured Collection: Lost & Found Christmas
"Noel" Glittered paper (4 1/4" x 5 1/2" and 4 1/4" x 11")
Red star 6 x 6 paper (2 - 4 1/4" x 1 1/2")
Green Stripe 6 x 6 paper (2 1/4" x 3 1/4")
Green dot 6 x 6 paper (2 3/4" x 3 3/4")
Lost & Found Christmas Trims
Lost & Found Christmas Brads
Also Used: Sewing machine, scallop punch,
thread, ink, scissors and 2 x 3 photo
(Ink edges of cut pieces, if desired)
1. Shape long edge of red star paper with scallop
punch and glue crochet trim under.
2. Fold over 4 1/4" x 11" piece of paper so the
folded edge is on the top.
3. Adhere red star paper and crochet trim about 1/4"
from top edge of card.
4. Hand cut around "Noel" piece (4 1/4" x 5 1/2"and
adhere about 1 1/4" from top of scallop strip.
5. Sew a straight stitch along both the top and
bottom of stripe strip and two lines along top of
red scallop piece.
6. Tie 13" green trim with knot on left side.
7. Adhere photo to center of green stripe paper and
set aside.
8. Adhere dot paper just above "Noel" and along
the right side of the card.
9. Punch a scallop edge on the second red star strip.
Cut down so the strip is 1/4" tall.
10. Adhere along bottom of striped paper and over
dot mat.
11. Add photo (matted) to center of dot paper.
12. Add brad to left side of photo on top of knot.
13. Add sentiment inside card and ENJOY!!!
My Mind’s Eye * December 2011 Newsletter * Page 7
Amber Packer
Merry Christmas Card
Featured Collection: Lost & Found Christmas
"Trees" Glittered paper (6" x 12")
Brown Damask 6 x 6 paper (3" x 5")
Striped 6 x 6 paper (1 1/2" x 6")
Red Star 6 x 6 paper (2 1/4" x 3 1/4")
Lost & Found Christmas Trim
Lost & Found Rhinestones
Lost & Found Accessory Sheet
Also Used: Brown ink pad, pop dots, sewing
machine, thread, 2 x 3 photo, glue gun
(Ink edges of cut pieces, if desired)
1. Adhere brown damask to right side of card with
1/2" border on top, right side and bottom of card.
2. Sew a border about 1/8" inside front edge of card
and brown damask paper.
3. Punch scallop border along bottom of stripe
paper and trim off 1/2" along top.
4. Adhere scallop paper (stripes out) about 1 1/4"
up from bottom with green side adhered to top.
5. Adhere crochet trim along bottom edge of
green paper.
6. Add photo just above.
7. Run a small bead of glue along edge of
"Merry Christmas" embellishment and add red
crochet trim (fold over so the trim will lay flat).
Continue until you have gone around the entire
8. Add to left side of card as shown.
9. Add scallop rhinestones to top of green strip with medium sized rhinestones to center as shown.
10. Add sentiment inside card & ENJOY!!!
***When you are using the chipboard and paper accessories sheets, have a fun time creating
different cards using the same design.
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The winner of our December Newsletter giveaway is:
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