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AAS Sofia
Weekly Newsletter
Volume 20, Issue 33
May 9, 2014
Upcoming Events
May 12-30: MAP
Grades 2-10
From the Director’s Desk
Dear Anglo-American School Community / Уважаеми родители и приятели на ААУ,
Something to Ponder
“If you want happiness for a life time, help the next generation.”– Chinese Proverb
Much is happening in the AAS Community…the dance exhibitions, IB exams, bakeries, sports
tournaments, research essays, dog shelter support, student councils supporting refugees, visual
May 15-18 CEESA Boys
literacy, programming, spring fair preparations, classroom walkthroughs and much more. This
Tennis (Warsaw), Girls
weekend to Wednesday, our incoming Elementary Principal, Dr. Fries and his wife Tricia Quinn are
Volleyball (Helsinki),
visiting AAS, too.
Boys’ Volleyball
When we think of all that happens in the school community we often refer to students, faculty &
staff and parents. Another constituency within our AAS community is our Board. For families new to
May 26-30 Bulgarian
the school and as a reminder to others, a nine-member School Board governs AAS. Four members
Culture Week
of the AAS Board are appointed by the USA Ambassador, another four are appointed by the UK
Ambassador and the ninth voting Board member is the elected President of the PTO. The AAS
Board reflects the diversity we have in our school community. The majority of members are
Inside the issue: currently parents at the school. Our Board members bring different types of expertise to their role
as an AAS Board member (management, policy, finance, diplomatic, marketing, etc.). Our Board
members are volunteers, and in addition to serving on the AAS Board, they also serve on the
respective Board Committees of Finance, Governance and Marketing.
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The aim of this group is to govern, not manage, the school. In other words, the Board develops
policies, financial guidelines, and long-term strategic plans. It vests leadership and managementrelated issues to the director who, in turn, works with faculty and staff to implement the best
educational program possible within the parameters provided by the Board. Further information
about our School Board may be found in the AAS Family Handbook.
The AAS School Board is in the process of identifying candidates to serve on the Board. If you or
someone you know are inspired to consider taking on this role in service of the School, I would be
glad to hear from you. We meet generally eight times a year and want someone who can expect
to serve for at least two years. If you are interested in being a candidate to serve on the AAS
Board, please kindly contact me by May 12, 2014 (emailing me at [email protected]) - your
interest will be forwarded to our Board Chair, Mr. Bryan Dalton. Please kindly include a letter (two
pages maximum) indicating
Why you wish to serve on the AAS Board
Skills and experiences you have that may serve the AAS Board and AAS Community
A brief overview of your beliefs related to education, as well as the role of a Board member
Other information you feel might be pertinent to share
The Board hopes to select the new Board Members by mid-May, 2014.
Wishing everyone yet another sunny weekend in Sofia!
In partnership,
Jim Urquhart
Director - Anglo-American School of Sofia
Anglo-American School of Sofia, P.O. Box 31, Sofia 1784, Bulgaria Phone: (+359 2) 923 8810, 923 8812 Fax: (+359 2) 923 8859
21st Century Learning Coffee Series
On Thursday, May 15 at 9:00 a.m., AAS Sofia will continue with the 4th coffee in its
21st Century Learning Series. The events are designed to engage
our community in an ongoing conversation about the ways in which
schools are preparing young people for the future.
We will review a definition of 21st Century Learning and focus on
digital literacy and the integration of technology into our core
classes. Specific discussion will center around the importance of
student access to technology as a key ingredient to 21st Century
The conversation will include:
the history behind AAS students bringing in their own devices (BYOD) via the
6th grade pilot program
expanding BYOD to include 7th and 8th grade students for all Middle School
(students next year
device specifications MS students will need to bring to school next fall
what AAS is doing throughout the school to expand technology use and
support to improve student learning
We hope you can join us for a lively discussion. We will also share examples of 21st
Century Teaching and Learning happening here on our campus.
If you are able to join our coffee, please use this link to register. Please note, there
will be limited space for classroom walk-throughs.
Additionally, we enjoyed our conversation with parents this past Thursday. For those
who could not attend our Visual Literacy 21st Century Coffee you can find links to
the presentation here.
We look forward to seeing you on May 15th!
Shary Lyssy Marshall, Director of Teaching & Learning ([email protected])
Angela Marquis, ICT Manager ([email protected])
Upcoming in the Secondary School
Thank you all for communicating and meeting the Cultural Trips Week
deadlines recently. Next week the final plans and itineraries will be set and
distributed to all students. The all important packing list will be attached; please
make plans to collect all the necessary items to make for successful trip
experiences. Once again 11th grade CAS/Science Week begins May 19, the
9th and 10 grade excursions leave the same day (May 19). All Middle school
trips will depart May 20. For those not traveling on the overnight excursions the
Sofia local trips will begin on May 19 (for 9 and 10) and May 20 (for 6, 7 and 8).
We in the secondary school are anticipating some excellent experiences in
and around our region.
Looking at next week, we want to support the PTO meeting on Monday, May
12 where part of the meeting will be dedicated to “Transitions” led by our AAS
counselors. This is an opportunity to share the different supports in place for all
of the various transitions that members of the AAS community experience. It is
also an opportunity to answer any questions and to have a conversation about
this important aspect to life. We hope you are able to attend.
Not to be forgotten, our grade 12 students are currently sitting their IB exams
over the next couple of weeks. A celebration of their achievements follows late
in the month of May as their commencement exercises (also known as
graduation) take place on Friday, May 30 at 4:30 right here at AAS.
We are currently hosting a CEESA MS boys volleyball tournament and later in
the month our HS teams will participate in their CEESA tournaments outside
Bulgaria. Additionally we will be hosting the HS girls’ tennis tournament for
CEESA a gesture we took on to help out the original hosts, Kiev, who were
unable to host due to recent events in their country.
Whew... a lot going on and upcoming in the secondary school not to mention
good teaching and a whole ‘bunch’ of great learning continues each and
every day!
Have a great weekend everyone and looking forward to seeing AAS
community members in and around campus in the coming days and weeks!
Know you are always welcome!
Jeff Marquis
Secondary Principal
ES News
The Global Citizenship Program at AAS
The Global Citizenship Program naturally
connects with the Anglo-American’s
school mission to educate socially
aware, empathetic and academically
strong students. The four GCP values accepting all people, helping all
people, protecting the environment
and working for peace, are fully
integrated in our ES curriculum which
makes authentic connections via
lessons, activities, discussions, projects
and other experiences.
Costa Rica Tour, April 2014
As a part of the Global Citizenship
Program, a group of AAS teachers embarked on a trip to Costa Rica to learn
about the country's biodiversity and the local
schools' implementation of the GCP.
Along with exploring the local flora, fauna,
geology, climate and the various ways for
conservation, AAS staff had the opportunity to
meet with local international and Costa Rican
schools to share experiences and learn about the
GCP. The team also visited The United Nations
University of Peace which offers Master Programs in
Peace and Conflict Studies for students around the
The trip was organized by Natural Solutions, a local
company that incorporates eco-tourism with environmental education. The
company was created and is run by teachers and is dedicated to finding
sustainable solutions to the problems caused by human development and
affecting natural landscapes.
Please visit http://gcpaas.weebly.com/ to view part of our beautiful memories
from this trip. In addition here is Ms.
Becky’s blog (Gr.1 B class teacher):
offering glimpses from our tour.
Congratulations Preschool
We would like to congratulate our
Preschool Bakers for an extremely
successful bakery day! After the expenses
of their ingredients, the preschool bakery
made a profit of 400 leva and many
tummies were filled with the love of our
delicious, homemade bread! All profits
will be donated to our community partners, The Sofia Deaf School. The money will
be used to purchase high quality food for the children who live at the school
ES News, continued
Modern Art Collaboration
In addition to the Bread & Bakeries project,
preschool children have been involved in a
collaborative art project with our AAS
kindergarten students and children from Wonder
World Kindergarten. They have been learning
about and exploring the techniques and work of
three Modern Artists - Henri Matisse, Pablo
Picasso and Jackson Pollock. We are happy to
announce that on the evening of Thursday, May
15th there will be an exhibition opening at
Gallery 1809 in downtown Sofia.
The gallery will showcase the work of the
children made at both AAS and Wonder
World and will feature documentation of
this unique project’s process. We invite all
families to attend this exciting event!
Modern Art through the Eyes of
Matisse, Picasso & Pollock
Exhibition Opening – May 15th , 6pm
1, Angel Kanchev Str.
Contemporary Gallery “1809”
All artwork will be for sale with profits donated to
The Angelia Foundation which supports the
children’s cancer ward. Profits will be used to bring an artist in residence and “pop
–up” art studio to the children in the cancer ward.
Arts @AAS
Save the date for our
Annual Music Recital
Thursday, May 29th, 6 pm, Café stage, AAS
Dear Families,
We have a lot of musically talented students who take extra instrumental/vocal
classes after school hours and devote a lot of free time to extend their
musicianship. This is an evening concert “Recital” for such students: to share their
talent and mastery of performance. It is open for all students at AAS.
Please discuss with your child the repertoire they would like to perform and
contact your music teacher.
Every musician will perform for a maximum of three minutes, so choose the piece
and send us your details no later than May 21st:
Students Name/Grade
Piece/s performing
Parents signature/name
More details for stage rehearsals to follow.
Mrs. Maggie Vassileva – MS/HS [email protected]
Ms. Mariana Theofilova - ES [email protected];
Arts @ AAS continued
News From Secondary Athletics/Activities
Game Schedule
MS Boys Volleyball CEESA
Tournament May 9-10, 2014
Anglo-American School of Sofia (AAS)
American International School of
Bucharest (AISB)
International School of Belgrade (ISB)
International School of Helsinki (ISH)
NOVA International School of Skopje
Pechersk School International (PSI)
MS girls off to CEESA V-ball
Tourney in Macedonia
PTO News
PTO News, continued
PTO News, continued
Frequently Asked Questions
Important contact information:
Reception: Ivanka Papazova (Miss Vanya)
Tel: (+359 2) 923.8810; mobile: 0889 428 324
Fax: (+359 2) 923.8859
[email protected]
Director: Jim Urquhart
[email protected]
Director’s Secretary: Elise Staevska
Tel: (+359 2) 923.8812
[email protected]
Director of Teaching and Learning: Shary Marshall
[email protected]
ES Principal: Edgar Miranda
[email protected]
MS/HS Principal: Jeff Marquis
[email protected]
Nurse: Diana Docheva
[email protected]
Communicaitons: Svetla Stoyanova
[email protected]
IB Coordinator: Kaylene Connell
[email protected]
7th -12th Counselor & College Advising:
David Stephenson
[email protected]
K-6 Counselor: Laura Giosh-Markov
[email protected]
Athletics and Co-Curricular:
Andie Urquhart
[email protected]
Facilities / Operations: Todor Todorov
0889 749 309
[email protected]
Registrar: Dola Kay
[email protected]
Admissions / Alumni: Maria Mihailova
[email protected]
Security: Tzvetan Bashev 0885 146 863
[email protected]
Transportation Coordinator: Zhivko Vichkov
[email protected] 0889—901 916
To contact a member of staff by telephone, please call the reception number. Staff emails are
available from our website: www.aas-sofia.org/contact.
Please visit our website on www.aas-sofia.org to find the latest information about our school.
Become a fan of the Anglo-American School of Sofia on Facebook or follow @AAS_Sofia
on Twitter.
Summer School 2014
Gallery of the Week
Program at
AAS, Costa
Rica Visit