St. Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary School and Nursery Year Group: 1

St. Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary School and Nursery
Curriculum Overview for Autumn Term
Year Group: 1
Religious Education
Our topics this term are:
 Family
 Belonging
 Waiting
Our genres for this term are:
 Lists, labels and captions
 Stories in familiar settings
 Traditional tales
 Recount
 Poetry
We will continue to use the
“Pie Corbett” Talk for Writing
approach which uses drama
and speaking and listening
skills to inspire and develop
The units for this terms
 Number & Place Value
 Measure
 Addition & subtractions
 Fractions
We will be using the theme
“Ourselves” to support our
learning in Science/History
and Art.
Physical Education
PE skills
Key learning focus
The key themes are:
 Recognising and discussing stories that reveal God’s
 We can trust God
 What is Baptism?
 Advent is a time for waiting
 Using the Read, Write, Inc. programme pupils will be
developing their phonic knowledge to read and spell
words. They will be developing their fluency and
confidence when reading independently.
 Children will be reading, discussing and evaluating a
wide range of texts including traditional tales, fairy
tales as well as stories that link to their own
 In writing pupils will be focusing on writing basic
sentences using capital letters and full stops and
leaving spaces between words.
We will be primarily be focusing
 Counting forwards and backwards within 100
 Using the language of time
 Using signs and symbols
 Find ½ and ¼ of a shape, object or quantity
 Recognising and naming 2D shapes
 Animals and humans
 Name and label the human body
 Name and label animal body parts
 The five senses
 Carnivores, herbivores and omnivores
 Timelines
 Our families
 We will be developing our drawing and sketching
skills, thinking about how we use a pencil to create
different types of marks on the paper
 Healthy food (smoothies and juices)
 Simple games played with a partner or a small team
 Developing basic multi-skills (throwing, catching etc.)
that are the foundation of many different types of
individual and team sports
 How do I keep myself safe when I use the computer?
Our mission statement: Learning, achieving and growing together with Jesus