Thank the hostess.
Introduce yourself to the guests.
Ask who’s been to a Premier show.
Tell about Premier Designs:
- Premier is based out of Texas.
- We have been giving away free jewelry and helping women start
their own successful home based businesses for over 25 years.
- All of our jewelry is manufactured right here in the United States.
- Premier is a company that is all about helping people and
enriching lives, that’s our #1 priority. We donate a portion of our
profits to support missionaries, charities, and more great causes
around the world. We even have a breast cancer pin in our catalog
and donate a portion to breast cancer research.
This game will teach your guests about the importance of wearing jewelry. It changes the
way you look and can even make you look like you’ve lost weight. This little game will
show them what jewelry can do for their appearance!
“We’re going to have a little contest. Take out your piece of paper and then close
your eyes. Now, on that sheet of paper with your eyes closed I want you to:
(While they’re drawing, take off all of your jewelry)
Draw a picture of a girl in the center of your paper
Put a dress on your girl
Draw a pearl necklace around her neck
Draw a purse in her right hand
Draw dangle earrings on her
Put a belt on her dress
Ok, you can open your eyes, but before you turn your paper over look up at me and
see what is different? (Once they realize you have no jewelry on, tell them you did
this to show them the importance of a complete look by wearing jewelry!) Now, turn
over your drawings and see how they look!
Give the winner Diva Dollars/tickets.
You can’t keep the gift, but please no tears, give to the one you have known the
most years.
Take the gift and look around, and give it to someone with eyes of brown.
Please, take your time and use your head give it to the one who has been longest
wed. You must be proud of your married life, now pass it to the newest wife.
You can’t keep it, we must share, pass it to the one with the longest hair.
So far you have done just as I have said, now pass it to the closest wearing red.
Did you win… not so fast; we need to make one last pass. Now don’t get mad and
please don’t fight, but pass it to the fifth person on your right. We should stop
now don’t you agree? The gift is yours to open and see.
“Now before we get started, let me ask by a show of hands who
could use a $10,000 raise? If you were offered an extra $10,000
a year if to work 5 extra hours a week would you do it? If you
said yes, please watch what I do here today, because anyone can
do this job and I’d love to teach you how. Even if it’s not
something you’re interested in, think about people you know that
could really use this to change their life. Before Premier I was
….I started this business because…..It’s helped me to…"
**Explain how the game works**
“The Letter
With a show of hands, how many of you go into your closet and say you have
nothing to wear? Well tonight I am going to show you how to look great with
the clothes you already have. Did you know with just 2 jackets, 2 bottoms
and 5 solid colored tops you can make 30 outfits?! I’ll teach you how to
accessorize those outfits and make a fashionable wardrobe.
Count the accessories you’re wearing…earrings, necklaces, long nails, eye
glasses, belt, pins etc. According to wardrobe stylists if you have between 1-5
you need more and if you have 6-11 you’re wearing it correctly. (Award those
with 6-11 with Diva Dollars/tickets).
We all know that how we are on the inside is much more important that what
we look like on the outside, however, when someone meets you, they form 11
assumptions about you in the first 60 seconds: “Where you live…”, “How
trustworthy you are…” “Did you go to college…” etc.
They have formed a lasting impression of you in the first 4 minutes of time
they spend with you. If you made a bad first impression you will have to run
in to that person 22 more times and make a great impression each time to
change their opinion about you. Tonight I will teach you how to always
make a great first impression.
Fashion Tips
and Tricks
Use some of the following during the fashion show:
- Show the different techniques: doubling, layering, extending, y-ing,
belting, clip it, pendants
- Wearing long necklaces and earring bigger than a nickel will take 10 lbs.
off of your body frame.
- Go over hot colors/styles for the season
- 75% of our wardrobe should be accessories and only 25% clothes.
- Instyle Magazine-Women wore the same outfit to work for 3 days, but
changed their accessories. When their co-workers were polled to see if they
noticed that these women wore the same outfit for 3 days, no one did. It’s
the power of accessories.
* Anytime within the first 60 days, a
customer may return the defective item at
no charge for replacement of that item.
* After the 60 days, any item may be
replaced due to MANUFACTURING
defects, for $5, plus tax.
A Great Deal!!!
PRICE IS RIGHT: I need a volunteer to play the Jewelry version of the Price Is
Right!! Here’s a stack of 2 boxes, 5 boxes and 10 boxes and here are 3 different dollar
amounts (hand them cards). Your challenge is to match the prices with what you
think actual people spent on this number of items. (Show them the correct answer;
reward them with Diva Dollar/point/ticket. Make sure you tell them the 10 boxes for
$25.92 was for being a hostess.)
STACK THE BOXES: You girls know how the home show business works, right?
You invite a few friends over and you get a lot of free product. Well, Premier is the
most generous companies for the hostesses. We give our hostesses 30% of their sales
in FREE jewelry. On an average show of $500, that would be $150! (stack 5 boxes)
On top of that we give 4 - $25 bonuses (stack a box for each one as you explain) :
1) If you book the show and don’t change the date, I’ll give you $25
2) If you collect $100 in orders before your show starts, about 3 orders
3) If 10 of your guests attend
4) If 3 of your friends book a show off of yours.
And that’s not all….you can also choose between 4-8 items at ½ price. All you pay as a
hostess is $4 for shipping and tax.
Okay ladies, now we are going to play a game called “Play, Pass OR Press
Your Luck”. Here’s how it works…listen carefully. You’re all holding a purse
(from incentive site…or use a PD box)…don’t open it or peak. Inside there is a
gift. Now before you get to open it, I’m going to come around the room and
ask if you want to Play, Pass OR Press Your Luck. If you play, you get to
keep the gift and you’re also the REALLY BIG winner because that means
you are going to get all kinds of FREE JEWELRY at your very own HOME
SHOW!!! (SMILE) If you Pass, you just give me back the purse and you
don’t get to win one of the great gifts. And if you Press Your Luck by rolling
the dice, you can either win the prize or have a show. If you roll under a 6,
you get to keep your prize, no strings attached, if you roll a 6 or higher, you
get to get a ton of FREE JEWELRY because I’m coming to your show to do a
HOMESHOW! (SMILE) Does everyone understand?
Let’s play… Play, Pass OR Press Your Luck!
Money, Money,
“Ok Ladies, I told you in the beginning that you could earn an extra
$10,000 a year working only an additional 5 hours a week. (Hold up
$100 bills) This is how much you could add your monthly budget just
working 1 night a week! Now you have one last chance to earn Diva
Dollars/tickets for the game today….and you’re in control of how many
you earn. I’m going to give you a few minutes to ask me any question you
want and yes, you can be as nosy as you want. =) For every question you
ask you will get extra Diva Dollars/tickets….who has the first question?”
* * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * *
For any of you that want more information about the business, either for
you, for a friend or just out of curiosity I’m going to explain the business
in a quick 5 minutes after we’re done. You can either stay where you are
and listen or you can go shop. I’m going to come around and offer you
one of my $100 bills, take one if you’re interested in sticking around. Just
for your time I have a special discount for you to use tonight that you’ll
see on the back.
Specials, Survey’s
* Count up points earned and give away gift to winner
* Go over specials/promotions
Also, please know:
o Jewelry in Catalog is TRUE to SIZE unless otherwise noted
o There is an index in the back of the catalog to make it easier to
find all of the pieces you loved during the fashion show.
o There is a ring sizer on the jewelry table
o Payment is due tonight. I accept cash, check or charge.
o Items come in within 7-10 days from when the show closes.
o Please Return your catalogs, pens and folders to me at check out.